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How To Find A Travel Buddy: Meeting Travel Companions 101

What is the fun of traveling without travel companions, the ones we usually refer to as travel buddies? 

Travel buddies can be likened to the life of the party, the ones who bring out the fun in traveling where you get to share ideas and experiences, hang out thereby making the journey very fun and remarkable.

Nevertheless, I can’t rule out the fact that there are people who prefer to travel solo, they don’t want to bug their heads with the affairs of a partner especially when they want to explore sophisticated areas, they just want to be free.

That being said, if you belong to the category of people who wouldn’t mind having a travel companion and would love to connect with fellow travelers, the good thing is that there are quite some ways you can go about that.

In this article, I will put you through various ways you can find yourself a travel companion, they are also tips for meeting other travelers

Below are some of the ideas to get you started on locating a travel buddy.

How to Find a Travel Companion

1. Go on a Backpacker Travel

I know that you would always prefer to go on a trip by flight or even rent out a car for a cruise around the area.

However, your plan of traveling by flight may meet a dead end as a result of the lack of funds to finance your plan. 

Will you dismiss the idea of traveling due to this? The next option would be to use the backpacker means which is very much less expensive and socially friendly for tours.

I will use Kiwi Experience, for instance, it is a company located in New Zealand that focuses on giving travelers quality hop-on-hop-off packages. 

This is why I recommend them for safe and reliable service.

The beautiful thing about Kiwi Experience is that they offer tour-like service. 

Here, a guide is allocated to the buses, and his or her duty is to call the attention of the partners to some incredible places as they ply the road. In addition to this, they are reliable when it comes to assisting fix your accommodation as well!

Another one is the Greyhound which is an Australian-based company that travels through the East Coast. 

Interestingly, they are very easy to work with and are incredibly inexpensive.

That being said, always try to find out transportation options available to you, the ones that provide similar services around you depending on where you chose for your trip.

2. Come Up With A Detailed Plan and Share It With Others.

Most times, the first set of persons to discourage you from carrying out your plans of taking a trip are friends and family, and this is why some people may dismiss this particular suggestion. 

Irrespective of the kind of responses you have received from those you’ve shared your plans with; good or bad, be determined to carry out your plans.

Stay focused on the proposed route of the journey including all the places you look forward to visiting. 

That being said, feel free to present this travel package to them, and be on the lookout for people who would be interested in the holiday with you.

Another way you can win the reluctant ones over is by attaching benefits and fun activities to the former, you will see them suddenly pick up terrific interest in the whole thing.

3. Go On A Local Tour

Meeting travel buddies continues even when you get to your new environment. 

I can assure you that you will surely find so many things to do locally, and you can leverage any of them to get yourself a travel buddy for your next trip. 

A local tour entails a boat trip on the beautiful lakes or any of the water bodies, taking a walking tour around your immediate environment and close suburbs, or any other kind of day trip.

As I have earlier said, the chances of meeting people who are on the same trip as yours are high. 

Surprisingly, it’s possible to meet people who you can relate your life experiences with, and they may just become more than travel buddies to you. 

Interestingly, you will discover at the end of the day that you’ve met one or two people you are relaxed with, you can go ahead to even arrange for a meet-up again. 

4. Settle For A Hostel Instead Of A Hotel

Staying in a hostel instead of a hotel is considered one of the easiest means of meeting travelers. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to meet a wide number of people daily at a seamless rate.

While in a hostel, you will surely bump into various people in all sections ranging from the dorm room to the common room, kitchen, or bar as this is what hostels are known for. 

Feel free to approach the receptionist and get information about the lineup of activities, better still, you can simply check the notice boards for applicable details. 

Movie nights, walking tours, pub crawls as well as local quizzes are some of the activities that may take place in the hostel.

Another thing you can do is to boldly walk to any of the common areas and remain there. You will see a group of people conversing ( you will surely find one), you can do well to join them, no man is an island. 

Oftentimes, you will hear them constantly repeating questions such as ‘what is your name, ‘where do you come from, ‘how long do you plan on staying here, and some other questions. 

The receptionists are always willing to recommend platforms to you where you will be properly introduced.

The truth remains that you can find travel buddies from across the world who are incredibly amazing at the pub, and so on thereby creating a continual bond that may translate to good business.

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5. Network Using Social Media

Aside from being a means of communication, Social media is a wonderful tool for socialization, therefore, endeavor to use it to your advantage.

For instance, Facebook has a wide variety of traveling and backpacker groups and pages which are readily available for you. 

The aim of creating these groups is to be able to answer questions, dish out advice, and give suggestions pertaining to trips, so, I urge you to join the group and socialize!

How to go about it is simple, just type in the name of the country you intend to visit and include the term “backpackers”  in the search button, and you will be amazed at the results and you’ll surely be happy.

You can as well rely on these groups to provide answers and suggestions to issues pertaining to places, cars, and buddies.

You don’t need to waste any more time, quickly send a request to some of the backpacker groups on Facebook and you will be accepted, and from there you can start building a relationship even before you arrive at your intended location.

6. Use Apps and Websites To Meet travelers

Do you know that there are a good number of apps tailor-made to assist people who need travel friends aside from the use of social media? Yes, and the good thing is that anybody can access them including you.

However, you will be asked to give certain information which includes a short explanation about yourself, your nationality, age, and an introduction of your proposed travel destination.

Interestingly, you can create a bond with travelers just like you on these platforms, also, you will meet them and most likely make the trip together. You won’t believe that it is these applications that make all these things possible.

However, another question on your mind may be how safe these apps are, you don’t gave to worry because they usually carry out verification through the social media handles of the users with the aim of confirming their genuineness.

 Travel sisters, Women Welcome Women WorldWide, Tourlina, Travello, GAFFL, Trip Giraffe, Trip together, and Global Greeter Network is some of the recommended apps and websites.

If you are observant, you will notice that some of them are websites and apps designed specifically for women, nevertheless, all of them perform the same purpose of connecting and helping travelers.

That being said, I urge you to sign up and have a fun-filled trip!

7. Join Group Tours

Lastly, this method is one that has come highly recommended especially if you don’t have much time on your end to plan for your trip to a particular country.

In most cases, group tours are small groups that were put together by someone else who has taken it upon him/herself to draw the plans, itinerary, and transport.

By joining these groups, you will be opportune to meet amazing personalities en route to the same location as you. Remember that these people are of diverse categories varying from solo travelers to small groups of friends of various ages and nationalities.

In conclusion, meeting travel companions is usually a hard nut to crack for people who enjoy human company especially when traveling. 

I understand the fact that finding it has never been this easy, well, not until this article. 

I encourage you to put these tips I have given to you into practice, and you will be glad you did. 

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