Canada Immigration Questionnaire for Marriage, Work & Student Visa


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#1. What is your gender?


Why Do We Ask For Your Gender?

We need to know your gender so we can advise you on the best pathways to focus on to ensure you successfully immigrate to Canada.

On the surface, Canada’s immigration system appears gender-neutral. Express Entry, the primary pathway for skilled workers, uses a point-based system that assigns points based on factors like education, experience, language skills, and age.

Gender itself is not a direct scoring factor. However, a closer look reveals some potential gender-related nuances within the system:

  • Occupational Selection: Certain occupations that might be traditionally male-dominated (e.g., skilled trades) currently experience higher demand in Canada. This may indirectly benefit male applicants with relevant experience in these fields.
  • Work Experience: Women, particularly those with young children, may have career interruptions or limited work experience due to childcare responsibilities. This could put them at a disadvantage compared to male applicants with uninterrupted work histories.
  • Language Proficiency: While language skills are crucial for both genders, research suggests that women might be more likely to prioritize language learning before immigration, potentially giving them a slight edge.

Gender-Specific Challenges for Women

Despite the seemingly gender-neutral approach, women face unique challenges in the immigration process:

  • Gender-Based Violence (GBV): Women fleeing GBV may require additional support and consideration during the application process. Canada offers specific programs and resources for women in these situations, but navigating the system can be complex.
  • Caregiver Responsibilities: Women often shoulder a larger share of childcare and eldercare responsibilities. Balancing these commitments with work and the immigration process can be particularly challenging.
  • Spousal Sponsorships: Women immigrating as spouses may face dependence on their partners for sponsorship, potentially impacting their independence and long-term career prospects.

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