31 Best And Fun Things To Do In Honolulu (Hawaii)

Hawaii is a city filled with so many fun activities to offer you. They are so much interested in culture and traditions and I am sure this is something you will want to know.

There are so many attractions for you to see in Honolulu precisely and your kids are also safe and welcome to join this vacation.

We will be helping you to plan this vacation by making a checklist of things you will like to do for fun and places you will love to visit.

1. Get wet at Waikiki beach 

This beach has so much fun to offer to everyone, both kids, teens, and children. You do not need to look for where to eat if you become hungry or a hotel to sleep in when it is late at night because there are bars, hotels, and restaurants around this beach.

There are also private spots for kids to play and swim safely. 

2. Manoa Falls 

The Manoa holds a beautiful sight for whoever comes to see this place. A place is actually a place with nature. They are trial paths for hiking and you are free to hike around.

You can take a tour around this place to see even the beautiful botanical garden just around the corner of this place. Make sure you do not miss out on visiting this place.

3. Explore The Monarch Era At Iolani Palace

This place was known to be the kingdom of Hawaii. There is a lot that you can see here as visitors. You can take a guided tour feeding your eyes with the arts and artifacts you will find here.

You will get the opportunity to learn about the history of this place if you get to pay a visit.

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4. Kiss A Dolphin With Dolphin Quest Oahu

Can you imagine the fun of taking a swim with dolphins, you can actually do it si ignore imagining it and go for it. You can take your time socializing with these dolphins, feed them and even pet them.

Am sure you want to be among the many that will boost by having a swim with dolphins so do not miss this package.

5. Hike A Volcano (Diamond Head)

This is one place you will not want to miss. You can hike to the top of this volcano and get beautiful views of rivers and land as well as treetops. Just in case you are not good at hiking, you can take a tour of this place to see what it looks like. You can even take pictures to keep memories of what this place looks like.

6. Ala Moana Center

This is a big mall, it provides you with everything you need without you leaving the mall. It has bars, restaurants, and other shopping stalls in it.

They also have an area for entertainment and if you are lucky, you will watch one of the amazing shows performed in this place. Do well to add this place to your checklist.

7. Get Malasada From Leonard’s Bakery 

This place holds some cultural significance to Hawaiian culture. You have to eat what they eat if you visit this place so you can as well try visiting to have a taste of their valued malasada.

It is actually one of their native foods so it won’t be a bad idea to try it out.

8. Peak The Fun At Polynesian Cultural Center

This place is filled with so many fun activities but the interesting thing about this place is that all these activities are all from the culture of this place. You can come here with your friends to watch some of the shows done here.

9. Feel The Vibe Of Downtown Honolulu

This town has something to offer to all age grades ranging from kids, teens, and adults. You can enjoy swimming here so just in case you find nothing interesting here, you can go swimming with your friends.

10. Snorkeling At Shark’s Cove

Do not be scared when you hear the name shark because there are no sharks in this place. It got its name as a result of the view you get when you look at the cove. This is one place that aqua lovers will want to see so do well to add this place to your checklist.

11. Experience The Animal Kingdom At Honolulu Zoo

You will find all kinds of creatures in this place. This place is actually blessed with nature as these animals show God’s unique creation.

Families can visit this place to have a sight of different animals and equally take pictures of them. You can also decide to take a tour around this zoo with this you can see everything in the zoo.

12. Pearl Harbor

There are visitors centers and museums that you can visit here. This place holds memories of people that have given themselves up as sacrifices for this city. You will be happy you visited this place if not for anything to take a tour around the beach.

13. Atlantis Adventure

This is an underwater trip. It is more fun doing it with your friends or peer group. Aqua Lovers will surely not want to miss out on this place because of the loads of fun it carries. If you are scared of going beneath the water, you can now go on a boat cruise on the water

14. See Scary Tides At Halona Blowhole

You can only view this place from a far distance for safety reasons. Some people are scared to visit this place but you will not regret it if you do. You can take a tour of this place and enjoy the fun that comes with it.

