32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Montana


The city of Montana is a natural beauty that offers visitors opportunities for outdoor adventure like hiking, biking, camping, ziplining, and many others.

There have been misconceptions about the city of Montana which is it has nothing to offer besides its mountains but that is not true. The city has grown to become a tourist attraction.

When you visit Montana, whether you are on a vacation or just for a courtesy several top recreational spots will appeal to your interest ranging from the Yellow National Park which attracts visitors from every part of the world to the Glacier National Park, the world-class ski resorts and many other recreational centers.

We are going to be exploring the different top recreational activities in Montana, follow carefully as we do so.

1. Glacier National Park


One can never learn of the beauty of this place except when you visit and see the place for yourself. Trekking through the mountain heights is one of the most interesting things to do.


This place is hailed as the hiker’s paradise, which offers the best views as far as your eyes can see. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, it is one of the best places to watch the sunrise.

You would love to fill your scrapbook with beautiful pictures, take as many as you can.

2. Montana State Capitol

This is one of the nicest places to visit in Montana, it is one of the most famous places, with many exciting activities.

When you visit, take tours to marvel at the artwork and artifacts and participate in scavenger hunts. This place features many tourists attractions in the form of restaurants, shops, museums, and theatres.

3. Montana Grizzly Encounter

This center is a home for rescued grizzlies and a place where you can learn more about the bears.


it is exciting and interesting to watch them move around in the comfort of their confinement.

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4. Big Sky Resort

This is a beautiful place located in the Southwestern region of Montana which occurs about 6,000 acres of land space. This is the biggest resort in the United States and one of the top tourist attractions in Montana. 

Some of the features of this beautiful resort include seven terrain parks with different levels of slopes for snowboarding and skiing.

The resort also has Summer activities such as horse riding, Mountain biking, paintball, and many others. The resort also has space for conference meetings, weddings, and birthdays.

5. Grant Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site

This is a ranch that is devoted to the cattle industry which started as far back as 1862 and presently it is existing as a living history ranch.

This ranch offers tours on its premises and there is a hiking trail that is as long as seven miles, visiting allows you to know more about the ranch.

6. McGinnis Meadows Ranch

This is a functional cattle ranch and a guest ranch located in Northwest Montana. This ranch offers to teach Buck Brannaman’s style of horsemanship to both learners and experienced riders.

The ranch also offers interesting outdoor activities like hiking, Mountain biking, as well as fishing from a personal deck, and many more activities that will appeal to your interest.

7. Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

This is one of the many interesting places in Montana, the facilities in this Center include an education space, a theatre, and a store.

The museum often features interactive displays and exhibitions, there are also introductory videos shown by the theatre, you can start from there when you visit.

8. American Computer and Robotics Museum

This is a museum that is located in Bozeman which is devoted to the history of artificial intelligence, computers, communication, and Robotics. 

When you visit, you have the opportunity to see the biggest world computing history artifacts assembly. There is also an opportunity for visitors to carry out research.

9. Museum of the Rockies

This museum is popularly known for its paleontological collection, this museum is located in Bozeman.

In this museum, you will see the largest skull of a Tyrannosaurus to ever be identified. Also, some exhibits relate to the culture and history of the Rocky Mountain region across a period of more than 500 million years. There are lots of things to learn when you get to this museum.

10. Museum of the Mining

This is a museum in Montana dedicated to protecting the mining history.

Here in this museum, you will still find some of the mine’s original structures. The museum also has an underground exhibit that gives the same experience as the miners that lived and worked in the 1860s. 

11. Yellowstone National Park

This is the most famous of Montana’s attractions, it is a place where you can find so many fun-filled activities that the experience can never be forgotten in a hurry.

The park features activities like hiking, camping, and horse riding in the summer. During winter you can have fun skiing.

12. Rimrock Mall

This is the largest mall in the state, this is where you can find luxury fashion boutiques as well as a cheap kiosk for jewelry and body art.

There are lots of things you can do in the mall like getting your nails done or your dog grooming, you can visit the theatre and watch exciting movies, you can enjoy a meal at the court, you can get a check-up at the medical center.

13. Montana Chocolate Company

This is an old-fashioned chocolate company that produces handcrafted chocolates. It is located in the tiny, sleepy mountain town of Stevensville.

Here you can get delicious creamy chocolates, you can also purchase other things like Montana-themed souvenirs such as mugs, magnets, T-shirts as well as locally made jewelry and crafts.

14. Hyalite Canyon

The Canyon is a beauty to see both day and night, its natural environment is intriguing. 

The views at night are breathtaking, this place is the best when it comes to stargazing. There are a lot of recreational activities here in Canyon like biking, camping, hiking, and the lake offers canoeing and fishing opportunities.

