Top Best Beaches Near Me In Portugal

Portugal has some of the finest beaches in Europe, as it is blessed with 948 kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Most of the country enjoys a mild meditation climate, southern Portugal’s Algarve province. is prominent for its spans of sand. Found here are beaches enclosed in serene coves, covered by rusty-red cliffs, to huge secluded dunes gathered by thunderous Atlantic rollers.

Beaches found on the coast of central and northern parts of the country attract sun-seekers and people who come to have a wonderful time out.

In the summer season, most of Portugal’s beaches have lifeguards patrol around. If you are planning a visit you should know some significant signs, a raised checkered flag means that the beach is temporarily unsupervised, a green flag means that bathing and swimming are permitted, and a yellow flag prohibits swimming, though paddling is permitted.

You should not enter the water when a red flag is lifted, the blue flag which is over the sand means the beach is a friendly environment.

Follow this article to discover the best beaches near you in Portugal, when you arrive make the most of your time as you enjoy the time out.

Top Best Beaches Near Me In Portugal

1. Camilo Beach

This is one of the finest beaches. in Southern Portugal, it is situated close to the lively seaside town of Lagos in the western Algarve. This delightful enclosed area of white sand is reached through a long wooden staircase.

This beach is perfect for snorkeling due to its warm, shallow, and turquoise blue waters. It is a peaceful environment despite being within the vicinity of some of the region’s major resorts.

There is a small cliff-top restaurant that serves sunbathers and tourists, where the menu is supported by incredible panoramic views of the coastline between Lagos and Albufeira.

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2. Falesia Beach

This is another beautiful beach that has close to six kilometers length of golden sand, little wonder it is one of the most popular tourist sites in Algarve.

On the east side of the beach, can be found a chain of tremendous cliffs painted with rich earthly colors, which are burnt ochre, rust red, and ginger red-orange. 

Falesia Beach is a place you can find quiet and uncrowded relaxation as well as a sunbath spot even during the summer.

The beach has many prime oceanfront resorts, which include up-market PortoBay which provides cafe and restaurant options to visitors.

3. Amando Beach

This beach is one of Portugal’s exclusive surfing areas, it is known for its waves and the beautiful little cluster of sand formed by rolling dunes and falls within the borders of the invulnerable Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano Costa Vicentina.

The beach boasts many surf schools, of which some are open throughout the year. It also plays host to the prestigious national and international surfing competitions.

Although this beach is not the traditional resort tourists go for, it is a destination for independent travelers and those who want to explore the region’s diverse flora and fauna.

4. Quinta do Lago Beach

Situated in the heart of the world-known Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, it is a huge sand bar that can be accessed by going through a long, narrow finger-like bridge over a brine-laced reed bed and then taking the boardwalk to the water’s edge.

Praia da Quinta do Lago is known for its birdlife as this stretch of the Algarve is home to different bird species and the marshlands are home to various waders. You can also observe the elegant storks and flamingos.

The beach is amazing and devoid of commercialism, you can stop by an outstanding restaurant known for its seafood choice. Found here also is the Quinta do Lago Hotel which is just a few minutes away from San Lorenzo Golf Club, one of the most prominent golf courses in Portugal and Southern Europe.

5. Martinhal Beach

Martinhal Beach is an enclosed place, it is a perfect destination for families. It houses the Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel, where you can get food and drinks.

The beach has amazingly soft and golden sand that forms a natural bay, its landscape is filled with limestone rock. The beach has a lot of marine life, and it is also excellent for diving excursions. It is perfect for swimming as well as other water sports activities.

The beach is an awesome place to be, as it is a family-friendly environment.

6. Guincho Beach

This beach is one of Europe’s top windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations, it is situated on the Lisbon coast which is six kilometers northwest of the cheery resort town of Cascais.

This beach has a vast area of sand combined with the thunderous Atlantic Ocean, it is filled with a wild and windy breeze which provides ideal conditions for surfers, windsurfers, and kite surfers who are positive to explore nature’s raw and unpredictable power.

As much as this beach is not particularly family-focused nor for tourists seeking relief under the sun, it is still filled with water sports for sports lovers. 

7. Rocha Beach

This is one of the renowned beaches in Portugal, it is named for the resort located close to Portimao, the Algarve’s second city. This beach is a popular destination for both locals and tourists as it is a special summer holiday destination.

You can get to the beach through the seafront avenue, a busy road lined with hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other recreational facilities.

You can explore places like the neighboring Portimao Marina and the Fortaleza de Santa Catarina fortress situated east of the beach, and situated at the west end is the elevated viewpoint at Tres Castelos.

