32 Top And Fun Things To Do In Fresno (CA)


Fresno is such a beautiful city and they have so many fun activities for you to enjoy.

Fresno is actually famous for agriculture and they have lots of farmlands and produce fresh foodstuffs for both locals and visitors.

Apart from farming, there are other fun activities that you will enjoy and will want to come back for more. They are also blessed with nature which is one sight that is irreplaceable. Here is a list of some fun things you can do to enjoy yourself while on your vacation in Fresno.

1. Nature Time At Shinzen Friendship Garden

This place is known to promote educational awareness. They actually have a lot to offer. If you do not have anything to do in this place, you can take a tour around the garden taking pictures of things that may interest you. You have to visit this place at least for the knowledge of it.

2. Natural Wonders At Forestiere Underground Gardens


You will find some historic items in this park, you can also decide to take a guided tour around the garden.


There are so many plants in this garden and botanic lovers will not miss this place for anything in the world. You can come here to get knowledge of some botanic plants.

3. Explore The Fresno Art Museum

This art museum is known for the kind of art exhibits they have. Lovers of art will find it necessary to visit this place. If you are not interested in the artwork, you can decide to tour around the museum and see the facilities it is made of.

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4. Meet Animals At Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Kids are so much in love with animals and taking them here will definitely make them happy. There are varieties of animals here including the rare ones.


There are so many fun things to do in this zoo. They also host educational programs too and this can be beneficial to the kids. Do well to bring them here.

5. Smooth Melodies of Fresno Philharmonic

If you want to learn about music, then you should pay a visit to this place. They are very good at hosting live performances and other live shows relating to music.

Music feeds the mind and soul so if you want to feel a kind of way when you are troubled, you are welcome to see this place.

6. Fresno Discovery Center 

This is a place where children will not want to miss out, so come along with them to this discovery center. They teach mostly science and they have some exhibits to clear your curiosity about science.

They also have beautiful outdoor attractions so it is almost not possible for you to get bored. All you have to do is get busy with whatever triggers your fancy.

7. Kearney Mansion Museum 

This mansion was built using local materials. You will find the initial materials used in building this place and some of the furniture used are still available. If you really do not have anything to do here, you can just tour around the building looking at the historic things in the building.

8. Hike Fresno Blossom Trail

This place is known for its tranquility and serenity. You can take a tour on this trail feeding your eyes with trees and available on the trail. Biking is also possible during the trial. You can choose to hike or bike with your friends just to create a more fun time with them.

9. Meux Home Museum

This museum has much to offer to visitors. Those that love art will not find this place boring. Just in case you don’t enjoy art, you can take a tour around the building and feed your eyes with the beauty of the museum.

10. Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden

Are you looking for a good place to sit out with your friends and have a good beer, then we have got you covered. This company is known for the tasty beer they make.

You can also enjoy outdoor activities because this place offers you the chance to. So if you are bored, you can come here to have fun.

11. Fresno Grizzlies Minor League Baseball

Am sure you won’t miss this place as a sports lover.

This place itself is very exciting to be so even if you are not interested in baseball, you can come along with your friends to feed your eyes with the beauty of this place. Your kids are also not left behind because they are provided with their spots to play. 

12. Wine Tasting At Moravia Wines 

Do not miss this place for anything in the world. You also have the opportunity to taste some wine made in this winery. You can also take a tour around this winery just to gather knowledge of how some wines are made.

13. Fun At Save Mart Art

This place has a lot of fun for everyone who visits this place. They also host some fun games too like hockey and wrestling. They also host music performances, in fact, there is so much fun that this place offers. Visiting with your friends is never a bad idea. 

14. Sam’s Italian Deli

Do you wish to give yourself a good treat, then you are at the right spot. This place is an eatery known for the tasty snacks they make. You can come here with your friends to have a taste of what they sell here. You can also step it all down with a good glass of wine from their winery. 

15. Shopping At River Park Shopping Center 

There is nothing you will not find in this place. It is a shopping mall and as such, you can purchase anything you want whether for fun or not. You are not only provided with whatever you want but also with good restaurants to catch a good meal with your friends.

