32 interesting & Fun Things to Do In Amarillo (TX)

Are you looking for a small quiet but developed city with interesting places and sights to move to? 

Or do you want to change the environment for a short period and you’re in search of a small but bubbling city? 

Then Amarillo is a city that you should consider because as you’ll come to see in the course of resting this, Amarillo is a great city that you’ll want on your list of places to visit.

Amarillo is a spectacular and history-rich city situated in the Northwest area of Texas, United States. 

Amarillo holds the business and cultural centre of Texas making it the home of various interesting sights. 

This little and unsuspecting city of Amarillo holds some pleasant surprises for visitors and tourists, as you’ll find great tourist attraction sites that are fun and free!

Amarillo is known for its delicious steak houses, and also some interesting theatres, and art shows, and also is the home to the popular space museum. 

So, we are going to be seeing about 32 different exciting places, activities, and things to do while on your visit to Amarillo

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On the other hand, if you are still deciding where to go on a vacation or sightseeing, then hopefully at the end of reading this, you’ll be able to see why Amarillo should earn a place among your top choices. 

32 Activities, Places and Things You Do Not Want to Miss in Amarillo!

1. The Jack Sisemore Travel and RV Museum

 The Jack Sisemore Travel and RV Museum are now open. The Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum is a Museum that is dedicated to vintage RVs; a visit here should be on your list of things to do in Amarillo.

A father-so team, Jack Sizemore, and his son Trent discovered the museum. They both began collecting vehicles about 25 years ago.

Today, Jack Sizemore owns the state’s oldest RV dealership. 

In this museum, you may see more cars than you bargained for. It is housed in the dealership’s building.

Some of the most interesting vehicles ever created can be found in the museum. 

Fleetwood, the oldest in existence, is one of these vehicles found here. 

2. American Quarter Horse Hoof Prints

The Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse is a public art project consisting of over 100 life-size painted horses scattered throughout the city.

As soon as you enter Amarillo, you will notice these horses everywhere you turn. It’s noteworthy that none of these horses looks like. 

They all have different looks and imagine taking pictures of yourself with these different-looking horses as a tour activity for the day, it’ll be so much fun!

3. Cowboys and cowgirls in the Wild West

A horseback ride is one of the best things to do in Amarillo during your visit.

Have you ever ridden a horse before? Or is horseback riding all “movie” to you? Do you want to make it a reality?

The Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West is a hospitality company that provides tours, event catering, and a variety of other hospitality services. 

Their tours are themed around western adventure.

They also provide a horseback riding lesson for beginners and a horse for experienced riders. Their establishment is open all year to visitors and tourists. 

4. Cadillac Ranch

Don’t be tricked by the name. The Cadillac Ranch is not a true ranch, but rather a public art installation.

This art installation was created by three great artists who were part of a set group called the Ant Farm, and it is now one of Amarillo, Texas’s attractions.

These artists’ names are Hudson Marquez, Chip Lord, and Doug Michels. Cadillac vehicles that are older, running, used, or junk can be found in the art display.

The cars are arranged in such a way that they are angled and nose-first into the ground.

5. Historic District of Route 66

A district traversed by the well-known route in the United States. 

The Route 66 Historic District is made up of 13 commercial blocks in San Jacinto Heights.

The San Jacinto Heights neighbourhoods are located west of Amarillo’s downtown. 

The Route 66 district also includes blocks between George and Forest Avenues.

This building cluster is one of the most intact groups of buildings associated with this highway.

The variety of architectural styles used in the district makes it worthwhile to visit.

6. The Palo Duro Canyon, 

The Palo Duro Canyon, is the second-largest canyon in the United States, is one of the Amarillo TX attractions. It is only second to the Grand Canyon in terms of size.

A visit here should be on your list of things to do in Amarillo during your stay.

The Palo Duro Canyon is massive in size. You’ll undoubtedly want to see it. So, add it to your list of things to do in Amarillo.

