Top Best Beaches Near Me In Iran

Did you know that Iran also has tourist attractions such as its beautiful beaches?

Iran’s beaches can be considered one of the most popular travel destinations for all Iranian people and tourists.

 In addition to its historic and architectural landmarks, Iran accepts people who want to lie in gold or even red! Swim on the sandy beaches of Iran beaches, or the beautiful Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. 

 The best beaches in Iran are in the northern and southern parts of the country. 

Each of these beaches has some special features that can only be found there.

Now, we are going to see some of Iran’s top seven beaches, pay attention to find the top best beach near you!

Top Best Beaches For You In Iran

1. Chamkhaleh beach

Many Iranians consider Chamkhaleh to be the best of Iran’s beaches in northern Iran.

Chamkhaleh is located in the center of Langeroud city, and when you approach the coastal road, the spacing between the sea and the road is very small, giving the impression that you are driving at sea in some parts.

Chamkhaleh, after Anzali, is the second most stable and successful, and touristic city in Gilan and has the most beautiful beach in Iran’s northwestern region.

The route to Chamkhaleh is as follows: take the Kenareh road from east to west, passing through Chalous and Ramsar before entering Gilan province and heading towards Langeroud. Chamkhaleh is located 10 kilometers east of Langeroud.

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2. Anzali Beach

Anzali Beach is the second of our top five Iran beaches.

 What distinguishes the Anzali beach from other Caspian Sea coastal cities is the public access to its coasts.

 whereas other Caspian Sea beaches between Iran beaches are occupied by the private sector, and respectable travelers must be behind high walls and private villas looking out at the sea.

3. Astara beach

Astara is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in Iran. It’s interesting to know that the city has one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran. Sadaf Beach is a safe beach for swimming and recreation, where you can spend your time without worry. 

 Lifeguards, altars,  resorts, buffets, shops,  water showers, and sanitary facilities are some of the facilities on the Astara coastal beaches in Iran. 

 Access to Astara Beach: This beach is 7 km from Astara Road, which runs through Taresh, and is adjacent to the Land will Forest Reserve.

4. Chabahar Beach

To the south of Iran, there is a harbor called Chabahar due to spring weather. 

Chabahar is the only deep-sea port in Iran on the border between Oman and the Indian Ocean. 

Chabahar is one of the most beautiful Iranian beaches in southern Iran and has many unique attractions. 

At Chabahar’s South Harbor, large rocks created by the emergence of seawater and sedimentary rock erosion create a beautiful landscape rare on Iran’s beaches. 

Undoubtedly, the sunsets and sunrises on this beach can be considered one of the most spectacular views of a lifetime for everyone. 

How to get to Chabahar Beach: You can choose different flights from different cities to Chabahar. Another option is to exercise. 

You can take the train to Zahedan, Carman, Bandar Abbas and then to Chabahar. You can also rent a car in Iran to visit this particular beach from the beaches of Iran. 

5. Kish Island beach 

 When it comes to Iran’s best beaches, Kish Island has always been attractive to tourists, so much of Kish Island’s recreation is concentrated in the island’s beautiful coastal areas.

 In addition to swimming and sunbathing, Kish beaches offer a variety of activities such as umbrellas, shuttles, flyboards, and diving. 

 The best place for marine recreation is the  Kish Island Sea, Theme Park. This park is Iran’s first water theme park and Iran’s first open roof water park. 

There are 13 rides, 4 swimming pools, a spa and massage center, as well as 2 restaurants, 4 drink shops, and 2 large shops. 

Located between the beaches of Iran, this park has ample space for women to fully participate. 

 6. Hormuz Island Beach 

 Have you heard anything about Hormuz Island? The land of the Red Earth, the combination of the Red Earth and the Blue Sea creates a wonderful combination right in front of you. 

Hormuz Island and its beautiful Iranian beaches attract more foreign tourists than Iranian tourists. 

The reason for this color on the H mes coast is that the soil in this area contains special mineral compounds.

 It is interesting to know that this earth has a very high economic value and is widely used in the manufacture of paints, cosmetics, and other products.

 But apart from that, staying in this beautiful and fun beachfront area can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your trip. 

 Access to the beaches of Qeshm: To get to this area,  first fly to Bandar Abbas and then take a boat to Hormuz Island. 

 7. Hengam Island Beach 

 Hengham Beach is also known as  “Silver Beach” because plankton creates a special view of the ocean when the waves hit the shore and the sun hits. 

 How to get to Hengam Island Beach: To visit these Iranian beaches,  first fly to B dar Abbas and then boat to Hengam Island.


In summary, unlike the common view that people have of Iran as a boring country, Iran is a nice country with many tourist attractions like its beaches.

If you’re in Iran and you want some beach time check out any of these beaches, and have a fun time!

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