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32 Best & Fun Things to Do in West Covina (CA)


Government infrastructures, excellent educational arrangements, Health care facilities, classy Business places, top-notch shopping malls, and Plaza, quality transportation system, historical-cultural heritage,

notable landmarks and sites, sports & fitness centers, museums & galleries, and friendly and accommodating residents are some of the attractions you will find in West Covina CA.

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It is indeed a very unique place to be. 


In this article, we would be telling you 32 fun stuff and places to explore in West Covina so sit tight and enjoy.


Best And Fun Things To Do In West Covina

1. The Hollywood Bowl

In the Hollywood Hills, there is an amphitheater known as the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl has hosted a variety of spectacular live music performances in Southern California since its founding in 1922.

Apart from individual top-notch performances, exceptional performers who have come together as a team have put up grand productions that have been/are hosted in this theater.

The bandshell and famous pair of concentric arches that came through the ranks between 1929 and 2003 are the most distinguishing features of the Hollywood Bowl, which is located on a hillside.

However, in 2004, it was replaced with a larger one, and in 2011, it was awarded one of America’s top live music venues.

2. Ink Bombers

The Ink Bombers are an art company based in San Gabriel Valley, California, that was created in 2007.


The firm specializes in generating fantastic designs for any sector or demographic, whether local or global.

They provide expert design services that are based on fluid concepts and dynamic abilities. Visit their website to see their artwork, photography, drawings, and digital design.

3. Palm View Park

There is no denying that West Covina has a number of parks, but Palm View Park stands out from the others.

Baseball Fields, Children’s Play Areas, Community Centers, Fitness Zones, Picnic Tables, and Restrooms are among the amenities available.

The picnic tables, as well as the several planes parked in the park, are not overlooked.

4. Ancient Thai Massage and Spa

Ancient Thai Massage and Spa is one of the exciting things to do in West Covina, California.

Thai massage is a traditional healing approach that combines three techniques: acupressure, Ayurvedic principles from India, and aided yoga postures.

The Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine of the Thai Ministry of Public Health regulates this practice, which extends back thousands of years.

There are no oils or lotions in this, and if you’re looking to be discrete, they’ve got you covered. The patient wears loose, comfortable clothing and lies on a mat or hard mattress on the floor to get therapy.

5. Duarte Historical Museum

This museum is located on the city’s west side, and it’s a short drive from Duarte.

And tells the Story of ANDRES DUARTE’S LIFE. It takes you on a journey from his infancy to the present, covering everything from roadside architecture to companies, demographics, government, history, and industry in the area.

Expect a display of artifacts such as furniture, paintings, photographs, and wood (trees) in the museum, which makes it a great thing to do in West Covina, California for a fun history tour.

It’ll be a great addition to your list of things to do in West Covina CA if you enjoy a little history.

6. Hollywood Boulevard

Because Hollywood Boulevard is only a few miles from West Covina, you may include it on your list of things to see during your stay.

A historic street in Los Angeles that is home to several iconic landmarks. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Club dancing academy, several boutiques, museums, cafés, Paseo De La Fema, and the Kodak Theater may all be found there.

The final distinguishes the entertainment complexes of Hollywood and Highland. It’s usually a crowded spot, with a lot of tourists, and you might see some of your favorite celebs there.

7. Hurst Ranch Historical Center

A visit to Hurst Ranch Historical Center is one of the top things to do in West Covina.

The Hurst Ranch Historical Center, noted for its history, is a great place to learn while having fun. There is a museum that caters to people of all ages and is expertly constructed to provide all visitors with the unique experience they want.

Visitors can learn about old agricultural (100 years) and irrigation practices, as well as compare and contrast them to modern materials, procedures, and technologies.

Other side activities that the kids would like include exploring the agriculture fields and learning how butter is made.

8. Del Norte Park

The California Department of Parks and Recreation manages Del Norte Park, which is state-owned land. It is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and has natural trees that provide a beautiful sight.

It began with roughly 19 acres in 1925 and has since grown to 31,261 acres.

This is a great area to spend some quality time outdoors with loved ones while taking in the scenery.

Visit the park for a once-in-a-lifetime experience; it’s one of the best things to do in West Covina.

9. The Taylor House

Taylor’s Craft was founded in 1912 and is located in Heritage Park. The house is a farmhouse that has survived for almost a century, having been passed down through several families and individuals until

being restored to its historical beauty in the neighborhood.

It’s a craftsman home influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement. As a result, it is open to the public, and the materials used in its construction are found locally. A visit to this location would be fascinating.

10. Big League Dreams

Big League Dreams is the nation’s leading operator and developer of recreational sports facilities.

The park is a public-private partnership that includes a reproduction of major league soccer baseball teams such as the Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Angels, Dodgers, and, of course, the New York Yankees.

