30 Best & Fun Things to do in Clermont (FL)


Clermont is quite a lovely city, enveloped by a lot of lakes of varying sizes and shapes. 

There are tons of activities to enjoy either as tourists or as residents in Clermont. this area gives, a lot more than the required for a small town, it is a highly valued place to visit as being home to a lot of cultural, historical, and natural attractions

In this article, I’ll be listing the 30 best things to do if you find yourself in Clermont.

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1. The Citrus Tower:


One of the most fascinating sites in Clermont, and place merit being on your list of things to do in Clermont is visiting the Clermont’s Citrus Tower.


This Citrus Tower struts tall and is more than 200 feet above its enclosing terrain.

Its height makes it apparent, hence it has been an idol of the town’s skyline.

The tower was erected as a statue to Florida’s citrus commerce for the very large portion they dabble in the state’s total economy.

2. Lake Louisa State Park:

The State Park is a biological wonderland that is often toured by nature lovers, bird watchers, and sportsmen.

It is one of the well-known parks explored by tourists in the area.


Entities you will discover in this park include swamps, lakes, stands of cypress, palmetto trees, etc.

The park is also one of the most toured places by hikers and backpackers who are looking for a way to get absent from the crowd

3.  Museum of Osteology:

A visit to the Museum of Osteology is one of the recreational things to do during your visit to Clermont.

Located in Orlando, The Museum of Osteology is a means allure that was inaugurated in the year 2015

In this museum, you will find more than 500 substantial skeletons which are remains of both vanished prehistoric animals like the dinosaurs and animals which still swim, roam, and fly around the earth.

4. Orlando Cat Cafe:

Set in Orlando is The Orlando Cat Cafe, for cat lovers, it occurs to be one of the nicest places to visit in Clermont, Florida.

This is a place that allows you to socialize with cats.

Apart from fiddling with the cats, you can also buy delicious food at this café at a very decent price, you get to relish them all in a hygienic and comfortable setting the café provides.

5. Showcase Of Citrus:

Another available local allure center that you should add to your list is touring the Showcase of Citrus.

The showcase of Citrus is learned to attract vast crowds to Clermont, it blends a massive combination of recreation and entertainment alternatives into one location.

It is a very worthwhile place to spend your leisure and being a part of it, its entertainment is of minor cost.

6. Clermont Performing Arts Center:

This Arts Center always broadcasts a calendar every year which includes approximately 20 performances and shows.

All of these shows are introduced in the Black Box Theatre and their Main Hall. In your leisure time, you can watch the exhibitions.

The events incorporated in this season are an extraordinary collection of modern culture and traditional culture. this way, everyone’s liking of concerts is covered.

7. Sky Zone Trampoline Park:

It is a place where the whole family can train and also get amused, it is a recreation niche for kids.

The park has plenty of trampolines, you will find one suitable for kids of different ages.

8. Champions Splash Park:

If you are craving a place where you can win against the summer heat at its own game, then you have to visit Clermont’s Champions Splash Park.

The park has every convenience and activity which you can anticipate from a splash park, the park also has a space where the little ones who are not old enough to play with the older kids can play.

9. Downtown Clermont:

You will be missing the fun part of Clermont, Florida if you decline to visit her downtown area. 

The downtown area of Clermont is worth touring not just because of the nice shops but so several eateries where you can get everything, from baked goods to coffee, burgers, and seafood.

10. Kings Ridge Golf Club:

If you want to go on a golf outing while you are in Clermont, another place to check out is the Kings Ridge Golf Club.

You will love the way nature beautified this club course. Kings Ridge Golf Club hosts so many games within the year. If you are good at golf you are unrestricted to enroll in this challenge.

11. Waterfront Park:

It is a family-friendly destination, even the kids are going to cherish Waterfront park for it has a playground where your kids can play.

Waterfront Park is totally a tremendous place for reasoning and also appreciating the stillness that the peace nature gives. This wonderful park is positioned directly at the waterfront.

12. Presidents Hall of Fame:

The President’s Hall of Fame, which has been in this city for up to 60 years, is one of the satisfactory places to visit in Clermont.

The Hall of Fame was a wax museum that is devoted to the country’s presidents for much of its existence.

You will still find inside, wax replicas, It also has quite a large expanse of presidential memorabilia which contains merchandise like the distinguished robotic version of Abraham Lincoln

13. Crooked Can Brewing Company:

Nothing strikes a cold beer on a cool evening, if you are wanting a remarkable occurrence like this, there is no better place to check out.

