Cruise Excursions.

How To Protect Your Belonging On Cruise Excursions.

The excitement that comes with going on a cruise excursion is unmatched, especially as the stimulated date approaches.

The only thing that folks your mind are thoughts of relaxation and tranquillity and nothing else matters at this point.

Imagine being on a cruise ship with people from all walks of life, if you are not sure of anything, you are very sure of making new friends and acquaintances, and that alone is fulfilling.

Let’s talk about Cruise ships for a while.

They could be likened to huge hotels but this time around, it’s a mobile one with ever-changing beautiful views.

That being said, the place of security can’t be overemphasized and just like every public space including a hotel, personal security as well as the security for your valuables is of utmost importance.

You must not take anything for granted while on this trip, irrespective of the company you decide to use or how safe you feel your room is; you must always be alert.

Yes, I understand the fact that it’s quite absurd for some cruise passengers to pay to go on vacation only to commit a crime, surprisingly,  it does happen. 

You shouldn’t regret your going on a cruise trip, it’s supposed to be a relaxing and non-stressful experience, therefore, I have written this guide to direct you on how to ensure that you don’t experience theft of any sort.

Stay with me.

How To Protect Your Belonging On Cruise Excursions.

1. Be Sure That Your Suitcase Gets To Your Room.

The first thing you must do when on a cruise excursion is to ensure that your suitcase gets to your room safely.

There are two ways that you can make sure of this.

It’s either you stop and confirm if the room number they put on your luggage tally with your room number or you boldly mark your room number on your luggage by yourself.

You can as well carry your bags by yourself to your room. 

All these precautions are in a bid to prevent misrouted bags.

2. Don’t Stay In A Cabins That Has No privacy

While on a cruise excursion, there are certain cabins that you must avoid by all means

Some of such cabins are ones that  don’t ensure privacy, are too noisy, and the ones that are prone to motion. 

Furthermore, any cabin that doesn’t have square footage and the ones that have an obstructed view should be avoided.

 3. Safeguard Your Valuables

I usually advise travellers to leave their valuables back home when going on a trip such as this one, and believe this is the same advice every travel expert will give. 

It doesn’t make sense to carry your expensive items or huge wads of cash around, however, some people do this for certain reasons.

Now, if for any reason you have to travel with something valuable, maybe expensive jewelry or pair of shoes, it may be difficult hiding them because they are to be worn (this is why you brought them in the first place), the ideal thing to do is to keep them with you throughout the trip.

In case you are unable to take your valuables with you or keep an eye fixed on them, then you should leave them in your cabin, and I will be talking about this idea in the next tip. 

4. Don’t Try To Sleep On Or Within The Water

Please, try as much as possible to not sleep by the pool after folding your wallet inside your towel and putting it beneath your lounge because if you do so, you may not see your valuables where you kept them.

A lot of people do make the mistake of getting carried away when they’re having fun, and they forget that thieves are on guard waiting for the slightest opportunity to carry out their plans.

Don’t give them the opportunity that they seek. 

5. Lessen What You Carry About

The truth is that some of the things you carry about in your wallet while going on a cruise trip are not necessary.

You should only carry the things that you need per time.

The ideal thing to do is not to put all your valuables; credit cards, cash as well as other valuables in one place, the trick is to spread them out 

 This is because if you’re robbed, the impact of the robbery will not be enormous. 

6. Generate A Family Safety Plan

If you are embarking on such a trip, especially if you are going with your children, make sure that you draw up safety rules ahead of time. 

Your plan should include a place to meet in the event of an emergency and put up stringent curfews. 

Also, if all of you are out in the evening, make sure you constantly go check up on the children.

7. Be Cautious Of Distractions

Distracting you is a very simple technique robbers use in stealing from people.

It could be as simple as being approached by a good looking man or woman in a swimsuit asking you for your time.

Also, this distraction could be in the form of a street performer as well.

Always keep in mind that whenever you are distracted, a pickpocket may be lurking around.

Additionally, remember that you can also be an easy target when you drink plenty of alcohol. 

8. Keep Your Wallet In Front Of You At All Times

This tip is mostly for men on such trips. 

Keeping your wallet in your front pocket is the best thing you can do because it’s very difficult for somebody to take objects out of the front pockets of your pants.

I also suggest that you wear a belt for your valuables especially if you are going on on-shore excursions.

As for women, I strongly advise that you buy a handbag that you can easily wear diagonally across your body thereby making it hard for a thief to snatch it. 

Please, on no account should you hang your bag on the rear of your chair especially if you stop for a coffee.

9. Watch your drink onboard 

In the evening, everyone loves to just relax and chill, however, this doesn’t mean you should be carefree.

Be careful not to accept drinks from strangers and in case you are with a friend, that makes it easier to watch out for each other because this is usually the means through which people get sexually assaulted, especially women.  

10. Leave With Your Valuables

Now, it’s time to disembark, ensure that you hold on to your valuables, especially if you decide to put your luggage within the hallway to be carried for you to the airport. 

Remember that the hallway is a public space and as such, anyone can grab your luggage and take it away to be stolen.

In addition to this, you can also put colorful mat material in your suitcase just as a way of identifying your luggage.


You must adhere strictly to the aforementioned tips so as to avoid the risk of being robbed of your belongings while you are on this trip.

You will agree with me that if you become a victim of theft while embarking on a cruise excursion,  your excitement will surely be cut short.

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