32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Burbank (CA)


Burbank is a city with so many best attractions and fun activities, you will find so many events related to entertainment in Burbank.

Burbank in California, USA is active in entertainment and is popularly known as the hub of the entertainment and film industry.

Burbank is a perfect vacation city for you and your family because it only offers the best in food, shops, and entertainment. 

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In Burbank, you will have the opportunity to visit great entertainment companies including Disney Corporation and the Warners Bros Studio.


This guide explores the 32 best and most fun things for you to do during your vacation stay in Burbank.

32 Best and Fun Things to Do in Burbank, CA.

1. Warner Bros. Studio 

The Warner Brothers Studio is popular in the television and film industry, they make most of the top movies in the 21st century.

They produce shows, series, and movies such as The BigBang Theory, Friends, Batman film Series and Argo.

In Burbank, you can go on a tour of Warner Bros. Studio to learn about the production and history of the Warner Brothers.

During the tour, you’ll be taken to different backstage, and exhibits dedicated to the DC universe and the world of Harry Potter.


You’ll also be taken to a specialized soundstage to see the TV and film production process that occurs in studios.

2. The Starlight Bowl

The Starlight Bowl is an event center you should add to your list of best places to visit when you come to Burbank.

The Starlight Bowl is an open-air concert and performance venue with a seating capacity of 5,000 people.

 You can attend any of the events at this concert but you have to book the tickets on time before it’s sold out.

You can also host picnic events with your family at the event center, there are available restaurants that offer concessions and drinks called the Canyon Grille.

3. Burbank Town Center

If you want to have a lovely time shopping during your vacation to Burbank, then you should visit Burbank Town Center.

The Burbank Town Centre is one of Burbank’s tourist attractions with a free parking lot for visitors and tourists while shopping.

You can spend an entire day in this large center with different malls such as an IKEA mall, two movie theatres, and the center’s main shopping mall.

You can also take a stroll outside the indoor mall for more experience, you’ll find bars, cafes, shops, and eateries within the area.

4. Gordon R. Howard Museum

You can visit Burbank’s Gordon R Howard Museum if you are interested in learning about the past and history of Burbank.

You will find collections of historical information and artifacts about the city on display in the museum.

You’ll also see exhibits about the residents of Burbank, landmarks, architectural monuments, fire brigade, and police force on display inside the museum.

This place should be on your top list of places to visit for a full experience of Burbank.

5. Burbank Aviation Museum

Burbank Aviation Museum or the Portal of Folded Wings is a nonprofit establishment that preserves the aviation history of the Burbank region.

In this museum, you’ll find information on engineers, mechanics, pilots and other pioneers of the flight industry highlighted on display.

You will also find several airplanes and other aircraft structures in the museum.

The museum will be one of your amazing experiences and it should be added to your list of fun things to do in Burbank, California.

6. Colony Theatre

The Colony Theatre is a small theatre of over 40 years situated in Burbank.

This theatre gives opportunity to young people with various talents to perform quality performances in an intimate setting.

You can watch any of the special performances or children’s programs but you need to know the schedule of the plays and sometimes special guests are showcased.

Colony theatre is a must to visit when you come for a vacation in Burbank.

 7. Warner Bros Ranch

Warner Bros Ranch is a place with history in the American film industry, it covers a 40-acre plot of land with famous historical sets.

You will find the areas here that were used in films like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the Friends series.

 The Warner Bros. Ranch has so many open green spaces, a paved street area, and different styled houses.

You are going to love adding this ranch to your best things to see in Burbank.

8. Martial Arts History Museum

A place that should be on your checklist of fun things to do in Burbank is a visit to the Martial Arts History Museum.

The Martial Arts History Museum teaches children about the martial arts tradition found in countries like Asia like Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, and China.

You will find exhibitions and artifacts on martial arts, and artistic objects like anime prints, Chinese lions, and the headband used in the movie karate kid displayed in the museum.

You can also attend the annual expo, Dragon Fest which focuses on martial arts hosted by the museum. 

9. Urban Press Winery

Urban Press Winery is among the top wineries in Burbank, and if you love your wine then you should visit here during your stay.

You can check their full menu for wines and wine tasting options, this is a fun activity and experience.

You can also visit during the neighborhood-focused events hosted by the Winery.

10. The Palm Coffee Bar

The Palm Coffee Bar is a popular coffee shop in the center of Burbank which is founded and operated by Ben and Joanna Heart Milliken.

You’ll love the vacation-themed decoration and the drink options on their menu like cappuccinos, Tenzo, Mighty Leaf Tea, kombucha, cortados, and matcha.

Their menu offers food options for vegans, vegetarian and gluten-free sandwiches, pastries, croissants, and muffins.

11. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the largest parks in the United States of America with over 4,300 acres of land.

The park is so big that it cut across boundaries and also has the popular Hollywood Sign and the Los Angeles Zoo.

