Beaches Near Me In Saint Kitts and Nevis

Top Best Beaches Near Me In Saint Kitts and Nevis

Discover a Caribbean paradise on St. Kitts and Nevis‘ volcanic Leeward islands. This neighbouring pair is home to beautiful beaches where tranquilly comes naturally.

St. Kitts and Nevis have a beach for everyone, whether you want to relax, go for a swim or snorkel expedition in the clear waters, or get a thrill while participating in watersports.

Choose between quiet, pristine beaches and more lively beaches with bars and restaurants. It will be simple to relax and revitalise while visiting these top St. Kitts beaches.

This article is a guide to the best beaches near you in St Kitts and Nevis. You’ll find the ideal beach for your next Caribbean vacation below.

Top Best Beaches Near You In St Kitts And Nevis

1.Majors Bay Beach

Majors Bay is a vast bay on St Kitts’ southeast peninsula. It’s an extremely easy beach to get to than some of the others on the same shoreline because it’s right at the end of the peninsula’s highway.

Majors Bay is best known for being the departure point for the Sea Bridge ferry to Nevis. The beach, on the other hand, is enticing for relaxing and bathing.

Despite the presence of a ferry port, Majors Bay is much less congested than nearby Banana Bay and Cockleshell Bay, but the long stretch of sand and calm, azure water are equally as appealing for a swim and sunbake.

However, because there is no infrastructure on the seaside, people often find it even more serene.

Location: Majors Bay, St. Kitts & Nevis

2.Oualie Beach

One of the most popular beaches on Nevis is Oualie Beach. The sandy beach is lined with palm trees and is ideal for swimming due to the clear water and a modest waterfront.

Kitesurfing, kayaking, yacht charters, and diving are all available from Oualie Beach. This stretch of coast is controlled by the Oualie Beach Resort, which offers vacationers lodging, food, and amusement.

Otherwise, it’s easily accessible by road from the island’s other towns.

Location: Oualie Beach, Oualie Bay, Nevis, New Castle, St. Kitts & Nevis

3. Pinney’s Beach

Pinney’s Beach is one of the Caribbean’s most well-known beaches. The long, golden, sandy beach on Nevis’ west coast is just north of the main town of Charlestown.

It appears to stretch indefinitely along the Caribbean coast, providing more than enough space for water sports, relaxing, and walking.

Pinney’s is one of the best places to be at sunset, with vibrant sunsets and a lively atmosphere all evening.

Countless local pubs, eateries, and resorts line the beach, and many tourists to Nevis stay nearby.

With well-known high-end banqueting and beverage bars overlooking the sea, it also has a prestige for luring elevated people and celebrities on vacation.

 Location: Pinney’s Beach, Charlestown, St. Kitts & Nevis

4.Sand Bank Bay Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic side. It’s a beautiful, sheltered c-shaped cove with warm water and pristine white sand. 

It’s one of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast and was totally and utterly undiscovered until a few years ago.

Despite some tourism activities, it has retained its serene, romantic atmosphere.

The rough Atlantic Ocean is very different from the calm waters of the Caribbean, so Sand Bank Bay is not the best place to swim.

However, the protective cliffs along the cove shield it from the worst of the lofty waves, making it a playful place to play in the surf if you’re a confident swimmer.

Location: Sand Bank Bay, St. Kitts & Nevis

5.White House Bay

An excellent snorkelling location

White House Bay is a rocky beach on the west coast of St Kitts’ southeast peninsula.

While the beach isn’t particularly popular for swimming or sunbathing, it is one of the best snorkelling spots on the island. There are several good reef sections along the bay that give a good opportunity to see marine life.

In this part of the ocean, shipwrecks are unmistakable. Just off the coast, there is a sunken tugboat and a newly found 1740s British troopship.

Location: Christophe Harbour Marina Southeast Peninsula St. Kitts, St. Kitts & Nevis

6.Frigate Bay South

A popular St. Kitts beach known for its nightlife.

The beach is surrounded with luxury resorts, as well as beachfront bars and restaurants. It’s frequently crowded from early morning until late at night, with a whirring party atmosphere.

Swimming, water sports, and jet ski riding are popular water sports on the beautiful white-sand beach.

Over the weekend, the beach transforms into the island’s main entertainment centre, with a string of bars commonly known as The Strip. With so many people around, finding a cab to and from Frigate Bay or anywhere else on St Kitts is never challenging.

Location: Saint George, Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

7.Banana Bay Beach

Banana Bay Beach is a sheltered beach on St Kitts’ southeast coast. It has a gorgeous stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear water and is common with those looking for a relaxing spot.

With the advancement of the luxury Park Hyatt Resort and a few restaurants along the peninsula, it no longer feels as vague as it once did.

On a clear day, you can see Nevis Island across the Narrows, with stunning views along this expanse of sand.

Location: Banana Bay, South East Peninsula, Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

8.Cockleshell Bay Beach

Cockleshell Bay Beach is the most popular of the beaches that line St Kitts’ southeast coast. The protected bay is almost 3 kilometres long and is lined with white sand.

Cockleshell Bay is well-liked by both tourists and locals alike.

The beach has a few stores and restaurants, including the well-known Reggae Beach Bar on the eastern end. It’s popular with locals on weekends for partying, but it’s much more peaceful during the week.

On a hot day, the clear water is also a great place to go for a swim because it is fairly shallow.

Location: Cockleshell Bay Beach, St. Kitts & Nevis

9.South Friars Bay Beach

South Friars Bay is a relaxed beach that runs along the smallest part of St Kitts’ southeast peninsula. It’s ideal for those seeking a more relaxing alternative to Frigate Bay because it’s just the next bay south and simpler to reach than the more isolated beaches further away from the centre.

South Friars offers a variety of activities, including water sports and dining. The coast is lined with pubs and restaurants ranging from cheap shacks to fine places to eat.

It’s also a great place to swim and snorkel because of the calm, clear blue water. South Friars is not to be confused with North Friars, which is located on the Atlantic side of the coast and has much rougher waters that are not suitable for swimming.

Location: South Friars Bay, St. Kitts & Nevis

10.Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is the perfect beach on St Kitts’ remote southeast plateau. Its sandy beach expands along a bay that is shielded from the harsh Atlantic Ocean.

While Turtle Beach is largely perceived as one of the best beaches in St Kitts and Nevis, it is particularly well-suited for swimming and snorkelling.

A coral reef and an incredible wide range of exotic fish can be found beneath the clear water. You might even see dolphins or whales in the bay if you’re extremely fortunate, especially during the winter.

It, like other beaches on the south coast, has a view of the island of Nevis across the Narrows. Turtle Beach is only accessible by a dirt road, but it is well worth the attempt to reach this isolated and immaculate location.

Location: Turtle Beach, St. Kitts & Nevis


Beaches have always been the best vacation destination for friends and relatives because they are special and interesting.

Spending time at St Kitts & Nevisbeaches has always been on the bucket list of most people who want to get away from city life for a few days.

So, without further ado, book cheap flight tickets to St Kitts & Nevisand have the time of your life.

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