Puerto Vallarta

35 Best & Fun Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)


Planning a vacation for summer with your family and friends?

Looking for a weekend destination to just relax with your partner and flex life to its fullness?

Well, Puerto Vallarta is the new vacation destination to go to.

This is a resort town that is located just close to Mexico’s Pacific Coast, in Jalisco State.


Puerto Vallarta is a popular vacation town and weekend destination for tourists all over the world.


This town is popular for its beaches, water sports, tourist site, food, culture, and nightlife scene.

When entering Puerto Vallarta through Nayarit, there is a sign that names Puerto Vallarta as “The Friendliest City in the World”.

And surely, Puerto Vallarta lives up to this name with a lot of fun activities to do, exciting places to go, and breathtaking pictures to take.

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As a tourist traveler, you’ll have an unforgettable and the best experience of your life during your trip to Puerto Vallarta.


This guide will help you, as a tourist, to create your personal Puerto Vallarta bucket list with the 32 best and fun things to do during your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. 

44 Best and Fun Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

Best Natural Parks in Puerto Vallarta

1. Islas Marietas National Park

Islas Marietas National Park is included as a RAMSAR site and UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve.

This park is a popular tourist site in Puerto Vallarta because tourists get to see the abundant marine life present.

Islas Marietas National Park is protected by the Mexican government from fishing, hunting, and poaching.

This park is home to 44 species of plants and wildlife, such as whales, dolphins, fishes, sea turtles, manta rays, octopus, humpback whales, and seabirds.

The Mexican government only allows certain tour companies with the SEMARNAT permit to come into this park.

To visit this park, you have to go through these tour companies.

Snorkeling, sea diving, surfing, kayaking, whale watching tours, small boat tours, and more are activities that you can do at Islas Marietas National Park.

The famous love beach is also known as the hidden beach on the island is the perfect destination for couples.

It is an open sun-drenched crater and you can only go there when the tide is low.

2. Los Arcos National Park

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta isn’t complete without visiting Los Arcos National Park located by Banderas Bay, Mexico.

Los Arcos National Park has abundant wildlife species, where you can see penguins, pelicans, and sea and land animals as they coexist in their natural habitat.

Swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling are some activities that you can participate in at this park.

If you are going to this park, just go with a tour group so you can be guided and learn about the diverse species from a biologist professional guide.

This tour can be for half the day and you’ll be offered drinks, food, and snorkeling equipment.

Scuba Diving in Los Arcos, you see features like Devil’s Canyon and El Bajo, and it’s like a whole new colorful world.

3. Área Natural Peotegida Estero El Salado

The Área Natural Protegida Estero El Salado is a protected mangrove reserve, home to varieties of fishes, crocodiles, crabs, raccoons, opossums, reptiles, and other animals.

This reserve is also a good destination for birdwatchers because more than 100 species of birds are found here.

Guided tour timings are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m., and Saturdays: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 1:00 p.m.

Reservations for the guided tour that takes place on the river must be made in advance. 

4. Banderas Scuba Republic

Out of all the natural sites of interest in Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Scuba Republic is a place you should visit.

Banderas Scuba Republic is a certified Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) close to Puerto Vallarta beach.

They offer professional scuba diving equipment to customers and allow them to choose between the dive sites in Banderas Bay.

They also offer PADI certifications of all levels from beginner to expert level.

Depending on your dive site and the season, you can see dolphins, sea turtles, whales, eels, rays, and other sea animals.

If you are already a certified diver, you could charter a boat for the day or rent scuba gear for use.

If you are a beginner, they also offer diving lessons, where you will be taught in a confined water environment.

5. Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden

Just outside the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden is very beautiful and a perfect place to connect with nature. 

In this botanical garden, you will find the native vegetation, vanilla plantation, plant conservatories, hiking trails and the largest collection of orchids in Mexico, and even more.

Also, this botanical garden is home to different animals including hummingbirds that are attracted to the beautiful flowers.

For a serene atmosphere, you can go to the beautiful church or the bridge of dreams inside the garden surrounded by lush vegetation.

You can also search for the jaguar in its habitat and take a swim in the river nearby.

There is also a restaurant within the garden, La Hacienda de Oro, for relaxing, chilling, free wifi, and eating local dishes.

This botanical garden is open for visiting from Tuesdays to Sundays every week.

