Beaches Near Me in Monaco

Top Best Beaches Near Me in Monaco

Monaco is such a great town that is renowned for its lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

 Amongst the things that Monaco is best known for are its world-famous casinos, the F1 Grand Prix, and a lifestyle of glamour.

Also,  Monaco’s picturesque coastline means that it has some breathtaking beaches.

 Larvotto is the seafront area of Monaco and is home to both private and public beaches, restaurants, and bars, as well as the reputable Monte-Carlo Sporting Club.

It’s good to note that Monaco possesses both public and private beaches. Keeping this in mind will help you decide which beach suits you the most. 

Now, to help you see the top best beaches near you in Monaco we’re going to have

 a look at them, both the public and private beaches. 

Some Top Best Beaches in Monaco 

Remember we said these beaches are grouped into two, the public beaches and the private beaches. So now, we will be starting with the top best public beaches near you in Monaco.

1.Larvotto Beach

Although it is a public beach, many travelers consider Larvotto Beach to be the best beach in Monaco. 

It is located near the casino on the Monte Carlo coastline. 

A prestigious restaurant and hotel strip is also nearby. Larvotto is a man-made sandy beach with advanced infrastructure that is open all day. 

The area is covered in coarse white sand that is fun to walk on barefooted. 

You can even walk on them wearing simple flip flops, as you’ll be warm and comfortable. 

 The only way to get into the water is to walk down the sandy bottom.

 The water at Larvotto Beach is clean and clear. From spring to late autumn, the water temperature is suitable for swimming.

Larvotto Beach is divided into several paid and free zones.

 You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds with a certain design in paid private areas. A sunbed can be rented for as little as 15 euros and a parasol for as little as 5 euros. 

Guests sit on covers or towels in the sand in free areas. You are welcome to bring your umbrella for shade if desired.

The entire Larvotto area is equipped with changing rooms, fresh water showers, and toilets. 

There are coffee shops, eateries, and bars open 24 hours a day near the beach. Larvotto Beach also hosts regular parties.

May through October are ideal months for a beach vacation in Monaco because the weather is mild and the temperature ranges from +25° C to +30° C which is suitable for a beach day. 

2. Plage des Fossettes Beach, St Jean Cap Ferrat

This is among the few beaches on the Cote d’Azur that are open to the public in its entirety.

The only public beach throughout Monaco is Larvotto, but the principality and St Jean Cap Ferrat are only 10 kilometres apart. 

So, depending on where you stay in Monaco, your chances of visiting there are very good.

There is no restaurant, no facilities, and no parasols. There are no toilets, but cold showers are available.

Picnics and snacks are also purchased in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, as there are several cafes and restaurants within a few minutes’ walk of the port.

Do you ever wonder why such a seemingly dry location makes the list of best beaches?

Well, other factors influence this choice, for instance, The water is very clear, and the beach is children-friendly. 

You might see kids with fishing nets, hoping to capture something. 

If you enjoy scuba diving, Plage des Fossettes beach should be your first choice. Divers will appreciate the beach’s underwater footpath.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for jellyfish and white floats protruding from one end of the bay. 

You can follow the floats around the base of the cliffs to see the diverse creatures and plants that grow there. During peak hours, there is always a lifeguard on duty.

We just saw the top best public beaches in Monaco, let’s now look at the top best private beaches. 

3. Monte Carlo Beach 

Every amenity for holidaymakers is provided on a small sandy beach equipped with loungers, showers, and parasols.

There are also many cafes, and trendy bungalows are located in the shade of a pine grove near the coast.

The steepness makes it easy to enter the water. Because there are no waves, the bottom is sandy. At the small pier, you can launch or rent a boat.

The beach has a large pool with heated seawater that is popular in the cooler months. The pool now has diving towers, and a separate shallow pool is available for children to learn to swim.

4. Note Bleu Beach

This beach is set in the center of Larvotto beach in Monte Carlo.

Note Bleu beach, like the public beach Larvotto beach, is covered in coarse white sand. Rich visitors from all over the continent and North America prefer to relax on Note Bleu.

Visitors with children may feel uneasy in this area of Monte Carlo because there are no playgrounds and the atmosphere that is idle and quiet will not appeal to them.

5. La Réserve de la Mala, Cap d’Ail 

If you are staying outside of Monaco, La Réserve de la Mala may be the closest. It is located a few minutes from Monaco and is considered by some to be the nicest beach on the French Riviera.

Visitors will encounter a few stairs, a walk along the coastal track, or the option of arriving by taxi boat to access this Cap d’Ail special beach, but this exceptional location deserves the accolades.

The breathtaking view also provides serenity and invites visitors to unwind and forget their worries. 

With a complimentary cocktail glass, La Réserve beds enhance the sensation of incredible relaxation and satisfaction after a massage session.

 This beach is a combination of relaxing fun and enjoyable places with fun treats for you to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

6. Nikki Beach  

Nikki Beach is a fun, private and interesting area to spend a beach day. 

The beach’s swimming pool, located on the 7th floor of the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel, is a gathering place for the wealthy who want to have fun.

A stunning view of the province and the Mediterranean, followed by an amazing array of delectable dishes, are all there to attract locals and travelers making a stopover in Monaco.

To attract customers, the menu features global specialties. The main draw of Nikki Beach, however, is its musical program. 

Every summer, the best DJs in the world perform at the beach club while guests relax in the pool.


We have come to see many top best beaches near you, you should visit Monaco. 

The best beach in Monaco is presumably Larvotto. Other beaches in Monaco and surrounding areas, on the other hand, offer fantastic attractions to both old and young including residents and tourists visiting.

You can head to one of Monaco’s beaches to experience a fun and enjoyable time, without a doubt, It will be an experience that you will remember for a long time.

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