26 Best And Fun Things To Do In Cashier (Nc)

The Cashier is a famous tourist town between Jackson County and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, located just 10 miles from Asheville, just off Scenic Highway 64.

The small Cashier community sits at an altitude of about 3,500 feet in the middle of the Nantahala National Forest, including many outdoor recreation areas and other activities. Due to the high rainfall (about 75 inches), the city has many rivers and waterfalls.

You can find time to explore many city furniture stores, antique shops, home furniture studios, and great restaurants. The Cashier offers many things you can do, like passing to check out the Chattooga Loop Trail, TJ Baileys, and The Bascom, among others. You can also check out the Cashiers Farmers Market during your visit.

1. Whitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls is a spectacular waterfall dotted with water within Careers, NC, along the South Carolina regional line. It is simply a stunning waterfall and is considered one of the best.

The trek follows the short, paved foothills of the Foothills Trail through a forest full of wildflowers and exhibits a few spectacular views of Lake Jocassee nestled in the surrounding mountains. At the same time, the picnic area near the trailhead provides a lovely backdrop for hiking in the rocky, protected forest.

2. Cashiers Farmers Market

This market has a wide selection of items to choose from in addition to the regular shops, and there are plenty of good outdoor restaurants and sauces.

The market has an outdoor gym and an extensive collection of cashier wines to delight everyone who loves wine. Other items you can find on the market include freshly baked goods and homemade ice cream.

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3. White Mountain

Part of Jackson County, Whiteside Mountain is a beautiful mountain range bordering Cashiers and Georgia. The Whiteside Mountain range covers some of the highest cliffs in East America. Visitors can take a short walk over cliffs and watch the peregrine and Blue Ridge Mountains falcons.

4. SmokeHouse Barbecue

For a pleasant Barbecue experience, add a visit to the SmokeHouse Barbecue to your to-do list at Cashier, NC. Smoke House Smoke House ensures a pure American barbecue feeling, whether outside or inside.

SmokeHouse BBQ offers traditional smokehouse favorites like steak, slaw, and pork.

5. Chattooga River Loop Trail

The Chattooga River Trail is another great tourist destination, honored by Cashier. The route is widely used for hiking, camping, fishing, and packing and is accessible year-round.

Dogs can also use this line, although they will need to be kept on a leash.  On the other hand, the upper bound is on Whiteside Cove Road between Summer Chapel and Grimshaw. It has ample parking and is not easy to miss.

6. Brooking Anglers

Brookings Anglers is a fly fishing facility that offers cabinet hire. Fly-Fishing is fun that goes with the flight of bird wings and the fresh air blowing across the country.

It is one of the most exciting Cashier experiences you can have. Cabinets in this area ensure that you will be able to relax during your trip.

7. Victoria’s Closet

Shopping at this place is one of the best things you can do at Cashiers, NC, for women, and it’s worth adding to the checklist. It is more than a consumer repository.

It has everything you need, including a clothing store, unique designer labels, and jewelry. The closet contains furniture that may not be available elsewhere. Set up this unique store during your next Cashier visit.

8. S’More Kids Clothes

Are you looking for the best place to find your child’s favorite designer clothes? Be a part of this favorite kid’s night out camping in the mountains of North Carolina.

At that time, Boutique was founded in 2011 and started with children’s clothing before being expanded to entertainment centers where children could create their spa blankets, lip gloss, and bath gel.

9. Silver Run Waterfalls

For a pleasant sightseeing experience, add a visit to Silver Run Waterfall to your Cashier activity checklist. It is the perfect weekend getaway set in natural beauty with its private swimming pool and beach. The lake is vast enough for you to relax and swim. There is little parking, but it can be completed in the summer, so it is recommended that you arrive early.

10. Canyon Spa

Canyon Spa is one of the best places to relax in Cashiers, NC, for bodybuilding, and it’s worth adding to your to-do list while you’re in town. The experience is fantastic, which helps you relax and unwind. You can also buy various cosmetics, soaps, or creams made entirely by hand.

11. Rhodes Big View Overlook

If you want to see the fantastic view of Whiteside Mountain, add a visit to Rhodes Big View Overlook to your Cashier’s to-do list. Rhodes Overlook is famous for its amazing views – Shadow of the Bear is most commonly seen from autumn to early spring. Take a camera with you when you visit as you may want to take pictures of amazing views.

12. Bascom

Bascom is a 30-square-foot [30 sq m] art center located on a high mountain, near the picturesque town of Highlands, where tourists can pass by to enjoy art. It offers audiences of all ages promoting various exhibitions and artistic expressions in the studio, among other cultural experiences.

It also provides everyone, including your family and friends, a public meeting place between art and nature, among other fun programs.

13. Sapphire Valley Ski Resort

Are you on an adventure? If so, add a visit to Sapphire Valley Ski Resort to your checklist of things to do at Cashier. The resort has its ski slope called Sapphire Valley Ski Slope.

