32 Best And Fun Things To Do In Paducah (Ky)


Paducah city is rich in many fun things like arts, historic buildings, agriculture, restaurants, etc. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this city because of the significant attractions.

The beautiful sight of nature is pleasing to the eyes, and you will always want to see it here after your first visit.

Best and Fun Things to do in Paducah

1. Schroeder Expo Center

Schroader expo center is good at hosting top events in the city like sporting games, concerts, and trade shows. This center holds a lot of fun, and if you wish to see all they do here, you need to tour the center.

2. A Dry Ground Brewing Company

This place provides a different kind of beer for visitors. You are free to visit this brewery and have a taste of good quality beer. You can also come with your friends to the brewery to see how some of these beers are processed.

3. Kirchhoff’s Bakery And Deli


The bakery and deli are other places you shouldn’t miss. The business is owned by a family famous for giving out the best-baked food.


They also serve other delicious delicacies that you will love to have a taste of. Do well to come along with your friends and family as they are open from Monday till Saturday.

4. Purple Toad Winery

Where is my wine, Lovers? We’ve got you the best place to have some good quality wine. It is the first winery in the city, and they also have a beautiful vineyard where visitors can take a walk or look around.

They also have a tasting room where you can taste your lovely wines, and you are privileged to go on a guided tour to check out the collections.

5. The Brockport Bridge

The bridge is famous and significant in Paducah. It was bought from a company now owned by Kentucky. You can come for a tour to see the bridge and take pictures of it. 

6. Lower Town Art District

The lower town is home to artworks and galleries. There is a lot of artwork you will see in the place, and you might also want to buy some back home. It’s good you come with your camera to take fantastic pictures around the area. You can also tour the place to see other things not mentioned that could trigger your fancy.


7. Bob Noble Park

It is a friendly park covering over 135 acres of land. There is a lot you can do here like swimming, hiking, biking, etc. They also have picnic grounds and a safe playground for kids.

Sports activities are not an exception as they have courts for tennis, volleyball, basketball, and many more. So do well to visit this place during your vacation. 

8. Fort Massac State Park

If you want to experience real fun, you should visit this place. It is located in Paducah, and it is the first Park in the area, established in 1908.

There are many options for recreational activities such as boating, picnics, swimming, water skiing, and many more. The Park also has trails for biking and hiking. They also host special events yearly to entertain their visitors and keep them happy.

9. Art Deco Cola Plant.

This place is one place you shouldn’t forget to include in your checklist of places to visit in Paducah. It is one of the historical places in Paducah. You can come around to see how things are done here, and you can also take a tour around the area to see other things here. 

10. Clyde F. Boyles Greenway Trail

It is a trial that links many attractions to the city, and it is extraordinary for a pedestrian walk. It is an excellent way to get a view of the city without a car. Along the trail, you will find old benches and bridges. You can also walk this trial with your pets.

11. Julia Carroll Convention Center.

It is a convention center that has conducive meeting spaces suitable for rent. Small businesses are hosted here, and it also has ballrooms that are suitable for any event. There is a lot to see in this place, including a large projector screen. You can come for a tour around this center to see other things that make up the center. 

12. Kentucky Dam

The Kentucky dam helps to reduce the level of flooding in the city. It also makes up for the historical things in Paducah. You can come for a tour with your family to see what the dam looks like and take pictures.

13. Troutt Old-Time General Store

Do you want to shop in an old fashion style? Then it would help if you came to this place. You will have a good time shopping in this place.

This shop is open to visitors from Tuesday to Saturday. You can also come for a tour to see the kind of fashion and buy some back home.

14. Paducah Antique Mall

The mall consists of over forty vendors. They have varieties of collectibles, vintages, and new items for occasions. You can get your beautiful furniture, jewelry, albums, etc., at affordable prices. You can come around to buy anything you desire at a very reasonable rate. 

15. White Haven Welcome Center

It is a significant historic structure with a beautiful landmark and was later restored to a welcome center in Kentucky. As visitors, you have access to a free tour around the house. In addition, you can visit this place with your kids to have more quality time and have fun.

16. Paducah Railroad Museum

This museum features so many historical artifacts. It displays various exhibits that portray the past of the railroad era. This museum educates visitors on the relevance of trains in the city.

