Holiday Packing List

Holiday Packing List 2021: What Should I Have On My List? 

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? Everyone deserves a holiday to have fun and unwind. 

However, do you know that something as simple as not packing the right things, or missing out on important items on your list can ruin your entire holiday?

This is one of the reasons why you should give utmost importance to packing the right things and ensuring that all the necessary things you need for any holiday are packed with you. 

Therefore, If it is your first time travelling or you need reminders on the basic things that should make your packing list, I’m here to offer all the help that you’ll need.

To help you have a great list, we are going to categorise the things you’ll need on this list to help you organise your bags better. 

Categories of Items  Meant to Be On Your Holiday List.

The categories are: 

  • All necessary Documents needed for the entire trip
  • Monetary or Financial  items
  • Luggage 
  • Clothing
  • Health precautionary Items. 
  • Electronics 

1. All necessary  Documents needed for the entire trip

Some of the documents needed here are:

  • Flight documents :

 Before you begin packing, make sure you’ve booked all of your flights.

  • Bus, train, and boat tickets :

 Print your tickets and carry them in your suitcase or day bag if you’re travelling by bus, train, or boat.

  • Travel Insurance :

With a comprehensive travel insurance policy, you can ensure that you are fully insured before departing for your vacation.

  • Passport :

 There is no use in saying, but if you’re travelling outside of the country, you’ll need a valid passport.

  • Visas :

Do your travel plans necessitate the acquisition of a visa? Some countries require a visa to enter, while others allow visa-free travel to certain nationalities.

  • Copies of your documents in digital format :

Before your vacation, scan or photograph your passport, any relevant visas, your driver’s license, credit cards, insurance information, and any other relevant documents, and save them in your email account.

  • Hotel Reservations :

 Book your hotels ahead of time and print your reservations.

  • Vaccinations :

Before packing anything, find out if you need any injections before travelling to your destination.

Review with a travel doctor and obtain all necessary vaccinations before departing so that you do not face any serious health risks during your vacation.

2. Monetary items

  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards :

 Make sure your credit cards are current and will not expire during your trip.

Before you leave, notify your bank and credit card company that you will be travelling abroad.

Provide a list of the countries you’ll be visiting as well as the dates of your trip so that your cards aren’t automatically flagged as fraudulent.

3. Luggage and Travel Accessories

  • Suitcase or Backpack :

If you’re going backpacking, make sure you have a high-quality backpack that will allow you to carry your gear comfortably. 

Make sure the bag distributes weight to your hips rather than your back.

If you’re travelling to a destination that requires a suitcase, make sure you have high-quality luggage that’s large enough to accommodate your belongings, and also any items you purchase during your trip. 

Other items you should take along include travel cubes, travel wallets, wash bags etc. 

4. Clothing

  • Basic Clothes :

 There’s no need to bring your entire wardrobe, but if you’re travelling for a week or longer, bring at least four or five days’ worth of clothing.

You’ll be able to do laundry twice a week and always have a spare outfit on hand this way.

Obviously, the best clothes for your destination will vary, but we recommend packing a variety of clothes that will allow you to stay comfortable while adhering to local customs.

  • Comfortable Shoes :

You’ll be doing a lot of walking, during your holiday, especially if you intend to go on tours, so bring a pair of shoes that you don’t mind wearing for several days in a row.

If you intend to go out to dinner, pack a pair of more stylish shoes in your suitcase or backpack.

Other things you should take along are pyjamas, swimsuits if you intend to swim and much more. 

5. Health and Personal Items

  • Toiletries :

Pack your toiletry bag with essentials such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, shampoo, and anything else you use as part of your morning/evening routine.

Since many airlines limit liquids to 100 mL, pack large bottles and containers in your checked luggage or transfer them into smaller containers before packing your day bag.

  • Deodorant :  

Surprisingly, Western deodorant is not widely available in every country.

If you’re going to be gone for two weeks or longer, bring a spare stick/can of your favourite deodorant with you, as you might not be able to find it in another country.

  • Face and Hair Care Products : 

Skin and hair care products are not readily available in other countries, so pack your usual items before you go.

Use containers of 100 mL or less or pack larger items in checked baggage to avoid having to hand anything over to customs.

  • Eyeglass or Contact Lens Case : 

 If you wear glasses, bring a sturdy eyeglass case with you on vacation.

Similarly, if you wear contact lenses, bring a spare bottle of sterile saline solution and your contact lens case.

  • Feminine Hygiene :

Many countries have a limited selection of feminine hygiene products. Tampons, for example, are difficult to find in most of Asia. If your vacation coincides with your period, make sure you’re prepared for it. 

  • Razors and Shaving Gel :

 Before you leave, pack your shaving brush (with enough fresh blades for your trip) and a can of shaving cream to avoid having to buy a disposable razor later.

Always avoid bringing a 100+ mL shaving gel container in your carry-on.

  • Medicine :

Before you leave, pack a container of aspirin/paracetamol, as well as any other necessary medications.

If you are on a specific prescribed medication, make sure you can legally transport it overseas and that it is properly packaged to avoid any problems with customs.

6. Electronics

  • Chargers :

 Bring your notebook, smartphone, and tablet chargers to avoid having to buy one once you arrive.

If you frequently use your phone, consider purchasing a power bank so you don’t have to charge it as frequently while travelling.

  • Headphones or earphones :

 A good pair of headphones allows you to zone out and relax during long flights and other journeys.

Noise-cancelling headphones, which block out ambient noise, are your best bet for clear audio in any situation.

  • Electrical Converters :

 If you’re visiting a country that requires a specific type of electrical plug, bring at least one electrical converter to charge your smartphone, notebook, and other devices.

  • Camera :

 If you have a smartphone with a great camera, you’re covered in this regard, but if not, you’ll want to buy a good cover shoot camera before you embark on your trip!


So far, we compiled a list with different categories of all the things you may or will need during your holiday. 

As it was mentioned in the beginning, you do not want something as trivial as an incomplete list to spoil your holiday time. 

Therefore, make sure you go through this list and pack all that is needed for your holiday trip. Also, you can pack additional things that are not found here depending on where you’re going on your holiday. 

Endeavour to follow through with this list and  I wish you a jolly holiday!

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