While the stadium hosts baseball and softball events (as well as an indoor soccer area), admission to the venue is free throughout the day. I’m sure you had no idea.

So, why not get a sense of what it’s like to be in a sporting environment for yourself?

11. Bowlero West Covina Lanes

Brunswick West Covina Lanes is the best bowling alley in the entire city of West Covina. There are a whopping 50 bowling lanes available at the center from which to choose.

There are nine pool tables, a snack bar, and banquet services available (to help combat hunger).

Aside from bowling, there are 56 lanes, an arcade, an on-site pro shop, a sports bar, private lanes, private rooms, a lounge area, and wheelchair access.

12. The Cove

The Cove, which opened in 1953, is a haven for classic, contemporary, and creative drinks.

Perfectly made cocktails to fuel your body and restore your sense of vitality and energy. Under their softly lighted, low-key space arena, you can hang out with your buddies or acquaintances.

As a result, if you’re wondering what to do in West Covina at night, Cove Cocktail is the ideal option.

13. Serenity Zen: Massage & Reflexology

Do you want to get a massage while you’re in West Covina? Then there’s Serenity Zen, which is one of the top things to do in West Covina for a relaxing day.

They consider massage treatment to be a significant part of their lives. It’s a form of therapy once your mind is open!

Serenity Zen’s environment is designed to let you relax completely. Foot Reflexology, Body Massages, and Combinations are just a few of the services offered.

14. Foothill Transit

Foothill Transit provides high-quality, award-winning public transportation that is also environmentally friendly.

They have a lot of innovation and very clean buses that are driven by kind and punctual drivers.

When you’re in West Covina, use Foothill Transit for reliable and flexible travel inside the city.

15. Magical Playground

The Magical Playground is a location for kids in the West Covina neighborhood to have fun.

This playground is entirely indoors, making it ideal for children of all ages, including toddlers and babies.

The facility is well-equipped with a range of toys for the children to play with, as well as side attractions such as a bouncing home, which the kids love, and a multicolored caste system setup for additional entertainment.

Even on a wet day, the Magical Playground is the ideal location for your child’s birthday party.

16. Emanate Health Family Medicine

Lab services (cholesterol tests and other blood work), mental health counseling, pediatric care (well-child checkups and vaccines), physical examinations, preventive care, well-woman care, and other treatments are available to people of all ages (gynecological exams, prenatal care, maternity services) at Emanate Health Family Medicine.

For any health-related service in West Covina, you can always make an appointment by contacting them.

17. Juice n’ Bowls

Juice n’ Bowls has the greatest Acai Bowls, Juice Bars, and Smoothies in town. Both pick-up and delivery options are available to the customer.

Because their menus are smaller, you can expect your meals to arrive fresh. This philosophy promotes simplicity and allows the corporation to select higher-quality ingredients that do not need to be kept in the refrigerator or on a shelf for long periods of time.

Furthermore, this business has deliberately integrated the idea of providing a gift with the convenience of money transfer.

Money can be sent by purchasing gift cards with the recommendation that the receiver use it at Juice n’ Bowls, and the recipient redeems it.

18. West Covina Christian Church

A neighborhood church in the center of West Covina, in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. With the goal of connecting individuals to one another and ultimately to God.

The people who work there are really passionate about preaching God’s word and raising awareness of the fact that He is the most important thing in our lives, churches, and communities.

19. BurgerIM

BurgerIM is the place to go if you’re looking for American or Traditional Burgers or Sandwiches around town.

Outdoor seating, delivery, takeout, sit-down dining, and curbside pickup are just a few of the services offered.

Today, at BurgerIM, give yourself, your family, and your loved ones a wonderful treat.

20. The Agency

Are you in West Covina on business or do you anticipate the need for a real estate agency in the future?

“The Agency, LLC” has been in business in the city for over 12 years and is ready to assist you.

They are a full-service financial center and lifestyle company that represents its clients across the country in a variety of areas, including income tax, audit protection, and credit rehabilitation.

It is a corporation with a recognized license in tax, real estate, and debt relief services, as well as proofs and results from a variety of client testimonials.

21. Bronco’s Grill

Bronco’s Grill is one of the top restaurants in West Covina for a peaceful meal featuring the best of Mexican seafood.

This is a great area to meet up with friends or loved ones for a drink, a football game, or a romantic outing.

Bronco’s Grill is always ready to serve you since they open early in the morning and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner until late at night.

22. Dang Paddles

Dang Paddles provides absolute wooden designs in the most beautiful method you could possibly imagine.

Established in 2012 with the sole purpose of offering the highest quality handmade paddles to Greek groups. They’ve gone ahead and done it, designing their paddles professionally with symmetry in mind.

I was curious about the progress made, and I was told that this concept had gained traction due to popular demand from family, friends, and the Greek community.