Many hiking trails, interesting animals and plants, breathtaking views, and some one-of-a-kind rights, such as the Lighthouse hoodoo, can be found in this canyon.

During your stay in the city, you will visit this canyon more than twice.

7. The Enigma of the Floating Mesa

Another fascinating roadside attraction, the Floating Mesa is one you won’t forget after seeing it.

It was funded by the same billionaire who owns the Cadillac Ranch as well as the massive legs.

The Floating Mesa can be seen on the site, which is a mesa (a flat-topped hill) with a strip of white-painted plywood installed near the top.

When the sky is a certain colour, the top of the mesa appears to float. When you see this illusion, you will be astounded.

8. American Quarter Horse Heritage

The American Quarter Horse Heritage Center and Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history

The American Quarter Horse Heritage Centre and Museum, also known as the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum, is a museum that focuses on popular breeds.

You can see wall photographs and paintings of horses in the museum. These horses have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Orren Mixer, a well-known Western artist, created many of these stunning horses.

9. Amarillo National Parks should be visited.

National Recreation Area of Lake Meredith

This park is enjoyable to visit, and you can add it to your list of fun things to do in Amarillo while you’re there.

Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument and Lake Meredith National Recreation Area are the names of the two national parks in Amarillo.

The Lake Meredith National Recreation Area is ideal for outdoor activities such as swimming, birdwatching, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, and camping.

 10. Amarillo Mural

If you’re flying into Amarillo, don’t forget to take a selfie with the colourful Amarillo mural before you leave the airport.

The mural is more of a landmark, proving that you have crossed Amarillo off your list of places to visit.

It will be even more entertaining if you take this photo of yourself while wearing cowboy boots!

The murals are located on the second floor, near the ticketing area. You can’t miss it because it’s so obvious.

11. Wonderland Amusement Park

Wonderland Amusement Park, which has been open since 1951, is not modern.

Despite its age, the park has a lot of fun to offer and is on the list of fun things to do in Amarillo Texas.

When the park first opened, it only had three rides. It was called Kiddie Land. The Park now has over 30 rides and attractions. The figure continues to rise.

There are some fun spots in the park where traditional amusement such as bumper cars and miniature golf courses are available. There is also a section dedicated to water rides.

There are also several rollercoasters at the park. The Texas Tornado, Hornet, and Cyclone are available to ride.

12. The Tascosa Drive-In Theatre

The Tascosa Drive-In Theatre is one of Texas’ last remaining drive-in theatres. 

The theatre is a great place to spend a night out with your family. It’s also a great place to take your significant other on a romantic date night.

After getting your food from the concession stand, return to your seat to enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

The theatre is only open at night on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

13. Texas A&M University’s Air and Space Museum

The Texas Air and Space Museum, located at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, is one of the fun places to visit in Amarillo.

There are many military and civilian aircraft on display at this museum. These aircraft could be used for both air and space travel.

There is also an outdoor aircraft section (which is still a part of the museum) that serves as a garage for aircraft such as the 1974 Grumman G-1159 Gulfstream II and the C-7A Caribou.

14. The Plains of Ozymandias

What do you think of a pair of giant legs sticking out of the ground when you think of a strange sight?

That is precisely what you will see in Ozymandias on the Plains. 

This massive pair of legs is a tourist attraction in Amarillo, Texas. It is located on the city’s south side.

Lightnin’ McDuff, an Amarillo-based artist, created these enormous legs. Stanley Marsh 3 is the person who funded this strange project.

Stanley Marsh 3 is also responsible for some of the public art projects in Amarillo. In addition, he is the billionaire behind the Cadillac Ranch.

15. Backyard Classics by Bill

Are you a car enthusiast who would like to see some classic car collections? 

Bill’s Backyard Classics should then be on your list of places that you must go to in Amarillo.

