An Overview of the Canada Job Market For Immigrants


Canada’s job market witnesses a tremendous increase in the year 2021 with the addition of 54,700 net new jobs, thereby resulting in 868,000 to be the total number of new Canadian jobs last year.

Currently, employment in Canada is now above where it was in February 2020 by 240,500 despite losing three million jobs at the beginning of the pandemic. 

As many part-time workers transitioned to more secure employment which is a sign of confidence among employers, the number of net new full-time jobs improved by 123,000. Interestingly, as full-time employment in Canada increased since June, part-time employment, in December, reduced by 68,000.

Presently, the rate of unemployment in Canada is at 5.9 percent, as against the 5.7 rates of February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic ruined the economy of the country.


However, we are expecting a reduction in job growth in January as a result of restrictions on movement and economic activity caused by the Omicron-led restrictions but we hope that in the coming months, the impact of Omicron will be short-lived thereby allowing the labor market to recover quickly.


A strong finish to 2021

Interestingly, the Ontario and Saskatchewan provinces made up almost all of December’s job gains respectively whereas the job market was steady in every other place.

In December, there were approximately 27,100 net new construction jobs which were recorded to be the first increase since August as the sector returns to the employment level they were before the pandemic.

Other sectors that posted strong job gains are the Educational and manufacturing services.

What does Canada’s job market for newcomers in 2022 look like?

We already know that a slowdown is inevitable as Canada hopefully exits the Omicron wave this winter, however, economists are still expecting a strong 2022, they anticipate that the rate of unemployment will hang below 6 percent for the greater part of the year. We can expect that the hiring will ramp up when Omicron dissipates.

Furthermore, wages are expected to keep increasing especially in more skilled professional occupations. Well, we know that this is good news for workers in an age of creeping inflation.


The advantage of a newcomer 

We believe that the bulk of 2022’s job gains will be due to the newcomers to Canada, instead of the pandemic unemployed coming back to the workforce. This is highly possible because the federal government intends to increase immigration levels this year.

For some years, the employment of native-born Canadians has been dormant because newcomers clasp a larger slice of Canada’s job market.

Professional resources to assist immigrants secure jobs in Canada

No doubt, Canada’s job market offers a variety of opportunities for newcomers.

Also, prospective and recent immigrants can leverage free government-funded resources and programs if they fully want to be at an advantage. Below are the two professional guides on transitioning to a career in Canada, they are:

  • How to find a career mentor in Canada 
  • Transitioning to the Canadian job market 

How you can secure a job in Canada

So many times, a lot of people especially those who just moved to Canada, have intentions of moving to Canada, or just got laid off are bothered with how they can secure a job.

Irrespective of the anxiety and confusion that may come as a result of the public health crisis and economic downturn, this is the best time you are ready to take advantage when Canada’s economy recovers.

  • Put your resume in an acceptable shape. This is a necessary step to take because it is what will create the first impression of you and we are sure that you wouldn’t want to send the wrong signal. You can read our guide on how to write the perfect resume for the Canadian workforce. 
  • Start searching for open opportunities. Sadly, a lot of people do not know that some companies are still hiring. As much as this may be difficult for you to believe it is the truth, therefore, you can search for job boards and you will be shocked to see them daily populated with new positions across Canada. 
  • Build your network. Another thing you can do is to assemble a team to assist you in your job search. Technology is our friend especially in this time of physical distancing and travel restrictions, you can make useful friends including job seekers like yourself.

In conclusion, you can see that the Canadian job market is promising just like the country”s economy. However, just like every other country, they were affected by the pandemic which resulted in an economic meltdown, nevertheless, they have managed to rise again as though nothing happened.

We want you to know that you have a spot in the Canadian workforce only if you take the necessary steps.


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