A Sample Letter Disclosing Intent to Go Back To Home Country From the United States


Several countries in the world expect international students to return to their home country after their studies except they have their papers, and the United States is included in one of such countries.

In a bid to achieve this, they make international students submit a letter showing their intention to return home after their studies. This is a measure they compulsorily take to ensure that these students are willing to go back home.


There are a couple of things that should be included in this letter; you are expected to state why your study will not lead to staying in the United States long-term, and why you must return back to your home country.

In this article, we will be showing you an example of proof of letter of intent to return to your home country. This letter aims to convince them at the embassy in such a way that you will be issued a visa.

An Example showing proof of a Letter of Intent to go back to your home country after your studies.


123, NTA Road, Mgbuoba,


Port Harcourt,

Rivers State.

U.S. Consulate General Lagos Office

2 Walter Carrington Crescent,

Victoria Island, Lagos.

To Whom It May Concern,

Letter of Intent to return to Home Country upon completion of my studies In the U.S.

The purpose of this letter of intent to return to my home country is to state the reason why I need to go back to my home country in Nigeria immediately after I complete studying for a master’s degree in computer networking at the University of Florida.

I have the intention of pushing my career to a greater level as a network analyst in my place of employment and afterward, establish my own firm to secure subcontracts.

Prior to this letter, I already made some preparations with a close associate whom I plan on partnering with, besides, my company has developed into a bigger one where we handle more complex IT fields and my skill will be highly needed which will enable me to do better.

Yours Sincerely,

Victor Alex.

The possible documents you have to present to the U.S. consulate to prove intent of returning home after your studies

Aside from the letter, there are certain documents you are required to gather and present when you are asked for them during your visa interview at the U.S embassy and they include the ones listed below though the documents are not restricted to these ones:

  • You have to show a copy of your home address or rental agreement, which serves as proof that you have a regular place to live.
  • You have to show a sworn affidavit containing the list of all the family members residing in your home country including information to prove that they are all firmly settled in the country from your parents. It will be an advantage if a statement is included stating why you are likely to return (especially in a case where there is a family business or property).
  • You have to present proof of marriage and birth certificates showing that you left behind in your home country, your spouse, and your children. Please we will like you to know that this is not a requirement for this visa, it is possible to take them along with you when traveling, but if you are not traveling with them, then use this information by adding that you are leaving them behind.  
  • You have to present the documents of an existing business like a business license or employment that you will go back to by getting a letter from your employer alongside copies of current pay stubs. 
  • In a bid to prove that you have a financial tie to your home country, you must present copies of bank statements that will serve as proof to that effect. 
  • You have to show them your career potential in your home country, maybe include statistics from a recognized source like your government rather than telling them in a few sentences. With this, they will know that people who have your skills are highly sought-after in your home country or get a letter from a potential employer.
  • You have to present documents indicating any monetary bonds that you paid to government scholarship funders that will confirm your return and if any, add the copies of your receipts and correspondence
  • You must provide a prepaid, round-trip plane ticket to and from the United States because some consulates/embassies request for it routinely, even though it is not a condition for receiving a student visa.

In conclusion, it is not just enough for you to know how to draft a good letter of intent to go back home, know that consulates at the embassy usually think that most people want to stay back in the U.S, so you may want to add convincing points, for instance, perhaps you are a professional at a form of dance that catches the interest of only people in your country, or you are the only heir to a family business to show a very convincing intent of return to your home country upon the completion of your study program.


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