Best Museums and Monuments in Puerto Vallarta

6. Museo del Cuale

On Isla Rio Cuale, Museo del Cuale is a museum that exhibits a small but wonderful collection of pre-Hispanic ceramics from the Chupicuaro Culture, pottery from Aztatlan people, shaft tombs, and ceramics of females that were made between 400 BCE to 1200 CE.

The collections in the museum give an archeological explanation of the indigenes in western Mexico.

Present in the museum are; an artwork and a tomb dug from Sayulita Zacoalco in Jalisco, collections about the hunting and gathering tools of indigenes in Western Mexico.

These collections are being preserved at the Museo del Cuale, and each has an information panel in English and Spanish.

The Museo del Cuale is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays for all visitors.

The best part of this museum is that it’s free of charge, so going here should be one of the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

7. Naval Museum Secretary of the Navy of Mexico

The Museo Naval Secretaría de Marina Armada de Mexico is a museum of tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta.

This museum has over 150 cultural objects with graphics and artifacts related to Mexican Naval history.

The museum has over 14 rooms with cultural objects spread across, so you’ll have to look at these rooms as you move around the museum.

The exhibits in the museum include a navigation simulator, model ships, and uniforms that have been in use by the Mexican Navy.

In the museum, there is also an interesting kiosk for children in Espanol and a small gift shop.

On the second Saturday of each month, there is a special event called “Night of Museums” with workshops, concerts, sailing competitions, tour guides, and lots more activities for visitors.

Museo Naval Secretaría de Marina Armada de Mexico is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

8. Seahorse Monument

Commonly known as The Boy on the Seahorse, the El Caballito sculpture is one of Puerto Vallarta’s attractions.

The seahorse sculpture was created by Raphael Zamarripa and it shows a naked boy riding a seahorse.

The first sculpture which was small in size and erected in the late 1960s in Playa de las Muertos was carried away by a storm. 

In 1976, a larger replica of the first sculpture was erected in Malecon Centro and is described as the icon of the city.

After some years, the original sculpture was found and was placed at the Playa de Los Muertos (its former position before it was carried away by the storm).

So now, there are two Seahorse monuments to take amazing pictures of within Puerto Vallarta and you can differentiate them by the difference in sizes. 

Best Puerto Vallarta Beach Sites

9. Las Caletas Beach

Las Caletas Beach is located just south of Puerto Vallarta and it’s a place you should visit if you are a beach lover.

This beach is over three-mile-long and can be only be reached by boat.

So for all boat lovers, this is just the beginning of your fun at Las Caletas beach.

The only way to gain entrance to this beach is to come through one of Vallarta Adventures’ tours.

One of the reasons why Las Caletas beach is popular is because Hollywood director John Huston lived there for some time. 

If you are coming to Las Caletas beach through the Vallarta Adventures tour group, you’ll be offered two packages to choose from.

There is a full-day excursion package and a sunset cruise package which also involves a theater performance and dinner on the beach.

On the beach, you can enjoy the spa treatment, dining areas, swimming, sunbathing and all nature provides.


10. Los Muertos Beach

Playa Los Muertos, Dead’s Main Beach or Beach of the Dead is the best, most popular, and most visited beach in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta.

On the beach, you will find people of different ages, families, locals, visitors from neighboring cities, and tourists.

This beach is lively, full of culture, and a great place to drink by the sea with your feet in the sand watching the sunset.

By the seaside, you will find most children playing around in the waves, while others are building sandcastles.

If you are adventurous, you could stroll along the 200-foot pier with other visitors or you could go parasailing. 

The beach is also popular for its nightlife, starting with the beautiful sunset, to the bars and restaurants with local delicacies.  

The Los Muertos beach should be on your bucket list of places to go in Puerto Vallarta. 

11. Mismaloya Beach

Playa Mismaloya changed Puerto Vallarta from a small fisherman town to a popular tourist destination.

This beautiful beach has Sierra Madre Occidental hills and Pacific Ocean waters that make it different from other beaches around.

Mismaloya is a village and also a small sandy beach on a jungle-fringed cove.

This small fisherman’s village changed when it was used as a scene in the 1963 movie, “The Night of the Iguana”. 

This beach’s picture sites include a beautiful setting of sand, sea, and palm trees, the surrounding mountain jungle that has a variety of birds, armadillos, deer, jaguars, pumas, and many other species, the beautiful site where the Mismaloya river meets the sea.

You can also participate in different water activities such as Stand-Up Paddle (SUP), scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, and sailing.