Managed and maintained by the Sapphire Valley Master Association. Skiing instructors here are willing to help with ski lessons and snowboarding.

14. Panthertown Valley

If you are a foreigner, add a visit to Panthertown Valley to your to-do list in Cashier, NC. With its beautiful waterfalls and mountains, it is aptly named Yosemite in the East. Panthertown Valley is open to visitors all year long, and you may not be able to see the beauty of the whole place in a single visit.

15. Jones’ Company

If you want to buy your family or loved one a souvenir or gift, A Jones Company is a great place to visit. Enter A Jones Company and choose from a variety of gifts and souvenirs. In addition, Jones offers unique women’s clothing, designer jewelry, and home decor products.

They offer a variety of items, including Johnny Was clothing, Juju Jams pajamas, Mariana jewelry, April Cornell linens, Barefoot Dreams, and  Nest perfumes.

16. Steel bridge

The Old Iron Bridge is an excellent example of the construction of an early 20th-century bridge with a strong truss member connection. A unique Cashier town with a beautiful place where lucky people visit.

There is absolutely no difficulty finding this excellent bridge, as you only need to go south 107 from the Cashiers and then turn right onto Bull Pen Road. The view from the bridge is impressive and fascinating, and you will find the trails you can pass near the River.

17. Cornucopia Restaurant

For a memorable meal experience, add a visit to Cornucopia Restaurant to your to-do list for Cashiers. They offer fresh mouth-watering food with various menus available for dinner and lunch.

Some of the delicious meals on the restaurant menu include crab cake sandwiches and lightly fried ribs. You can sit on the balcony and have your lunch near the flowing stream.

18. Rainbow Falls, Gorges State Park

One best thing you can do at Cashiers, NC, is to visit Rainbow Falls, Gorges State Park, and it’s worth adding to your checklist. The mountain trail in the area flows into a river that eventually leads to a waterfall, making the trip to the falls an interesting one.

19. Highlands Biological Station

 The highlight here is the beautiful wildflowers that bloom in late summer. Do not look beyond the Selected Election Home for those who plan to provide their home in the area. It offers a few types of beautiful furniture, accessories, and a general feeling. It’s so different that you’ll see your favorite style even a few seconds before getting there.

20. Orchard Restaurant

For a memorable meal experience, add a visit to your to-do list at Cashiers, NC. For a memorable meal experience, add a visit to Orchard Restaurant to your to-do list at Cashiers, NC.

The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor balcony with a calm atmosphere and a fantastic garden view. Orchard Restaurant has a welcoming staff that provides excellent customer service to its clients.

21. Lake Glenville

Lake Glenville is one of the top water sports resorts in North Carolina, and it is a pleasant place to stay during the summer months. The pool has a glorious, clean pool and is an ideal recreational activity for water sports.

Kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding are excellent activities if you are with your friends or family. If you feel strong, jump right into the pool to swim. Refreshing. Coastal fishing is also possible because of its longevity.

22. Photo by TJ Bailey

 TJ Bailey’s is an integral part of a typical Boutique that offers high quality, a particular style, and outstanding customer service. Do not think beyond the site if you need the best outfit, as it informs you and its customers, including building lasting trust relationships.

It also ensures a shared appreciation of good style, and its purpose is to empower its customers by dressing them up successfully.

23. Village Green

It attracts visitors and residents alike and captures their excitement most fantastically. This tranquil park is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with the family in a lush green environment with a calm atmosphere and sometimes live music. Visiting this fantastic attraction is one of the best things you can do, and it is worth adding to your checklist.

24. Zachary-Tolbert Houses

For the love of history, a visit to Zachary-Tolbert House is worth adding to your to-do list at Cashiers, NC. When life became more straightforward, the Zachary-Tolbert House was built between 1850 and 1852. This home is a tribute to the ancient people. Its ability to live for 150 years without damage to its structure is impressive to many visitors.

25. Majestic Turtleback Waterfall

Located in the interior of North Carolina, the Majestic Turtleback Falls is known as the “Umbrella Falls.” These waterfalls are in the middle of the  Pisgah National Forest in the Horse Range River. Take a trip to these Falls to see the natural beauty Cashiers, NC, can offer.

26. Signal Ridge Marina

Founded in 1994 in Lake Glenville, West North Carolina, Signal Ridge Marina has always maintained its reputation as a place that offers its guests, far and near, a clean, fun, and affordable home with many activities to enjoy. It is the only universal service marina in Lake Glenville.

It also handles Yamaha and Suzuki, Yamaha Service, Suzuki, Evinrude, Johnson outboard motors, and several inboards and rear-drive drivers. In addition, it provides storage, indoor/outdoor service, reduced wrap, and winter installation services.


Undoubtedly, after seeing all the exciting features offered by the city of Cashier, NC, including a trip to Whitewater Falls, Chattooga River Loop Trail, TJ Bailey’s, etc., Start planning your trip to the Cashier. Happy Journey!

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