32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Ventura (CA)


San Buenaventura popularly known as Ventura is a city in California that is perfect for a vacation or weekend getaway for you and your loved ones.

You’ll love its stunning nature views, this city is between the Santa Clara River and the Ventura River.

Would you like to know the best and most fun things you can do in Ventura during your visit? 

This guide provides the 32 best things in Ventura, California that will ensure you have fun and be fully engaged during your vacation here.


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32 Best And Fun Things to Do in Ventura, CA.

1. Ventura Harbor Village

This is a place in Ventura where you can have a good view of the ocean as you eat the best seafood in town.

 Venture Harbor Village will give you the best ocean activities, the most delicious meals, and the most fun activities.

You can take a tour of Channels Island, explore Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center, do a little shopping at the oceanside retail shops, and play volleyball, anyone you choose will keep you thoroughly engaged.

This is a great place to bring your family and loved ones for vacation and your children can participate in the pet costume contest which comes up every year in October.

2. Mission San Buenaventura

Mission San Buenaventura has a historic and turbulent past but it’s now known as a Catholic Church.


If you visit here, you’ll see a lot of artworks, religious objects, artifacts, and also an 1809 altar.

You should also visit the spectacular garden for peaceful relaxation.

You can take a tour with one of the deacons to get history and information about the mission.

3. Museum of Ventura County

The Museum of Ventura County contains a collection of objects gathered from across Chumash, historical objects from Mexico and Spanish history 

This museum preserves the history and culture of Ventura County by hosting events and exhibitions, they also preserve historic artifacts.

 You’ll see over 30,000 artworks and objects from artists like Jessie Arms Botke, John Nava, Beatrice Wood, Omar DeLeon, and more.

A visit to this art museum should be on your checklist of fun places in Ventura.

4. Ventura Pier and Promenade

A popular place in Ventura for tourists to visit is the Ventura Pier and Promenade.

The Pier was built to preserve the memory of American Agriculture, the oil industry as well as the construction industry, and is known as the longest pier in America.

It’s a perfect place for you to admire the sunset and the oceans, go fishing, or see the coastlines and channel Island.

There are benches on the pier to sit around, and a playground for your children to have fun in Ventura.

5. Ventura Botanical Gardens

You can pay a visit to the Ventura Botanical Gardens to have the best day in Ventura, and it’s just behind Ventura City Hall.

You can take a walk through this garden or go hike and have a view of the ocean.

You should bring your camera along so you can take beautiful flora pictures.

You can take a walk through the landmark of this botanical garden, Serra Cross, and you can get a good view of Ventura.

This is a perfect place to visit in Ventura for a fun vacation day.

6. Surfers Point Beach

 Surfers Point Beach is a beach following the Ventura River and a habitat of many bird species.

You can surf through the curly waves, kate board, windsurf, or host a picnic with your children at this beach.

To host a fun picnic here, you can use any of the picnic tables on this beach, and take a walk on the water, or swim.

This is one of the best things to do in Ventura.

7. Serra Cross Park

One of the many Ventura tourist attractions you should see during your visit is the Serra Cross Park.

It was a city that was converted to a park in this area in remembrance of the Serra cross.

You can find a good spot to watch the sunset and the oceans while you enjoy the stunning view of the Ventura.

8. Emma Wood State Beach

If you want to go surfing or swimming, another place to visit for this in Ventura is Emma Wood State Beach.

A lot of people come here due to do many activities, so it’s a good place to meet up with the locals here.

You can engage in fishing and see wildlife animals like dolphins, great blue herons, raccoons, and songbirds.

You should bring your camera, and take pictures of the WWII ruins.

This exploration is one of the fun things you can do during your stay in Ventura.

9. Rubicon Theatre Company

If you want entertainment during your stay in Ventura, you can visit the Rubicon Theatre Company.

This theater provides educative entertainment to locals, visitors, and tourists through theater performance, special events, educative programs, and their annual festival.

 You can watch their performances at their main stage in downtown Ventura.

10. Island Packers

To have the best vacation in Ventura, you should add a trip to the Island Packers to your checklist of things to do in Ventura.

The Island Packers will take you on a tour through the Channel Islands on their luxurious cruisers.

The tour will take you around the five islands of Ventura, and you’ll get to see different species of plants and animals.

Island packers are popularly known to give the best tours through Channel Island, so you will get all the information on this tour.

11. Ventura to Ojai Paved Bike Path

You can go on a bike tour around Ventura during your vacation.

You can go on an evening exploration of this city and bike through the paved Bike Paths, this is a very easy thing to do even if you aren’t a professional at riding bikes.

You can ride to the city Ojai popularly called Shangri-La which has a natural beauty and is dedicated to spirituality and healthy well-being. 

