33 Top Fun Things To Do In Reno (Nevada)


There are really so many fun things to do in Reno that will make your stay or visit worthwhile. It has every fun thing that you can possibly imagine. It is a very beautiful city.

I’m sure you might be a bit confused about the things you want to in reno because of how numerous they are, worry no more, go through the list below and plan yourself because you will enjoy your vacation;

1. Explore Fleischmann Planetarium And Science Center

This place can be educational too because it is structured as part of the university of nevada. This structure is something that those that love architecture will take so much time appreciating and wondering how it was built.

There are exhibits that teach you more about outer space, this is why you should also come along with your kids.

2. Cycle By The Tahoe Pyramid Trial 


You have two options on ways to explore your tour in this place, the first is by foot and the second is by  biking. Many people might choose biking because of the fun it comes with.


Some others might choose trekking because they get to walk past everything not missing out on any track.

3. Enjoy Baseball At The Greater Nevada Field 

If you are a lover of sport, then you will definitely love this place. Let us assume that you are not a lover of sport or baseball, you can still visit the stadium to appreciate its beauty or take your kids there to feed their eyes and have fun.

4. Reno Orchestra 

Music is something that lifts our spirits. This group performs different kinds of music on stage and you are welcome to watch them.

They sing based on the season and if you are opportuned to visit this place by December then you will be privileged to watch their exquisite performance known as the spirit of the season.

5. Watch The National  Championship Air Races

This event takes place every September so if you really want to see what it looks like, you have to schedule yourself in such a way that you visit this place.


This sport has a way of dragging people to this very place. If along the line you get hungry, you don’t need to look for what to eat, you can easily buy from the food vendors around the spot.

6. Visit Pyramid Lake

This lake is really a sight to behold. You really need your camera if you want to visit this place. You will really appreciate nature if you visit this place. The tranquil environment is good for you for peace of mind. The lake also has several rock formations made of limestone. In Fact there is a lot to learn here.

7. See Animals At Animal Arks

If you want to learn more about animals, and you are a lover of wildlife, then this is where you should be. You can find wild animals that are not allowed to go out for safety reasons.

These animals are always occupied with things that make them happy. Some animals you can find here are cheetahs, reptiles, foxes, and lots more. Mind you, the place is not a zoo.

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8. Take Your Kids To Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

Do not miss out on taking your kids to this museum because they will learn a lot. They have exhibits and you are allowed to touch them.

They also have a playground where kids can engage in safe activities that make them happy. They will really also meet new friends and create good memories with them.

9. Explore Minerals At W.M Keck Museum

Generally, a museum is a place where you can find artifacts and sculptures about a particular thing in the past. This very museum holds some mineral resources including gold and silver.

You can also learn so much about the minerals in the state in this place. If you are into refineries, then you need to take a tour of this place.

10. Explore Art Through Art Walk Reno

If you are an art lover be rest assured that this place got you covered because they offer a tour for two hours showing you different arts and this occurs once every month so you have every month to schedule yourself and follow up on this tour.

This artwork is seen as one of the best in the city today.

11. Bowling At National Bowling Stadium

This place holds a different kind of fun for lovers of bowling. You are allowed free entrance into the stadium to watch people participate in this game.

They have a way of pointing out your errors to you after the game and this is through the aid of a tracking computer with this, you can easily improve at what you do.

12. Relax At Atlantis Casino Resort

This is a very popular place in this city and you will definitely love to come back to this place after your first visit. The building is a sight to behold.

Apart from that, there are lots of games for visitors to engage in at night, they have good restaurants and bars all highly praised and not forgetting their customer care services that have also won praise due to how polite they are.

13. Watch Animals At Sierra Safari Zoo

This zoo is a place that kids will love to see. There are many animals from different parts of the world but few are natives of the city. There are also areas for marine life, you need to come with your camera to visit this place as it holds so much you will want to continue viewing.

14. Check Out The Eldorado

This place still holds features of old times. They host events that will trigger your fancy including gambling if you are interested. Their customer service will encourage you to visit this place more often. You can also take this trip with your partner. 

15. Have A Good Time At Rancho San Rafael Park 

 There are so many natural features in this place including deserts and wetlands and they offer you so many fun activities here such as a picnic with your family or spouse, hiking, biking, fishing, balling and so much more. Visit this place with your family for more excitement and create more bonds.

16. Hiking At Peavine Peak

This place is just for hiking but all vehicles that travel on land can use this trail. You can choose to tour around this area either with a bike or with whatever suits your fancy. This place is really a place to visit with your peer group.