15. Pictograph Cave State Park

This place has been existing for the past 2000 years, the sight of this photograph cave will leave you in total amazement.

You will have to walk through a mountain trail to get to the top of this mountain, when you arrive you will be greeted by beautiful birds and reptiles. I am sure you will need your camera so do come with one.

16. Flathead Lake

This is a top vacation spot and it is only accessible by boat.

This place is also called the wild horse island, it was a place where indigenous tribes used to breed their mares and stallions to keep them from being stolen.

This place also offers lots of exciting outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, hiking, sailing, camping, and picnicking.

17. Western Heritage Center

This is an example of the best things that are free, it offers numerous events and activities at minimal or no cost.

They carry out a host of exhibitions which includes the indigenous culture of Montana and women ranchers. You can take a walk through the halls to admire its beauty or you can sign up for a lecturer tour.

18. Boiling River

Though it is called the boiling river it is hundred percent hot, it is known for its dual temperature it can be hot sometimes and it can also become ice cold.

The river features swimming and tubing, boating is not allowed in the River. To get to this river you have to hike it, so be prepared.

19. Bison Range

This is an iconic symbol of the west, which covers approximately 18,000 acres of land space in Northwestern foothills and grasslands.

When you visit you have the opportunity to see free-roaming bison and this is a rare opportunity. There are also a few walking trails, visit this place today and be part of this great adventure.

20. Great Falls Farmers Market

This is not like any other traditional market, it is more like a month-long festival.

This market-like festival is held from June to September every year, where you can purchase any kind of product as there are varieties on display. There are also flowers, crafts, and jewelry on display.

21. Earthquake Lake

In 1959, an earthquake struck the sleepy city of Southern Montana, which they did not expect.

You can visit Quake Lake where the remains of the city can be found, you will learn more about this historic quake that rocked the city.

22. Lewis and Clark Brewing Center

If you would love to have a taste of fresh frothy beer, do well to visit the Lewis and Clark Brewing Center.

Aside from offering beer with a unique taste, they also play host to block parties, music festivals, and taproom events.

23. Montana Snowbowl

If you are looking for a place to have a nice time, visit Montana Snowbowl where you will have a fun-filled experience.

This is a beautiful ski lodge where the snow is always fresh and powdery and their cabins are filled with warmth from the fireplace. It is an exciting place to visit.

24. Castle City Ghost Town

If you like to visit an attraction with a bit of dark and spooky glamour, Castle City Ghost Town should be your next destination.

Visitors can tour the city to have a glimpse of its old architecture and rusted vehicles. It is rumored that this city is haunted, this is what makes it an adventure.

25. Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa

If you want a place to relax and calm your nerves, this is the right place for you.

Chico Resort is a place you can be even without lodging. You will enjoy all the amenities available like the natural mineral spring pools which spring with cold air from the mountain. It is a good place for weddings, honeymoons, vacations, and destination getaways.

26. Havre Beneath the Streets

This is a subterranean street that lies beneath the unassuming surfaces of the modern-day street.

A tour of Havre Beneath the Street is one of the coolest things to do, it is an interesting thing to do.

27. C.M Russell Museum

This is a museum that boasts several architectural exhibitions, it makes for one of the most fun things to do.

The museum offers interesting knowledge that will be of help much later.

28. Zoo Montana

This is a wildlife park that boasts more than 58 species of wildlife, it offers exciting tours through the trails available.

You would love to see the various species of wildlife in this park, it is a fun thing to do.

29. Beaverhead Deerlodge  National Forest

This is a very large forest reserve, it occupies 3.3 million acres of land space so when so come prepared for a long trip.

As expected of a large reserve, it has plenty of fun activities. You can decide to swim, and fish, and also you can take a walk or a ride through the reserve to have a glimpse of its natural environment.

30. St. Ignatius Mission

This is an architectural masterpiece, one of its kind.

This building features a high ceiling and beautiful stained glass, and the sight of this building will leave you in total amazement.

31. Yellowstone Big Gun Fun

This is a unique and fun-filled activity, which unleashes the cowboy spirit in you.

Here you have the opportunity to see a shooting arena where you can find guns like Ak-47 and M-4. They also offer guided shooting lessons and you also have the opportunity to watch their staff display their shooting abilities, it promises to be so much fun.

32. Virginia Falls

This is one of the amazing things in Montana, its sight will leave you in total Amazement.

It is a multi-tiered waterfall that is beautiful and powerful, it is located in Glacier National Park. You have to hike to reach the waterfall, it is worth the stress.

The city of Montana though not a very big city offers lots of fun-filled activities, and even though it is full of mountains it is still a beauty to behold.

What to do for fun should not be your problem at this point because this article has given you so many options. All you need to do is make plans to visit the city of Montana today and explore the beauty and richness of the city.


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