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Top Best Beaches Near Me in China

When you think or talk about China, the first thing that comes to mind is its culture, tall buildings and parks. 

However, did you know that China also has many beautiful beaches? Well yes, it is.

China’s coastline is quite large, as such,  there are numerous beaches near you to visit.

It can be said that China has a beach for anybody at all, and you will be opportune to have a lot of fun, which includes opportunities to surf, snorkel, kitesurf and, even play with sandcastles.

Now, join me as we take into consideration some of the top best beaches that China has to offer. 

Top Best Beaches Near You In China 

1. Laolongtou Great Wall

Laolongtou Great Wall is one of the foremost unordinary beach areas in China. 

The Great Wall of China is around 21,196 km in length, extending from the east at Shanhaiguan in Hebei Territory and closes in Jiayuguan in Gansu. 

The Laolongtou segment of the great wall is where the divider meets the Pacific Sea at the Bohai Gulf. 

Nicknamed Ancient Dragon’s Head since it takes after a mythical serpent drinking from the sea (if you squint and utilize your creative ability), Laolongtou marks the starting of this amazing artificial structure and the area of the primary beach on our list. 

Laolongtou is an excellent place to blend Chinese history, a trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World and an unwinding time at the beach.

 It can’t get much better than sitting on a shoreline and gazing at The Awesome Great wall of China.

 Laolongtou is close to the city of Qinhuangdao. The most effortless way to arrive at the Great wall and beach from Qinhuangdao is to take the number 25 transport specifically to the beautiful area.

Laolongtou Beach is in Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao, China, 066206.

2. Silver Beach, Behai, Guangxi Province

This beach is a well-known spot, with magnificent white sand and palm tree-lined scenery that allow you the feeling you’re in a tropical paradise. 

At Silver Shoreline, you’ll be able to go water sailing  or take a ride on a motorboat. Visit the 23m tall round design wellspring that pays tribute to music, credited as the biggest melodic form wellspring in Asia.

3. One Hundred Step Beach Zhoushan Island

This beach is one of the hidden gems in China. 

Zhoushan Island is an urbanized archipelago on the east coast near the city of Ningbo and around 280km (174 miles) from Shanghai.

 The beach encompasses a small pagoda roosted on the rocks neglecting the sand. 

Swimming at the beach is only permitted between May and August up until 6 pm. 

There are one or two alternatives to reach Zhoushan Island. Fly into neighboring Zhu Jia Jian Island, which encompasses a little air terminal and take a taxi or the airplane terminal transport over the interfacing street bridge to Zhoushan.

 If you’re coming from the territory, from Ningbo, you can drive to the island through the interfacing bridges that connect the archipelago.

4. Golden Pebble Beach Dalian, Liaoning Province 

If you need a more commercialised and created shoreline vibe, then Brilliant Stone Shoreline is the place for you. 

Golden Stone beach is 600m from the Disney-like Hilton Dalian Brilliant Stone beach Resort, 60km from Dalian city. 

The Brilliant Stone Beach is a portion of an amazing improvement zone that’s home to a topic stop, a golf club and a range of shoreline activities. 

This shoreline has a few deck chair rental choices and watercraft ride excursions.

5. Fujiazhuang Beach Dalian,  Liaoning Province

Another beach in Dalian is Fujia Zuan Beach, south of the city. 

 The Beach faces several islands, including the West Dalian Islands. 

Many boats sway in the sea, creating a smaller town atmosphere than other famous beaches in Dalian. 

If you’re looking for a vacation on the beach, it’s better to head to some of the other beaches on this list, but if you’re looking for a break from Dalian,  heading to Fujiazhuang beach is a perfect day trip. 

6.  Sanya Bay, Hainan Island

 Sanya Bay is a famous beach in China.  If you want to get to the center of Hainan Island, relaxing on the beaches of  Sanya Bay is perfect for you.  

Located on the south coast just south of the city, Sanya Bay has 22 km (13.7 miles) of sandy beaches.

 There is a majestic statue of Nanshan Maritime Kannon at a height of 108 m (354 ft). 

 Sanya Bay can be quite swarmed during the high season, so it’s a good idea to venture further along the beach to the quiet edge outside the town.

7. Yalong Bay, Sanya Hainan Island 

Yalong Bay is a tropical paradise and one of the most prominent beaches in China.  

Not to be confused with Vietnam’s Halong Bay, Yalongwan is a magnificent white sand beach in southeastern Sanya. 

 Yaron is often referred to as “Hawaii in China” because of its clear waters, white sands and palm trees. 

  The beach is about 22km east of Sanya and has 7km of soft sandy beaches to explore. 

 8. Tianya Haijiao Sanya, Hainan Island  

 Tianya Haijiao is a  beach in China with a romantic history. Another incredible beach on Hainan Island is Tianya Haijiao and can be reached within 50 minutes (by car) west of Sanya. 

 Several  rocks of various sizes line the beach, two of which are engraved with the Chinese character Amae Kaikaku, which means “the end of the earth.”

 According to legend, a young couple that hailed from rival clans fell in love and ran away to escape hostilities at her home until they arrived at Tianya Haijiao. 

 At the very “end of the world,” the couple vowed to love each other forever, but troops from their clan found them and forced their lovers to dive into the raging waves. 

 People believe that the two rocks of  Haijiao are a couple in different shapes, forever by each other facing the sea.

9. WuZhiZhou Island, Hainan Island 

If you like the Maldives, that is one of the excellent seashores in China for you.

China has a tendency to nickname locations after current locations worldwide, and Wuzhizhou isn’t any exception, dubbed the `Maldives of China`. 

 Wuzhizhou Islands beaches provide a number of the excellent snorkelling around, with clean waters and pearly white sands to supplement the turquoise ocean. 

