Beaches Near Me In Myanmar

Top Best Beaches Near Me In Myanmar

What are Myanmar’s best beaches? That question appears surprising because when you think of South-East Asian beaches, the Philippines or glamorous Thailand come to mind.

But did you know that Myanmar’s beaches are also phenomenal?

There are some breathtakingly beautiful beaches in Myanmar, many of which remain undiscovered even today.

These beaches in Myanmar are well-known for their beautiful pearl sands, clear waters, and low-cost accommodations.

The experience is enhanced by strolling along these golden beaches and paying attention to the relaxing sounds of the waves. These beaches will undoubtedly come to your rescue if you are looking for an invigorating encounter.

They will also transport you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here are our top picks for popular beaches in Myanmar that you must visit at least once.

What could be better on a vacation than watching a beautiful sunset on a beautiful beach?

In this post, I will list the best beach destinations near you in Myanmar, ranging from the most prominent to the least advanced.

Top Best Beaches In Myanmar

1 Nebule Beach

Nebule is a golden sand beach with many viewpoints atop the cliffs on the shore, and one hilltop pavilion is a great place for a short hike around the sunset. Swimming and scuba diving are also options.

Nebule Beach, which is easily accessible from Dawei port town, is one of Myanmar’s best. It is one of the beaches on the coast that is further away from Maungmagan, making it an excellent day trip option for visitors to Maungmagan.

You can base yourself in Dawei and take multi-day trips to each of these beaches or take a boat trip.

2 Teyzit (Tizit) Beach

Teyzit is the furthest of the famous beaches from Dawei town and is the beach to visit if you want a completely uncrowded beach day. A few visitors to Maungmagan plan a day trip to Teyzit.

You can cycle or walk to Launglon village, which will also serve as your entry point, to sample some local cuisine. Because the facilities are basic and there are few shops, plan your trip accordingly.

Aside from that, you’ll mostly see local fishermen at work and their children swimming on the golden sand beach with crystal clear water. You have the option of swimming with them or snorkelling with them.

3 Po Po Kyauk Beach

Another day trip option in Myanmar is Po Po Kyauk Beach, also known as ‘Grandfather Beach.’ It is long satisfactory for you to loop or walk around.

Because of its remote location, this beach sees few tourists, so you’ll most likely be alone as you watch the sunset.

To get there, rent a ferry from Dawei port town or Maungmagan beach.

4 Pa Nyit Beach

If you’re looking for one of Myanmar’s best beaches that’s also a fantastic spot to go off the beaten path, Pa Nyit is the spot to go.

This golden sand beach with thick forests is rarely visited by tourists, regardless of the season. As a result, it is ideal if you want to spend some time alone!

Getting to Pa Nyit Beach – You must first travel to Dawei, either by plane or bus. Langdon is a nearby village, which can be visited by renting a motorbike or a tuk-tuk.

5 Kanthaya Beach

Kanthaya is another beach in Myanmar that is astonishingly undiscovered. It is a 4.5-kilometre-long golden sand beach with clear waters.

If you’re looking for unusual beach destinations, this is one of the best beaches in Myanmar to visit. The sturdy coastline lined with seaside towns, which is entirely undeveloped for visitors, is what makes it appealing.

You will get to see village life and their means of subsistence, such as fishing and arts and crafts, as well as tourism, which is booming.

6 Hilton Resort At Ngapali

One of the best beaches in Myanmar is the most recognised and one of the pristine beaches in Myanmar that you should not overlook if you are planning a beach getaway during your trip.

Ngapali’s white sand beach, palm trees, and crystal clear waters water make it an appealing beach destination.

Ngapali used to be the place to go for a luxurious vacation, thanks to a plethora of upscale, absolutely gorgeous tourist spots providing the ideal seaside escape.

Because the beach is long, you can have more than enough of it to yourself if you venture a little further away from the resorts to experience all the watersports.

It is one of the best places in Myanmar to travel alone – think about it!

Budget travellers, backpackers, and solo travellers will find plenty of decent cottages and villas.