23. Cameron Park Recreation Center

One of the top-rated recreation centers in the state of California. The Cameron Park Recreation Center, with its cutting-edge facilities, is unquestionably at the top of its game.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the center’s facilities. The first is the Gymnasium, which can accommodate approximately 200 people in one sitting. This gorgeous gymnasium hosts a variety of sports such as basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, and more.

24. Galster Wilderness Park

Galster Wilderness Area is a 42-acre wilderness park in West Covina’s downtown Tanglewood. It is one of the nicest natural outdoor sites in the United States, with green walkways and lofty trees.

The park’s numerous trails and tracks make it an excellent place for trekking and nature hikes. You can even rest under the towering green trees while on the “sight-seeing” tour. There are even some ghost stories told by lone wanderers late at night, which I’m sure you’d want to investigate.

In addition to the beautiful views of the surroundings, the park also houses a museum and an educational center. Volunteers with extensive knowledge of minerals, animals, and indigenous fossils can be found here.

25. Water Lantern Festival

Water lanterns are a sort of lamp that floats on the water’s surface and originated in India. The lantern and its attendant ceremony, the Water Lantern Festival, were later introduced to East Asia, Southeast Asia, and America by Buddhism.

The festival is said to be very inspiring to the human spirit.

It is celebrated by family, friends, and strangers alike all around the world, and it is an unforgettable event each time.

This celebration, which is sometimes celebrated late at night, emotionally unifies a large number of people from all walks of life, regardless of background, age, or discipline.

Your sailing lanterns are thought to be conveying messages of hope, love, healing, peace, dreams, and connection. There’s also a connection with the water.

This should be on your list of things to do in West Covina.

26. Plaza West Covina

Plaza West Covina is the greatest place to visit in the neighborhood if you want to do some shopping in West Covina.

This is a shopping mall in West Covina that is owned and managed by Starwood Capital Group. It has some of the best-shopping outlets for getting the best of items.

There are up to 185 shopping outlets in this mall, including stores, restaurants, boutiques, gyms, and much more.

Tour some of the mall’s main retailers, including Best Buy, XXI Forever, JCPenney, Nordstrom Rack, and Gold’s Gym.

When you’re done shopping, head to the food court on the second level, which has food and drink kiosks as well as restaurants where you can relax and have a delicious meal.

27. The Lakes Mall

In the year 2001, in the city of Muskegon, Michigan, lake mall was founded and opened. Namdar owns and manages the mall, which was developed by CBL & Associates Properties.

In just one story, this incredible edifice houses over 60 merchants and over 100 stores! It has become the city’s most popular shopping destination, surpassing the Muskegon Mall, and houses major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Men’s Wearhouse, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

28. Cortez Park

Relaxation should be prioritized in one’s daily routine. The explanation is simple: if you overload your system, it will most likely fail. The time may be approaching sooner rather than later, necessitating the need for some decent chills.

Cortez Park is a well-known park in West Covina because of its distinctively branded services. It’s hard to top the traditional environment combined with fun activities in various regions of the park.

29. Glendora Historical Society Museum

The Glendora Historical Society Museum (GHS) was founded in 1947 and is located approximately 15 minutes outside of West Covina. The museum is headquartered in Glendora and is a privately funded nonprofit institution.

They have been in the duty position of assisting in the preservation of the people’s tradition and history, as their motto “Preserving Our Heritage” suggests.

30. Boba Tea Lounge

The Boba Tea has multi-colored bubbles adorning the top, making it appealing not only to the eye but also to the palate. The tea is available in a variety of exquisite milk tea blends, all of which are loaded with bob classic tapioca pearls.

If you want to try this tea for yourself, go to Boba Tea Lounge in West Covina.

31. Catalina Island

The rocky island of Santa Catalina is located about 47 kilometers southwest of Long Beach, California.

The island has a number of significant historical stories to tell, including one, I believe. The island has had people living on it for about 7,000 years. However, there is a mix of territorial claims to the island among certain nations as part of the story.

The island’s Mediterranean climate invites visitors throughout the year. Though the summer (which is the warmest season in Catalina) draws the most visitors. Business places, to say the least, are unaffected by the weather; they are always open, and you may visit the island at any time of year.

32. Raging Waters

Near Los Angeles County, California, Raging Waters is a series of three water theme parks in Sacramento, San Dimas, and San Jose.

It was founded on June 18, 1983, by Palace Entertainment, and was named California’s largest water park in 2011.

The three parks are usually closed during the winter, but they have all of the distinctive attractions. Aqua Rocket, Amazon Adventure, Bermuda Triangle, Dark Hole, Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror, Dragon’s Den,

DropOut, FlowRider, High Extreme, Neptune’s Fury, Ragin’ Racer, Splash Island Adventure, Vortex, and the Wave Cove are just a few of the attractions. The majority of these attractions are water slides.


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