31 Top Fun Things To Do In Montgomery (AL)


Located on the seven hills, east of the bank of the Alabama River, the  City of Montgomery is well known for its fight for human civil rights and it is also known for its exceptional contribution to American history.

Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama, it is filled with diverse activities, and it features so many historic centers and structures of which some are the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Performing Arts Center, the Dexter Parsonage Museum, the first White House of the Confederacy and so many other things that you will find exciting.

Fun and Best Things To Do In Montgomery

1. Explore The Academia At Huntingdon College

This campus has 70 acres of walking space, for over 160 years it has been producing reputable graduates.

This college boasts of a beautiful campus and it also has landscape plans for projects. If you want to know more about this prestigious academia, pay a courtesy visit to the school and all questions will be answered.

2. Rosa Parks Library And Museum


This is a museum that has a multimedia 103 capacity auditorium, it has so many fascinating artifacts that will appeal to your interest.


Some of these historical artifacts in this museum are a restored 1955 station wagon, documents of historical periods, and some others.

You will love the view at the museum and getting to explore through this museum is an exciting thing to do.

3. Enjoy Ballet In Montgomery

This one interesting thing to do when you visit Montgomery, the ballet is a professional company and it is the only Ballet company in Montgomery and is one of the three that is in Alabama.

The ballet brings fun and excitement to Montgomery with its yearly outdoor performances which are held at the Montgomery Zoo.

4. Civil Rights Memorial Center

This center is dedicated to those who lost their lives during the fight for equality in the American Rights Movement.


The walls of the center have a digital display of the names of more than five hundred thousand people who have pledged to stand up against all forms of hate and stand for justice.

The most interesting part of the whole event is the exhibits about those that participated in the civil rights movement. You can visit this center, there are a whole lot of other things you will discover that will amaze you.

5. Attend Events At Garrett Coliseum

This is an agricultural center located in downtown Montgomery which occupies 18 acres of land space. 

This agricultural center which is located three miles northeast blast of 12,500 seating capacity and every year it plays host to popular events like the Southern Rodeo Association Black Rodeo. More exciting features await you when you visit.

6. First White House Of The Confederacy

This is a must-visit when you come to Montgomery,  this is the first White House of the Confederacy located in the historic area of downtown Montgomery.

This is a beautiful mansion that acted as the Capital of the Confederacy as far back as 1861. There is more to this mansion than the structure, all these you will discover when you visit the mansion.

7. Dexter Parsonage Home

This served as a home to Dr. Martin Luther King and his whole family, from 1954 to 1960, this house was built in 1912.

This house has undergone renovation to give it the exact look when Dr. King left it. This house features dining, Dr. Martin Luther King Studies, a living room, and some furniture.

This is a wonderful place to visit, you have the opportunity of getting to know Dr. King and his family who lived in this house throughout their stay.

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8. Alabama Shakespeare Festival

This is a very interesting festival that is centered around Shakespeare’s plays, this festival is a complete professional theatre in the Montgomery region.

Every year that this festival is held, it releases up to ten productions that emphasize Shakespeare’s plays. Aside from this, there are also children’s theatres produced by the theatre and many other theatres that also talk about playwrights.

It is an event you would not want to miss, it promises so much fun and excitement.

9. Montgomery Zoo

The zoo features animals like Zebra, monkeys, tigers, camels, and many others. These animals are left to roam about by themselves without restrictions or obstruction. You can go on a personal tour to visit some of these animals, it is an interesting thing to do.

The Montgomery Zoo is located close to downtown Montgomery, it sits on 40 acres of land space which is the habitat for over 50p animals from across different countries.

10. Harriet ll Riverboat

This is a 19th-century riverboat that is anchored beside the Riverwalk Amphitheatre, which offers lots of entertainment, dancing, and dinner.

This is an interesting place to be, whether you are with the whole family or you came alone there is still enough fun to get to everyone. If you wish to go on any of the cruises, you have to book your tickets at least two days before time.

11. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Factory Tour

This tour offers guests an opportunity to have a close-range view of humans and robots working side by side to produce different types of automobiles.

When on this tour, you will be shown everything about car manufacturing. About 1500 cars are produced every day, it is an interesting sight to see the process of car manufacturing from scratch to finish.

12. Alabama Department Of Archives And History

Here you get to see exhibitions, some about geology and some about the culture which features original artifacts.

The museum of Alabama was built alongside the Alabama Department of Archives and History, it is such an impressive building.

They share all about Alabama’s past even till the present with the public, it is an interesting event you would love.

13. Montgomery Performing Arts

This is an 18-seat capacity theatre, the theatre with its modern facilities provides a valuable experience for any kind of performance.