17. Explore Sparks Heritage Museum

The area in this place tells you the history of the immigrants in the city. All the rooms contain exhibits of different meanings. You can visit this place for educational reasons or just for a self acquaintance but whichever one it is, you need to visit this place at least take a tour.

18. See Art At Nevada Museum Of Art

This museum focuses on man’s relationship with his environment. There are so many exhibits that will trigger your fiance.

If you do not have anything to do in this place then try taking a tour around this place and you will see reasons why you need to look into the exhibits in this place.

19. Explore Galena Creek Regional Park

If you wish to learn more about insects, flora, mammals, plants, and lots more, then this is where you should visit.

A lot of fun is embedded in this place ranging from cycling, hiking, and even horse riding. They also host events for kids during the summer season. Try to plan a tour in this place.

20. Wall Climbing At Basecamp

If you wish to learn how to climb, then this is the best place for you because they have areas which you can start learning from.

The camp provides you with climbing gear so just in case you do not have yours, you can rent them here. This place is really fun, you can also come to this place to watch how people climb. Maybe you might be interested.

21. Pioneer Center For The Performing Arts 

Lots of shows are performed in this place including comedy shows. You may visit with your loved ones to feed your eyes with the performances going on in this place. You can also come to host lectures here.

22. Visit The Riverwalk

The riverwalk has a lot of fun things to offer such as painting, concerts, competitions and lots more. You can also choose to tour around this place without paying a dime.

You will also find museums, restaurants, and many other things that will make you want to revisit this place.

23. Check Out Art On Midtown Art Walk

Everyone in this place puts their heads together to make visitors have good and unforgettable experiences. You have the opportunity to watch live performances, taste their good meals, see their artworks, and lots more.

They are hell-bent on making you enjoy every bit of your stay in this place so you should take your time and get entertained.

24. Watch The Great Reno Balloon Race

This attraction is known for its family-friendly events. You can come here to feed your eyes with balloon races and who knows you might just be interested in joining this game.

This balloon game works with the weather so it starts very early. While waiting for this balloon game, you can also participate in other competitions done in this same spot.

25. Enjoy Nature’s Building At Idlewild Park

This place speaks so much of nature’s beauty that you will definitely appreciate it. If you want to swim, you are welcome to because this park creates provision for that too. There are fun things that this park provides you with but do not go alone to enjoy them.

26. Check Out Natural Selection 

In this place, you can see some animals and plants and guess what, you are allowed to touch them. You will learn alot about animals and how they are tamed. Is good you visit this place with your kids so they learn about new things.

27. Explore Wilbur D. May Museum

This place is one interesting place to be. The arts and artifacts in the museum are simply top notches so just in case you do not find the building enticing then you will definitely fall in love with what you see inside this museum.

Try taking a tour of this museum and you will understand exactly what I’m talking about.

28. Enjoy Skiing At Mount Rose Ski Resort

This is more like an adventure. If you are not experienced, then you can try a less stressful slope because this mountain is over 8000 feet tall.

They provide you with a place to rest so you do not need to travel out to lodge. You can also come to this place and watch people climb.

29. Visit Circus Circus Casino

This casino has more than enough fun things to feed you including for the kids. The kids are entertained with live music shows, animal shows, and many others. 

There are some games that your kids can engage in and if they win, they win prizes so you can see how fun this place is for kids. They also have amazing restaurants where you can eat good meals so you have nothing to worry about.

30. Explore Mckinley Art And Culture Center

This place is filled with historic arts, exhibits and culture. You can learn about these things if you take out time to visit this place.

They have auditoriums that can be used to host events, they also have galleries, offices, and workshops. You have a lot to learn here whether you choose to tour or you choose to really learn.

31. Visit The National Automobile Museum

All kinds of automobile-related vehicles are found in this museum. Lovers of vehicles or cars will definitely love this place. If you wish to learn the several parts of a car, you can also visit here.

Imagine seeing the first car win a race. This place is really cool to explore.

32. Last Chance Joe

Make sure to come with a camera when you want to visit this place. This statue is there for everyone to see but you won’t always see it as you might have other things to do. Kids will also love the sight of this place too so now you know you cannot go without them.

33. See Reno Arch

This is basically one of the wonders of the city. They have led bulbs that change with respect to seasons and they try to make the environment friendly enough to make visitors happy. You are also allowed to take pictures of this place with your camera or phone just for memory’s sake.

From the above, you can see that Reno got you covered. No matter where you choose to go, you are on the right track if you follow the above-listed fun things and places to visit.

You have been saved from the stress of looking out for fun things for yourself so you do not have any excuse to not visit these places. Have a fun trip.


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