To go to Mismaloya Beach, you could enter the yellow bus from Old Town for a quick and fun ride.

Mismaloya Beach is very quiet and not as noisy as Los Muertos. You can come here for a peaceful visit. 

You can also eat fresh fish locally made at any of the restaurants on the beachfront. Unfortunately, Mismaloya beach has no WiFi and no basic washroom facilities.

Best Puerto Vallarta Day and Weekend Trips

12. Marigalante

You could take a day trip to Marigalante in Puerto Vallarta.

Marigalante is a 100% wood replica of Santa Maria from Christopher Colombus’s voyage to the new world.

This authentic Spanish pirate ship is made from more than 30 different species of tropical wood.

The ship has four impressive decks and has a total capacity of 240 passengers. It also has a dining area capacity, a fully stocked bar, and a fully equipped stainless kitchen.

Marigalante offers a lot of tour options for tourists, one of these is an all-day option with family-friendly activities such as snorkeling, sunset cruise, fireworks, and music for partying.

All the tour options provide meals with an exciting show about pirates performed both in Spanish and in English.

13. Malecón

Another popular tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta is Malecón, Avenida de Maceo. 

This is a broad roadway and seaside promenade that stretches for about 5 miles from Havana Harbor to the north side of Centro Habana and the Vedado neighborhood, ending at the Almendares River.

More than 80% of the Malecon roadway is only for pedestrians and this law makes it safe to take long strolls without being bothered by traffic or cars.

Walking along Malecón, you will see a view of the ocean, restaurants, shops, street food, souvenirs, bars, and local vendors with appealing products.

At the center of Malecon, you’ll find gorgeous statues, sand sculpture decoration, regular sculptures, artworks, and Huichol motifs on the ground. 

Malecon is also famous for its nightlife with dance nightclubs and famous bars like Senor Frogs.

Walking along the Malecon during sunset is something you must do because the sunsets are spectacular just by the waterside.

14. Quimixto

You can take a day trip to Quimixto in Puerto Vallarta. Quimixto is a small village in Mexico with a beautiful beach just by the southern part of Banderas Bay.

This village can be accessed through boats and is a regular spot for tourist companies in Puerto Vallarta.

If you are coming here without a tour guide, you can take a water taxi from the pair at Los Muertos beach or through Boca de Tomatlan.

Several restaurants serve fresh seafood and Mexican dishes for food lovers along the Quimixto beach.

You can also get shirts, cups, and other souvenirs from gift shops and local vendors in the village.

And while you are at Quimixto, visit the waterfall there for breathtaking pictures. And it’s not far from the beach, you could either go on foot or with a horse.

15. Sayulita

Another site in Puerto Vallarta you could take a day trip to is Sayulita and enjoy it to its fullest.

Sayulita is a small, hospitable town located in the Sierra Madre Mountain range, about 25 miles downtown of Puerto Vallarta.

 In Sayulita, there are hotels and rooms available in case you want to extend your day trip there.

Many tourists come to Sayulita for its excellent surfing, but even if you don’t surf there are other activities you could participate in.

You can participate in fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling, swimming, and lots more tour activities.

There are different restaurants in Sayulita, offering varieties of delicacies that melt in your mouth. And some of these restaurants can be found at the beach too.

Outdoor Adventures of Puerto Vallarta

16. Rancho El Charro

When making a list of places to visit in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, make sure Rancho El Charro is on that list for an amazing outdoor experience. 

Rancho El Charro is a ranch for horses in a rural area located about 15 minutes downtown from Puerto Vallarta.

The horses are bred and well-cared for on the ranch and you can go on horseback rides deep into the Sierra Madre mountains.

If you want to go for a ride, the horse you’ll be given suits you and you can handle.

The ranch offers a variety of day trips and multi-day options unique to each visitor. So when you visit, you could just ask the ranch.

Rancho El Charro in addition provides food and can help with transportation back to Puerto Vallarta.

Best Puerto Vallarta Tours

17. Vallarta Adventures

Vallarta Adventure is one of the largest tour companies in Puerto Vallarta, dedicated to making tourists have the best time during their vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

You should go on a Vallarta Adventures tour for the most adventurous, exciting, and adrenaline-giving tour of Puerto Vallarta. 

Vallarta Adventures tours are called the Outdoor Adventure Circuit. Some of the tour packages include jungle bridges and ziplines and you get the opportunity to rappel down waterfalls.

You can also be taken through the jungle that has two thrilling waterfalls you can walkthrough. You should pack a bathing suit for that.

