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29 Best & Fun Things To Do In Santa Maria (CA)


Santa Maria is a well-structured traditional city located in California’s Central Coast region. This city has historic wineries that have influenced the wine world and also propelled the city into gaining the popularity it has today.

The traditional city of Santa Maria plays host to quite a several top attractions, some of them are the Santa Maria Historical Society Museum, which serves as the archive of the past events of the town, Santa Maria Museum of Flight, Waller County Park, the magnificent Preisker Park, Paul Nelson Aquatic Center and a host of others.

This city gives you an opportunity of living with the best things you can find around, there are lots of food and drinks available in the best restaurants and wineries.

You can go ahead to explore beautiful outdoor green spaces and various recreational centers and facilities. All these things make the best things in Santa Maria, explore and have fun as much as you can.


Follow through as we take you to the best fun things to do in Santa Maria;


Best Fun Things To do In Santa Maria.

1. The Shack Paintball Field

This is the perfect place for a family outing, you will have fun shooting family and friends paintballs, it is usually very exciting.

If you are not used to the paintball game, do not worry you will be guided through a checklist and you will learn in no time. But if you are experienced in the game, it is an advantage for you. 

You go into the field dressed in your sports attire.

2. Santa Valley Discovery Museum

This is a 13-square-foot museum that has 25 exhibit areas, it is a place that kids and teens need to see.

This is a nonprofit museum that encourages youths to explore the world, space, and immigration in a very safe place. The exhibition is an interactive section that engages species that participate in it. You can decide to join any of the programs offered throughout the week.


3. Edwards Santa Maria Stadium 14 & RPX

This is a stadium of 2,935 which has a notable edifice with exciting views. This stadium started as a charity scheme with a $2, it was controlled by Royal Cinema and the first show was attended by 20,000 patrons.

The art-house is one of the notable edifices to check out when you visit the stadium and the external section of this stadium features a monumental view. Do well to explore as many areas as you can, it is an exciting thing to do.

4. Rancho Sisquoc Winery

This is one of the best things to visit when you visit Santa Maria.

You will have a nice experience when you come here, you can sit and relax in the picnic areas, you can chat with the staff there and you are also free to ask questions.

They are friendly and welcoming. The most interesting part is you have the opportunity to taste delicious wines.

Getting a glimpse of how the interior of this winery is by exploring as many areas as you can, they give a complimentary logo glass to visitors as a souvenir.

5. Foxen Canyon Wine Trail

This trail promotes quite a several wineries that produce different quality wines, most of the best wineries are found on this trail.

This wine trail has a lot of exciting packages of which some of which you will be visiting wineries found along this trail like Rancho Sisquoc Winery, Kenneth Volk Vineyards, Firestone Vineyard, Zaca Mesa Winery, as well as Andrew Murray Vineyards.

You have the chance to taste 20 wines from any of the wineries, you will be given a goody bag with a commemorative wine glass. Make out time to go through this trial, the view promises to be attractive.

6. Waller County Park

This park provides the best local views of green space, you will find it interesting out here.

Found in this Park is one of the unique structures in the city which is 154 acres of grassy lawn, two magnificent lakes with fountains, and picnic areas.

When it comes to sports activities, the Park boasts of varieties ranging from a low tennis court, a frisbee golf course, kicking a ball around, biking trails, hiking, and many other fun-filled activities.

7. Riverbench Winery And Vineyard

This wonderful attraction is one of the best wineries you can find around.  When it was established in 1973 it only grew grapes that other wineries bought to make the best wines.

In 2006, they started producing wines in large quantities when it became obvious they needed to start producing their own. You have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of quality wine when you visit.

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8. Pacific Conservatory Theatre

This is a theater that performs arts in Santa Maria,  they have been playing a vital role in Santa Maria’s diverse communities.

What they do are as follows; they bring the arts alive, enrich cultural literacy, and improve the quality of life of those who are directly involved and also those who are not directly involved.

9. FOXEN Winery and Vineyard

This is another winery that produces quality wines, the magnificent ranch is located on Foxen  Canyon Road.

This winery offers a tour that includes a visit to the original site, a tour to the solar-powered winner as well as a tasting room where you have the opportunity to taste different delicious wines.

10. Presqu’ile Winery

This is a small winery owned by a family, they are committed to producing cool Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Visit this winery to have a view of its breathtaking environment surrounded by beautiful vineyards and an Ocean, while you relax and have a drink.

11. Cambria Winery and Vineyard

This winery produces wine that tastes as unique as the environment it is situated in.

This winery is being operated by the Jackson family which has a combined two hundred years of experience in cultivating land and producing a delicious wine.

12. Mission La Purisima Historical Park

This place boasts unique structures that were built in 1813, this historical park has 900 acres of land space which has about 37 rooms, ponds, and 12 miles of the hiking trail.