Aside from the fact they have a vast preference for craft-brewed beers, they also give their clients a flavorful choice of food too.

14. The Crooked Spoon Gastropub:

This is a prominent restaurant in Clermont that makes incredible meals at reasonable prices.

Aside from the taste of their meal, you will love the way the restaurant is flawlessly designed and adorned, it is also a good place to hang out with the family as well as loved ones.

15. Lake Hiawatha Preserve:

Lake Hiawatha Preserve is an Inland Groves Propertynature park that comprises the Lake Minneola to Clermont Scenic Trail and so many other frills like its two dog parks.

It also has a court with a working eccentric water tower, there is also a picnic gazebo and a biking path in the Preserve.

16. Southern Hills Farm:

If you are looking for a place to get some family fun, the family could stop by this farm, especially when they give hayrides, host food trucks, and open their market and covered playground.

Make sure you survey the Farm’s exhibition calendar for details before you visit the farm, for these courtesies they offer are seasonal.

17. Al-Marah Arabian Horses:

This recreational spot has the objective of bringing the dreams of horse lovers to replace.

You can as well get to comprehend horse riding from the best here as their mentors will tutor you to become the best in a short while.

18. Bob’s Balloon Rides:

Bob’s Balloon Rides gives its clients a chance to soar through the air on a hot air balloon this is an incredible adventure as you behold the beautiful view of the sky and land beneath.

19. Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard:

This winery offers a complimentary cruise which is fun and interesting, they also allow their guests to taster the wines they make.

Tourists will be given various Lakeridge Wines to sip and rate.

20. Dreamcatcher Horse Ranch and Rescue Center:

This ranch is a full-service Equestrian Facility, It has fun recreations of different ranges for all ages, these activities are of different levels of difficulty.

Some of these fun activities comprise riding a horse, horse racing, and swordplay while on the horse.

If you don’t know how to ride a horse, you can recruit in their riding lessons, it doesn’t take so long to learn how to ride a horse like a pro.

21. The Townsend House:

This was the residence of the first black natives to dwell in Clermont, they go by the names James and Sally Townsend.

the Townsend House serves as a museum that emphasizes the history and antiques of the city’s early inhabitants and pioneers.

22. Florida Scrub-Jay Trail:

If you are wanting a place to bird watch, come down to this area particularly during Fall and Winter when thousands of migrating birds arrive in the marshes and the upland habitat.

During Summer, the area is encircled by wildflowers which are so gorgeous to notice.

23. Withers Maguire House:

This house is one of the most well-preserved homes in the area.

Inside, you will find furniture, period art, and housewares that tell you about the lives of those that dwelled in the building and the area 100 years ago. You can tour the house for some sightseeing.

24. Legends Golf and Country Club:

This is an extraordinary golf destination, there is no other golf club like it in the country as it accentuates more than 1,000 courses.

Tourist who has an intention to play golf consumes their time here.

A visit here is admirable to be put into your list of things to do in Clermont if you are a golf lover.

25. Palatlakaha River Park:

This Park is a very beneficial location that is quite simple to access and also it has different natural domains.

the park is an intriguing place to explore, especially in a kayak or a canoe, entry into the River Park is free.

26. Revolution Off-Road:

This spot helps guests engage in adventures, as it gives you a chance to partake in fun and thrilling activities such as archery, clay shooting, ATV riding, fishing, etc.

One interesting thing about Revolution Off Road is that they allow you to take control of your day and it’s at an affordable price.

27. A Visit To Victory Pointe:

The park promotes a stunning stormwater run-off system as well as walking/running/biking trails that weave from the waterfront to downtown businesses, an overlook tower with great views of the surrounding area, and a pavilion that serves as a place for festivals.

28. The 10-Mile Loop:

The 10-Mile Loop is nature constructed, with rolling hills and soft footing, It gives something different from root-riddled trails and root-riddled.

If you are a fresh runner, and you want to up your game, you will find a fellow runner root-riddled in the loop who will be ready to encourage you.

29. A Ride With Hertz Rent Car:

In case you need a car with which you can tour around the town, then rent a vehicle from Hertz. In Clermont, you will find the Dollar, Hertz, and Thirty vehicle ren,tal brands, these brands can be found in different locations in North America.

30. Crooked Rive,r Preserve:

The preserve is just a short hike, however, you will find a broad variety site of habitats in this short hike.

It is truly one of nature’s last strongholds in Clermont

it is also a great spot to think, away from the noisy streets of the city.

This wonderful city of Clermont is smaller than its metropolis neighbor but presents quite a lot of fun attractions and activities. So much fun awaits you.


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