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Entrepreneurs in Nigeria have the opportunity to explore various business loan options offered by the Federal Government, which are particularly aimed at fostering growth and development in both small and large enterprises. These initiatives are largely focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), recognizing their crucial role in a vibrant market economy. SMEs form a significant portion of the business landscape in Nigeria, contributing substantially to job creation and economic value.

Several government-backed organizations and agencies are instrumental in channeling these funds to businesses. These include:

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  1. Bank of Agriculture (BOA): This institution provides financial support primarily to the agricultural sector, offering a range of products like the Agro-Processing Facility, Direct Credit Product, and Youth Agricultural Revolution in Nigeria (YARN).
  2. Bank of Industry (BOI): BOI targets the industrial sector with a focus on agriculture, technology, and creative industries, offering products such as the Fashion and Beauty Product, Food and Agro Commodity Processing, and Nollyfund.
  3. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN): CBN’s development finance operations extend various loans across the country with programs like the Anchor Borrower’s Programme and the Creative Industry Financing Initiative.
  4. Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN): The DBN aims to enhance access to credit for MSMEs, offering services like wholesale lending and capacity building.
  5. Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM): NEXIM facilitates the export of goods and services with products like the Direct Lending Facility and the Export Credit Insurance Facility.
  6. Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN): SMEDAN focuses on the development of MSMEs, providing access to credit and various support services.

Each agency has specific lending criteria and offers different types of loans with varied interest rates and repayment plans. The suitability of a business for a particular financing scheme depends on its sector and needs. For instance, NEXIM loans are tailored for export-oriented businesses, while BOA focuses on agricultural ventures.


To be eligible for these loans, businesses may need to fulfill certain requirements, such as registration with relevant authorities. The loan application process involves selecting a suitable product, applying through the respective agency or a participating bank, and meeting the guidelines of the chosen credit facility. Basic documentation typically required includes a completed application form, business plan, bank statements, and proof of address.


The timeline for receiving funds and the loan amounts can vary greatly depending on the specific program and the scale of the business. Some programs also offer grants, and collateral requirements vary across different loan schemes.

For more detailed information and application procedures, individuals should directly consult the respective agencies or their official websites.


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