You can participate in fun activities at this park such as hiking on the equestrian trails, which you’ll do if you are an adventurer.

You can also come with a camera and take pictures of man-made attractions and nature’s beautiful displays in the park.

Coming to Burbank without a visit to Griffith Park is not a complete experience, so be sure to add this place to your list of the best and fun things to do in Burbank.

12. Johnny Carson Park

Johnny Carson Park was named after Johnny Carson, the initial host of the Johnny Carson Show.

This park is a green space for relaxing and it’s located from the NBC studio, by the corner of Bob Hope Drive and Riverside Drive in Burbank.

You should visit this park with your camera and take a picture with the Johnny Carson bronze plaque when you come for a vacation in Burbank.

13. Market City Caffe

Market City Caffe is one of the cafes in Burbank with true Italian roots with the founding family from Naples, Italy.

You can get dinner, lunch, and brunch dishes from this cafe but you should especially try the homemade ravioli.

You can also come during special events hosted by the cafe like its Red Sauce Sundays and Specially curated beer dinner.

Visit Market City Caffe with your loved ones for a delicious meal when you visit Burbank.

14. Wildwood Canyon Park

For outdoor fun activities, Wildwood Canyon Park should be on your list of places to visit during your vacation in Burbank.

The Wildwood Canyon Park starts from Burbank’s Harvard Road and has a series of hiking trails that have varying degrees of difficulty.

You can take a 2 miles hike along these trails and see the beautiful native wildflower specific to this area.

You can also relax or host picnics at the park, or you participate in various events hosted regularly by the Burbank Nature Program.

 15. Magnolia Park

One of the most popular places you need to visit during your vacation in Burbank is Magnolia Park.

Magnolia Park is not really a park but a district that is located around the main area of Mongolia Boulevard.

You can find vintage stores selling quality vintage materials almost like the ones in old-school 1950s movies.

Apart from shopping, you can attend live music night and other events held at the park or you could go to the cafes available with good internet connections.

You can also visit coffee shops and other classy boutiques around the Mongolia Boulevard neighborhood. 

 16. Burbank Farmer’s Market

Burbank Farmer’s Market is very different and in its own class from the other type of Farmer’s markets in California.

It’s located behind the Burbank City Hall and it’s easy for you to find because it’s just at the center of the city.

You can get the products or goods from ware sellers and vendors because they come from other regions like San Francisco and San Diego.

You can also get the popular baked food products from local bakeries here in the Burbank Farmer’s market.

17. Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery

If you love artworks, you should make time to visit  Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery during your vacation in Burbank. 

You will find wonderful artworks ranging from contemporary art pieces to classic traditional works to works of guest artists displayed in this quirky gallery.

The Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery is an interesting place to visit and since the gallery is a part of Woodbury University, so you will also find a display of the student’s artworks.

18. Animal Walk of Fame

For animal lovers, you can visit the Animal Walk of Fame during your vacation in Burbank.

You will see a display of popular animal celebrities and their paw prints in the Animal Walk of Fame list celebrating different animals.

This list is made up of famous animal celebrity actors like  Benji and Lassie.

You can also go to the Burbank Animal Shelter in front of the Animal Walk of Fame and choose from the adorable animals there.

A visit to the Animal Walk of Fame should be on your list of the best things to do during your vacation in Burbank.

19. Blue Palms Brewhouse

Blue Palms Brewhouse is a local alehouse that offers bottled and tap craft beers, snacks, and delicious food dishes. 

You will find different brew options ranging from pale ales and stouts to ciders and pilsners. You’ll be allowed to do a mini tasting of each of the beers to pick a suitable taste. 

From their menu, you can find out what snacks complement the various drink options such as nachos, salty pretzel balls, varieties of sausage sandwiches, and burgers.

20. Verdugo Mountains

Verdugo Mountains offer clean air and cover a territory of over  244 acres of land located between Burbank and Los Angeles county. 

You can hike this area and you’ll see natural streams, springs, and different plant species such as oaks, sycamores, and big leaf Naples 

As you hike through these trails, you get to see the beautiful view created by the Verdugo Mountains in Burbank.

21. Brace Canyon Park

For a little adventure, you and your loved ones can pay a visit to Brace Canyon Park during your vacation in Burbank.

This park is surrounded by mountains and trees making it cool and airy to stay and cool off from California heat.

You can enjoy outdoor activities such as tennis, jogging, running baseball, hiking, and zip-lining.

You can also find good spots on the grassy lawns for picnics and relaxation.

A visit to this place is worth adding to your list of the best things to do in Burbank, CA.

22. Downtown Burbank Arts Festival

Downtown Burbank Art Festival is one of the most attended art festivals in the world, and its not surprising because Burbank is one of the media capital in the world.