Other fun activities to try out include riding on speedboats to a nice secluded beach, and an off-the-road excursion to Puerto Vallarta. 

Another tour package includes a fully-equipped mule trek up the mountain and deep into the forest.

Vallarta Adventures provides light refreshment and water during the tours. There is also a base camp so you can get what you need.

18. Xiutla Riders Ecoadventure

Another tour company is the Xiutla Riders Ecoadventure which is owned by a Mexican family that loves to show Puerto Vallarta to tourists and visitors. 

This company specializes in private tours and it’s aimed at showing the tourists all Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

You could book a private tour with them for you and your family, friends, or partners.

Their tour packages include a bicycle tour, scooters, stand-up paddleboarding lessons, and surfing lessons.

There will be a tour guide present all through this tour and lesson.

Some other tour packages include the road ATV experience which is an exciting ride on a zipline above the jungle.

If you also want to explore Puerto Vallarta on your own, you can hire bikes, scooters, ATVs, and paddleboards from Xiutla Riders Ecoadventure.

Best Puerto Vallarta Water Tours

19. Sea Safari

The Sea Safari is a special tour package offered by Vallarta Adventures that takes visitors away from the normal tourist site to a different environment with unique experiences.

The tour packages include taking tourists to the fish villages just on the south coast of the bay.

The first village you will be taken to, if you do go on this tour, is one of the fish villages with less than 500 villagers. You can even get to interact with other villagers.

The next place on this tour is a ride on a horse to a waterfall with a huge swimming hole. 

From horse riding, you get to participate in snorkeling.

The snorkeling activity is at a beautiful bay filled with fish.

The tour ends at a private beach not too far, with a Mexican grill and hammocks.

20. Ada Sailing

Ada sailing tour company was founded by a family that resides in Puerto Vallarta.

They are hand full of tour options for newbies, tourists, and visitors.

Ada Sailing tour company can be reached at Banderas Bay and they have great amazing sea trips in Puerto Vallarta.

Life is good and sweet, I know you will want to have an epic and amazing relaxation sail with a beautiful view. 

The company has a classic 45′ sailboat and both have large sundecks that can provide you an uninterrupted view of the beauty of Nature.

The name of this sailboat is Ada.

The sailing company also has in possession a 30′ handcraft launch.

The speed at which the 30′ handcraft launch moves is amazing and adventurous.

The name is Bruna and it is mostly used for adventurous tours.

They also have other tour offers that are fun and interesting to be a part of and they include whale watching, snorkeling, and sunset cruise.

Don’t be bothered by meals, because its provision has been taken care of as every tour has a gourmet lunch and dinner.

All the delicacies are prepared with a touch of fresh and local ingredients that are served on the sailing boat.

It has the adventure it comes with. You will enjoy going on a relaxing sail with spectacular views.

21. Vallarta Undersea

Vallarta undersea company is located in Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta.

The company is handled by a professional driver’s team.

The services rendered are teaching a PADI certified diving course which gives more knowledge on protocols that govern diving and more importantly, leading nature tours by boat.

During their tours, opportunities are offered to come in contact with aquatic animals such as whales, turtles, dolphins, and a lot more, most especially during the winter season.

Even if you don’t know much about diving, in the PADI scuba program you will be taught and be certified in diving.

Before going into such programs have a bit of the knowledge that governs how to dive.

If you know diving, you can participate in the other diving trips which kick off by 9 a.m.

The nice dive environment that can be explored is Low Across National Park, Marietas Island National Park, and a lot more in the south.

22. Ocean Friendly Whale Watching Tours

Wouldn’t you love to see some sea-beast for fun? Ocean friendly whales watching tours have you on this one.

Ocean Friendly Whales Watching Tours is a tour company that deals with more aquatic animals.

 This tour company is owned by oceanologist Oscar Frey.

The company gives its tourists nice and natural views on whale watch tours.

During these tours, ocean friendly whale watching companies consider the well-being of whales important and the safety of their visitors, that is why visitors should stay together when on a tour.

This tour guide is a marine scientist that is well trained in speaking English and Spanish language to communicate properly with visitors and tourists.

The tour exercise takes about 4-6 hours to complete but they also offer customized tour.

The boat is sailed by trained crew members that have the training and precautions that will keep everyone safe.

Periods of watching whales kicks off from December 1st of March till 23rd.

