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32 best and fun things to do in little rock (AC)


Little Rock(AC) is a very beautiful place to visit during your holiday, as there are so many thighs that it could trigger your fancy. It is known for its presidential library and museum.

The restaurant in this oath of the world is not just to be imagined. Little Rock (AC) has good sports for picnic and entertainment areas. They have an amazing romantic inn for lovers.


Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and home to Williams j Clinton library and museum. It is known for its collections of drawings and that is why it has so many museums with different art representing different historic symbols.

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It covers an area of 310.6 km, an elevation of 102 m. The weather condition of little rock is also very pleasant, ranging from 18cC, and 25% humidity. 


The population of little rock is over 202,591 as of the year 2020. Little Rock got its name from the formation of small rock, and it was used as a landmark before it was developed to what it is today.

If you wish to take your families on vacation, then you have to consider little rock. 

There are lots of fun activities that have not been discovered in little rock, be the first to explore them. There are so many fun things to do in little rock, and some of them are discussed below.

  • The Arkansas Rivers Trail System

 Imagine the fun and pleasure you get from indulging in outdoor activities with peer groups. This trail has a lot to offer, both education through the library and museum. 

  • Big dam  bridge 

It is one of the most beautiful places to behold in little rock. It was built specifically for pedestrian and bicycle racing, and it was also the longest bridge, the bridge served as a venue for events, and computation.

Thereby bringing the people together as a community which aids socialization, people visit this place with their loved ones and family members just for fun.

  • Heifer village 

This place has so many educational advantages. You can learn the problem of a particular area and the possible solution to the problems, it helps families to strategize base on the quality of life they live.

You are very much allowed to take a tour around the village

  • MacArthur Museum of Arkansas military history.

This is a place where lovers of art come to have fun and appreciate history. The exhibitions here are mainly artworks that tell of old times. It is also seen as an education factory.

  • Historic Arkansas Museum 

This place comprises historical buildings, people that study history can visit these places to get more information about other historic parts.

  • Rives Market District 

 This place was more like an abandoned area until it was transformed into what it is today. It contains both international and locally made dishes, some people visit these places just for the fun of it.

  • Rock town distillery

A lot of thighs can be learned in this place, including turning grains, for example, corn, into hot drinks. Imagine the feeling of learning how to make dry gins and hot. You can visit this place with your study partner or loved ones.

  • Esse purse museum 

This museum tries to educate you on the evolution of handbags and also the reason why women carry handbags around. This museum is dedicated to purses or handbags. There are so many interesting things to learn about women and bags.  

  •  Riverfront park

This park covers a large area that can be used for events or outdoor activities. There are also playgrounds provided for children, as a matter of fact, his park has a lot to offer including some beautiful places for lovers to sit out. 

  • Arkansas state capitol building

As the name implies, you can tell that this place is about the historic structure of the government. You can get a guided tour and a lot will be told to you during the tour. 

  • River rail  electric streetcar

Definitely, you don’t want to miss the fun in river rail electric streetcars. It’s a place for adults and kids who want to do something for fun.

  • Museum of discovery 

 The word “discovery” is something a lot of people want to do, people educational programs and showcase exhibits of science. It is always fun to discover new things.

  • William j Clinton, presidential library and museum

This library and museum serve educational purposes as they organise special events, and programs for schools that will interest you.

  • Old state house museum

This museum is a sight to behold and should be added to your checklist of places to visit in little rock. Here you can find artifacts related to the culture and history of Arkansas. A Lot of people come here to see what an art museum looks like.

  • With Stephen Jr, central Arkansas nature centre

 This is surely a place you should see in little rocks. It is structured along the river, making it possible for you to see some display of wildlife. You can also see beautiful creatures like butterflies, turtles, and pelicans.

  • The Robinson centre

This place provides space for exhibitions, live performances, and so many other events. You can keep the memory of this place by taking pictures with your camera.

  • Qua paw quarter 

It contains the oldest business neighbourhood. The historic building in this place is something you should see, it is basically about the history and can serve an educational purpose.

  • Community theatre of little rocks (ctbr)

This is of course the oldest theatre in Arkansas. You can watch their best productions with your families and loved ones.

  • Mosaic Templars cultural center 

The purpose of this place is to teach people about the business and politics of the African American feats. You can find a classroom, office, and exhibits because it also serves an educational purpose.

  • The Bernice garden 

 The garden is always open to the public. there are lots of ornamentals and herbs, species of animals like butterflies and moths. People visit this garden to feed their eyes and also learn more about flowers.

  • Learn about the civil rights movement at little rock central high school

This school is known for its interest in civil rights. You can choose to go on a tour where you will be taught about African American history.

  • Pinnacle mountain, state peak

On this mountain, you can get a very amazing view of the city. It is a very perfect site for taking pictures and other programs. The beauty of this mountain makes it worth the view.

  • Wildwood park for the art

This park is designed for outdoor performances like music and art. There are so many trees, ornaments, and decorative grass in this park, making it pleasant for taking photos with your friends and families to keep the memory.

  • H.U. Lee international gate and garden

 This gate is a symbol of friendship. There is a reflection of the pool at the center of the garden, making it fun to sit out with families and friends.

  • Governor’s mansion historic district

This place consists of several buildings from the past, historic buildings are always very exciting to see , and you can take pictures to keep the amazing and wonderful memories you got here.

  • Kemuri

This is a very finely decorated restaurant with a peaceful atmosphere. This restaurant is known for its preparation of fresh seafood and Lobate. You can also enjoy a romantic date with your partner.

  • The root café

 This café is known for preparing delicious meals. They work directly with local farmers because they believe that quality food starts with quality ingredients.

  • Arkansas repertory theatre 

 This theatre offers educational programs, and they are also good at production. The theatre can contain over 70,000 people who come in to watch their performance. 

  • South on main

 This place offers both good music and food, of course, you know that this combo keeps visitors very happy. This place is also suitable for performance, so if you are bored, and you need a place to visit, then think about this spot.

  • Arkansas’ art cultures 

This place is a cultural centre among popular attractions. They also feature children’s theatre, museum, research library, and many more. It provides lots of fun for adults and kids 

  • The pantry

This is a beautiful restaurant, they serve delicious potato dumplings, cheese, and lots more. You can visit this place with your friends and families to have a taste of their delicacy.

  • Little rock zoo

 As we know, the zoo is a place where animals are kept. Imagine seeing animals and creatures that you have not seen before.

Children can also be allowed to visit this zoo for educational purposes, but it does not stop the fact that they will have fun with their peers as a group. 

Little Rock is a breathtaking city, and it has everything that you will definitely love to see. During your visit or holiday, take your time to explore the city.

Do not forget to pack your camera because you will need it to keep memories.


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