How To Pack For A Cruise

How To Pack For A Cruise

Packing for any trip requires some thought, but cruise vacations present a special challenge.

Cruising necessitates planning ahead of time and bringing everything you may require. While we usually advise people to pack light, there is no shame in being organised for anything on their trip.

There are numerous items that most people would not think to pack but that can be incredibly helpful on a cruise.

This is because cruising is not like any other holiday. In most other places, you’re not on a moving cargo ship for a week at a time, miles from the closest retail shop.

I’ll tell you not only what to wear, but also what to pack for a cruise in general. I’m a big-time planner, and I have a lot on my to-do list.

A well-packed bag, I’ve discovered, makes for a much more pleasurable cruise vacation!

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about packing for a cruise.

Essential Things To Pack For A Cruise Trip. 

1. Pack The Appropriate Clothing.

What are your plans? What kind of shore excursions have you planned? Do you intend to eat in the formal dining room or only at the casual buffet each night?

You should remember to pack the appropriate clothing for different activities. 

Formal Dress

You should bring at least one formal outfit for “formal night” on most cruises. This can range from a lovely outfit to a cocktail dress for women. Men should wear a necked, button-up shirt and tie with slacks and high heels. Ties are not required on Carnival cruises, but many men choose to wear them, as well as sports coats, on Cruise Elegant Dining nights. whereas men

I recommend that women wear a bathing suit cover-up that looks like a sundress, or IS a sundress when going on shore excursions. You may be going to the beach, but there may be other stops along the way and you’ll want to look like you’re dressed.

While most cruise lines allow men to wear a suit or tux, it is not required. At the very least, consider “Sunday Best.”

Cover-ups And Bathing Suits

The majority of people take Caribbean cruise vacations because they want to spend some time at the pool and on the seaside during their shore excursions. 

Bring at least two bathing suits, as it may take some time for them to dry! While you are permitted to walk around in your swimsuit, you must wear good clothes when entering eateries and casino games, so bring at least a few bathing suit cover-ups, sundresses, or shorts and tee shirts with you.

Remember To Bring A Sweater!

You might not expect to get cold while cruising on a Caribbean island, but it can get downright chilly on the open water at night. Eateries and casinos can also be pretty cold, so bring a lightweight sweater or silk scarf to keep warm.

2. Bring A Backpack Or Beach Tote With You.

You’ll need something to carry your beach belongings in when you leave the ship for a beach day shore excursion. Bring a tote bag or backpack from home to prevent mixing up clothes, suncream, and your journal!

A tote bag is also useful if you want to do some grocery shopping at the cruise port. It’s much easier to throw everything you buy into a tote bag than to struggle with many grocery bags.

3. Don’t Forget To Bring Sunscreen And After-Sun Lotion.

I suggest having at least one bottle of sunscreen/sunblock for each member of your group. You’ll go whether you’re spending the day at the pool or laying on the beach on a shore excursion.

You will use up more sunscreen than you can imagine! Remember to apply sunscreen freely and frequently, especially if you’re cruising in a sun-soaked destination like the Caribbean, where the extreme heat causes you to sweat more than you would elsewhere.

You don’t want to spend your getaway indoors because you’re in too much anguish to go out and enjoy yourself!

You should also bring a floppy hat or face shield, especially if your children will be out in the sun all day! It is far easier to avoid a sunburn than it is to treat one.

4. Don’t Forget To Bring Your items.

While many tour companies provide free hair products in main cabin bathrooms, they are unlikely to be the same products you use at home. It is essential to always bring your shampoo, conditioner, and beauty products with you.

I also recommend bringing a travel-sized air freshener for the bathroom because there aren’t many vents and you can’t just ensure access like you would at home.

If you’re going on a longer cruise, don’t forget to bring a razor and shaving lotion!

5. Bring Medications For Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Motion Sickness

I recommend bringing a small first-aid kit with you that contains common medications such as pain relievers, upset stomach medication, anti-diarrhoea, Benadryl (if you have allergies), and motion sickness medication. You can also purchase Sea-Bands, which are worn on your wrists to help with travel sickness. 

The majority of these items are sold on cruise ships, but they are quite expensive in comparison to what you would pay at home. Plus, who wants to slog down to the cruise ships when they’re sick?

6. Bring A Camera For Underwater Photography

I recommend bringing a waterproof camera if you are going on a cruise and intend to go snorkelling, scuba diving, or to a water park. Onboard the cruise ship, you can rent one from the shore excursions desk.

It’s a lot of fun to be able to take photos not only beneath the water but also on the beach or while splashing in the waves! You can also get a water-resistant phone case or a water-resistant zippered pouch for less than the price of a camera.

7. Don’t Forget To Bring Cash For Tipping.

If you intend to take shore excursions, it is customary to tip your local guides, cab drivers, and so on. Bring cash so you don’t feel weird when it’s time to pay.

It is also advisable to give tips as it makes those you’re tipping more friendly and appreciative of your kind gestures.

8. Bring A Portable Backup Battery Charger With You.

To avoid roaming charges while at sea, I recommend turning your cell phone into aeroplane mode. I usually take a bunch of pics with my phone while sailing, and my battery dies quickly.

Most cabins only have one US and one European external power supply, and charging your electronic devices in rounds means you won’t always have a full battery.

Bring a compact backup battery charger with you so you’ll have a backup plan if the poor battery light starts flashing!

You can also bring an outlet adapter with you to make using the European outlet more convenient.

9. Noise-Cancelling Earphones

There’s no better approach to replenish after a day of exploring in port than with a good night’s sleep. While the waves crashing on the ocean may silence some passengers to sleep, others may require complete silence to fall asleep.

 QuietOn 3 active noise-cancelling earbuds drown out snoring partners and late-night partygoers returning to their beds. They might also come in useful for a quick nap in the afternoon.

10 Snorkel and Mask

Do you want to see what’s going on beneath the surface of the water? We can’t say we blame you. Underwater, it’s a different environment, and the beauty of snorkelling in tropical waters should not be overlooked. 

While you can rent equipment at most of the ports of call on your cruise, we recommend bringing your own to save cost and unnecessary spending.

11. Virtual Private Network(VPN)

When stopping at ports, you’ll most likely want to connect to numerous WiFi hotspots at eateries and beachside hangouts, but if you don’t have a VPN, you risk jeopardising your safety.

This puts your passwords, MasterCard information, and internet persona vulnerable to theft by hackers who fall victim to unsuspecting people.

You only need to tap your phone or click on your laptop to activate the VPN while you’re on the go, and you’ll be able to browse the internet without worry. Plans are extremely affordable, so it’s a no-brainer for any quiet traveller.

12. Documentation And Contact Information.

Make backup copies of important documentation and information in case anything is lost in transit during your trip. Separate photocopies from originals, and acknowledge experiencing scanned duplicates saved somewhere electronically as well. 

Essential contact numbers (for credit card companies or emergency contacts back home, for example), as well as direct mail and email addresses for any relatives or friends you might want to write to while away, should also be accessible.

It’s also a good idea to keep copies of any prescriptions you take, as well as a list of meds and your health information, in case of an emergency.


So there you have it. With this quick list of what to pack for a cruise, you’ll be able to plan ahead of time and adhering to all these would enable you to pack like a pro to have a pleasurable and unforgettable cruise trip.

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