As visitors, you can take a tour around and have a short ride on the locomotive cabs controlled by a simulator. Kids will love to visit this place, so do well to bring them here. 

17. Paducah Wall To Wall

The Paducah wall is a destination for both tourists and locals. You can choose to go on a guided tour, and if you decide to go alone, there are interpretations in front of each mural describing every painting you come across. You will have so much fun touring around this place, so do well to add it here to your bucket list. 

18. Kentucky Oaks Mall

This mall is situated right in front of the city of Paducah. It consists of over 100 stores and houses several popular brands. You can visit the mall to purchase good-quality items. You can also take a tour around, checking out other things that they have that you may love to have on your next visit. 

19. Lloyd Tilghman Memorial

It is a historical statue molded by Henry Hudson. It was developed in honor of an American who died in the battle of Champion hill.

You can come by to take pictures near the statue to keep the memory of the said Man. You can also inquire about the history of the sculpture by people around the area. 

20. Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area

There are so many fun activities in this area. It is a fantastic area located in Kentucky, and it is managed by the. U.S. National Forest Service.

You will enjoy fishing, swimming, cycling, and hunting. There are also views of wildlife and an area for a picnic. They also have trails for hiking and biking. 

21. Etcetera Coffee House

The business is owned and managed by a couple, and it has successfully become a destination for tourists and locals. They serve delicious coffee, and you are welcome to visit with your friends and families to taste their coffee.

22. St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church

The church is one of the historic buildings in Paducah, and it is already on record as a national landmark building. If you want to see the inner structure of the church, then feel free to visit during one of their masses held every day apart from Monday.

23. William Clark Market House Museum

Some of the historical works of Paducah are housed in this museum. If you want to learn a lot about the city’s history, then this is the right place for you to visit. They have so many beautiful artifacts and photographs, and the museum is open to both locals and visitors. Feel free to come anytime.

24. River Discovery Center

If you want to learn about the significance of rivers to the environment, then you should visit this place. It is one of the best things you can do in Paducah. They have exhibits you will love to see and take pictures of some presentations.

25. The Papa Gallery

Where are my art lovers? We’ve got you an excellent place to feed your eyes. The papa gallery features so many photographs and art. The gallery is open to interested people to come to have a feel of everything here. You will not regret your visit to the papa gallery.

26. Dogwood Trail Celebration

This place gives you a fantastic view of the beauty of nature. There are lovely sights that you will love to see and even take pictures of. In addition, you can tour around the area, viewing the beautiful gardens and trees. There are also trails for hiking if you wish to hike.

27. Silent Brigade Distillery

The distillery is very popular in the city, and they are good at what they do. They give the best moonshine in the town. They are open Tuesdays to Saturdays, so feel free to visit anytime with your family and friends.

28. The Yeiser Art Center

The center has a lot of exhibits to show to you if you are interested in viewing them. They feature over 300 displays of different styles, both traditional and contemporary types. So you can see that they have a lot to show you, and if you decide to take a guided tour, you will be taught all you need to know while on time.

29. Shawnee National Forest

The Shawnee national forest boasts many recreational activities and portrays the beauty of nature. There are different water activities that you can also do here with your friends and families.

You will enjoy activities like hiking, hunting, camping, horse riding, and more. You will enjoy the fun more with your friends.

30. Lloyd Tilghman House And Civil War Museum

If you are a lover of history, this is a perfect place to visit. You can get accurate information about the civil war in this place too. You can also come for a guided tour around this place with your family and friends.

31. Paducah Farmers Market

It is a broad and open-air market. They have different vendors ranging from fruit sellers to vegetables. They also have locally made products that you will love to have a taste. They are also available to host events like community festivals and more.

32. National Quilt Museum

Over 1500 tourists visit this museum every year. You can now see that there is so much to see in the museum. You can come on a guided tour around the museum to see many of the arts and artifacts they have. People from all over the country come to visit this place.


This city has many attractive features that you will love to see. A visit to this place is worth the while, so you can start planning your visit to this place while on vacation. This article will always put you through the fun things you will enjoy if you visit Paducah, so do well to keep it safe. 

Enjoy your vacation.

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