23. Fishing Rebels

This company is one of the top fishing charters companies in Puerto Vallarta and they offer visitors private fishing charters that are handled by an experienced and skilled captain.

You can order a customized service to participate in all skill levels.

Changes can also be added to have a chance of shooting on target and bow fishing for visitors that love trying out different things.

They will also teach you how to catch a fish, which will be released back into the water. 

The equipment they use is all in good condition and of a good quality which increases the chances of a good first start.

In the end, a fishing licence would be handed over to you that will be valid from that period till the year runs out.

24. Estigo Tours

Estigo Tours is a company that handles ATV tours. Meanwhile, it’s done in small groups and their guides are friendly to the business.

The company gives different tour services that start with lush jungle trails with other historical parts of the city even up to the Sierra Madre mountain.

In ATV, single and double persons are available, to be able to access this opportunity you have to come with a valid licence from your home country. 

Apart from the ATV tours there are other tours that offer coffee plantation tours, walking tours, boat tours, surfing lessons and zip line jungle.

25. Olympus Tours

The Olympus tour is the most popular tour company in the whole of Mexico.

The Olympus tours are acknowledged because of their uniqueness in tours they make and the offers they render are unique also they are very friendly with customers.

They have over six branches in different locations around Mexico, they give you all the interesting things within their capacity.

These are some of the areas, the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range, the historic romantic zones and the beautiful waters of Banderas Bay.

The company offers a tour to the most popular place, the Marietas island tour.

The Olympus tour offers visitors the opportunity to be involved in horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

26. Los Veranos Canopy Tour

Los Veranos Canopy Tour is the first Zipline adventure in entire North America that adds to one of the unique things about participating in Puerto Vallarta.

They give their guests amazing opportunities to soar over the canopy of the lush jungle.

It’s about fourteen zip lines that cover two miles in its length.

The largest among these linens is 500 feet long.

Because of the zip lines the rider covers over a spread of 30 mph and each tour  takes about four and half hours.

They also have good customer service that will guide you and are able to speak English and Spanish languages fluently.

The Zip line brings all the visitors to an open air restaurant and tequila bar that is close to the river.

What an interesting way to end such an amazing adventure.

27. Eco Ride Mountain Bike & Hiking Tours

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with so many jungles and mountains. This makes it a perfect place to carry out mountain biking and also to hike.  It should make your list of fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

The Eco Ride Mountains Bike & Hiking Tours which was founded in the year 2002 offers a high quantity of tours of this area.

Also, they are dedicated to educating the populace on the ecology and helping maintain perfect trail access down the jungle for both the bikers and the hikers alike.

Their bike tours range in length from nine to about thirty miles. The range can be tailored to suit everyone regardless of fitness level.

Make sure you embrace the hiking opportunity the company offers. Not only will it be like an exercise, but it will also help you to appreciate nature’s beauty at a very slow pace.

Free Activities at Puerto Vallarta

28. Shopping at Rio Cuale

If you still have more to spare, just head down straight to the market at River Cuale.

Hope you know how to bargain prices? You will have to bargain prices with the traders in this market when shopping.

The Market stalls normally open by 10 am and you can come to buy stuff from tacky souvenirs to authentic tapestries.

29. Tour the Marina

You can get to Marina from the Old Town through a short bus ride that takes you down there. 

The marina is not the loading dock for most tour companies.

Two sculptures are uniquely attributed to the Marina.

One of the sculptures is a giant whale and the other sculpture is a King Neptune statue. 

These two sculptures are erected close to Plaza Neptuno.

The Marina is the main place if you live shopping. There are various shops, restaurants and so much more.

The marina also has a gray broad ward for a nice stroll.

You can look at huge yachts docked at the Marina while you are strolling.

30. Pescaderia Plazola Fish Market

While you are in Puerto Vallarta, you should visit Pescaderia Plazola Fish Market.

If you come at the right time, you will see when they bring fresh catch into the market.

Though you might not have to cook the fish, you can just see what goes on in the market and go to a nearby restaurant for a Mexican fish delicacy.

31. Tequila Tasting

Puerto Vallarta makes one of the best Tequila in Mexico. 

You should set a day to go to Tequila for a Tequila tasting in Puerto Vallarta.

On the tequila tour, you can also learn how the tequila is made by the salesman.

The tequila here is usually cheaper than getting a drink at the bar.

Night Activities at Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has an amazing nightlife scene. Here are some of the best night activities at Puerto Vallarta.

