31 Best & Fun Things To Do In Granada (Spain)


Granada, Spain is a great and ancient city that dates back as far as 700 years, this city is located in southern Spain. Granda is a blessed city beautifully mapped at the fourth hills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this city boasts unique architectural designs which distinguish it from other cities.

The beautiful city of Granada is filled with many historic sites that attract tourists from within and outside the city.

Since the inception of this city, there have been so many transformations that have made the city take a modern look, though the streets still look like the old Medieval times.

Every year, the city of Granada is being flooded by tourists who want to have a glimpse of its beautiful and natural environments as well as the unique architectural masterpiece in the area.  


One exciting thing you would love to know is the diverse mix of Islamic, Arabic, and Spanish culture in the city and how it has coexisted to the present.


If you are planning to visit Granada soon, there are some exciting places you would love to visit like the courtyards in Granada, palaces, gardens where the Emirs of Granda spend the summer seasons, and many more exciting places.

If you want to know where to go and what to do when you get to Granada, follow through as we take you on a journey of the best things to do in Granada.

Fun Best Things To Do In Granada, Spain.

1. Royal Chapel

This is a top tourist site in Granada, this place is a famous burial ground of the two Spanish most powerful rulers, who were two Catholic Monarchs.

Most visitors find it interesting visiting the beautiful tomb of these great monarchs which is made from alabaster and I am certain you will live the site too.

2. Alcaiceria

This was the place where the Granda’s Great Bazaar was held, during this Baazar you get to see merchants from all over Granada display goods like spices and silks.


In recent times, this area has been transformed and it is now a passageway where you find souvenir shops. You can shop for souvenirs that appeal to your interest, it makes for one of the best things to do in Granada.

3. Sacromonte

This is one of the major neighborhoods in Granada, this is a beautiful architectural masterpiece.

Sacromonte became the home for the gypsy community after it was conquered by the Catholic monarchs. This is a top tourist attraction in Granada, make time during your stay to visit this beautiful place.

4. The Banuelos

These are bathhouses located on the street of Carrera Sen Darro, though from the outside these bathhouses do not look beautiful when you go inside you will see a beauty that will overwhelm you.

Unfortunately, these bathhouses are now few compared to the 16th century when there were several bathhouses, the few that are still surviving are because they were built underneath private houses.

When you visit, pay close attention to the designs used on the wall, it is an intriguing sight.

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5. Alhambra

When you walk from one royal court to another, and from one serene courtyard to another, you will be amazed at the beautiful enchantment that will greet you.

This wonder was built between the 1200s and 1300s by the Nasrids who ruled the emirate of Granada at that time.

This place is a combination of a castle, summer retreats, a palace, and an enclosed town. As you visit you will get to discover more things about this beautiful place and of course do not forget to come with cameras for recording purposes.

6. Generalife Gardens

This is a beautiful garden filled with lovely aromas of flowers, the best time to visit is during the spring. This is because at this time the garden is filled with special fragrances and also with colorful flowers.

This Mountain features things like colorful flower beds, geometric pools, fountains, and other beautiful structures. It is a cool and nice place beautiful place and I am sure you will love to spend some time here.

7. Albayzin

This is an interesting area in Granada that is worth your time, you should think of adding it to your do list.

This is a place that attracts tourists from all over because of its amazing architecture. In this area, you will find churches that were formally mosques built by the Muslims before they were chased out.

You will be interested in taking pictures, especially the Moorish tiles painted with hands so do well to come along with your camera.

8. Granada Cathedral

This is the second-largest cathedral in Spain, which was built at the beginning of the 16th century and was the site of the demolished Granada Mosque.

This cathedral is a combination of two architectural styles, the renaissance was used for the main structure and interior whereas gothic is used for the foundation.

In this chapel, you will find things like stained glass windows, sculptures, and exciting paintings which will amaze you.

9. Corral del Carbon

This is the oldest existing monument in Granada, which was constructed during the Nasrid Dynasty.

When you visit, you will be treated by a beautifully double-arched gate that leads to the central courtyard, where you can find the place where travelers do have their rest.

You can be part of the flamenco shows held every Summer evening, it promises to be so much fun.

10. Granada Charterhouse

This is a very beautiful monastery located north of Albayzin, this was a building that took over 300 years to complete.

You can not expect anything less from a building that took over three centuries to build, it is a class of its own which makes it the most precious, valued, and visited masterpiece in Spain.

11. Science Center

It is a place to visit if you want to learn about sciences, in this center they carry out science exhibitions regularly and these exhibitions are most of the time very interesting to watch.

The science center has two main buildings, macroscopic and the journey into the human body. You will be very much happy you watched these exhibitions after your visit.

12. Plaza de San Nicolas

If you are looking for a place to go for a vacation, this is surely the place for you.

You can find one of the best views of Alhambra and Sierra in this plaza. Some benches are made available in this plaza where you can relax and have a perfect view of the environment.

13. Nasrid Palaces

One of the most popular places in Alhambra, it was constructed to look like a beautiful garden.

When you visit some places will appeal to your interest like the Lion Courtyard made with amazing designs and also the oratory of the Arrayanes Courtyard.

