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How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase

You will agree with me that these days, it’s becoming even more stressful to make trips, especially if you travel quite often.

When you have to travel, you can’t help but recall your last trip and how stressful it was; the last-minute terminal changes, long queues,  and of course, lugging around heavy luggage with extra handbags.

That being said, I am sorry I may not be able to find a proper solution for the other stress you always have to go through, however, I can help you with how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase.

Some of you may be wondering If there is any need for this article because you presume that you already know how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase

You may be right to an extent as I have seen numerous travelers moving through the airport with their backpacks attached to their suitcases. 

What travelers normally do is affix their backpack to the handle of their rolling suitcases, using the handle of the backpack which helps keep it attached to an extent, however, at the tiniest mistake, it will topple especially if you’re carrying a rucksack bag back or rolling backpack.

Furthermore, the entire weight of your bag will fall onto the handle of your rolling suitcase resulting in unwarranted stress on the handle but will also put you in a condition where you have to deal with the additional weight. 

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At the end of the day, you’ll discover that your arm hurts as a result of the additional weight you have to handle, worst still, if you are walking through big airports in large cities.

That being said, this is only the basic, traditional way, however, you can’t depend on it to effectively keep your bag in one position.

The essence of writing this article is to teach you the excellent way to attach your backpack to your rolling suitcase such that it leaves the burden on the wheels rather than the user, this way, you can carry your luggage effortlessly and conveniently.

Let’s get right to it.

How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase

Now, in case you are traveling with a good amount of rolling luggage, the best thing is to make the most of it by making all your other bags roll along with it. 

I have two effective ways you can merge different additional luggage to your rolling suitcase securely.

It’s either you maximize the use of your backpack handle or you make use of specialized straps and instruments to complete the task.

You can use your bag handle if you are traveling with just one additional bag with your rolling suitcase, however, if you are traveling with lots of individual bags like backpacks and messenger bags for your kids, then, you just have to make use of special adhesives to keep the pieces together. 

It’s time for us to get into the business of the day where I will be explaining how to carry out each attachment process.

1. Make Use Of An Add-on Strap

If you don’t want to use a luggage strap which I will still discuss in my next point,  you can use several types of add-on straps in various sizes, materials, and qualities to affix your luggage. 

A simple nylon add-on strap with plastic fasteners will serve perfectly only if you are carrying a light load with just your rolling suitcase and an extra laptop bag.

On the other hand, if you are carrying two or more luggage bags at once, you have to get durable leather add-on straps. 

That being said, if you want to attach your extra bags with your rolling luggage using an add-on strap, below are the simple steps you should follow.

  • Prepare Your Rolling Suitcase

To accommodate your additional luggage, you have to manage the weight in your rolling suitcase. 

Don’t fill the top with heavy items, they should be at the bottom after which you place the additional luggage beginning with the heaviest and then to the light ones. 

  •  Place Your Suitcase Appropriately

Secondly, ensure that you position your main rolling suitcase, with which you’re going to attach the other bags upright. 

After this, start attaching each bag one after the other.

  • Connect the Add-on Strap

It’s time to locate the opening in the buckle of your add-on strap, then open the buckle and tighten it to the pull-out handle of your rolling suitcase.

While at it, you will also see a hook connected to the add-on strap, do ensure that the hook is facing outwards.

  • Secure the Smaller Bag

Finally, grasp the hanging hook of your add-on strap appropriately, then hang the smaller bag onto your rolling suitcase. 

Also, don’t forget that your bag must hang in front of your rolling suitcase to maintain adequate balance.

2. Make Use Of A Luggage Strap

If you want to employ this method, you’ll have to get a strong luggage strap. Please, do take note of the “strong” because you need a high-quality product to ensure that your bags don’t topple over each other in the middle of the airport.

Below are the steps you should follow to get this process done.

  • Prepare Your Rolling Suitcase

This is similar to the use of the add-on strap technique.

The first thing you should do before affixing extra pieces of luggage to your rolling suitcase is to confirm its quality and durability.

This is to ensure that the suitcase will not succumb to the additional weight, thereby making you buy another one.

One of the tricks you should enjoy to achieve this is keeping heavyweight items at the bottom while packing because it is the 

 bottom of your bag which is the part closest to the ground when you keep your bag in the upright position.

That being said, make sure that the top is not too heavy because that is where most of your extra luggage will be attached, so there’s a need for you to balance the weight out for accessible carrying.

  • Set Your Suitcase Up

Secondly, set your suitcase upright while pulling out the handle.

This is the most suitable position to place your suitcase.

  • Set the First Pieces of Luggage

It’s time for you to place the bag you want to attach first, and this must be the second-largest bag in your luggage.

Get hold of the handle of your rolling suitcase strongly, place the additional bag on the top of your suitcase and hold it against its handle.

  • Time To Place The Strap

After you must have done the previous step, position the luggage strap underneath your luggage. 

Then pull it up until you can catch sight of the buckle of the luggage strap in the middle of your bag.

  • Pull the Strap

The next thing you should do is to pull the other two ends of the luggage strap and secure them over the backs of the two suitcases to join them together, while the strap will be left hanging at the front of the suitcases.

  • Secure It Tightly

Lastly, once you have been able to pull the straps across both of your bags, secure the buckle and pull it firmly so that it keeps the smaller bag in position.

Please while at it, try not to pull the buckle too tight to avoid it bending and ruining the stuff inside the large rolling suitcase.

A Few Practical Options to Reduce the Strain of Extra Baggage

No doubt, I understand that nobody would love to go through the stress of attaching each piece of luggage every time they prepare to go for a trip, and worst still trying to find a lone luggage strap in your last-minute hustle.

Don’t fret, I have mentioned below other options that will enable you to attach your luggage without having to go through the previous route I earlier explained, and they are:

1. Buy Matching Luggage Sets

What do you think about a complete set of bags that are attachable to each other instead of buying lone attachable bags or using luggage straps?

It is true that they’re costly, nevertheless, they can settle all your luggage problems at once.

If you are observant, you will notice that this is the type of luggage the cabin crew carries with them having their rolling suitcases, purses, and duffel bags all fit together flawlessly and they carry them on a single set of wheels.

Nowadays, a lot of brands do it, they offer you matching sets that you can just pack and buckle up to each other and these sets give you a new alternative to regulate your additional weight.

2. Buy Attachable Carry-Ons

These days, a lot of backpack companies are buying the idea of creating attachable carry-on bags to meet consumer demand. 

In case you don’t know them, they are simply smaller carry-on bags or laptop bags, however, some come with an additional sleeve to connect your pulling suitcase handle.


Are you still wondering which problems can be solved by attaching your baggage?

The thought of packing your bags is usually the major thing a lot of people get worried about when traveling long or short distances.

Also, you will agree with me that it’s always difficult to carry everything you need without a rolling suitcase. 

Moreover, you will need to access some of your items during your trip, so you need a small bag to carry those things.

You will find out that the only way you can reduce the stress of carrying these bags is to learn how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase to enable you to carry both pieces together while controlling the weight and balance.

I hope I was able to achieve that with this article.

I urge you to employ some of these methods I gave in this article to enable you to avoid embarrassing situations at the airport.

Also, applying these things will save you from stress and from getting exhausted even before you begin your journey. 

Finally, let me know in the comment section what you think about attaching your backpacks and which of the methods you are willing to try out.

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