Top Best Beaches Near Me In Rome

Are you in search of the top best beaches near me in Rome? I have put together some of them for you.

No holiday feeling beats that of having to spend your days at the seaside and the city of Rome is as prepared as you are.

Rome houses some of the nearby beaches ranging from Santa Marinella to Sperlonga where you can while away warm afternoons.

Interestingly, accessing these beaches is not a hard nut to crack as you can easily get there via public transportation from the city center.

That being said, I will point you to some of the top best beaches you can find near you in Rome.

Top Best Beaches Near Me In Rome.

1. Santa Marinella

If you are looking for the best beach near Rome and the travel time, comfort and overall experience are considerations you are putting in place, then, you should settle for  Santa Marinella popular among windsurfers. 

This northernmost beach features crystal clear water, a small strip of white sandy beach, an incredible little hole-in-the-wall for a short takeaway lunch (beneath the Gigi Bar on the boardwalk), and numerous lounge chairs all located in a quaint bay.

 has clear water, a great and plenty of lounge chairs. 

Interestingly, you are presented with the options of setting up camp at either the stabilimenti or Spiaggia liberal and there is a small public area where you can lay out your towel, however, the space gets filled up very fast, so you should arrive on time.

For you to get to this beach, you have to board a train from any of the major stations in Rome (Ostiense, Roma Termini, San Pietro, or Trastevere) to Santa Marinella and then take a walk from the station to the beach which will last for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

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2. Santa Severa

Santa Severa is yet another wonderful choice of top best beaches to visit in Rome and it is just one stop before the  Santa Marinella beach I earlier discussed.

You will find it approximately 50 km north of Rome and less than 10 km south of Santa Marinella offering a fascinating and magnificent castle, an impressive photogenic bathing experience, and a few covered rocky alcoves that can be found just behind it.

In addition to this, you will find wonderful restaurants, especially stabilimenti restaurants on the beach, and you treat your taste buds to fresh fish or a sunset spritz at L’Isola del Pescatore.

If you want to get to the Santa Severa beach, you have to board a train from any of the major stations in Rome (Ostiense, Roma Termini, San Pietro, or Trastevere) to Santa Severa and then take a walk from the station to the beach which will last for approximately twenty minutes.

3. Ostia/Cancelli (gates)

Ostia and Cancelli are considered the beaches nearest to Rome. 

It all depends on what your preferences are but if you are considering proximity over quality then you should go for Cancelli, and if it’s the other way round, Ostia should be your best bet.

Speaking of Ostia, this beach features numerous expensive but trendy stabilimenti (you are required to be a member before you can enter) along the boardwalk, crystal clear water and neat sand, as well as an enormous public beach area. 

As for Cancelli, it features a wide range of beaches having sand dunes and offers free beaches where you can easily find restaurants and facilities like bathrooms.   

If you take public transport, you are sure to get there in less than an hour, and in Rome, you can make use of the same metro/bus tickets for public transport. 

That being said, board the Roma-Lido train from Porta S. or the 070 express bus from EUR. 

Paolo is close to the Piramide metro station (line B).

If you want to get to the Cancelli beach, alight at the last stop and take the 07 MARE bus until you get to the gates numbered 1, 2, 3, and so on.

4. Fregene

It may interest you to know that in the 1960s and 1970s, the Fregene Beach was a hot cake and can be located in the north of Ostia.

In addition to this, Fregene is best described as a barely neater and lively beach featuring lengthy ranges of sand with stabilimenti and spiaggia Libera offering a spectacular evening aperitivo at the Singita Miracle Beach Club, where you will see cushions in every nook and cranny of the beach and then there is a ceremonial gong as soon as the sun goes down.

Furthermore, you will find along the coast,  inexpensive tavole calde and a wide range of family-oriented restaurants, little wonder why it has over time become one of the favorite beaches where you will find trendy crowds of northern Rome, especially in the summer months. 

Please, note that getting to Fregene isn’t always easy, especially if you are going by public transport, however, take the Metro A to the Cornelia stop (direction Battistini) then enter one of the small buses going to Fregene.

5. Anzio

It is safe to refer to Anzio as a historic city because it is popular as a result of the landing of Allied forces during World War II and the Battle of Anzio and it is located in the south of Rome.

It may also interest you to know that this beach has received an award that acknowledges cleanliness, water quality, and sustainable management of beaches across 48 countries in the world known as the Bandiera Blu.

No doubt, the beach has beautiful water and it also has an interesting background which is the ruins of Emperor Nero’s historical village.

To get to this beach, take a train from Termini station and stop at Anzio and this journey will take about one hour, ten minutes.

From the train station, you can take another ten-minute walk to the beach.

6. Sabaudia

If you know Sabaudia, then, it won’t come off as a surprise to you that this city is characterized by its fascinating architecture.

It may also interest you to know that you won’t find many crowds on this beach compared to other beaches maybe because the train doesn’t stop you in the town when you are coming and it is widely recognized with the Bandiera Blu award. 

That being said, you will have to make additional effort to get to this beach but I assure you that it will be worth the stress, especially on seeing the clear water and expansive beach.

Take the train from Roma Termini to Priverno-Fossanova, then board a Cotral bus to Sabaudia, and from the road, climb down the wooden stairways if you want to visit this beach.

7. Ladispoli

Just a short train ride from Rome, you will find yourself at the Ladispoli featuring a long coastline, and a considerable room to spread your towel.

Furthermore, this beach serves as a host to the artichoke festival that happens during the second week of April every year.

If you want to get to this place, do take the train from any of the stations in Rome to Cerveteri-Ladispoli and a walk of approximately 15 minutes from the station will get you to the beach.

8. S. Felice Circeo

You will find the crystal clear waters of Circeo almost 100 km south of Rome and here, there is abundant Stabilimenti but search for the spiaggia libera closest to the port, and you will discover that it is worth the short walk.

Enter Cotral buses to get to Circeo from the Laurentina metro station in Rome and alight at the final stop then take about a ten-minute walk until you get to the beach.

9. Terracina

From Circeo that I earlier talked about, you will find Terracina just 10 km south of it. 

Interestingly, this beach contains numerous spiagge libere e stabilimenti and they are all maintained and kept clean thereby making it a famous destination for families.

Furthermore, take an hourly regional train from Termini station going to Naples and alight at Monte S. Biagio then from there, enter a bus and get to the beach, this will take you about 20 minutes. 

10. Sperlonga

On getting to Sperlonga, you will discover that it is dominated by the stabilimenti and it has scenic views and Blue Flag status. 

For you to get to this place, you have to take the regional train going to Naples from Termini station and alight at Fondi-Sperlonga. 

On getting there, board the Piazzoli bus to Sperlonga and this will take about 20 minutes or enter a private taxi but note that they are more costly compared to the €1.50 bus ticket.


Lastly, a visit to any of the aforementioned top-best beaches near me in Rome promises to be exciting, fun-filled, and memorable.

There may not be many but these few will surely be worth your time and resources.

Which of them will most likely make it to your itinerary? It’s now time for you to explore the best beaches up and down the Roman coastline.

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