32 Fun Things To Do In Memphis (TN)


People visit this place because they wish to know more about this place and its great history. They want to know what it looks like, and what role played in the early stages of politics, music, culture, and arts in the United States.

Whatever category you fall in, be rest assured that Memphis, Tennessee, will leave you completely satisfied. You need to check out the top fun things to do in Memphis, Tennessee.


1. Fun At Southland Casino

Memphis, a city in Tennessee, sits on the borders of Mississippi and Arkansas, which are gambling-free states. In a bid to exploit the loophole in the state’s laws, visitors of Memphis who wish to gamble are directed to places such as the Southland Casino.

Southland Casino is situated in West Memphis, a little bit outside the state’s influence, where there are no gambling restrictions.

2. Experience The Sun Studio Tour


There are locations across the globe that give fans an immediate insight into the music landscape and everything that comes with it but the Sun Studio really does take the biscuit.


3. Browse Blues Hall of Fame Museum; The True Greats

We all know that Beale Street is the home of blues music and will always be regarded as such, but we do feel as if there needs to be an area in which the masses can celebrate those who made the biggest contributions.

4. Visit The Fire Museum Of Memphis

Firefighters, whether they’re on-call or off-call, full-time or part-time, deserve far more respect than they actually get, and that’s why we love the existence of the Fire Museum of Memphis.

This non-profit organization teaches the uneducated amongst us about the risks posed by fire, whether it be the risk of death, injury, or property loss.

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5. Golf And Games Family Park; Fun For All The Family

Whether it be golf with friends and family or bumper boats and even laser tag, this place has just about everything for a day full of fun and forget about your troubles.

6. Hop On Board With A Segway Tour

These places suggest that walking is a great way of living, not only for health reasons but because you get to see more of the niche things about Memphis.

One or two-hour segway tour of the downtown area can’t hurt, especially when there’s a 30-minute training session attached to it.

7. Cycle Away On A Bike Tour

A bike tour really makes tourists realize just how economical and green Memphis is.

From the perspective of adventure, it may not blow your socks off, especially if you’re doing most of the work, but it’s an entertaining and relaxing way to get out onto the open road and see what this city is all about.

8. Visit Belz Museum Of Asian & Judaic Art

There are more than 1,000 objects housed at this museum from furniture to paintings to tapestries and beyond.

It can be easy to walk past and miss this for some who don’t know what they’re searching for, but the Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art is actually pretty essential.

9. Take A Step Back And Relax At The Spa

Unwinding is quite literally what a holiday should always be about and it doesn’t matter if you’re only heading to Memphis for 10 hours or 10 days. This is going to be worth your time. From hotel spas to sauna sessions and full body scrubs across the land, the options here are pretty endless.

10. Have Fun At Beale Street, The Night Of Your Life

Some visit because they wish to know more about this great city’s heritage and history. Others, because they want to know firsthand, the role it played in the early stages of politics, music, culture, and arts in the United States

11. Visit Graceland, The Home Of Elvis

Graceland is a mansion that is located on a 13-acre estate with it once being owned by the great Elvis Presley.

Ever since his death, the property has been owned by his daughter, but across the last few decades, it has become something of a shrine for those who loved Elvis with all their hearts.

12. Be Amazed By The Peabody Hotel Ducks

The Peabody Hotel is pretty spectacular in its own right but the legend of the ducks takes it to a whole new level.

Every day at 11 am and 5 pm there is a Duck March at Peabody in which ducks visit the lobby fountain. It sounds unbelievably strange but instead of looking at it like that, we prefer to see it as a piece of history that has been kept intact.

13. Get Inspired At Memphis Orpheum Theater

Sitting at the intersection of South Main and Beale Street is the glorious Orpheum Theater. This place, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, presents various forms of performing arts and aims to inspire those who want to pursue a career in the arts one day.

14. Explore Memphis Music Hall Of Fame And Learn Where Legends Are Born

It may not seem like the biggest or grandest building from the outside looking in, but that’s never been the point for a city like Memphis.

This destination honors all of those from the city of Memphis who have been able to make a real difference in the industry with the induction ceremony being held every year.

15. Try Ax Throwing

Ax throwing, obviously, comes across as a dangerous activity that we probably shouldn’t engage in unless we know what we’re doing. This is precisely why there are professionals waiting to teach you everything they know well, almost everything.

16. Meet Some Stunning Animals At Memphis Zoo

It makes a lot of sense for people to feel apprehensive about visiting a zoo due to the controversies that surround them, but for those who just want to see some beautiful animals outside of their natural habitat, the Memphis Zoo can teach many youngsters why it’s so vitally important to protect these species.

