Canada Immigration Questionnaire for Marriage, Work & Student Visa


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#1. What is your highest educational qualification?


Why Do We Ask for Your Educational Qualifications?

Understanding your educational qualifications allows us to recommend the best pathways for your successful immigration to Canada. Whether or not you have formal education, there’s a route tailored for you.

How Your Educational Background Influences Your CRS Score:

  1. Canadian Education:
  • Holding a Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate earns you maximum education points under the CRS, up to 120 points.
  • Studying in Canada helps you get to know the local education system, gain valuable Canadian experience, and build professional connections.
  1. Foreign Credentials:
  • Even with a foreign degree or diploma, you can still earn CRS points.
  • Your foreign credentials need to be evaluated by designated organizations to ensure they meet Canadian standards.
  • The points you receive for foreign education depend on the evaluation results.

Educational Qualifications and Job Prospects:

A solid educational background offers more than just CRS points. It plays a crucial role in your job prospects and career opportunities in Canada:

  1. Meeting Job Requirements:
  • Many jobs in Canada require specific educational qualifications.
  • A relevant degree or diploma shows employers that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for the position.
  1. Showcasing Skills:
  • Your educational journey equips you with valuable skills beyond just technical knowledge.
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and research skills acquired through your studies are highly valued by employers.
  1. Boosting Earning Potential:
  • Higher education levels often lead to better earning potential.
  • This can help you meet the financial requirements for immigration and establish a comfortable life in Canada.

Tips for Educational Success for Aspiring Immigrants:

  1. Research In-Demand Fields:
  • Before beginning your educational journey, research the in-demand occupations in Canada.
  • This can help you choose a program that matches your interests and improves your employability.
  1. Consider Canadian Education:
  • Look into pursuing a Canadian degree or diploma.
  • While it might require additional investment, the benefits for your immigration journey can be significant.
  1. Assess Your Foreign Credentials:
  • If you have a foreign degree, start the educational credential assessment process early.
  • This ensures you receive a timely assessment and avoid delays in your immigration application.

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