32. Rhythms of Night Show

 The Rhythms of the Night show is a dinner highly rated show held in Puerto Vallarta.

This is the best place to be at night in all of Puerto Vallarta.

 The Rhythms of the Night show is a full evening experience. 

Starting with an hour dinner cruise on the Banderas Bay, where you can have a drink or two while enjoying the famous Puerto Vallarta sunset.

If you are here during certain times of the year, you’ll see whales during this sunset dinner cruise.

After this dinner cruise, you’ll arrive at Las Caletas, you’ll be seated in the amphitheater to watch the show.

The Rhythm of the Night show was founded by the co-founder of Cirque de Soleil.

The show activities include acrobatics, theatrics, music, and dance.

 The show also includes a Mexican play retelling historical legends and stories.

 After the show, you’ll be taken to one of the restaurants on the beach to enjoy a romantic candle-lit buffet dinner with delicious food. 

They also offer cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine for this dinner.

You should book in advance for this show, so as not to miss a unique experience in  Puerto Vallarta.

 There are different available tickets for this show including a VIP section.

 The VIP section of this tour gives you a better seat view and a fancier restaurant and drink package.

The tour begins at 7 pm with a  check-in at the port and ends around 1 am.

It’s a long night but worth the experience.

33. Grab a drink at Colibri 

You could go for drinks at Colibri, this cocktail bar is a favorite among tourists and visitors.

34. Hit the clubs on the Malecon

Walk along this Malecon boardwalk, and you’ll hear the pounding music coming out of the clubs with dancers.

At night, you could go clubbing in Malecon.

35. Drinking game at Aloha bar

 Aloha bar is located in Zona Romantica and they have drinking games including beer pong.

36. Pirate themed boat tour

 You can join the nightly pirate-themed boat tour, which takes you back in time to see pirates and conquerors.

This tour normally displays fireworks, a delicious dinner, and an open bar.

You are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Festival and Events at Puerto Vallarta

When coming to Puerto Vallarta, you can plan your trip with one of these festivals and events and get an unforgettable vacation experience.

 37. Mexican Días Los Muertos

Mexican Días Los Muertos also known as Day of the Dead, is a Mexican celebration thrown every year around November 1st to 2nd.

During this festival, Mexican families gather for remembrance of their friends and families who died before now.

They celebrate this remembrance through folklore ballets, mariachi, and Catrina’s contest.

38. The International Gourmet Food Festival 

The International Gourmet Food Festival is one of Mexico’s delicious culinary events.

This is a must for all food lovers, be in Puerto Vallarta, to have the most delicious experience from November 12th to 21st.

39. Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe 

The Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a religious celebration for locals in Puerto Vallarta, starting from December 1st-12th.

This festival starts with a procession of culture through the streets and ends with an exquisite street party.

  40. New Year’s Eve 

The best place to be to start a new year fresh is Puerto Vallarta.

On New Year’s Eve, the skies are full of fireworks and the parties on Malecon are wild enough to make this experience unforgettable.

41. Vallarta Cup Race Series

If you are a fan of sailing, the Vallarta Cup Race Series festival is held in January every year.

42. Gay Pride

Puerto Vallarta is one of the gay-friendly destinations in Mexico.

And if you visit during the gay ride festival which is around May, you’ll experience some wild great parties.

43. Punta Mita Surfing Competition

The Punta Mita Surfing Competition is a yearly longboard competition.

This takes place at a secluded beach, North of Puerto Vallarta, and an amazing place to surf.

This festival usually happens at the end of May, if you are into surfing then you should be here.

 44. Mexican Independence day

 Mexican Independence day is on September 15th every year.

This is a 2-day party with a display of Mexican tradition and culture.

This festival is for both locals, visitors, and tourists to celebrate Mexico together.

Plan a Trip to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful resort city in Mexico that you should visit during your vacation or a weekend getaway.

This city is bursting alive with the culture and beauty of Mexico.

With various tours, beaches, markets, and many artworks, Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful city to enjoy your vacation.

You will have an unforgettable experience in Puerto Vallarta with your family, friends, and partners.

If you prefer exploring nature in peace, you like outdoor adventures, or maybe you just want to eat Mexican delicacies, there is an experience here for everyone worldwide.

You should start planning your trip to Puerto Vallarta today.

You can use this guide for a list of the best and most fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta and some Puerto Vallarta tourist attractions.

Pack up your suitcase, arrange your papers, and book a flight to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico for the best fun unforgettable experience.


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