By casually walking or biking through the roads of these villages, you can get a peek at their traditional way of life (which is pretty different from that of cities) and sample the local seafood in one of the small shops.

It is one of Myanmar’s best beaches for snorkelling, paddleboarding, and swimming. You can also practise your golf swing here.

Alternatively, you can merely sit and drink your favourite cocktail while relaxing on the beach under the shelter of tropical palms.

7 Chaung Tha Beach

Chuang Tha is one of the best beaches to visit in Myanmar. It is a great place to add to your Myanmar travel plan if you are short on time because it is one of the closest beaches to Yangon.

Chuang Tha may not be the most advanced beach in Myanmar, but it is the most easily accessible and busiest.

Chuang Tha is popular with native middle-class families who picnic here on weekends or holidays, making it very congested during these periods.

When it comes to budget accommodations in Chaung Tha, there are several houses and apartments to choose from.

Don’t forget to sample the delectable seafood cuisines available at many of the best restaurants.

They are outstanding, but what distinguishes this beach is that it is a foodie’s paradise. At reasonable prices, you can sample a wide variety of seafood culinary delights.

You can take short boat trips to nearby islands for kayaking and snorkelling, which is also a great way to avoid crowds if you visit during peak tourist season or holidays.

8. Ngwe Saung Beach (Silver Beach)

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar to visit because it is easy to get to, it is as beautiful as Ngapali beach, but it is less expensive in terms of lodgings and sea activities.

These factors have drawn a diverse range of travellers to Ngwe Saung, including backpackers, budget travellers, and young families with children searching for the perfect, beautiful, and cost-effective beach vacation in Myanmar. The beach attracts a good mix of citizens and international visitors.

There are numerous exciting things to do in Ngwe Saung. Boat trips to the nearby Myanmar islands with extremely clear waters ideal for diving, snorkelling, and kayaking are available.

These islands can be visited on guided tours. If you want to try your hand at fishing, you can book a fishing tour with a local fisherman.

Another option for exploring the 15km stretch of beach is to lease a bike and ride along the coast, passing through picturesque little coastal towns, tropical forests, and incredible views of the ocean.

Don’t miss the chance by the neighbourhood restaurants serving fantastic seafood as you ride along the coast.

Encounter the spectacular views of the sunset with your loved one or by yourself (if you’re travelling solo ). It’s time to show yourself some love.

One of the best things about Ngwe Saung is that it offers a brilliant mix of resorts and hipster backpacking guesthouses and bungalows, making it feel like an indie town.

9 Mergui Archipelago

It is one of Myanmar’s offbeat destinations or hidden gems, tucked away at the far end. If you want to go off the beaten path, the archipelago should be on your list.

Because tourism is new to the islands, there are no developed luxuries. The majority of the islands are uninhabited, making them ideal for relaxing on the beaches.

If you want to spend a lot of money on a vacation in one of the most private places on the planet, there are a few luxurious resorts to choose from.

Swimming and snorkelling are the most famous tourist activities in the Mergui Archipelago.

10. Maungmagan Beach

Maungmagan Beach, on the Dawei peninsula, was a favourite of the British, who turned it into an exclusive beach vacation destination among the south Myanmar beaches.

Long after they left, it was recognised as one of Myanmar’s beautiful beaches due to its crystal clear waters, isolated destination, and wonderful seafood purchased from local restaurants.

It is the closest beach to Dawei port town and thus attracts both residents and visitors visiting the city.

In contrast to other beaches, the coast here is lined with pine trees. Walking south from the beach will bring you to the fishing village.

Witness the breathtaking sunset views in the evening. At sunrise, watch local life unfold as the village market chants with commercial fishermen attempting to sell their fresh catch.

Maungmagan beach is underdeveloped for tourist use. It is best to support yourself in Dawei, which has excellent lodging options for all budgets.


I hope this guide will help you enjoy the top best beaches in Myanmar. You might check out other resources to plan your Myanmar trip.

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