The Bike trail to this city from Ventura is on a railway line, so you’ll pass some industrial areas, Foster park, and get a good view of the city from the top.

You can also go through the Sulphur Road but if you get tired you can just head on to Ojai on this path.

At Ojai, rest and chill before sightseeing, and riding back to Ventura.

12. Ventura Food Tours

For a fun activity in Ventura, you can take a food tour eating some of the best dishes Ventura has to offer.

During the food tour, you’ll eat Polynesian foods, delicious fish tacos, pastrami, Nepalese delights, biscuits, and chocolates.

The Ventura food tour can take up to three hours because you’ll stop at some of the best meal spots in Ventura.

All you just have to do is to book a ticket and the Ventura Food Tour group will guide you through the best Ventura delicacies. 

For foodies, this is just perfect to add to your list of what to do in Ventura.

13. Surf Brewery

If you are a beer lover, then you have to visit Surf Brewery in Ventura which serves the best of beers in California.

On a Saturday, you can visit their tasting room to enjoy your beer with a live music band in the background.

You’ll love the interior decoration covered with surf, famous surfboards, and beer.

You can bring food or buy it from food trucks around the Brewery during your visit.

14. Lake Casitas Recreation Area

A good recreational spot to visit during your vacation in Ventura is Lake Casitas, this lake is one of Ventura’s tourist attractions site.

You can come here with your family and loved ones for camping as there are many camping spots here.

You can engage in activities like hiking, biking, golfing, or spotting wildlife animals like mountain lions, deer, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, and many other animals.

Spending time in this recreational center is one of the fun things you can do in Ventura on a weekend getaway.


15. Lure Fish House

The Lure Fish House serves delicious fish meals here in Ventura and the daily menu differs based on the fresh catch of the day.

You can get a meal here to start up your day, with California wines, cocktails, and charbroiled fish, you’ll be fit to start a tour around Ventura that day.

You’ll love the conducive atmosphere with good lighting, a high ceiling, a lively arena, and a stocked bar.


16. Visit Four Brix Winery

Four Brix Winery is known for its special wine blends and is located at the center of Ventura.

You’ll get to taste the best wine blends that cut across several flavors like Zeductive, Smitten, Scosso, Temptress, and Rhondezvous wine.

You should also attend events hosted here such as Concerts, Food Friday, Blend Parties, and Pizza Nights.

This should be added to your list of fun things to do in Ventura because you’ll truly have a wonderful time at the Winery.

17. Cafe Fiore

For the best Italian food and culture in Ventura, you should visit Cafe Fiore during your stay in Ventura.

You’ll get to order Italian meals like hand-rolled pizzas, house-made tortellaci, and porchetta while enjoying live music in their Treehouse Lounge

This place is worth visiting and should be added to your checklist of fun things to do in Ventura.

18. Pete’s Breakfast House Restaurant

For a nice breakfast during your stay in Ventura, you can go to Pete’s Breakfast House Restaurant, a popular diner in Ventura.

Pete’s restaurant has a dinner that will leave you feeling cheerful as soon as you walk in for a filling breakfast.

You can order breakfasts like their local eggs, baked biscuits, veggies and fruits, and corned beef which will leave you wanting for more.

If you’ll still like to visit this restaurant during the lunch period, you’ll get served some House specialties.

19. Himalaya Restaurant

For  India, Tibet, and Nepal meals in Ventura, you can visit the popular Himalaya Restaurant.

You’ll get to enjoy flavored dishes which are strongly influenced by Chinese and Indian delicacies like pakoras and naan spices with the best mix of spices and delicious yak meat.

You’ll love the interior wall decoration with Nepalese and Tibetan artworks while enjoying your meal in the Nepalese culture.

The Himalaya restaurant is a perfect spot to add to your checklist of things to do in Venture with your loved ones and explore new cultures and delicacies.

20. Marina Park

Marina Park is opposite the Ventura Harbor Village and it’s a friendly tourist attraction park in Ventura.

You can visit this park with your children in Ventura because it has a lot of space to play and you can go fishing or have a good view of the Harbor.

You can also visit Sotter’s Point in the park, to watch boats coming from the ocean to Ventura Harbor.

21. Channels Islands National Park

The Channels Islands National Park is a nice place for you and your family to enjoy nature without the stress of the mainland.

Channels island which is surrounded by water is one of Ventura’s tourist attraction spots.

Channels islands cover the Anacapa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, and San Miguel Islands.

You’ll need to board the ferry of the Island Packers to get to this island but arrange your backpack properly for camping or hiking.

You should pay a visit to the Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center, to get a perfect guide for exploring these areas.

