Santa Fe

33 Best And Fun Things To In Santa Fe  


Santa Fe is one of the largest cities and the oldest state capital in the United States. This city is known for its tourist attractions. These attractions bring people from far and near to enjoy their vacation here. 

Their restaurants and markets show and explain their culture and tradition perfectly well to people. They have a very interesting way of welcoming visitors too.


It’s a perfect place for families, friends, and lovers to have a perfect outing and make their bond stronger.

1. Play Disc Golf 

This is for those that love sports and it’s very easy to learn and play. The beautiful weather conditions in this city encourage this game. This game can lead to bonding and reconciliation between families, friends, and loved ones.

2. Marvel At Glass Art In Liquid Light Glass 


The liquid light glass is located in Santa Fe. The beauty that this light gives out is something that you will not want to keep in your eye.


Visitors that are interested in making glass art are very much welcome to these places, as they are given the opportunity to learn about glassmaking.

3. See Cathedral Basilica Of The St. Francis Of Assisi 

As we know, a cathedral is always a sight to behold. This cathedral is still open even to date. Visitors are allowed to join them during their masses. As Christians, you are very much welcome to have an inspiring time in this cathedral.

4. Canyon Road Art

This place is for lovers of art. Are you interested in seeing art and what it means when interpreted, then you are at the right place? This place has thousands of different galleries, boutiques, and even furniture shops. You are welcome to visit any time.

A peek into the military at the new Mexico military museum

5. Time Travel Through History At New Mexico History Museum 

This place gives you the privilege to explore the things of old and enjoy the historic fate of Mexico. You can also visit these places for educational purposes or just for fun and to learn about the history of other people.

This place holds memories of past and departed heroes and if you wish to learn or know about them, this is where you should visit. There are so many exhibits here portraying things of the past. Some people visit the places for personal knowledge. 

6. Visit The Museum Of Indian Art And Culture 

You will love to know the history, tradition, and culture of this place. They have a severe display of art that pleases the eye. People that love history should not miss out on visiting this place and there are a lot of things to know,

7. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

 This museum is filled with so much art, painting, and colorful paint. Visitors are allowed to this museum from Saturday to Thursday. Sightseeing is also something you can do just to see what abstract nature looks like.

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8. Shop At The Santa Fe Farmers Market 

This is a very amazing place to visit. You are granted the opportunity to explore this place, meet new friends and also see how some handmade products are made. You can visit these places with your family and keep good memories.

9. Kakawa Chocolate House 

Do you know that there is a place where you can get an exquisite taste of chocolate? These places provide you with the best chocolate you can ever have.

There are varieties of chocolate to suit your test, you can take your kids to add a test of this chocolate, and also you can hang out with friends as it is open every day.

10. Romantic Evening At Compound Restaurant 

Are you looking for a romantic and beautiful place to go with your spouse, then this is the right place for you.

It gives so many great pleasures to enjoy while on your vacation, they also have nice and tasty meat served in this restaurant. The beauty of this place attracts visitors to it. 

11. Antique Shopping At Santa Fe Indian Market 

This is a place where people from all around the world come to visit. They host visitors that bring a lot of visitors to these places.

They also showcase stuff like music, culture, and literature. You are even opportuned to buy some pieces at work, so I will advise you to plan your budget very well.

12. Explore El Rancho De La Golondrinas 

This place has a wonderful attraction area. A lot of martyrs have also revealed their callers. Sheep and other animals on this ranch.

It is also an outdoor museum and it also serves educational purposes because it teaches its visitors a splendid way of life. People that live on this ranch,

13. Dine At Tomasita’s Restaurant 

Are you looking for the best places to get the most delicious red chills, and margaritas, then you have to come to this place because it is actually what it is known for.

This restaurant is basically the oldest in the city and they provide you with an outstanding view outside. You can visit these places with your peer group to have a taste of their meal. 

14. International New Media Festival 

This is a festival that occurs once every year just to appreciate artists from all over the globe. If you are a lover of art, you are welcome to join this festival. As a visitor, you are given the opportunity to witness firsthand craftwork.

15. Marvel At Art Displays At Turner Carroll Gallery 

This place displays so many unique artifacts that are gotten from other places around the globe. If you are in love with art, then you are at the right place.

They have art from other countries so you do not have to travel so far to see some artworks. They change their exhibits monthly and host different kinds of events also. 