You will love this art festival for it features more than 200 professional artists and some of the world’s most famous animators and filmmakers.

You will be amazed by the different talents, local and international, in this art festival.

For art lovers, you will find different artworks including hand-painted posters, succulents posters, drawings of models, and stores such as Zamba and Urban Outfitters.

23. Flappers Comedy Club

The Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California, is a one-stop store that offers everything humor-related ranging from quality food to educational comedy workshops and comedy performances.

You can come during the festival free days, and enjoy various performances held in the Yoo Hoo Room, the main room, and the bar.

 You’ll love the local delicacies offered by their restaurants.

 love their full restaurant menu comprising of delicious dishes.

You can come here with your children for family-friendly shows and they will have a truly wonderful experience in this comedy club.

Flappers Comedy Club should be on your list of fun things to do in Burbank.

 24. Chandler Bikeway

Chandler Bikeway is a 2-mile biking trail and it should be on your top list of places to visit during your vacation in Burbank.

You can ride a bike along the trail reaching up to North Hollywood, jog, stake, run or just stroll along this bike trail and you’ll see beautiful murals along the way.

You should also come with your camera to take pictures because there are art installations on the Chandler biking trail.

You can also find astronomers on the sidewalk, with their telescopes educating the general public on astronomy. 

This should be a place you visit when you come for a vacation in Burbank.

25. The Batcade

If you are a baseball lover and you are in need of what to do for sports in Burbank, you can visit the Batcade during your vacation stay.

Batcade is one of the best batting cages in the city offering both fast pitch and slow pitch machines.

There are different options for paying such as paying a small fee for a set amount of pitches or a flat fee for a set amount of time.

Batcade is worth your time and will relieve your stress during your vacation.

26. Los Angeles Equestrian Center

If you want to experience Burbank from a different view, you should add a visit to Los Angeles Equestrian Centre to your checklist.

The Los Angeles Equestrian Centre is one of Burbank’s tourist attraction sites.

You can go horse riding or take a tour around the center, it’s an experience likened to being in a movie shoot.

You can also relax and watch any of the shows performed regularly at the center.

27. Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios is a popular tourist attraction for visitors and tourists in Burbank.

Walt Disney Studios is as popular as Warner Bros. in the TV and film industry, they produce most fairy tale movies and animations.

You can take a tour of Walt Disney Studio and learn about Disney’s history and movies.

You will also see the Walt Disney Archives, original songbooks, music sheets, and other memorable things.

If you are a serious fan then you should visit this place of wonder, because it is truly one of the most interesting places in Burbank.

28. Sunnyday Scoot

You can go on a unique tour around Burbank with other people on a scooter tour.

You will have a fun experience and also see some of the best Burbank tourist attractions.

You can join the Sunnyday Scoot excursion, this scoot tour takes you through the City’s streets in pairs on the Scoot’s scooter.

During the tour, the professional guide provides information about the various places you will see in Burbank and the interesting landmarks.

Sunnyday Scoot also offers adventure tours, LED night rides, and special romance packages including a picnic, photoshoot, and private couples scoot.

29. Porto’s Bakery

This bakery is founded and operated by the Porto family when they moved to California from Cuba.

This bakery is popular in Burbank for its large selection of bread and pastries.

If you are a true baked food lover, this place should be on your list of places to visit during your vacation in Burbank.

You can make selections from their menu and order meat pies, sandwiches, tamales, and empanadas from Porto’s Bakery. 

30. Another Broken Egg Cafe

 Another Broken Egg Cafe is a popular Cafe in Burbank, known for its excellent breakfast and brunch.

If you need some excellent eggs breakfast during your vacation, then this cafe is where you come to.

Their menu offers other food like Lobster, Brie Omelette, and the Southwest Scramble

You might have to be patient before you get served because it’s always packed full during brunch hours.

 31. Bob’s Big Boy

Bob’s Big Boy is a popular diner, known for its milkshakes and burgers.

Bob’s Big Boy is also a California historical site because it is the oldest  Big Boy in all of America.

You will love this diner’s 1950’s charm and you can enjoy a milkshake served in a large silver goblet.

You should come with your camera to take amazing pictures with Mr. Big Boy.

32. The Castaway

The Castaway is a full-service restaurant with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and valleys.

You can host celebrations and parties here for your loved ones during your vacation.

You can go to Castaway restaurant during happy hour because the food items are half the price and you can get special drinks like the Acai Margarita and the Maui Itch.

This is a unique place in Burbank and should be on your list of the best things to do during your vacation in Burbank.

Plan a Trip to Burbank

Aside from Hollywood, Burbank is the next capital city of entertainment.

Burbank is a beautiful city in the entertainment industry with companies like Warner Bros. and Walt Disney.

You should make a date to visit Burbank for an amazing vacation experience today.

For your vacation, you can use this guide as a checklist for the best and most fun things to do in Burbank.


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