Bill’s Backyard Classics is a private collection of automobiles owned by Bill and Linda Pratt that serves as an automobile museum.

Apart from displaying their private collection, the Pratts built this Museum to share their passion for hot rods and classic cars.

The museum houses approximately 100 classic cars. These automobiles were manufactured between 1928 and 2012,

 16. Combine City 

A swarm of trucks can be found in Combined City.

Though you will not be able to work around this “city” as you would on the Cadillac Ranch, you will be able to observe this amazing “combine” from the outside.

If you want to take a good picture of this amazing place, I recommend that you bring a zoom lens with you.

If you’re heading towards Market Road 1151, Combine City is just before Whitaker Road on the right. Visit this Amarillo Texas tourist attraction.

17. The Harrington Residence

The Harrington House, located in Amarillo, Texas, was built in 1914 by John and Pay Landergin, who were just cattlemen at the time.

Don and Sybil Harrington later purchased the house. They were both employed in the oil and gas industry. They kept the house after they purchased it.

This house is unique and worth noting because it is not your typical house.

 The neoclassical architectural style was used to construct it, which was done with beautiful materials and superior workmanship.

The furnishings used to cover its reception area and parquet flooring are all original tapestry dating back to the 18th century

18. Sunset Art Galleries

The Sunset Art Gallery in Amarillo is one of the best in the country. Around 100 artists’ works are displayed in the gallery.

This gallery features a wide range of art, from sculpture to oil painting. There are works of art from every genre available.

The Gallery and others sponsor Amarillo’s First Friday Art Walk, which takes place every month and is open to the public.

You are welcome to participate in the Art Walk. The artist who owns some of the art in the gallery is usually present during the Art Walk.

In addition to delicious food, these monthly events feature live music. You can’t afford to miss out on this program when you pay a visit to Amarillo.

19. The Globe-News Center

The Globe-News Centre for the Performing Arts, located in downtown Amarillo, is home to the Amarillo Opera, the Amarillo Symphony, and the Lone Star Ballet. 

If you enjoy music, this should be one of the fun things to do in Amarillo during your visit.

The Globe-News Centre for the Performing Arts hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

Ballet performances, symphony orchestra performances, concerts, theatrical performances, and many more are instances of these events.

20. The Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian 

The Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian is one of Amarillo’s newest museums, housed in a building designed to evoke memories of an Indian Pueblo.

The museum and its exhibits tell a lot about Native American art and culture.

Bronze castings by Tom Knapp, the Thomas Mails Collection of Native American Culture, and other significant arts can be found in this museum.

There is also a Navajo rug collection kept here in this museum.

21. Ye Olde Pancake Stand.

Amarillo’s Ye Olde Pancake Station

Amarillo’s Ye Olde Pancake Station/Facebook

Amarillo’s Ye Olde Pancake Station

One of Amarillo’s best restaurants. Breakfast classics, breakfast burritos, and even skillets are available at Ye Olde Pancake Station.

The restaurant has a homey atmosphere and serves some of the best fluffy pancakes you’ve ever had.

Because it gets so crowded on weekends, I recommend that you come here early.

22. The Amarillo Civic Center Complex

The Amarillo Civic Centre Complex serves as both a convention and event facility. It serves multiple functions.

The complex contains a variety of facilities, the most notable of which is the 2,848-seat stadium.

The Cal Farley Coliseum is also housed in the complex. 

Cal Farley Coliseum is a sports arena in Amarillo, Texas, that is home to the Amarillo Venom Indoor Football League and the Amarillo Bulls hockey team.

The centre is occasionally used for conventions, concerts, wrestling, ice skating shows, and a variety of other events.

There’s also the Grand Plaza, which was built for smaller gatherings. The Grand Plaza is also a tribute to the state.

23. Monument to the Helium Times Column

The Helium Centennial Times Column Monument was built in 1968 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of helium.

It’s not surprising that this event took place in Amarillo. 

