32 best and fun things to do in Fremont (CA)


Fremont is not the most popular area in California but it sure is a very influential city. It is the first city to start shooting Hollywood movies.

It is known for its bay area transport system that helps transport citizens and visitors to other parts of the city. There are a lot of fun things that can be done in Fremont and some of them are discussed below;

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  • ·         Mission Peak Regional Preserve

People visit here basically for sightseeing and mountain climbing. This place is definitely not to be missed out on your checklist of places to visit in Fremont as it is also an important symbol of the city.  It has a very large landmark which makes it possible for visitors or people who come around to take photos.

  • ·         Central Park

This park is one fun place for kids. It is a very remarkable place to visit because it satisfies the curiosity in people’s mind.


This park has features like the basketball court and also spots for kids to play. It also consists of water bodies where people that who love aqua life can also visit.

  •       Quarry Lakes Recreation Area

There is a lot to be done in this area like boating, hiking, and many others. People visit this place with their families to have lots of fun, including biking on the trail if they are able to ride. There are also lots of grassy areas.

  •         Ardenwood Historic Farm

This area is mostly known to host events in the city such as festivals and railroad fairs. A large forest is also created for the public including a museum where lovers of art can go to feed their eyes.

  •       Niles Canyon Railway

This is one of the best places to visit and you should not miss out on visiting this place. It laid emphasis on railways as a means of transportation. So many people love traveling by railway as it offers public excursions to visitors.

  •  Old Mission San Jose

This is a historic mission in Fremont. A visitors center can also be found here as well as a museum and a beautiful church which is used now for concerts. Many people come to see the old Spanish organ situated in the church.

  •         Coyote Hills Regional Park

This park provides an excellent view of the ocean looking down from the low hills. Some of the things found here make your outdoor tour more exciting. There are also provisions for hiking, riding, and biking through narrow trails which is also exciting.

  •         Museum of Local History

A museum is a place that exhibits ancient art. This exhibition makes it possible for you to tell the activities that have happened in the past in that area or families that have lived before in that area. This is also for both fun and educational purposes

  •         Hayward Fault Exposes

being the only place that has experienced so many earthquakes, there are no visible faults in the earth’s crust to show that this incident actually happened, which is a sight to behold. 

The people here already have it in the back of their minds that this earthquake can happen at any time and as such, the fault on the earth’s crust is an obvious sign of where the next quake might occur.

  • Museum at Coyote Hills

Here, there is so much to learn. People visit this place to learn new things, especially during weekends, you get to see how different food is made and other practices of Ohlone people.

They also have good parks suitable for picnics and hiving.

  • SVCC Temple

This is also called the Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Culture Centre. It provides religious service and can contain a large number of people. They are known for their charitable works and also for giving alms to those living in local or rural areas.

  • Vargas Plateau Regional Park 

The park is a beautiful green area and it is worthy of visiting. There is so much wildlife such as snakes, hawks and so many more.

There are so many fun activities here that you can engage in which including jumping, climbing, and hiking.

  • Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum and Theatre

This place is mainly known for showing silent movies, and preserving and honoring their history. Basically, it is an area for filming and people go to feed their eyes with their families and friends.

  • Dumbarton Bridge

If you are looking out for a place to tour with your lover, the Dumbarton bridge should be on your checklist. It is the second bridge built and a good spot for sightseeing.

  • Aqua Adventure Water Park 

This place will be fun for aqua lovers. It was established to provide its visitors with good recreational areas around water bodies. Visitors that come here will enjoy swimming and boat cruises which bring so much excitement.

  • Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge 

This is one of the most beautiful outdoor fun things to do in Fremont. It occupies about 3000 land spaces that contain wildlife. It serves educational and recreational purposes.

  • Alameda Creek Trail

This is mostly a hiking trail basically used for hosting marathon races. Runners enjoy hiking and its so much fun for them. Visitors can also come around to watch this marathon. It offers very easy access to coyote Regional park.

  • The Secret SideWalk

This is a path that every visitor will want to explore. Every curious mind will want to know what goes on in this path. It is not a walkway but a buried concrete tunnel. The area is used by tourists mainly for hiking. 

  • Redwood National Park

This is definitely one of the most beautiful parks and of course good for a picnic as it comprises both lands, water bodies, and trees.

Wildlife can also be found in this area and the habitat is protected. Take out time to visit this place during your vacation.

  • Berkeley Mystery Walls

These are ancient stone walls formed through remnants as no one knows who is responsible for building them or how they were built.

They occupy more than 50 miles and can be found in the hills. People go to this place to examine these walls and learn a lot from them.

  • Children’s National History Museum

As the name implies, it is basically for children. It exhibits arts that are educational for both parents and children. People pay before entering this museum while some make reservations but it is worth the pay.

  • Fremont Market Broiler 

This is a local restaurant chain found in shopping centers. Families can go to this place to have their lunch or dinner. They serve the freshest food and they deal more with seafood. Imagine the excitement of trying out different foods with your family or lover.

  • Massimo’s 

This is another suitable restaurant located in Fremont. Some of the meals are usually prepared in front of the visitors like the caesar salad. They are also good at serving the freshest meal that goes with good and tasty wine.

  • Niles Farmers Market

This market is found very close to the street. They are known for selling local food production in the city such as fruits and vegetables. Some visitors who are in love with locally made artisan and crafts can also be interested in this market.

  • California Nursery Historical Park

This area is best for an afternoon picnic. There are also lots of beautiful historic buildings and hiking trails. Visitors can come for sightseeing and racing through the trail.

  • Town Fair Plaza

This is a very beautiful place to visit in Fremont and it provides lots of fun things to do such as hosting public shows and events that people come to watch thereby creating socialization amongst different people.

Live entertainment events are also done here and of course, it is so much fun to watch with friends and families.

  • Papillon 

This is a French restaurant that has a conducive and comforting atmosphere and it is just perfect for dinner dates or romantic meals. They also have good wine on their wine list and good dessert offerings. They have a lovely banquet room which they rent out for events and can contain about 70 guests. 

  • Shinn Historic Park and Arboretum

This is one of the most amazing and loved parks designed using Bavarian style. This park is very unique because it has survived lots of earthquakes and still stands to date. The view from outside is amazing and as such good for sightseeing.

  • Vallejo Adobe

This is built as a home of a mission administrator and as such, no one is permitted inside the house. You can only enjoy seeing the architectural style used in the building.

People go sightseeing because the outside of the building is indeed a sight to behold.

  • Olive Hyde Art Gallery

This is basically a place for art lovers. Lovers of art come here to see the wonderful pieces of art available. There are exhibits that display both traditional works and lots more.

This gallery shows the history of the united state through works of art making it more interesting for lovers of art.

  • Higuera Adobe

This adobe was built in ancient times and it is located at the base of mission peak. The furniture and materials used in this building tell how old they are, including the materials.

Visitors come here to feed their eyes with these old materials and furniture and learn from them.

  • Leland Stationary Winery 

This winery is mostly explored by the rich and famous as resorts. Amazing historic landmarks can be found in this winery. 

Places of importance including museums and landmarks can be found here in Fremont with parks where so many fun activities and events are carried out on.

Make a checklist of the things and places you wish to explore during your vacation and be sure to have so much fun in Fremont (CA).


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