30 Best And Fun Things To Do In Branson (MO)

Branson is a place where you and your family can go and have quality time together. Lovers can also visit this place for better bonding.

This city is big enough and has everything you need to have an interesting and fun time with others. 

There are also some loveable places that you cannot afford to miss and we will be talking about them in this article.

This place has so much entertainment for both kids, teens, and adults. Below are some places you can visit and some things you can do for fun to keep your stay worthwhile.

1. Take A Trip Through History At The Titanic Museum

This museum has exhibits that take your thoughts back to the things of the old. They have over 400 art pieces from the titanic shipwreck and this is one of the major reasons why visitors come to this museum to have a sight of what the passengers must have felt.

2. Butterfly Palace And Rainforest Adventure

This palace is known for its beautiful sights. It is a place for lovers of nature. They have natural colors of butterflies and reptiles. This palace is both for kids, teens, and adults.

There is something for everyone to do here. As visitors, you are given the privilege to feed butterflies and this could mean so much for you and your friends and families.

3. Sight And Sounds Theaters

This is a Christian theater and it is one of the best places for Christians to visit. They try their best to make visitors enjoy their stay by entertaining them with peculiar attractions and even if you are not a Christian, you will enjoy this place.

4. Hughes Brothers Theater

This is one of the best theaters in Branson. If you have an interest in music or performing, this is where you should be.

There are lots of entertainers that can make your stay worthwhile. All genres of music are appreciated here and if you have an interest in music, you are welcome to join. 

5. Table Rock Lake

Those that love aqua life will definitely be interested in this place. You can go on a picnic with your spouse at this place and also enjoy outdoor activities.

As a visitor, you can also indulge in watching wildlife, biking, and hiking. This park is something you should not miss.

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6. Wonderworks 

Kids will be very delighted to visit this place. This is an amusement park located in Branson. This place is for families and friends to visit and enjoy themselves.

They are famous for offering both educational and entertaining activities. Make sure this park is on your checklist of places to visit.

7. White Water 

This place features so many water-related activities that it is fun. If you wish to have a good and memorable water adventure, then this place is where you should be.

It is actually suitable for everyone not minding the age, so you are actually free to visit with whomever you choose to go with. 

8. Dolly Parton’s Stampede 

Here, you are given the privilege to watch musical productions. The attractions here make visitors eagerly come back for more tours. You can visit this place with your friends and take a walk with them to see Dolly Parton’s four-legged star. 

9. Branson Landing

This is a place of entertainment with restaurants and bars. You have a lot to do in this place and of course, you should not think of doing it alone.

You can go shopping with your friends, you can attend an event with your spouse, you can equally dine with your family. Now you can see that there is too much to do here and no one is exempted.

10. Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

This place is really a sight to behold. If you love waterfalls, then you need to visit this place. It shows you what nature looks like.

There is also room for outdoor adventure if you want to. You can decide to go on a tour making sure to visit all the interesting spots in this area. You will put so much smile on the face of the person or people you invite on this tout.

11. Branson Scenic Railway

If you have never entered a trail, then this is an opportunity for you to do so. You can decide to go with your families and friends but definitely not alone.

Learning about some landmarks is also very nice because you become familiar with places. The trail itself is a place for you to take a guided tour.

12. Runaway Mountain Coaster In Branson Mountain Adventure Park

This place comprises many outdoor activities, you can actually choose to go for the type of fun you want. Driving is something that some people find so much fun no matter what it takes.

You can go on an adventure with your spouse, taking pictures together and creating good memories.

13. Bigfoot fun park 

This is an amusement park inspired by bigfoot and it is filled with so many indoor and outdoor activities. Kids, teenagers, and adults have so much to enjoy here. There is a lot to do in this place because as we already stated, it is an amusement park.

You can choose to track the big footprints and you may like to see animals around. It is actually best you visit here with your peer groups.

14. Titanic Museum

All the artifacts in the place were recovered from the sunken titanic ship so if you wish to see what this ship looks like or the remains of it, you can visit the Titanic museum.

Imagine seeing what parts of this ship looks like and telling it to your friends, they will equally want to see what it looks like and more people are visiting, making it so much fun.

There are also exhibits that can entice children and make them happy and they can be told the story of the Titanic shipwreck. 

