28 Best And Fun Things To Do In Baraboo(Wi)

Baraboo city records a good number of visitors every year and this is because they have so many fun things to offer. There is never a dull moment in this city.

Baraboo is known as a circus city, they have good parks, museums, a playground for kids, waterfalls, and many other enticing things that will draw your attention.

Whenever you are ready to have an amazing vacation, below are some of the fun places you can visit as well as fun things you can do to keep your stay entertaining and exciting.

1. Go Hiking And Camping At Devil’s Lake State Park

This park is best for those that love hiking as well as biking. They also have good spots for sit-outs and relaxation spots too.

They do not only provide trails for hiking but also biking so if you love this activity, you are welcome to this park. They have visitor centers making visitors even more comfortable.

2. Take A Guided Tour In International Cranes Foundation 

This facility is built to preserve the cranes in the city. You will find different kinds of cranes preserved in this place and there are also trails for hiking so if you are not interested in seeing these cranes, you can as well go hiking.

3. Parfrey’s Glen

Glen Park is a very beautiful park blessed with natural beauty. It has hangout areas and it is always open to visitors. You can take a guided tour around to see other things that you may want to engage in to make your stay worthwhile.

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4. Get Thrilled At Circus World

This place has a unique kind of fun it brings to visitors. They have beautiful exhibits and they also host live events to make the visitors feel happy and relaxed. You can also go on a guided tour around this place to see other fun things that you can do.

5. Relax In Mirror Lake State Park

This park holds a lot for you. They have good picnic spots where you can go with your friends and families to relax, they also have trails for biking and hiking and so many other fun things you can do. You can come for a tour and see what other fun activities this place has to offer.

6. Driftless Glen

This place is known for producing the best spirit in the city. You can come for a guided tour where you are taught by staff how some of the spirits are made. You can also have access to some of the places around here and make yourself happy.

7. Pewit’s Nest

This is one area that is also blessed with nature. It has a waterfall caused by glacia and people love to come to take a look at it.

Taking a tour of this area with your friends is not a bad idea because you will get to see this waterfall and might likely take pictures close to it for memory’s sake.

8. Aldo Leopold Foundation

As visitors, you are given a very special treat if you visit this place, you are taken on a guided tour and shown everything that this place possesses, you are also told everything you need to know concerning this place. There are hiking trails where you can go for extra fun.

9. Family Picnic At Ski Hi Fruit Farm

People that visit this place always want to come back for a second visit. They have many apple trees here as well as other products too.

Locals are responsible for managing this farm as they love the farm so much. You can come with your family to have a taste of some fruity apples.

10. Enjoy Hand Crafted Wines at Von Klaus Winery

This winery uses both modern and traditional techniques to produce its winery. They also have their tasting room where visitors are allowed to taste the wine produced in the place. Visitors can take a tour around this winery to check for any other thing that will trigger their fancy.

11. Have Fun At Ho- Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells 

This place is known for the so much fun they provide. They provide so much entertainment for visitors. A tour around will not be a bad idea because you get to see their wine bar, sports bar, and even good restaurants. Make sure to add this place to your checklist of things to do in place.

12. Glacial Lake Wisconsin 

This place is one area you should not miss. You can visit this place to get the history of how it came to existence. This place has been in existence for over eighteen thousand years and is really good if you pay a visit to this place. You can also take videos of this place too.

13. See Effigy Mounds At Man Mounds 

This place holds a ceremonial and religious history to those that built it and to preserve this history, the man mound was built. They have picnic spots where you can go with your family and friends to relax. They also have a playground so kids are not left behind. 

14. Visit the International Clown Hall Of Fame 

This place has a history of some clown performances and tends to try and keep this history of it. Taking a tour around this museum exposes you to more of the artifacts in this place. They also host events for clown performers to entertain their visitors.

15. Check Out Historical Artifacts At Sauk County Historical Museum

This museum is filled with so many artifacts that will interest you especially if you are a lover of art. They have different rooms all having different artifacts. You are free to take a guided tour and you will be shown these artifacts and will be taught the significance of each of them.

16. Broadway Diner

In this place, food is prepared with passion and love. They prepare food with healthy products. You can also tour around this diner to see other things that will possibly be done here. You can come with your friends and family as this place is always open to the public.

17. Baraboo Burger Company

This company has a lot to offer you ranging from good food to tasty wines and liquor. As visitors, you can actually choose where you wish to sit out as there are about three places where you can sit with your friends and families. Come along with your family and friends to enjoy yourselves together.

18. Cheeze Factory Restaurant

This is a perfect place to have a good meal and also take your spouse out on a date. They provide you with delicious and healthy drinks and food in a very very friendly atmosphere.

Every recipe used here is strictly directed by the owner of the restaurant. You and your spouse will definitely have a lovely time together in this place.

19. Culver’s 

This place is known for having a reputation for deliciousness.  This has always been the deal since its inception. You can come with your friends to have a taste of what they have here in fact you cannot afford to miss visiting this place.

20 Pizza Ranch

This pizza is made with fresh ingredients and it is just a stone’s throw away from you. You do not have to leave town in search of pizza because this place offers you the best in the city. Try coming around with a friend to have this great experience together.

21. Al Ringling Mansion

This place is about a man and his lifestyle, if you want to know about this man, then you need to pay a visit to this mansion. You can take a guided tour and you will be taught everything there is to know and even more.

22. Have Fun At Ochsner Park Zoo

This place is surely for lovers of animals. This zoo is not a very big one but it holds many interesting and fun things. Some of the wildlife here were rescued from rehabilitation. Do well to come with your kids so that they can have a different kind of experience with these animals. 

23. Learn The Process Of Making Wine At Baraboo Bluff Winery

This winery offers an opportunity for visitors to learn how some popular wines are made. You can also take a guided tour around this winery to see some exciting areas in the winery. As visitors, you are allowed to taste some of the wines in their collection.

24. Get Treated At Spa Serenity 

This place offers you an opportunity for very cool relaxation and body treatment. You are given a menu to check out the list of what they offer and of course, there is a lot to choose from ranging from facials to body massage. They have special packages for couples, groups, and individuals.

25. Flyways Waterfowl Experience

This place is not an exception when we say Baraboo holds so much fun for you. This museum has so many beautiful exhibits that appreciate the amazing waterfowl in North America.

You are advised to book your visit before coming to this place because you are not the only one that wants to see the beauty of this place.

26. See Murals And Arts In Baraboo 

This place represents the history of Baraboo. Take a drive around town to see this place because it is actually not far from you. There is a lot that will trigger your fancy in this place if you take a tour around it.

27. Vertical Adventure Guide

Are you in for real fun, this place got you covered. They provide lots of fun activities and adventures such as kayaking, climbing, and adventure lodging. Don’t miss coming to this place with your friends for a better experience because you will surely love it.

28. Walk The Baraboo Riverwalk

This riverwalk links up so many parks and trails, you are free to walk or go biking along with this trail. You are allowed to take a tour around the nearby museum in the area. This is actually one fun thing you can do with your friends and families. 

Baraboo has a lot of fun activities and if you are planning a visit here, then you are on the right track. There is just enough to keep you busy and make your stay worthwhile. Get ready for an amazing vacation. 

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