 From Sanya, take the number 28 bus to Wuzhizhou Ferry Pier, from which a ship journey to the island takes 15 mins and prices around ¥a hundred and forty for a go back trip. 

 Wuzhizhou Island is off the south coast of Hainan Island withinside the Haitang District, northeast of Sanya. 

 10- ZhoZai Island, Shimei Bay, Hainan Island 

This undeveloped island gives quiet seashores and pristine waters, with few people. 

 Fish and numerous coral may be visible even withinside the shallower waters, so make sure to carry your snorkel. 

 The drawback is there aren’t any centres on the island, so come organized for a real Robinson Crusoe adventure. 

 Zhouzai Island is off the east coast of Hainan Island. 

 11.  DaDonghaI Beach, Hainan Island 

Dadonghai Beach is one of the excellent seashores in China for families.

Dadonghai Beach is the appropriate region to spend the day enjoying a seashore covered with coconut palms. 

 Dip your feet inside the water and sip a coconut drink whilst absorbing the Sanya sun. 

 Several adorable little pigs are recognised to roam this seashore and look at your picnic lunches. 

 Later, walk alongside the boardwalk, which is about in the back of the seashore after which you experience a number of the freshly stuck crab meat from one of the seafront restaurants. 

 Dadonghai Beach is 6km from the Sanya metropolis centre, Hainan Island.

12. Huangcuo Beach

Gulangyu Island is located just across from the port city of Xiamen, right across the water from Taiwan.

Huangcuo Beach is situated on the south coast and is much more peaceful than other beaches on the island.

As the tides can sometimes change, many locals choose not to frequent this beach, leaving a peaceful beach for those who choose to go.

Huangcuo Beach is on Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, Fujian.

 13. Golden Sand Beach Qingdao, Shandong 

 Qingdao is a city with some of the most beautiful beaches in China. 

Located on the southeastern coast of Phoenix Islands in Qingdao, Golden Sand Beach is the venue for the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival. 

 Qingdao has been the famous Chinese beer Qingdao brewery since 1903. 

 Qingdao Beer is synonymous with green canned beer because it is not produced anywhere else in the country. 

 Golden Sand Beach is a long beach that is crowded with locals and tourists during the summer. 

 From July 15th to August 7th, the beach gives way to the famous beer festival, celebrating Chinese beer and many international brands. 

 This is equivalent to the Oktoberfest in China. 

 So if you are looking for a beach, beer, and party atmosphere in China, Golden Sand Beach is the place for you. 

 Golden Sand Beach is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province. 

 14. Chimay Bay, Hainan Island 

 Escape to the beaches of Chimay Bay, China and enjoy loneliness and space. 

Ichimei Bay is just a 40-minute drive southwest of Wanning City. 

 There are several affordable resorts in the area, so you can spend a few days enjoying the beauty of the bay. 

 Popular beach activities include paragliding and fishing. Unlike some of the other beaches on the island, Chimay Bay is still relatively pristine and few visitors travel to its coast. 

Chimay Bay is located on Hainan Island.

15.  Bo’aozhen, Qionghai, Hainan Island

 Bo’aozhen Bay is located in the east of Hainan Island, where the three rivers of Jiuqu, Longgun, and Manseki merge and flow into the South China Sea. 

Located near the Qionghai, this is a perfect place for photography lovers as many kite surfers can be seen enjoying their time on the water. 

 If you’re just getting started with kitesurfing,  try one of their local kitesurfing schools. 

 16. Huizhou Xunliao Bay

 Some of the most beautiful beaches in China are remote. The sandy beaches of Huizhou Xunliao Bay stretch for about 11 km. 

 Xunliao Bay has some of the most pristine waters in eastern  Guangdong. 

You can come here to collect small shells on the beach, enjoy a drink on a traditional wooden boat, or have a cocktail at one of the resort hotels. 

 Huizhou Xunliao Bay is located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. 

 17.  Shili Yintan Beach 

 Shili Yintan Beach is a 16km white sand beach known as Shili Silver. 

You can rent a sea kayak or cruise on a jet ski. There are many water sports activities here to keep you entertained. 

 Shili Yintan Beach is located at 529536, Jiangcheng District, Yangjiang City, China. 

18. Weizhou Island, Weizhou Island 

 Weizhou Island beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in China. 

The scenic Weizhou Island of China is one of the crown jewels of the Gulf of Tonkin. 

Located east of the island, Gosai Beach is not a traditional white sand beach. 

 Weizhou is a volcanic island, so the beach is made of black sandstone and the coastline of the rocky volcano stands out. 

 The coastal area of ​​Weizhou Island is truly unique, and beaches like Gosai are truly rare in China. 

 To reach this scenic island, you need to take a boat from the North Sea International Passenger Port Station. 

The boats depart three times a day at 8:30 am, 11:30 am and 3:45 am and return to the North Sea at 10 am 2:30 pm and 5 pm. 

19. Sun and Moon Bay

 If you want to experience the beach in China, there is no mistake in Sanya.  

Sun and Moon Bay, also known as Liyue Bay, is located on the southeastern coast of Hainan Island. 

 Liyue Bay is near Mannings, just over an hour from Sanya. If you are a surfer or want to learn to surf, visit Sun and Moon Bay. It is the best surfing spot on the island and hosts several international surfing competitions each year. 

 Liu Ebay Beach is less crowded than Sanya and offers a quieter vacation.


From all that has been considered, no doubt China has a lot to offer in the form of beaches.

There are so many beautiful beaches near you that have been considered. If you make out time to visit any of these beaches you’re sure not to regret it. 

After all, who doesn’t love a good beach day? So, get your sunscreen and head out to the best beach near to you. 

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