15. Pictures At Kuhio Beach Park 

This beach park has a lot to offer as there are so many fun activities to do here. You can jog around and exercise, you can also hike or bike through the available trail. You can also take a tour around the park with your friends and families.

16. Explore Honolulu Botanical Garden

This garden is filled with so many species of plants. There are different gardens and each garden has its own plants and trees in it. Taking a tour of this place will be something you will not regret because you will also learn a lot from this place.

17. Diving At Corsair Wreck Dive Sight

Are you in for a diving adventure, then this is the best place for you to be. If you cannot partake in this sport, you can just come around with your friends to watch others as they dive in and out of this corsair wreck.

18. Art Is Fun At Shangri La Museum Of Islamic Art, Culture, And Design

This museum showcases more Islamic work arts. Muslims will always want to come here as well as lovers of art. You can take a tour around this museum irrespective of whether you are a Muslim or not. As visitors, you can just come to get knowledge about the culture of Islam.

19. Hanauma Bay

There are so many fun activities here ranging from swimming to hiking and biking. If you are not interested in any of these activities, you can just relax under one of the umbrellas or better still take a tour around the place.

20. Aloha Tower

Aloha Tower has captioned the statue of liberty. Presently, it serves as a lighthouse. You can take a tour around this place and you can also choose to climb this tower for the purpose of seeing things from above the tower.

21. Appreciate Art At Honolulu Museum Of Art

It will interest you to know that this is the biggest museum in the whole of the city with over 50,000 pieces of different artwork.

There are also events and performances done in this place for visitors to be entertained as well as educated.

22. Cast A Spell In Magic Island

There is lots of fun to do here, you will find restaurants, shops, and bars around the island. You can join a yoga section and you can also decide to jog the trail.

The magic island is not just as simple as it is pronounced. You can take a good tour with your camera taking pictures of the island.

23. Taste Hawaiian Traditional Meals With Hawaii Food Tour

You can go on a trip to different restaurants and eateries. You can also decide to take a guided tour and be enlightened more about food. You are opportuned to taste both their local dishes making it more interesting.

24. Arts And Culture At Kaka’s Ako

This place is very lively and there are opportunities for outdoor activities. This part of the city is very vibrant and as such young couples or youth always want to be in this place. You are free to take a tour around this place.

25. Shopping Can Be Fun At Royal Hawaiian Center

This is another big shopping complex, it is a must-see. They deal in branded items and of course, they have very beautiful things.

The good part of this mall is that you do not have to spend so much to get what you want. Try paying a visit to this mall.

26. Sans Souci Beach Park

 This park provides you with a serene environment for relaxing and you cannot afford to miss it. If diving is not your area of interest, then you can come to this beach to relax.

Feel free to come along with your spouse for more bonds as this place is a good spot for that.

27. Explore Chinatown Historic District

This district comprises shops and market that tells you about the culture of this Chinatown. They have delicious soup for you to quench your hunger.

You can take a tour nearby viewing the flowers, artifacts, and exhibits around this place.

28. Get Some Shaved Ice From Wailua Shave Ice

Are you in to get a taste of good ice cream with different flavors, then shave ice got you covered. The people of this town have taken it upon themselves to always come here to have this delicious dessert. You can also take a tour around this complex just to feed your eyes with the activities that go on there.

29. Horse Lovers Won’t Miss Kualoa Ranch 

This is a very familiar and popular ranch in Hawaii. You can choose to bike, hike or even decide to go horse riding. You can take notes of the landmarks you pass while biking. You can also take good pictures here too to keep your memory.

30. Sea Life Park

This is a very cool and lively place to be. Wildlife is not an exception in this place. There is also an area for aquatic adventures. You are also free to have fun with marine animals as you feed them. Sea Life Park is a must-see for you and your family.

31. Hike The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

You can decide to leave the beach and go hiking. This drive is over two hours but it is actually worth it. You get to see wildlife including birds on the way. It’s good you take a tour around this area with your friends to experience so much fun.

One of the fun things we stated is the fact that you can actually create your own activity here.

Is there something that you have been longing to do for a long time? this place gives you the opportunity to explore that. There is something for both kids, teens, and adults. Start planning your vacation as we have made things easy for you.

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