There are limited numbers of persons allowed into the palace per day, make sure you make it here on time so that you can gain entry into this beautiful place.

14. Carmen De Los Mártires Gardens

This is a very peaceful and quiet place, it is one of the best to do in Alhambra.

Even though many tourists opt to visit the palace instead of this beautiful garden, it is still fun being around here and it is also a place for romantic walks.

15. Tapas

There are lots of bars in the city where you can visit between 1 pm and 4 pm and also between 9 pm and midnight.

When you visit any of the bars in the city, order a glass of drink from the menu that will be provided, relax and enjoy your evening.

16. Sierra Nevada National Park

This is a beautiful park located behind Granada’s suburbs.

When you visit, you will discover amazing things along the path, the park features things like beautiful vegetation and wild olive trees.

17. Carrera del Darro

This is a beautiful street in Albayzin District, this is the perfect place for you to have those romantic walks you have been yearning for.

Though this beautiful street is not that wide it can still contain two people walking side by side with each other.

As you go on this romantic walk, you can still enjoy the view of the natural and beautiful environment like the vegetation around and the river close to the area.

18. Bar La Fragua

Located in Albaicin, this is a place to enjoy the sweetest of wines

Bar La Fragua is one of the best bars you can find around, you can make your order from the menu they will give.

The interesting part of this is that as you purchase a glass of wine, you are given free food. Interesting is it not, a glass of wine costs 1.60 euros feel: free to stop by any day.

19. Palacio De Dar Al-Horra

This is a top attraction in Granada, it is a beautiful architectural piece that was once a Moorish Palace.

Some of the exciting things in this palace are rooms and quarters, pools, gardens, a central courtyard, and a Veranda.

20. Granada Museum Of Fine Arts

If you are a lover of arts, this should make your list of things to do in Granada.

When you visit the museum, there are lots of things that will tell you about the history and foundation of the city of Granada.

The museum also features the works of Alonzo Cano, who happen to be the one that designed the museum.

21. Bar Pibe

This is a bar located on a busy street in Sacramento, you can stop by for a glass of drink or two.

The drinks here are cheap, coupled with the homely and local feeling the place gives. While you enjoy your drink you have the opportunity to watch what is happening in the area, I bet you the views are exciting.

22. Abadia del Sacramento

Here you will find the Abbey of Sacramento which is one of the main attractions of the city.

The Abbey is located far above the city which makes it cool and calm, it is a lovely place to visit.

A tour around the Abbey costs only 4 euros, this tour allows you to access the interior of the Abbey where you find the hidden and important things in the area.

23. Realejo

This is an old Jewish quarter, with its street filled with enchanting spots, it is one of the most attractive neighborhoods you can find around.

Here you will find spectacular artwork done by a local known as Raul Ruiz, you can find these works of art on dilapidated walls and buildings, this is an intriguing sight.

24. Bodega Castaneda

This is one of the oldest and also the most loved tapas bars in the area, this place is often flooded by tourists and locals alike who come to have a taste of these delicious local drinks.

When you visit, order one of these local drinks, the waters here are friendly, and experience so relax and enjoy yourself.

25. Casa Julio

If you are looking for a place to have a real meal, Casa Julio tapas offers you varieties of options.

When it comes to tapas of fried fish they are specialists though they are most times unpredictable, no one knows when they open or when they close. You might be lucky enough to see them open when you visit, go I’m and enjoy.

26. Los Diamantes

This is another great place to enjoy delicious tapas of fried fish, though this is a noisy environment it is still one of the best places to visit.

This place is known by locals and tourists as a place to get delicious fried fish, it is a popular place in the area you will not find it difficult to locate it.

27. Casa Federico Garcia Lorca

This is a park located on the southern edge of Granda, it was named after the city’s most famous son Federico Garcia Lorca who was murdered in Spain’s devastating civil war.

This park is a revealing collection of many beautiful sketches, photographs, and documents. Make out time to visit this place, you will gain knowledge as you do.

28. The Miradores Of Granada

If you are looking for fun things to do while in the city you can visit the Miradores, which is a tower or lookout point.

When you visit this place, leave no stone unturned, make sure you explore as much as you can. When exploring, visit the Mirador de San Nicolas which is the most popular among the Miradores. Come on time with your camera to enable secure a perfect spot for taking perfect pictures.

29. Paseo De Los Tristes

This route was used during burial processions leading to an old cemetery located at the top of a hill in the city, today it is a very peaceful walkway.

This is a good place for an early morning peaceful walk, you will be surrounded by peace and quietness as you walk through.

30. Carthusian Monastery

This place is of great history that is worth taking out time to visit, inside of this monastery will leave you in total amazement.

Some of the features of this monastery include Baroque stucco walls and ceilings. This place is located outside of Granada which gives it a calm and quiet environment, you will love the sight here.

31. Feria

This is an exciting event that is hosted by Granda, this event takes place either the first week or the second week of June.

Feria is a one-week event that takes place on the outskirts of the city, in a place known as Recinto. This festival comes with a lot of fun and I believe you would not like to miss out.

There are lots of exciting places you need to explore in the beautiful city of Granada and there are also fun-filled activities waiting for people to come and participate in.

All you need to do is go to these places one after the other and enjoy the fun that comes from doing so.


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