 22. Historic Dudley House Museum

One of the historic places in Ventura and a perfect trip to add to your list of top things is a visit to the Dudley House Museum.

This historic farmhouse is on the list of the 35 historic places in Ventura and you’ll get a glimpse of the Dudley family world. 

You can take a tour on the first Sunday of the month to the north section, where you’ll see an event center, visitor center, and a beautiful garden with over 100 species of plants.

There are free tours here every first Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm, and you can also make donations.

23. Ventura Raceway

The Ventura Raceway is a race track of about 1/5 mile located in the Ventura Fairgrounds.

You can watch high sprint cars speed the raceway and also learn how to drive sprint cars.

You should attend the motorcycle events hosted every month which bring some pro racers to this raceway.

A tour of the Ventura Raceway should be on your list of fun things you can do in Ventura.

24. Spencer Makenzie’s Fish

The Spencer Makenzie’s Fish in Ventura serves the best fish taco and burrito in all of California.

This restaurant menu offers the best homemade salsas and sauces, fish dishes, and daily chowder.

For an unforgettable experience at this restaurant, you can order their shrimp and battered fish.

This should be on your checklist of the best things to do during your stay in Ventura.

25. Olivas Adobe

Olivas Adobe is one of the historical places in Ventura that you should visit during your stay in Ventura.

This area of land was owned by Don Raimundo Olivas Lorenzana’s family and the adobe was constructed over time.

Olivia’s Adobe is a two-story adobe joined with other smaller adobe that housed the Olivas servants.

You can take a tour any day through the adobe which is now part of Ventura’s park, and its large beautiful gardens.

26. Old Creek Ranch & Winery

Old Creek Ranch and Winery covers 22,000 acres of land and is currently managed by the Holguin family.

You can visit the Old Creek Ranch & Winery to have a relaxing time in its guest area or a picnic with your loved ones.

You could also participate in activities like playing the corn hole game, strolling the pathways, and taking beautiful pictures of the beautiful Ojai Valley.

It’s a place to spend time and one of the best things you can do in Ventura.

27. Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center

As a visitor to Ventura, to start your tour of this area you should visit the Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center.

You’ll get the necessary guide through this city, and souvenirs, and your questions about Ventura will be answered by professional guides.

You’ll see exhibits displayed in the center of each island, a bookstore, and an aquatic section, and you can watch “A Treasure in the Sea” movie which is quite engaging.

You can visit any time of the day except on the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

28. Leashless Brewing

Leashless Brewing is a certified brewery company situated in downtown Ventura.

When you visit downtown Ventura for fun activities from the various beaches, motels, and hotels, also visit Leashless Brewing to enjoy some nicely brewed drinks.

You’ll also enjoy the best live music in Ventura, as well as meals from a food truck, and fun events such as fundraisers to live music, events, and artist showcase.

29. Antique Adventures LLC

For the best antique shopping experience during your stay in Ventura, you can go to Antique Adventures.

You’ll get different kinds of antiques ranging from handcrafted items to modern and rustic furniture.

You can find different collections from various vendors so you’ll get to pick objects to remember your visit to Ventura.

30. The Ventura County Wine Trail

During your stay in Ventura, you can go on a fun wine tour with the Ventura County Wine Trail.

This tour takes you to the best Ventura wineries, hotels, restaurants, sailing, and shopping, all on a trail.

You’ll get a map of everywhere the tour covers and you’ll surely see beautiful, new areas in Ventura while having fun.

A wine tour is one of the fun things to do while you stay in Ventura and the Ventura County Wine Trail is your perfect guide.

 31. The Ventura Theatre

Ventura Theatre is a building in Ventura just a short walk from the Santa Barbara valley that you should not miss during your stay in Ventura.

Inside the theater, you’ll experient the best band of acoustic music in Ventura.

If you love good music, then this should be on your checklist of the best and most fun things to do in Ventura.

32. Ventura City Hall

The Ventura City Hall is a historic landmark in Ventura that you should visit while you stay in Ventura, your visit won’t be complete without a visit here too.

This place used to be known as the County Courthouse and is listed as one of the historic places in Ventura.

You can attend the events held in this city hall or just take a tour of the area to view its remarkable architecture.

You can also host an event here during your stay because the city hall is available for renting out.

Planning A Trip to Ventura, CA

Ventura, CA provides a lot of fun activities for you to do on a weekend or for a month during your stay that will keep you engaged.

You can visit the San Buenaventura state beach, Ventura Botanical Gardens, and Ventura Pier, to get a stunning view of the ocean.

Start planning your trip now and use this guide to create a checklist of the best and most fun things to do, ensuring your vacation in Ventura is fun-filled.


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