This place plays host to visitors from different countries, the park is open to everyone, and visiting time is from 9 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

13. Santa Maria Museum of Flight

This is an aviation museum that protects and celebrates the history of aviation in the coastal area, it tells the history between the region and aviation.

The Museum plays host to several exhibitions such as aircraft displays, memorabilia, photos, and models. Visitors are required to pay a fee of as little as $5, sometimes there are discounts for children, youths, and the elderly and if you are military personnel you won’t have to pay.

The museum is open to visitors on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm and on Sundays from 12 pm to 3 pm, make time to visit today.

14. Paul Nelson Aquatic Center

This is an Aquatic Center that houses unique and famous water slides in the city, coupled with attractive structures.

This Center plays host to a recreational swim event which is held from April to October, one of the unique features of this center is a water game. It also features a standard Olympic Sized swimming pool for both the creation and people preparing for international competitions 

15. The Swiss Restaurant

This restaurant has been in existence since 1941 and it is perfect for any type of meal. This place is suitable for business meetings or a date, you should give it a trial.

This place is also suitable for relaxation, while you eat enjoy the view of this environment.

16. Cool Hand Luke

If you want to have a memorable dining experience do well to visit this restaurant, here you will be spoiled with different options.

When you visit, try the slow-roasted ribs and fire-grilled barbecue chicken, you will love the taste.

17. Kenneth Volk Vineyard

This vineyard is born out of the need to create a luxurious and exquisite wine, Kenneth is known for producing world-class wines.

You can stop by to have a taste of some of their delicious wines, you will be glad you did.

18. Hi-Way Drive-In Theatre

This theatre holds one of the old days fashioned theatres in the United States, it is something really what you do when you visit.

This theatre has been in existence for generations and it is known for displaying the latest movies released on fantastic screens. They also offer snacks like popcorn and drinks as well.

19. Tres Hermanas Winery

This is a winery that has produced some of Santa Maria’s most loved wines, they also have a cattle farm that will appeal to your interest.

Visit the tasting room, it is a friendly and fun place to taste some of their delicious wines.

20. Cold Stone Creamery

This is a lovely place in Santa Maria, this is a place where you can get your ice cream, baked cakes, and some cookies, Smoothie recipes that is not too common.

They have a unique way of serving ice cream by crafting newborn art on each item making it personalized. Stop by to get fresh and delicious ice cream, it is a fun thing to do.

21. Los Flores Ranch Park

This is an open-air place in Santa Maria Valley, which offers lots of exciting activities like a long walk trail which can be done on foot by riding on horseback. guided tours, and hikes.

You can also pay a visit to the ranch’s animals which includes horses, donkeys, and goats. Enjoy the view of the natural environment as you walk along the trail.

22. Santa Maria Valley Historical Society Museum

This is a museum that displays and preserves many items to help the generations to come to know more about the history of this historic region.

When you visit you have the opportunity to learn about the history of the region and how it has been preserved all these years.

23. Santa Maria Fairpark

This is a very important event center in the region, this is because it plays host to major festivals and events in Santa Maria.

This is a multipurpose facility that brings together the community with events on tourism, agriculture, and commerce.

One of the major events hosted here is The Annual Santa Maria Valley Strawberry Festival which is being attended by many of which you can be part of.

24. Santa Maria Civic Center

This center was established in 1959, it was the first to offer live performances to the community.

They have over 200 productions over the years which makes it the longest-running theatre in the region.

25. CORE Winery

This winery was founded by Dave and Becky Core, which have a passionate love for wine, they aimed to create a perfect glass.

When you visit take a tour around the winery and tasting areas, pay attention to every detail it will be very helpful later.

26. Bien Nacido Vineyard

This vineyard was planted in 1973 by Bob and Steven Miller, their vision was to create a top-class vineyard for the rest of the world.

They have won awards like Top five California Vineyard by Wall Street Journal and Top 25 Vineyard by some and spirit. Feel free to enjoy their delicious drinks.

27. Central Coast Sports Arena

This arena offers a safe and enjoyable skating rink, if you love skating then this area should be your next stop.

Here you can enjoy fun music as well as delicious food while you skate, this makes it one of the best things to do in Santa Maria.

28. Orcutt Burgers

This is a locally owned restaurant that was established in 1998, known for its delicious food and variety of American Cuisines.

On the menu, you find a wide variety of burgers like cheeseburgers and turkey burgers which will make you come back for more.

29. Santa Maria Inn

This Inn has an ancient traditional setting that was established in 1917, this inn gives a feeling of the old days of the inn when it was founded.

When you visit you have the best experience in the afternoon stroll because of the presence of a lush rose garden on the premises of the inn. I believe you would not want to miss out on this exciting experience, make plans to visit today.

The city of Santa Maria offers different activities, ranging from wineries to eateries, event centers, and parks which gives you the best feeling that you will be able to forget in a hurry.

This article serves as a guide that leads you through things you will love to do, make plans today, and visit the beautiful city of Santa Maria.


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