This is because the Federal Helium Program’s headquarters, as well as the Helium Plant (which was established in 1929), is located in Amarillo.

24. The Amarillo Museum of Art.

The Amarillo Museum of Art is well-known for its art exhibits, which include works from various periods and genres.

The majority of its arts are created by local artists who are inspired by Texas, making it the best place to view Texas’ art culture.

You are welcome to visit the Museum on any working day and to explore without a guide.

If you don’t want to explore on your own, you can arrange for decent-guided tours. 

It can be for groups or individuals. The museum also offers school field trips for students and pupils. 

25. The Big Texan Opry

The Big Texan, a Route 66 landmark and legend, first opened its doors in 1960.

Since its inception, it has become a favourite stop for all types of drivers travelling along Route 66 for a steak.

The building is impossible to miss because the architectural style used makes it easy to spot along the way. Its bill post is impossible to overlook.

You can’t eat this steak and not want to order more. 

There’s also a 72-ounce steak meal that’s free for any customer who finishes it in under an hour.

26. Botanical Gardens of Amarillo

If you enjoy nature, visiting Amarillo Botanical Gardens should be on your schedule of stuff to do in Amarillo Texas.

This is a large garden of over 4 acres that features Texas native plants (the Amarillo Garden is seasoned).

The Amarillo Garden’s indoor conservatory displays exotic and tropical plants collected from around the world.

So no doubt a visit to this beautiful garden would be worth the time!

27. The Amarillo Zoo

If you want to know what to do in Amarillo Texas with kids, take them to see the beautiful animals at the Amarillo Zoo.

The Amarillo Zoo is a 15-acre zoological park that houses a variety of interesting and exotic animals.

The Zoo has about 150 animals, at least one of which came from one of 88 different species of animals from around the world.

Tarantulas and grey foxes are two of the native Texas animals that can be seen at the Zoo.

28. The Amarillo Little Theatre.

The Amarillo Little Theatre, rated as one of the best small theatres in the United States, is known for the variety of plays and shows that it presents throughout the year.

This theatre employs a large number of experienced local artists who put on fantastic shows. 

Visitors are allowed to mix and mingle with the performers after the shows.

Classical pieces and comedies are among the performances on display. 

They also show musicals in the style of Broadway. The majority of the shows are suitable for children and the entire family. 

29. The Wildcat Bluff Nature Centre 

The Wildcat Bluff Nature Centre is one of the best natural parks in the country, encompassing more than 600 acres of rolling grassland.

The park has many nature trails where visitors can go for a walk or even have a picnic. The surroundings are serene.

30. The Don Harrington Discovery Center 

The Don Harrington Discovery Center is a science centre in the heart of Amarillo.

This centre, as expected, features several interactive exhibits related to the science discipline.

The “Space Theatre,” which is a planetarium, is located in the centre. 

It also houses the “Space Gallery,” which is entirely dedicated to Earth’s weather and weather in outer space.

31. The Amarillo Railroad Museum

The Amarillo Railroad Museum is a railroad museum dedicated to preserving Texas’s heritage and railroad history.

 It is now one of Amarillo’s attractions and should be considered one of the best places to go to Amarillo.

The museum contains a large collection of railroad equipment as well as model trains that have been preserved.

32. The Amarillo Opera 

The Amarillo Opera is a professional opera company that has been in operation since 1988.

Don’t be surprised if you see Amarillo College students here, as the opera works closely with the school. 

The college uses the opera house’s spaces for office space, rehearsals, and performances.


From all that has been considered no doubt, Amarillo is a fun, exciting city to visit that will keep you engaged with fun activities and events. 

Since most of these places are free to the public, you do not have to break the bank to pay a visit and enjoy your stay in Amarillo, as there are a whole lot of free activities to partake in. 

Seeing all these mentioned here should be a  cue to stop being hesitant and begin to plan your trip to this amazing city!

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