Beaches Near Me In Finland

Top Best Beaches Near Me In Finland

There is no better place to spend the summer than on one of Finland’s finest beaches, where you can enjoy taking a sunbath and enjoy water-based activities.

If you are heading for a vacation, stop by Helsinki Finland’s capital which is home to most of the country’s best beaches both on the Mainland and on several little islands.

The capital is regarded as one of the warmest places in Finland, with a temperature of 30 degrees.

There are also other cool and sandy beaches located in major cities, where you can both experience both lake or seawater as well as scenic landscapes.

These beaches in Finland have good toilets and decent changing rooms, some of these beaches are located within world-class establishments that offer accommodation and other services.

When you visit Finland, you will be spoiled with so many top beach options that will appeal to your interest. Let’s explore the top best beaches in Finland.

Top Best Beaches Near Me In Finland

1 Yyteri Beach 

This is a 6-kilometre stretch of golden sands on Finland’s west coast. This beach is a popular summer destination with Nordic residents, due to its position between Yyteri Nature Trail and the Bothnian Sea National Park.

The sandy and shallow beach is a safe place for children to come, as it boasts several summer activities which include surfing, beach volleyball, and other water-based sports activities. Its water temperature can reach so degrees and even more sometimes.

Found here is a centrally located Bikini Bar which is a focal point for day and night activities at Yyteri. It is a wooden structure with plenty of wooden terraces where you can sit and have delightful views of the beach as you enjoy some refreshments.

There is a safe bathing beach zone that is filled with birdlife and coastal forests. Do well to visit the Sannannokka viewing tower and have beautiful sights at sunset.

The main Yyteri Beach Resort is located about 20 kilometers northwest of the center region of pori when you follow routes 2 and 2652. When you arrive at the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, the distance is 260 kilometers by road to Yyteri beach.

You don’t have to bother about where to stay, as there are several accommodation options such as tents, caravans, holiday homes, modest cottages as well as some luxury villas that accommodate up to 10 people.

2 Nallikari Beach 

Although most beaches in Finland are posed with more harsh conditions than in other places, like the depth of the freezing winter and warmth of the summer, Nalllikari Beach has something to offer to visitors all year round.

In the summer seasons, this beach is the perfect spot to absorb the sum in Finland. Also in the winter, the beach and its surrounding areas are the venue for Baltic Snow Call, a snow sculpting contest open to participants worldwide. The beach area is also located close to the historical Hietassari areas and Eden Spa. You can stop by the ice cream kiosks or the lighthouse car or the sports stores close by, there is always something for everyone there.

The beach is sports-friendly, as it features some sporting activities like beach football, water sports, beach volleyball, cycling, skating as well as water-based sports.

3 Suomenlinna Beach

This beach started as a Swedish fortress when Finland was still a part of the Sweden Kingdom, making it the most historic beach in Helsinki.

This area was established as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Found here also is a nearby Suomenlinna Church, that was erected in 1854 and is one of three churches in Finland to serve as for both planes and ships.

The beach area has lived more than its elevated past, as it offers an amazing view overlooking Helsinki’s bay.  The landscape of the area is at some point rugged, rocky, and perfect for hiking, as it features comfortable beach sand perfect for a day on the beach.

Market Square is just a few minutes away from the beach, you either walk or bike in between as it offers local cuisine from Suomenlinna mainstays such as Cafe Piper, which has been served in the area since 1928.

Visit Suomenlinna Beach today and have a feel of its rich cultural history and amazing varieties that span six islands.

4 Tulliniemi Beach

This beach is considered Finland’s wild natural beauty, whose shore is filled with rocks is not seen on other beaches.

Tulliniemi Nature Path leads you through the north passing rounded cliffs, scenic forested areas, a nature preserve as well bird haven before taking you down back to the beach itself.

The beach has a combination of sand and grasslands giving it a unique texture. The area has a unique atmosphere, it is an incredible place to sit, absorb the sun, watch the lapping waves against the shore, and engross yourself in one of Finland’s coastal beauty.

5 Hietaniemi Beach

This beach which was established in 1929 has since grown to become one of the most popular and fashionable beaches in Finland, it is situated in central Helsinki in the district of Töölö.

