32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Galway (Ireland).


Many of us love traveling. Generally, we’re always on the search to find the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. 

Galway is an exhilarating city that needs to be on your Ireland travel guidebook. There are so many tremendous activities to do in Galway (and epic day trips) that will suit everyone.


As the only central city on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, Galway has a bunch to offer those who like to stray from the beaten path.

It is a fussing hub for traditional music and tourists can find tons of cozy pubs and bars to enjoy this uniquely Irish artform.


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In this article, I’ll be listing the 32 Best and most fun activities you can indulge in whenever you visit Galway, Ireland.

1 . Galway Atlantaquaria, National Aquarium of Ireland:

Atlantaquaria is home to the country’s substantial exhibition of native fish varieties.

Atlantaquaria strives to display sea life in a way that it’s as intimate as possible to its natural environment. It has a combination of incredible exhibits that are both intriguing and educational.

A visit to Galway aquarium enables you to see a feeding session of these creatures. Atlantaquaria should be on your bucket list whenever you visit Galway.

2 . Explore Eyre Square:

You can’t visit Galway and not take a trip to Eyre Square. The newly modernized city center park has several marts and corporations as well as the city’s tourist information headquarters.

While there, be sure to explore the square’s memorable monuments including the John.F. Kennedy memorial, the statue of Pádraic Ó Conaire, and the Browne Doorway.

 For those who love history, Eyre Square Shopping Center has surviving districts of the city’s medieval walls which are certainly worth a glimpse.

3. A Trip To Barna Woods:

This is a conservation area with native and non-native broadleaf trees for nature lovers. There is an abundance of historic zones there including a holy well, and a mass rock which was utilized for outdoor sacred duties.

The holy well was excavated in the 5th,-century when St. Edna was praying and a well sprung up.

Annually, pilgrimages are held to throw a penny into the well.

4. Watch the sunset over Galway Bay:

Galway Bay is satisfactorily explored gradually with sufficient time to take in the extraordinary sunsets, picturesque villages, and biological beauty of the vicinity. 

5. Exploring The Wormhole:

The Wormhole, also known as  “Poll na bPéist” to the natives, is an outstanding hangout spot on the largest of the Aran Islands, Inishmore.

It was one of the scenes for the 2017 Red Bull Cliff Diving Series which saw athletes from around the world tossing themselves into it from great pinnacles.

The naturally formed perfectly rectangular pool is sustained by underground tunnels from the ocean.

On a quiet day, tourists can be seen swimming in the hole though this is probably appealing to courageous explorers only.

6. Black Rock Diving Tower:

Blackrock Diving Tower can be found at Blackrock Beach at the end of Salthill Promenade. 

In the summer months, it is a notable destination for swimming and an incredible place to take a dip.

7. Listoke Gin School:

During a tour in Galway, for an unusual adventure, why not try to prearrange into Ireland’s only gin school. 

After a preliminary gin, take a cruise of the Listoke Distillery where the award-winning Listoke 1777 gin is manufactured. This adventure enables you to see the botanicals used in the gin’s proceeds and the spectrum of various sized stills.

Take a gin-making class where you will select your ingredients and flavorings.

Relish food and supplementary sips while you linger for your gin to distill. this is a must-visit for gin-lovers

8. Bus Tours:

There is no more promising manner to see the city than on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. 

Strike all the primary sceneries in the city and get the lay of the land on these instructive tours.

Listen to audio exposition as you pass by Galway’s most significant climacteric and landmarks including Galway Cathedral, Salthill Promenade, and the Spanish Arch.

Get on and off as many times as you like and scour the city at your own pace.

 These bus tours give an excellent mixture of flexibility and good significance.

9. Dunguaire Castle:

The picturesque Dunguaire Castle was built in the early 16th-century by the O’Hynes Clan. 

It has been used as a movie set in the past, with actors such as Kurt Russell and Roger Mooseveralits walls.

Tourists can take a steered tour of the castle and find out its thrilling past for themselves or relish a four-course meal in the medieval tradition.

10. Latin Quarter:

Tourists who are looking for vigorous pubs and intriguing shops, look no further than the city’s Latin Quarter. Here you’ll discover a series of distinct stores selling clothing, jewelry, pottery, and food items as well as several theaters and entertainment venues.

The choice of eateries is huge with a range of local and international flavors available. This small portion of the city has no less than 18 bars so you’ll be sure to find one that meets your taste. DefiCheck the Latin Quarter while you’re in Galway.

11.  A visit To Doolin :

The district is saturated with memorable buildings and sights. The epic cliff-top strides are one of the prominent attractions in the area.

Tourists can also explore the Doolin Cave and its enormous stalactites which extend up to 70 feet below the ground. 

12. Connemara National Park:

The area has an excess of bird species to spot including skylarks, robins, sparrowhawks, and kestrels.

The area’s most popular attractions. It has been home to an order of Benedictine nuns since 1928 and has magnificent walled gardens and a Neo-Gothic church which are available to tour.

13. A Visit To Galway Cathedral:

This is one of the last European stone cathedrals to be built. It was designed between 1958 and 1965 on the spot where the old city prison used to stand.

Its design has various effects including a renaissance-style and more modern stained glass windows and sculptures. The Cathedral also has a bookshop and is open daily from 8.30 to 18.30.