17. Relax At Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms Park stretches across 4,500 acres and serves as one of the biggest urban parks in the entire United States.

It’s a retreat away from the city chaos and has 40 miles worth of trails that can be explored. Plus, if you’re into your fishing, this is easily one of the top places to come.

18. Explore The Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum

Life is all about learning and growing as an individual and we can all stand to do that through a visit to the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum.

The antislavery movement was so powerful and while many of us wish it wasn’t true, it came in the wake of years of suffering for millions across the globe. Here, you can learn more about what happened and how the country has moved forward.

19. Watch A Baseball Game At Autozone Park

Everyone needs a good ballpark and that’s why we’re so happy to see that AutoZone Park is still going strong.

This Minor League stadium is home to the Memphis Redbirds of the Triple-A East and the Memphis 901 FC of the USL Championship, with the Redbirds actually being an affiliate team for the MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals.

20. Get Lost In Splendor At Memphis Botanic Garden

In our view, it’s near enough impossible not to appreciate nature on some level, which is why we’re absolutely in love with the Memphis Botanic Garden.

This 96-acre garden in Audubon Park is open to the public on a daily basis, giving you the opportunity to step back from everyday life and just have some peace.

21. Catch the Grizzlies at FedExForum

It’s hard not to get caught up in the romance of basketball, and that’s especially true when heading on down to FedEx Forum.

Whether it be the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA or the University of Memphis playing NCAA Division I, FedEx always lights up with fans giving their all to get behind the lads.

22. Experience Ziplining

The forest doors are open once again and the world can begin to flock back to some experiences that need to be seen in order to be believed.

At Go Ape, there are treetop adventures, ax throwing classes and even treetop journeys to be had high up in the trees – oh, and there’s always a fun zipline just waiting to be conquered.

23. Travel Through Time At Memphis Brooks M

There’s something so important about the diversity of culture and everything that comes with it, which is one of the reasons why we love the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art so much. It’s the oldest and largest art museum in the entire state of Tennessee with collections, programs, and exhibitions galore.

24. The Quaint Beauty Of The Victorian Village

Have you ever wanted to step back into the past and really feel the emotions of a generation gone by? Well then, do we have some good news! The Victorian Village is made up of 19th-century mansions, museums, and even music studios, blending together some of the very best elements of Memphis.

25. Explore Crystal Shrine Grotto

Those who have been and gone in this world deserve to be remembered, which is why we love the Crystal Shrine Grotto and Memorial Park.

This private cemetery actually plays host to the only man-made crystal cave on the planet in what can be viewed as an odd yet intriguing bragging point for the city.

26. Chill Out At The Beauty Shop Restaurant

The saying on the front windows is very simple: look good, eat well. The Beauty Shop restaurant is a really trendy spot in midtown Memphis with a shop that borrows from the 50s beauty-style extravaganza. It’s camp, it’s wonderful and you can sit below a hairdryer whilst planning out your meal.

27. Try Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

There are some great places to stop for a bite to eat in Memphis but few can hold a candle to the joy and history of Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a bit of this golden goodness with the deep-fried skin being made into the color of bourbon, with the kind of crunch that would make any punter weep.

28. Taste Jerry’s Snow Cones

They say they didn’t invent the snow cone, just the snow cone supreme – and we’re pretty fascinated to test the waters with it.

Between Jerry’s Snow Cones and the Burger Shack, there’s a whole lot to take in here with a big chunk of vibrancy to go along with it. They’re loud, they’re proud and they seem to make pretty darn good food.

29. Experience Malco Summer Drive-In

There’s a lot of fun to be had whenever attending the movie theatre, but it pales in comparison to the old-school vibes of a good drive-in.

Malco Summer Drive-In offers up multiple screens that blend together old classics with some mainstream hits that are airing right now. Plus, you can watch from the comfort of your own car – what’s not to love

30. Who Could Turn Down Central BBQ?

For all meat-eaters out there, you’re gonna want to pay attention to Central BBQ. This award-winning barbecue restaurant stems from the heart of Memphis and produces some of the best products out there on the market.

The secret ingredients are fantastic, the meat falls off the bone and we’re always left wanting more.

31. Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, Pure Fishing Excitement

The Memphis Pyramid is a remarkable feat of architecture and to this day stands tall as one of the best spots in the city.

Now, though, there’s a great lookout and dining point at the head of what is known as the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, and it’s more than worth your time.

32. Have A Drink At B.B. King’s Blues Club

Wanna learn more about the blues? Then there’s no better place to be than B.B. King’s Blues Club in good old Memphis, Tennessee. The soulful blues are there right alongside rock and roll and classic soul-making up all the ingredients necessary for one of the biggest and best nights of your trip



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