This place has become a hub in Finland, attracting both tourists and locals alike. Since it is situated right at the heart of Helsinki, you enjoy the busy life of the city and stun the beach later in the afternoon where you will enjoy sunbathing and a stunning sunset.

As a highly rated beach in Finland, the beach is overcrowded with locals. This is a perfect destination for sports lovers, as it plays host to Volley Tournament that has been in existence since 1995.

The water is quite cold and salty, but that won’t stop you if you want to swim to reach a few small islands found nearby. The beach is also jas a secluded nature which makes for a romantic place for sea-loving birds.

In case you don’t fancy swimming or beach sports, you can engage in picnics as there is plenty of grass under the shelter of the pine trees.

6 Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät Beach

This beach provides a unique mix of a rural Finnish beach with a nearby spa has long golden sand supported by dunes and pine forests, it is a perfect spot for an active outdoor view.

There are so many things you can do here when you arrive like hiking, and cycling, or may decide to take a walk across the dunes on the boardwalk trails. You can as well take in fresh air from the Gulf of Bothnia when you go out on the sea.

There is an opportunity to go fishing, sailing, or paddling. If you wish to engage in land-based activities, you can play golf at the 1q golf courses.

During the winter seasons, the sea is almost always frozen solid. That doesn’t stop fun activities, as you can go sliding across the ice and participate in some snow sports activities.

7 Pyynikin Beach

Pyynikin is situated on the shores of Lake Villilansalmi, the beach environment has air that is free from disturbance than many other well-known beaches found along Finland’s seacoast.

Although this beach has greatly been underrated, it is far more family-friendly. It is a natural beach having amazing views. This beach is best because it is less crowded given the lovely scenery of the lake regions with plenty of opportunities to run around, explore and even have private gatherings.

This beach offers a different kind of experience as it allows you to explore the waters, you can hire a private fishing boat to aid your expedition.

8 Aurinkolahti Beach

This is one of the best and most popular beaches in the greater Helsinki region which is found on the eastern side of the city. Aurinkolahti is one of the most rising districts in Helsinki.

This beach is always a good spot for relaxation be it in the summer or the winter months. The water here is known for its clarity, making it perfect for swimming or watching the fish if they are biting 

You will find the Utela Nature Trail when you arrive at the beach, which houses a heavily forested area that has rough headlands. The views are perfect for some amazing pictures.

During the winter this water is ice cold, the ice is so thick that you can walk on it. This gives a rare opportunity to explore the little archipelago which is close by on foot.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes close by, you can stop by to have a meal or a drink if you are tired and hungry.

9 Matarinpuitson Beach

This beach is located south of Finland in the Vantaa area, it provides visitors with amazing views of the clear blue water. 

Although the beach is some distance away from the sea, it still provides sunbathing as well as swimming opportunities in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

You can stop by the beach to have a fun-filled day as you relax and absorb the sun in the Vantaa area.

10 Mantyjarvi Beach

This beach is one among the many lakes and rivers in Finland, it is a  natural beauty. The beach lies beside a nature reserve that provides beautiful views of the lush green forest as well as the blue lakes.

Do well to explore the north side and south side areas of this amazing beach, it is an excellent destination for swimming among locals. No need to guess why, it is because of its clear waters.

Enjoy the delight that comes from soaking up the sun as you enjoy the blooming beauty of the beach.

11 Otanlahti Beach

This is one of the amazing inland lake areas that have sandy beaches, it offers a beautiful view of the vast water area.

Found here are collections and sailing boats, boating activity is a popular event that happens all year round. It boasts some of the best clear water, which makes it a popular destination for swimming.

There are also many vegetations close by, along with cafes that overlook the beautiful scenery. You are sure of a fun-filled day when you visit the beach.

12 Moysa Beach

This beach is well known for its soft beige and lush forested area, the water is best for swimming.

The children are not left out, as there is a playground for children close by and there is also a place for gatherings. 

The beach is open for exploration all year round.


 There are plenty of top beaches that are suitable for family vacations, friends’ outings, and couples’ time out.  

During the summer you can find your way to one of these beaches to enjoy some thrilling moments derived from being around a beach and in the winter you can engage in ice skating activities as well as other water-based activities whenever you visit 

Visiting the beach is among the free things you can do for fun, do plan a visit as the scenic views of these beaches awaits to welcome you.

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