31 Best And Fun Things To Do In Ibiza (Spain)


This place is known for the amount of fun it gives out. There are loads of fun things to do here; all you have to do is make a list of what you wish to do.

Now if you are finding it challenging to make a checklist of what you need to do and places you have to visit in Ibiza, below is something to help you plan your trip more particularly;

1. Es Vedra Island

There’s a lot of wildlife in this place, and you need your camera to take pictures. Skiing is fun. The air makes you feel like you are in another world. So visit this place with your friends and enjoy your stay.

2. Go On A Food Tour

The fun of having to taste different kinds of meals or delicacies from other restaurants is mind-blowing. They have food that when you taste them, you feel like explaining the taste of it to your friends, so you need your friends around you so they can have a taste of it too.

3. Water Sports In Ibiza


This place is suitable for other water activities that can be fun too. You can choose to keep paddling just for the fun of it. There are also sailors here willing to take you on a trip if you do not have an experience in it. Visiting this place with your friends makes it more fun.


4. Aquarium Cap Blanc

This place houses so much aqua life, and apart from this, they equally serve as a recovery spot for injured turtles. It is one of the best places to visit during your vacation, and you cannot afford to miss out on seeing this place.

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5. Formentera 

This place is said to be a place of beauty. It has lovely beautiful beaches, and the island itself is not an exception. Apart from the fun you get from the beach, you can equally rent a bike and tour through the provided trail. This is a sure place to visit.

6. Cafe Der Mar 

If you want to get a good spot to sit when you visit this place, you have to arrive early because sometimes it is filled up. People come to this place to relax and also watch the sunset. You can chill with your friends at this cafe with a glass of wine.


7. Telemanca Beach

It is a place not only visited by tourists but also by locals. This place is known for its snowhite-colored sand, one of the finest seen. You can sit out at the beach path with your families and enjoy the peace and bonds it treats. You can also try the food in the restaurants around.

8. Santa Eulalia 

It is the best resort to visit with your family. What makes it unique is its very peaceful and tranquil nature. You can have quiet times with your family here. It is an excellent resort to host a picnic, and just in case you do not wish to, you can try out the fantastic meals in their restaurants.

9. Cala Comte 

This beach has a very unique view and you will definitely be amazed at how wonderful nature is. There are bars around where you can actually take a drink, but that should be after you have finished taking a tour and catching quite some fun in this area.

10. Benirras Beach

This place hosts a particular event every Sunday, and if you are around that Sunday during the event, you are very much welcome to join. If you are a dancer, you will dance to the beat played in this event otherwise you can sit and feed your eyes.

11. Ibiza Festivals 

It is an event held annually to bring people together. Therefore, plan to clash with this festival and be a part of it when planning your visit. The festival is a very colorful one and you should not visit this place alone.

12. Hippy Market

Exhibits are sold here and you can decide to buy any of which you fancy. Also, there are restaurants, bars and other shops in this market.

You need to come prepared because you cannot just bypass the jewelry shop without longing to at least get one for yourself. You have to visit this place with your family so they can also feed their eyes too.

13. Seafood in Ibiza

This place is known for the seafood they serve. They have the best restaurants that serve the best seafood. This place might not be so classy, but it does not change the fact that they make the best seafood. The waters are ever-ready to serve you the best.

14. Cala Salada 

It is one of the Ibiza beaches that is very clear. It is also made of rock, so you need to come prepared. If you love swimming, you are very much accessible and there are also other things that you can do in this place to make it fun for you.

15. Sant Joan Craft Market

This market is open for you every Sunday. Some of the items sold in this market are locally made, while others are global.

You can purchase a lot of things from this market. You will also find fresh fruits and vegetables in this market. So make it a must to visit this market.

16. Cliff Jumping At Cala Tarida 

You will enjoy Cliff jumping with your friends or peer groups. The rocks are not too high, making them suitable to jump safely. The water around is also essential to make the place calm and peaceful.

17. Explore Dalt Vila 

This place holds historical facts so that history lovers will love this place. Although taking a tour is one of the best things to do here, you will also behold old structures and buildings that you might want to take pictures of before leaving.

18. The Ibiza Cathedral

You cannot finish exploring this place in just one day, so you have to be prepared. There are many old structures here too. The cathedral gives you a perfect view of the waters from where you are. Visit this place with your friends and also try to learn a lot from this place.

19. Cala D’ Hort

It is said that if you make a wish on this beach, it will come to pass, and because of this, people keep coming to this place to make wishes and pray they come to pass. If you have nothing to do in this place, you can wait for sunset and watch how beautiful the beach is.

20. San Antonio

This is a place where you will find beautiful beaches and of course, beach parties are held here. You can come to watch some of the events done here if you are not interested in swimming. You can also decide to go strolling with your loved ones.

21. Horse Riding In Ibiza 

It is a place where you can visit with your family or maybe your spouse. Horse riding is one fun thing that you should not miss out on, and you can use this opportunity to learn how to ride a horse without needing the assistance of a guardian. 

22. Beaches of The Northeast 

This place is a tranquil place, and if you want to have some time alone or wish to meditate in a quiet area, then this is the right place for you. This beach is very peaceful, and lovers can have time to make their bond stronger.

23. Playa d’ en Bossa

Lots of parties are held here almost every night, and the resort is equally close to the beach. Both the old and young are allowed to visit this place. If you feel hungry while in this resort, they have very beautiful restaurants where you can go and have a good meal.

Do not forget that there are other things to do during the day like biking, swimming, and hiking.

24. Punta d’ es Moscarter 

This place is the best spot for hiking. They also have some trees and farms in some parts of this place. You need to go with your camera so you will take pictures of some of the trials you will pass while hiking. It is a place to visit with your friends and peers

25. Scuba Dive In Ibiza

Diving is one of the major sports in this city. They also have a diving school for those who are willing and interested to learn. You can also take a tour to see the divemaster and you will even see some fish here too. In fact, this place is so much fun.

26. Spas In Ibiza

This place is known for having the best spas in the world and of course, they are normally situated around hotels, and some restaurants too.

You are allowed to choose the section you want in the spa and you will be treated to the fullest. You can come along with your spouse.

27. Elrow At Amnesia 

Do you like fun at night, this is the place for you. It is known to be one of the best nightclubs in the city. So many people come to this club to have fun. You must not forget to put on your dancing shoes before coming to this place.

28. Ibiza Medieval Fair

A lot of activities are done here such as dancing, singing, and other events. There is also time for an exhibition show. This festival is done to appreciate history. Come with your friends to enjoy the fun this place has to offer.

29. Marinade Ibiza

This place is a place you should visit when you come here. Try not to come alone because you might need someone around otherwise you are allowed to make new friends. You can as well go on a boat cruise and of course, you do not go on a boat cruise alone

30. Paloma

If you are in love with locally made dishes, then you should visit this place. They serve delicious food here. They also have a wine collection so you are really covered when it comes to your stomach.

All you need to do is visit with your friends so you do not have these experiences alone.

31. Pikes Hotel

This is a very large hotel and it contains both restaurants and bars. They also have a swimming pool where you can go to chill. You can also tour around this hotel if you are not interested in doing anything here.

If you look into all that is listed above, you will see that this place is filled with loads of fun and less historic and educational stuff.

So if you really want to have fun, then this is where you should visit, unlike other places that have mixed activities.




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