14. Join A Walking Tour:

Walking tours are a considerable way to learn about the destination you’re touring. Stroll around the city of Galway with a minor league while comprehending the history of the city, and Ireland as a whole.

This is a great way to get familiar with the city while discovering some fascinating tales, misconceptions, and mythologies along the way.

15. A Visit To Healy’s Barber:

Many stores, cafes, and saloons have been around for quite a while.

Healy’s Barber has been in operation since 1939 This isn’t an elegant saloon with all the exhilaration and spills, but it’s incredible for an abrupt haircut to get you looking sharp for your expedition snapshots.

16.  Eat At The Quay Kitchen:

If you want to dine in a bustling setting where you can sit outside and watch the energetic city pass by, then The Quay Street Kitchen is for you.

Anticipate savory meals such as chicken burgers, fresh Irish mussels, and lamb shank. Plus, some unique Moroccan dishes.

17. Engage In A Tour:

Food and travel go hand in hand. There are no better means to interact with locals while comprehending their culture, than by experiencing a good meal.

 Irish food is hearty and tasty, and Galway is one of the nicest niches in the country where local women prepare these delicacies. This would be a fun activity for foodies. 

18. Attend A Festival:

There’s always something going on in Galway! No matter what you’re enthusiastic about, there’s the most potential for a festival for you.

 Most of the festivals take place during the summer months (June – September), but St. Paddy’s Day is a big one in March.

19 . Participate In a cooking class:

If you ever wished to participate in a bit of baking or cooking, Galway is an incredible place to try.

 a local woman engages in cooking and baking tours out of her lovely home or her cafe.

Tourists can learn how to make Irish Stew or Irish Scones which are two of the best Irish foods.

20. Eat Pizza and Drink Beer in Monroes:

Monroe’s is another music platform in the city (in Ireland, nearly every pub is a music venue!) They have live music performances seven nights a week and their pizzas are massive and tasty.

 They also have a great selection of beers too.

21. Visit An Púcán:

A Púcán is an incredible pub for a large populace. It has live music and a vast beer terrace which is flawless to dance the night away in this lovely pub.

It’s a great pub to visit if you are a colorful sports enthusiast as they usually will have a match on the big screen in the garden.

22. Enjoy The Buskers:

Galway has the best buskers in the country! They are amazing, cultural, inventive, and a credit to the city. 

Anticipate finding musicians, break-dancers, theatre performances, Irish dancers, and more.

23.  Check Out The Long Walk:

This waterfront province is quite short, but is one of the top places to visit in Galway! Passing through the Spanish Arches, you’ll see vivid residential houses lining the bay.

24. A Trip To Spanish Arc:

The Spanish Arch has numerous boroughs’ most prominent landmarks.

 It was built in 1584 as part of an extension to the much-aged city walls. The arch was previously a fort for soldiers and starred guns on the roof.

25.  A Visit To Galway City Museum:

Discover the Gaelic traditions of the country including its folklore, myths, and legends. Learn how different this part of the country was when it was roamed by tribes hundreds of years ago.

26. A Visit To Salthill Promenade:

The promenade passes several small beaches and in the summer months, athletic people can be seen diving into the sea from Blackrock Beach Diving Tower. A trip to Salthill Promenade is a requirement during your stay in Galway!

27. A Stroll On The Cliffs Of Moher:

The Cliffs of Moher is one of the most desirable natural landscapes in Ireland and an outstanding selfie spot and traveler destination.

The cliffs have even appeared in Hollywood movies, making an entrance in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You have to tour this stunning natural elegance spot on your trip to Galway.

28 . A Visit To Monkey Business:

Looking for somewhere fun to take smaller children? Monkey Business is a tremendous indoor play area for kids up to 10 years old. With spots specially formulated for toddlers to explore and play in safety, everyone will find something fun to do at Monkey Business.

For older children, there are an entire bunch of fun recreational activities including slides and ball pools, a disco room, a drawing and painting area, and a building block station. 

Adults can engage in the activities or relax in the cafe and coffee shop.

29 A Boat Tour Along The Atlantic Coast:

One of the most fun things to do in Galway has to be a boat tour along the Atlantic coast. Take to the water and see impressive fishing villages, windswept islands, and dramatic cliffs. Pass by Dunguaire Castle and the villages of Kinvara and Ballyvaughan

30. A Picnic At Aasleagh Fall:

The region assists abundant wildlife and is an outstanding flexing location due to the assortments of trout and salmon species that live here. It is a suitable place to hike and grab some fresh air. Don’t forget to bring a picnic to relish beside the picturesque falls!

31. Sleepover In A Castle:

For an unforgettable visit to Galway, why not stay in one of the many castle hotels? These imposing and notable hotels give the ultimate in elegant lodging from historical castles to magnificent villa houses. There is something to suit all tastes.

32. A Visit To Dogs Bay:

Dog’s Bay is one of the most prominent beaches in the whole of Ireland. The pure white sand is made up of tiny seashell grains which give it its unusual manifestation.

The clear turquoise water of Dog’s Bay is an incredible spot to take a swim or attempt other water sports.

Now that you’ve known about the best and most fun activities to do in Galway I’m quite sure your stay in Galway (Irelan) would be a memorable one.


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