16. Movies At Warnors theater

Are you in for interesting and amazing entertainment, you are at the right place. Kids also have their time here too because they are provided with movies for their age. This theater also hosts musical performances. A tour around this theater will not be a bad idea.

17. Get Cold At Island Waterpark 

You really do not have to think of something to do in this place for fun, they provide you with a lot to choose from. Families and friends will enjoy every time they spend here together. The sight of the water and other things around it is also worth the visit.

18. Attend The Big Fresno Fair

This is basically an annual event where different kinds of fun activities are carried out. Sporting activities and even music performances are done here.

With the level of fun in this place, you cannot visit here alone. Therefore you need your friends or families around so you are not left behind.

19. Appreciate Art At Arte Americas

If you are interested in learning about the city’s culture, then you should visit this place because they are here to teach you what the culture of this city is about. A Lot of things are done here such as filmmakers and also poets. Basically, you have a lot to learn in this place.

20. Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

The fun activities in this place are top-notch. They offer different fun things both during winter and summer sessions.

They have good spots for picnics and families are very much allowed to have a good time here. Sightseeing is also not a bad idea as you will see so many things that will make you want to come back. 

21. Go To A Farmers Market 

If you are looking for another place to feed your eyes, the farmers market is a good place. You will have to see how fresh their fruits and vegetables are, you can take a tour around the market, maybe you will be enticed to buy something. 

22. Arthop 

This place is basically a combination of both art, galleries, exhibits, and lots more. You have a lot to behold in this place. If you are a lover of art, you will love this place because you will feed your eyes with so many things to trigger your fancy.

23. Rotary Storyland And PlayLand Family Amusement Park

This park is always so much fun for families and friends. It has so many fun-filled activities helping families create more bonds and also encouraging kids to interact more with other people.

Kids really have a lot to enjoy here. Make sure to bring them here so they can have fun.

24. Explore Yosemite National Park 

This park is blessed with natural beauty. Taking a tour around this place is not a bad idea as you will get to see a lot of views including waterfalls.

You are actually allowed to create your own fun so that you don’t get bored. It is a very popular place and as such you will not find it hard locating this place.

25. The Tower Theater

If you have nothing to do here, you can just come to take a look at this tower and possibly take a picture of it. It is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. Visiting with your partner is also not a bad idea. Try visiting this place.

26. Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater 

You will be astonished at your visit to this place. This place offers the best treat, good meals, good movies, good music performances and lots more. You definitely do not want to visit this place alone. Come along with your friends to enjoy all the loads of fun in this place.

27. Visit Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church 

You have to come to visit this place by yourself to understand how adorable the church is. It is also historical but up to date, it is still charming. You can actually tour this place for free and you are free to come along with your friends, take pictures, and keep good memories of this place.

28. Downing Planetarium 

Lovers of planets will love to visit this place. They can come because they want to learn more about the planet. Some visitors might come for the sole purpose of getting an idea of what this place really looks like. Either way. It’s good you come to this place to see what it looks like.

29. Explore Sequoia And Kings Canyon National Park

This park is best for outdoor activities and you shouldn’t miss visiting this place. It is blessed with the beauty of nature and you cannot afford to behold this sight.

There are so many options for you to choose the kind of activity you want to indulge in. visiting with your friends will make it less stressful in thinking about what to do here.

30. Fresno County Fruit Trial

This place is known for the fresh fruits which they produce. You can choose to go on a guided tour and while on it, you will be cleared on any question you have to ask. You can also stop by some farmer’s shops to get fresh fruits and drinks to make your tour an interesting one.

31. Fashion Fair Mall

This is more like the best place to visit for shopping. You can take a tour around the mall checking out the numerous things and you can also buy some to keep the memory. There are items for both kids, teens, and adults so you do not have any reason to not want to visit this place.

32. Tranquility At Woodward Regional Park

This place is best for couples who wish to have their moments together. You can visit this place with your spouse because you will have the best time together here.

There are some other fun activities like hiking and this is possible because there is a trial for it. This is also a place where you can go to cool off after the day’s stress.

The above-listed places and fun things to do are so enticing that you have no choice but to plan your trip here. As you know, the place is filled with loads of entertainment for both kids, teens, and adults so you have no excuse not to visit here. Keep your cameras close because you might need them.


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