16. Become And Astronomer With Astronomy Adventures

There are actually few places in this world where we do this activity and guess what, we found one place where you can enjoy it.

You can go on a stargazing tour and your tour guide makes it more worthwhile by telling you what each star signifies. This is just so much fun and you cannot afford to miss it.

17. Museum Of International Folk Art

The staff in this museum takes their time to explain and interpret to visitors the different cultures of this place and how to differentiate them. They have beautiful pieces of art made by other countries.

18. Wheelwright Museum Of The American Indian

This place stands as a bridge between the past and the present. Here, you are taught about the way of life of native Americans.

This place has really played a very significant role in the history of the native Americans. Many people that wish to know more about this history likely visit this place to acquire knowledge.

19. Get Ice Cream At La Lechery

What is a vacation without getting a taste of good ice cream? La lechery is the best place to get the best quality ice cream. This place is also known for preparing locally sauced food. You really should visit this place. 

20. Traditional Spanish Market

This market hosts event that correlates with tradition, culture, and form which is why the people here are very happy and cheerful.

You will definitely love something in this place as you will come across different fancy things. Visit this place if you wish to learn more about it.

21. A Tour With Heritage Inspirations

If you want to engage in something that will keep you smiling the whole time, then you need to tour this city because it is one of the most beautiful places to see.

As visitors, you are privileged to have a guided tour. This heritage inspiration helps visitors to know the culture and art adventure to engage in.

22. Santa Fe Plaza

You cannot help but be wowed by the things this plaza has to offer. As visitors, there is always an activity done to welcome your presence.

Santa Fe Plaza offers shopping, playing games, restaurants and so many other interesting things. This place creates opportunities for friends and families to bond because of the numerous activities done here, and you can also meet new people and make new friends. 

23. Santa Fe Opera

This place offers top-notch productions. Visitors that come here are privileged because so many top artists and musicians have performed in this place.

They have also hosted different cultural events that you can equally learn of. It is a very exciting place as music has a way of lifting our souls when we are downcast. 

24. Visit Peyton Wright Gallery 

This place houses some of the most valued collections of historic arts. The history of some artworks is definitely saved here. Visitors can also enjoy guided tours and learn more about this place. 

25. Museum Or Spanish Colonial Art

If you want to learn more about Spanish colonial art, then you should visit this place. They have some displays such as food, sea and lots more. Visitors are allowed to spend days touring this museum.

26. Explore Haiku Pathway 

This place is known for its poetic art. It is one of the best places where you can go to relieve yourselves of stress.

This place is concentrated on emotional syllables. You can choose to take a tour around this place in the evening and it is definitely very exciting.

27. Visit The Railyard District

Visitors are allowed to take a ride on the trail and this will help them notice some of the landmarks on the road and become familiar with them. You need to visit this place with your friends and families. 

28. Marty Sanchez De Santa Fe

Visitors are always left in awe when they visit this place because of the kind of beauty it shows. If you love golf, you are also given the opportunity to play this game just for more fun.

Imagine playing this game either as a competition or as fun with friends or peer groups, the excitement creates a different kind of fun.

29. Fun With Kokopelli Rafting Adventures

This place offers you so much to engage in. You can also come here for calm relaxation or you can choose to go on adventures that you will not get tired of. If you love swimming, you can also visit this place.

30. Dine At Rooftop Pizzeria

This eatery is on the rooftop of the Santa Fe shopping center. If you are looking for a place to chill, you can come to this place and also have a taste of their wine.

If you choose neat, you are also covered because they prepare delicious meals. 

31. Santa Fe School Of Cooking 

As this implies, you can go to this place to get educational knowledge. You have the opportunity to learn how to cook varieties of meals.

Visitors are also given the privilege to learn how to cook some local foods. Just in case you do not wish to learn, you can tour around the kitchen watching the chefs cook.

32. Santa Fe Bandstand Festival 

This festival host so many events and outdoor activities that are not excluded. This festival offers you chances to meet new people and make new friends. It is a fun place and you should not miss this place for anything in the world.

You can now see that  this is not a place you should miss. Take our time, plan your vacation and make sure to visit the places listed above to have a blissful vacation.

Of course, you should not visit this alone, go along with either your family, friends or even partner. And just in case you choose to go alone, be sure to make new friends.


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