Visit the historic Bela Vista Hotel and Spa, established in 1918 if you want to have lunch. It is one of the first hotels in the region, be sure to stop by to have a tasty meal.

8. Nazare Beach 

This beach is known for its traditional character, the Nazare fishing port is endowed with an amazing beach that attracts sun lovers to this lively town in central Portugal.

One historical significance of this beach is American big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara, who rode a monster 30-meter wave here on the beach and surfed straight into the books of records.

Nazare Beach is most preferred by tourists and surfers, which has an amazing group of sand. This beach is shared by sunbathers as well as fish folk who can be seen men don’t nets or arranging mackerel and sardines on wire racks to dry.

There are several credible seafood restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing opportunities on the beach.

9. Comporta Beach

This beach is an hour’s drive from the south of Lisbon, it is an exciting seaside that oozes an adorable beach-shack vibe. The beach is always open for tourism activities and it is free for all.

The beach plays host to several crowds, that come to grace the beautiful landscape of the seaside. Here you can find thatched cabanas that cling to the shifting dunes and the bleached-wood restaurants.

10. Carcavelos Beach

Situated just 20 minutes West by train from central Lisbon, it is a popular excursion destination for both locals and city-break travelers.

The beach is notable for its outstanding leisure and water sports opportunities such as surfing, having close to two kilometers of the shoreline of flawless sand.

The beach provides a historical background of the 16th century Forte de Sao Juliao da Barra which was a spectacular military stronghold still in use, it is sited at the eastern end of Praia de Carcavelos.

The seaside offers a unique view, which makes for a delightful walk at any time of the year. During the summer, the beach is usually very busy especially during the holiday periods and weekends when people take coverage from the busy life of the city as well as the heat.

11. Canto Marinho Beach

The windy and captivating Canto Marinho Beach is a place to enjoy nature in its real state, it is supported by dunes and embellished with marram grass and sea holly.

Found at the front of the beach are piles of rock evident at low tide, making it a bit unsuitable for swimmers but there are other rows of shallow pools suitable for paddling and beachcombing.

The Praia do Canto Marinho as it is called, is situated in northern Portugal not far from the historic city of Ciana do Castelo and serves as a quiet retreat for people seeking refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life.

The beach gives a memorable experience, as it lies safeguarded environment. Be sure to explore all the areas of the beach to gain the desired pleasure.

12. Almograve Beach

Situated on the Alentejo coast halfway between Vila Nova de Milfontes and Zambujeira do Mar, it is a local secret that only a few tourists have found.

The beach has been portrayed as the most attractive span of sand in the region, it provides sunseekers the opportunity to choose from two different leisure areas which are a beach to the south having a tricky shoreline that is set against a craggy cliff line, the other one is towards the north molded from undulating dunes.

This beach is a perfect destination for surfers but is also a hit with families when the wind is out. It has a shallow deep seaside playground for kids.

There is a clifftop cafe that offers light refreshments and amenities like handy restrooms, that overlooks the Praia do Almograve

13. Ribeira do Cavalo Beach

This is an isolated but attractive beach, located in the Caribbean having an exotic outlook and tropical surface.  

It is found at the root of a cove along the coastline of the invulnerable Arrabida Natural Park, it can only accept on foot or by boat.

This beach has a nature endowed look, it has colorful bright sand lapped by crystalline water and surrounded on three sides by an impregnable mass of generations, as it clings to some of the toughest cliffs in the region.

It has a vertical hike that leads down to the water edge, there is no cafe or vehicle in sight and there is no lifeguard service in operation.

You can engage in snorkeling in an enclosed bay having sea life and you can join kayaking that includes Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo when you arrive and looking for your way.

14. Porto Santo Beach

Although this beach is smaller and lesser-known than some other illustrious branches found around, it is never short of fun and excitement as it is regarded as the finest beach in the whole archipelago.

The beach spans nine kilometers along the entire southern coast of the island, it is divided into five smaller beaches with each having a name.

The golden sand found on the beach is said to be organic in origin, as it is believed to have therapeutic properties that help relieve all kinds of aches and pains.

Found here are r different low-key resorts, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, this is a perfect destination for sun-seekers in the summer months.


Portugal boasts several top beaches, located well within close range of the major cities and towns making them very easy to access.

Most of the beaches have a secured and safe environment making them very safe for water-based sports and activities. Do pack all the necessary items you will need to have a comfortable vacation as well as a lovely beach experience.

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