Top Best Beaches Near Me In Haiti.

Who doesn’t love a perfect day spent at the beach? Tanning under the sun and breathing in the fresh air from the sea?

I’m sure you do, well in Haiti there are beaches that you can go to enjoy a perfect beach day.

Well, there are a lot of beautiful beaches that are being found in Haiti

Although lots of disasters hit Haiti from time to time, this doesn’t stop this country from being a beautiful place with the best beaches. 

Now, in case you’re a tourist visiting Haiti and looking to have some beach time, I’ll be showing you some of the best beaches near you Haiti. So stay tuned!

Top Best Beaches for you In Haiti

1. Port Salut

Port Salut has a laid-back atmosphere and is popular with Haitians, and there are many great restaurants and shops nearby. 

Overall, Port Salut is the perfect beach to choose if you are looking for a full-fledged Haiti experience, as well as following in the footsteps of all other travelers in the area. 

It is also one of Haiti’s best beaches for watching the sunset. 

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2. Labadie

 Located on the north coast of Haiti, Labadie is a beautiful and very popular tourist beach that has always attracted many cruise ship passengers. 

The area is actually owned by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Company and is one of the country’s most famous coastal resorts, boasting the calmest waters and softest sands.

 It also has many excellent facilities nearby, such as merchants and grocery stores. 

If you’re looking for a little adventure and want to enjoy this Haiti beach view from a different angle, check out the local zipline.

3. Ils-a-Rat Beach

If you have an explorer mind and are looking for a little adventure to liven up your vacation in Haiti, IlsaRat Beach should be on your to-do list.

 The beach is actually on a small island covered with lush vegetation, surrounded on all sides by soft sand and gentle waves.

 The local waters have a variety of coral reefs, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling, but even if you’re not interested in water, Ilsa Rat is one of the best beaches to take a walk in Haiti.

 4. Wahoo Bay Beach 

 Wahoo Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful spots on the entire coast of the country for Haitian couples and honeymooners.

Not far from Port Au Prince, Wahoo Bay Beach offers a postcard-like view and a Caribbean experience with soft sand, hot water, and lots of fun activities such as scuba diving, swimming,  and sunbathing. Is encapsulated. There are also hikes in the local wilderness. 

5. Jacmel Beach

Jacmel Beach, on the south coast of Haiti,  is a great place for tourists and locals to hang out and enjoy. 

It is a very lively beach that was once the main venue for various special events and festivals before the 2010 earthquake hit the area. 

Fortunately, Jacmel Beach was rebuilt in the next few years and is back as one of the country’s most vibrant spots. 

 6. Cormier Plage

 Part of the Cormier Plage Resort is this beach.  This beach is exclusively for hotel guests and is worth more than admission.

 It is a stunning little sandy beach, conveniently located just a short walk from many local shops, bars, restaurants, and attractions. 

If you really want to get the most out of this beach, book your hotel’s beach suite and step directly into the sandy beach every day for stunning views from the comfort and privacy of the night.


We have seen six beaches that Haiti has to offer, so if you’re visiting Haiti, endeavor to add visiting any one of these beaches as part of your vacation plan, or in fact, try paying a visit to any of these beaches to enjoy a good beach day.

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