Daly City

32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Daly City (California)


The City of Daly located in the San Francisco Bay Area, may not be as popular as the other big cities, but it is not short of fun and excitement which are waiting for people to come and explore.

Inside this small city, you can be sure to find all the recreational activities and fun activities you desire, and many unexplored places are waiting for tourists’ Visitation.


Whether you are going for a business meeting, on a personal vacation, on your honeymoon, or on a family vacation Daly is ready to offer you the best throughout your stay.

To save you the stress of searching for a place to explore in Daly, we have ensured we put out the best places you can be and the best things you can do in Daly.


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The Best things to do for fun in Daly City, California

  1. Mussel Rock Park: This is one of the many beauties of Daly City,  it is known for having a rocky coastline.

When you visit this place you will find several trails which are great for hiking, jogging, and cycling.

The views of the environment will appeal to your interest, feel free, relax, and have fun.

  1. Thornton Beach State Park: This beach is located south of the City, this place is quite a popular place in the state due to the hiking trails found there.

The views are like the views of the Pacific Ocean which is exciting to watch, a view you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Mar Vista Stables:  Situated right at the heart of the city, they offer horse riding services. If you are free you can go try horse riding and for those that don’t know how to ride a horse, you can apply for a guided trail ride. The guided trail opens from 8 am to 10 am and another section begins from 12 pm to 2 pm. 

Horse riding is an exciting activity for those who know how but can be challenging if you are a novice.

  1. Bay Area Soaring: Apart from being in an airplane have you experienced being suspended in the air before? No, I guess. Here is an opportunity for you, Bay Area Soaring provides you with that opportunity.

With Bay Soaring, you will get the chance to soar high up in the sky like a bird, I tell you it is better felt than imagined.

  1. Epic Limousine: With Epic Limousine you get the chance to tour the city at an affordable rate in an exclusive car.

The Epic Limousine is known for its excellent services because they have come a long way in the transportation industry. With Epic you can be sure of touring the city conveniently.

You can book a private ride with Epic limousine for your wedding, corporate events, convention, and others.

  1. Pacifica Archery: This is a family-owned business established in 1998, located in Daly City which is not far from San Francisco.

The Pacifica Archery provides archery facilities, archery leagues, in-house repairs, equipment rental, and beginner instruction.

The most interesting part of it is that they have an indoor archery range, with which you can test your shooting skills but not without signing a liability waiver.

  1. Paragliding San Francisco:  Have you ever wished like a bird? Your wish is about to come through. Paragliding in San Francisco offers an opportunity to fly high into the sky.

The good thing about this company is that they accept bookings on the same day as the flight even if you didn’t make reservations before the day of the flight.

If you have not paraglided before you have nothing to fear because they have experts who will teach you.

  1. Origins Joe’s Westlake: Though it was closed down for two years since it was reopened it has not stopped preparing old school, Italian American cuisine, the type that you have ever tasted.
  1. Bad Axe Throwing: If you are a lover of adventure then you should check out Bad Axe Throwing. It is solely dedicated to Axe throwing and it is the largest of its kind in the world. Put it on your to-do list and explore this adventure. 
  1. Boulevard Cafe: If you are looking for a good place to relax, Boulevard  Cafe is the best option for you. 

The Cafe serves its customers a variety of American cuisines and its environment is peaceful and calm which makes customers feel at home.

  1. The Cow Palace: This is Daly City’s best-loved and most visited venue, the Cow Palace plays and hosts concerts, shows, and live events, you be sure to enjoy yourself. 

Before you leave, there is also a range of restaurants where you can enjoy good meals and drinks.

  1. Serramonte Mall: Such an exciting place to be, the mall offers you the opportunity to do your shopping and dining.

There you can find a variety of dining options, whichever you choose to enter serves quality meals.

  1. Off The Grid: This is a traveling market that serves fine American Culinary tradition in the form of food, it is like a semi restaurant.

It is a good place to relax and enjoy a good meal.

  1. Daly City Farmers Market: This is part of  Daly’s history and it has been in exchange for the past 20 years.

The market opens two times a week and you can find the best local produce in this market.

  1. Classic Bowling Center: Bowling Center offers you the opportunity to exercise yourself.  They boast of 60 lanes and a comprehensive archive of school games.

There is also a cafe where you go to eat when you are hungry and also a sports bar if you do love to have a drink.

  1. San Bruno Mountain state park: This is a very good place for hiking and watching birds. There are lots of species that gather around the park, the sight is a beauty to behold.
  1. Century 20 Movie Theatre: The theatre has an impressive 20 screens that show exciting movies and the environment in which it is situated is known for its intriguing dining options. 
  1. The Hideout: This is the best place to be if you want to enjoy the nightlife and it is one of the city’s premium bars.

A combination of food, drinks, as well as live music, makes your evening and night fun-filled and exciting.

  1. Palisades Park: The surrounding of the park gives it a great view and its walking trails attract visitors to it. 

It has other side attractions like a children’s playground, a dog park, and many others.

  1. Daly  History museum: The Daly history museum educates the people about the history of Daley and its surrounding areas.

In the museum, you get to see exhibits of photography of the olden day. Like the early stairs, early railways, and schools as well.

  1. Colma Necropolis: Due to the many disasters that befell the city, there were many dead bodies at that time 1900 and 1906 respectively, the cemetery was moved to Colma which became the largest dead body relocation in history.
  1. Frederick – Terry Duel Site: This site is situated behind a golf course, it was believed to be the place where the so between Frederic and Terry. Their disagreement was about slavery, Broderick was against it while Frederick was in support.

In 1932 the duel site became a California history. When you are approaching the site there are directional markers that will guide you to the actual point of the duel.

  1. Cayuga Park: This is one of the most beautiful places in Daly and it features a host of carved wordings and a garden.

Make time to visit the park and you will be glad you did.

  1. Colma Historical Association: This is a museum that showcases historical equipment such as vintage political buttons, blacksmith equipment, railway equipment, and many other interesting items.
  1. Edgewood Park: The best location for family and friends and it is one of the best parks you can find around.

The park comprises different slides for different age categories. Also if you are interested in body fitness there is a place you can work out. All these put together makes the park fun and lively.

  1. Mission Hills Park: This park features a children’s playing ground equipped with swings, slides, and even climbing walls. The mission hills Park has filled with lots of recreational activities co well to engage in some.
  1. Gallery Park: it features sporting facilities like basketball and a lawn tennis court. If you wish to play either of the two you are having fun. Also, there is a playground for children, which surely children are going to enjoy.
  1. The Sutro Egyptian Collection: This collection is made up of more than 700 antiques obtained from Egypt. Among this collection are mummies and a modified hand, and three mummified heads. This is an interesting sight to behold I must say, you have the opportunity of seeing this Egyptian collection yourself, just take a trip down to Sutro Egyptian Collection.
  1. Emperor Norton’s Grave: This is considered very important in Daly’s history. You can go and explore the mystery behind Emperor Norton’s grave. It can be easily identified when seen, there is an inscription “Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.
  1. West lake park community center: The park offers visitors varieties of exercise activities such as sports, crafts, arts, dancing, and a whole lot more.
  1. Juice Bike Share: this is an Orlando program where you get to see period on bike-sharing juice and it is usually fun.
  1. The Orange County   History Center: This is a nonprofit museum that exhibits regional history as well as local history from the past 12,000 years.

Conclusively, take a trip downtown Daly today and explore the city’s beauty and very every other thing that comes with it.


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