15. Veterans Memorial Museum

This museum was built by Fred Hoppe to honor the heroes that died in the war. The museum has artifacts from different places showing the weapons, uniforms, letters, and medal planes used during this war.

He took over 25 years preparing, building this place, and gathering artifacts that tell the story of this place.

16. Promised Land Zoo

Lovers of wildlife and animals will love to see this place. It contains animals of different species from all over the globe. This place gives visitors the opportunity to come close to some animals that they rarely see or have not seen before.

Kids will really love this place because they get to see animals of different shapes and forms. Please do visit this place during your vacation.

17. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Branson Odditorium

They have artifacts gathered from all parts of the world, they have exhibits of animals, people, and objects.

They also organize games and activities that you can enjoy with your family. Visiting this place is one of the things you should do because it can also serve an educational purpose since you will be told the meaning of some of those artifacts.

18. College Of The Ozarks

The attractions in this place alone will trigger your fancy and bring you here. You are assured of learning a lot in this place because the staff here are full-time students that are allowed to work. So they are available to clear your curiosity. There is so much you can learn here including weaving baskets with hands and lots more.

19. Talking Rocks Cavern

This place hosts some of the most beautiful caves that Branson boasts of. You can enjoy so much fun at the top like biking and hiking and also other outdoor activities.

This place contains some minerals and you can come to this place to learn about them, this is why we can equally say it serves educational purposes.

20. Track Family Fun Park

Are you looking for a place where your kids can have so much fun as well as you too, then this is the right place to visit. It is filled with people from different places, different ages, and different families.

The fun things bring people together and you can also make new friends. Things like golfing are what you can also engage in here.

21. Shepherd Of The Hills Adventure Park

This place takes the mind of visitors back to the old times of Branson. They feature in so many fun activities and have beautiful amazing sights to see. You can visit this place with your friends and even tour around the park.

22. Branson Ferris Wheel 

You will have fun in this place when you visit this place at night. The lights from the wheel shining through all parts are amazingly beautiful.

Take your kids to see this view and imagine the smile that comes from their hearts. Make sure to add this place to your checklist.

23. Beyond The Lens

This place gives you an experience that you will not want to forget, you will be eager to come back after your first visit.

As visitors, you can take a tour around and you can also swim if you choose to. The fun in this place should not be enjoyed alone but with your friends to create good memories.

24. World’s Largest  Toy Museum Complex

Are you looking for a place to take your kids to for their vacation? Then this place got you covered. It provides so much excitement for kids that they will not want to leave this place. This is the best attraction for kids in Branson because it has so many toys that could trigger their fancy.

25. Shepherd Of The Hills Fish Hatchery 

People that love marine life will love this place. There are not many places where you can find this place but we have found just the perfect one for you and you just cannot afford to miss it.

Those interested in fishing can go to Taneycomo to fish because this place is always open for visitors anytime. Apart from fishing, you can also engage in activities like hiking, wildlife, and sight viewing.

26. Hollywood Wax Museum

In this museum, you have the opportunity to take pictures with celebrities that you love. This Hollywood wax museum has been open for years and is still open to date. It is a very beautiful place to behold as there are beautiful attractions that will trigger your fancy.

27. Silver Dollar City

This place has some features of the old times. This amusement park has so many fun activities to offer to its visitors. You can go to this place with friends to at least listen to the music of old times as they have a way of creating memories.

28. Fritz’s Adventure

If you are the adventurous type, then this is the place for you. There are attractions that seem outdoor but are indoors, explaining this place won’t do except you visit it by yourself. It is suitable for individuals of all ages and classes so kids are very much welcomed.

29. Clay Cooper Theater

This theater is very educational, it hosts events for churches, family reunions, performance groups on stage, and lots more. Visitors come here to watch some of these events and learn from them. You can also take a tour around this building.

30. Moonshine Beach

This is a place to chill during the summer times, looking at the water bodies as you chill close to this place has a way of giving you peace of mind.

It has a shelter where you can stay to enjoy your glass of wine. You can visit this place with your spouse to create a bonding time.

From the listed places and things to do for fun, you can see that Branson is a very attractive place to visit with your friends and families.

The parks, beaches, restaurants, and even the museum most interestingly the titanic museum are things that are worth spending for. Plan a trip to this place and keep memories that will last forever.

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