The theatre features things like Broadway shows, comedy rock, concerts, and so many other activities.

14. Alabama State Capitol

This is a place where you can find the governor’s seat and other executive officers, and also a museum that tells about Alabama State history and politics.

This historic landmark was built in 1851, it is a place to visit if you want to know more about the history of Alabama.

15. The National Center For The Study Of Civil Rights And African American Culture

Saved in this civil Center, is an archive of information about the role played in achieving the modern civil rights movement.

This is a place to go if you want to learn the history of African Americans in Montgomery, all this history is preserved there not even a piece is missing.

16. Arts Montgomery Museum Of Fine Arts

This is a museum that has permanent paintings, sculptures, and several other artworks created by well-known artists of the region and even the entire country at large.

This museum was established in 1930, making it the oldest of its kind in the region. In this museum, you will find beautiful artworks that will appeal to your interest.

17. Cattle Industry At The Museum

If you want to have a fun-filled experience and interactive learning with your kids, you would love it at ago the Montgomery museum.

This place offers a lot of fun-filled experiences, where you get to learn about the state’s massive cattle industry. The environment is friendly and it has the best ways to keep your kids engaged while you tour around the cattle industry.

18. Scott and Zoning Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

This is the only museum in the world that was dedicated to Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, this museum features books, letters, photos, personal belongings, and possessions of Fitzgerald.

Though formerly a house converted to a museum, it was open for public access in 1986 and it plays host to annual galas and many soc events.

19. Dragon Boat Festival

This is an annual event that attracts more than 70 teams from all over Alabama to compete. The festival is made lively through the different competitions of which boat races are the most exciting of them all.

The festival also features lots of live musical performances and various kinds of food and drinks, the atmosphere is always lively because of all these activities.

20. Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

This is a minor baseball league ballpark that was established in 2004. It is the home of the Montgomery Biscuit baseball team.

This stadium has a seating capacity of 7000, 20 comfortable suites, a picnic area as well as a children’s playground where your kids are engaged in fun activities while you enjoy the view.

21. Alley Entertainment District

This place plays host to varieties of boutiques, special bars, and restaurants. In the district, you can also find Biscuit’s baseball stadium, Railyard Brewing Company as well as the Fitzgerald museum, the district is such an amazing place to be.

If you are also a lover of old-school jazz music or you want to hear what it sounds like, do well to visit the Alley Entertainment District.

22. Hank Williams Museum

If you want to know all about this legend, Hank Williams visit the Hank Williams Museum, and whatever it is you want to know about this legend will be given to you in detail.

In this stadium, you will find all his music collection, place your request and it will be given to you.

23. Westbrook Flea Market and Antique Hall

This is a place to find those hidden treasures you have been looking for, here you can find varieties of things that will soothe your interest.

The market is packed full of mid-century furniture and antiques, you can browse through the market to pick the one that appeals to your interest.

The market opens from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday, while Sunday is from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

24. Riverfront Park

This park features a lot of fun activities like biking, hiking, trails in Riverwalk Stadium, a kids playground, a picnic area, and many more.

You can have the best of fun when you visit this place.

25. Court Square Fountain

This fountain offers history, beautiful arts, and sculptures, you can something from this place when you visit.

This place leaves you with memories that will not be forgotten so soon, make plans to visit today.

26. Old Alabama Town

This is a history museum that tells about the lifestyle and historical architecture of Montgomery, it is a place to learn about the history of the town.

A visit to this place will be a great benefit to you.

27. King Memorial Baptist Church

This church was renamed after Martin Luther King because of his help in propelling and moving the church forward, this was between 1954 and 1960.

28. Freedom Rides Museum

when you visit this place you will get a detailed explanation of the freedom rights movement, this knowledge will be really helpful. 

29. Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park

This park occupies 250 acres of land space and it was Wynton Blount that donated this land and also the theater.

This plays host to both the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and Alabama Shakespeare’s Festival.

30. W.A Gayle Planetarium

If you have an interest in science or your kids do, pay a visit to the Gayle Planetarium.

This is the only Planetarium available in entire central Alabama, surrounding it is a beautiful Park.

31. Governor’s Mansion

This is an architectural masterpiece that has existed for 107 years. 

The best way to explore this mansion is through a tour guide, which will lead you through all nooks and crannies of this big mansion, this tour lasts for 30 minutes.

Before leaving, go to the Governor’s mansion gift shop to enjoy delicious cookies.

The City of Montgomery has a lot to offer those who come to visit or for vacation, there are so many activities you can engage in as well as so many places to visit, what you should be thinking of is when to start and where to start.


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