A Complete Guide On How to Calculate Minimum Necessary Income(MNI)


If you want to reside in Canada, amongst the people that can sponsor you is your family. There is a program known as the family sponsor program which expects the sponsor to meet the agreed minimum required income level to sustain themselves and their family amongst others who have applied for sponsorship also.

Have you heard of the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) and what does it signify? It refers to the amount of money a person is expected to have before he/she can be qualified to sponsor a relative.

Please note that the amount stipulated for last year may not be the same for this year because it is updated annually. Furthermore, the MNI involves all other sponsorship programs which apply to sponsors residing in Canada, but outside the scope of Quebec.

What are the requirements for the sponsor?

The only people that are qualified to sponsor a relative to come to Canada as permanent residents are either Canadian citizens or one who has permanent residency. This is not the only requirement as some other essential conditions need to be fulfilled for one to be qualified to apply for the sponsorship, and they are: 

  • The sponsor must be at most 18 years of age
  • The sponsor must not be in prison or facial removal order(this applies to permanent residents)
  • The sponsor must have not been previously charged with a serious offense
  • The sponsor must not be bankrupt

Furthermore, the sponsor is required to have the following:

  • A physical residency in Canada
  • Be interested in remaining in Canada as long as the sponsored person comes to Canada as a permanent resident.
  • Present proof showing that he or she has enough financial resources to support that sponsored person.

Minimum necessary Income for sponsorship in the Quebec province

The minimum necessary income in Quebec is different from that of their federal counterparts. Here, applicants are required to estimate the primary income that is required for the sponsor’s own family’s primary needs, also the basic needs of the sponsored individuals and their family members, even though they are not traveling with the person that is being sponsored.

How you can calculate Family unit size

  • Yourself
  • Your spouse or common-law partner
  • Your children below the age of 18(if any)
  • The number of individuals you are filling for a sponsored
  • The number of dependent members of the family, that is if they are following them. 

All about sponsorship for dependent child

For a child to be qualified for sponsorship, that child is expected to meet what it means to be a dependent child, even if the child is said to be a biological or adopted child of either a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. 

For a child to be classified as a dependent, he or she must be below the age of 22 and is not married or in any common-law relationship. However, if the person is more than 22 years of age and has any physical or mental conditions that make them unable to cater for themselves, then the person is considered a child.

All About Dependent Child Sponsorship Requirements

Some requirements must be fulfilled by both the sponsor and sponsored in order for the person to be qualified to be issued permanent residence.

Any parents who want to sponsor their child;

  • The parent must be either a permanent resident or Canadian citizen residing in Canada
  • The age of the sponsor must be the minimum required age
  • Must not be in prison, bankrupt, or charged with a critical offense

All about sponsoring a Dependent Child in the Quebec province

If the sponsor lives in Quebec, the sponsor is required to make a financial commitment to sustain the family members that they desire to fund and the time of undertaking is dependent on the relationship that they possess, if the dependent child is below the age of 16, the sponsor has to support them financially for at least ten years. However, if the child is more than 16 years, the sponsor is obligated to support them for 3 years. 

Finally, irrespective of what your choice is; whether you decide to go for the family unit or the dependent sponsorship plan, knowing the minimum necessary income requirements is very necessary and with the information, you have gotten from this article, you should be able to know the requirements that accompany your decision. 


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