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25 Best & Fun Things To Do In Wilkes Barre (PA)


Wilkes Barre is located at the heart of Northwest Pennsylvania, it exists as one of the largest cities in Pennsylvania. It is named after two British Members of Parliament who were Pro-American born.

In the 19th century, coal deposits were discovered which brought thousands of immigrants who worked in the areas’ mines.

This beautiful coal mining town is comfortably situated on the bank of Susquehanna River, it offers you a variety of fun-filled activities.

This upcoming city has everything you need to have a perfect vacation, here is a list of 25 things you can do.

1. River Street Jazz Cafe


This is a music venue devoted to jazz music, if you are a lover of jazz music this venue will be of great importance to you 


For the past two decades, this has been the venue for live jazz musical performances in Northern Pennsylvania.

Though it is not a big venue, it has played host to several local musicians and groups who have performed on its stage.

Besides good music, this Jazz Cafe also features top-notch lighting and sound system, an awesome menu, and a friendly staff that is happy to serve you at any time.

2. F.M Kirby Center For The Performing Arts

If you are looking for something lively to do in Wilkes-Barre at night, then the Center for the Performing Arts is your ideal destination.

This theatre boasts a comfortable setting, which is ideal for hosting concerts, plays, comedy shows, and many more.


There is also the young peoples’ theatre, which gives children easy access to various age-appropriate productions, this is a perfect way of introducing arts to the youth.

The interior of this historic theatre is an Art-Deco style, which makes it an attraction. This theatre delivers the best experience you ever have.

3. Seven Tubs Recreation Area

This area occupies 500 acres of space, located a few miles from downtown Wilkes Barre.

This is a place to be if you want to experience nature, an exceptional recreational center it is.

This place boasts waterfalls and streams found in a wooded landscape and two miles of hiking trails you also have a picnic area that is ideal for snacks and relaxation.

4. Viva Farm

This is a trendy restaurant that boasts a diverse menu of gastropub offerings in addition to a bar area and cigar lounge. It is a perfect spot for evening outings.

Viva farm has varieties of beer you can choose from while enjoying the fun atmosphere, you should stop today and have a feel of the local vibe.

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5. Art n’ Vino

Visiting this place brings out the creativity in you. It is an ideal spot to enjoy a night date in the city, for couples looking for a good place.

You are advised to come with a drink that will keep you company while you paint, you can sign up for workshops for paintings and bespoke word signs.

Having a creative background is not visiting the Art N Vino, it comes from being under the guidance of the knowledgeable Art N vino team.

Stop by today and get a chance to acquire painting skills. 

6. Baker Brewing Company

This is a microbrewery and a brew bar that started as a nano brewery by two homebrewers on 2 and a half acres of land.

They focused on the production of small-batch handcrafted beers and thus are in honor of the coal mining heritage of this place.

In this restaurant, you can find pizzas, paninis, and all kinds of pasta. They are open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Sunday is the most exceptional of all the days, this is because various food trucks offer the locals a constant supply of food for them to try.

7. Wilkes Barre Rock Climbing Gym

This is a perfect place to go when you feel like working out, it is one of the best things to do in Wilkes Barre.

This place features climbing facilities with different routes that will challenge you to work out to the best of your ability.

When you get here, you will need good and knowledgeable staff who are willing to teach and put you through the right training that suits your requirements and preferences.

This place is always open for people who want to work out, you can stop by for a workout session.

8. Mohegan Sun Arena At Casey Plaza

This place used to be a conference center but it has been transformed into a multi-purpose hall, with the capacity to accommodate 450 people.

This Arena has played host to events like ice hockey games, WWE wrestling matches, and the circus. It has also featured musical performances like the Eagles, Elton John, and Bob Dylan. 

This Arena also serves as the site of the annual Christmas Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance, you can not miss out.

9. Chacko’s Family Bowling Center

This is an exceptional bowling facility for experts and visitors alike which comprises modern lanes and automated scoring.

Here you can enjoy a friendly competition and if you have an appetite, you can visit the Memory Lane Lounge to get something to eat, which means you don’t have to leave the facility to look for food.

You should be on the lookout for free games and bowling. Don’t also forget that you can stop by Chacko’s pro shop for professional advice or new bowling equipment.

10. The Strange and Unusual

This is one exciting place that you should not miss out on seeing.

This is a shop that looks like a museum because of the collection of merchandise on display.

When you stop by, you will discover everything here. You will find things like antique furniture T-shirts, Skulls, Taxidermy, and a diverse collection.

Even though it is a great place to do your shopping, that doesn’t restrict it from giving high-level entertainment.

11. Mobegan Sun Pocono Casino

This is a historic resort that offers different choices of entertainment, having everything you need in a place surely makes for what to do in Wilkes Barre.

This historic resort has much entertainment available, ranging from 90 game tables to 2,300 slot machines which sspana2,000 square feet.

When it comes to food, there have 18 different eating alternatives. This gives opportunity to everyone to have varieties of options to choose from.

They also have the Wise Crackers Comedy Club, which offers laughter and humor all through the night. You can as well check out the nightclub if you want to join the dance party.

Other exciting things you can do are facials, manicures, massages, sauna, and more treatments.

12. Theatre of Wilkes Barre

This is one of the oldest theatres that has continuously ruined community theatres in the United States,  and its first debut season was in 1922.

Ever since its debut season, this theatre has been a class act, it has featured hundreds of performances to the delight of millions of people.

This theatre is known for grooming local talents and even as its 100th anniversary draws closer, the plan is to continue unveiling local talents.

13. Luzerne County Historical Museum

This is a historic museum in Wilkes Barre, managed by Luzerne County Historical Society.

This organization is concerned with preserving a panoramic local history collection, which includes documents and artifacts.

You will see on display when you visit the museum, monuments from the time past through the Revolutionary War, and the anthracite coal extraction.

Here you will also find a collection of 200,000 items, books, and papers that communicate the stories of residents and historical events while also linking to the present.

The museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday.

14. Luzerne County Courthouse Architecture

This place boasts an interior that is one of the most majestic in the state of Pennsylvania.

Though this is a great place to see, you should have an appointment before you can be allowed to see the royal interior of the structure from the ground level.

15. Eckley Miners Village

This place is a replica of the Miners Village in the 19th century. Though this place faded for almost a century, it was revived by locals when they filmed “The Molly Maguires” in the late 1960s.

You can take a walk around the village to have a proper view of the place.

16. Forty Fort Meeting House

Located 10 minutes away from downtown Wilkes Barres, it is the only active meeting house that has New England Style Pennsylvania.

This building was completed in1807, after which it became a colony of Connecticut immigrants who attempted to acquire the valley as their territory.

Since then this structure has been maintained and it is the way it is to the present even after it is not being used for almost 150 years.

17. Academy of Golf Center

This Academy allows you to learn golf, here you will find golf experts and teachers willing to give golf lessons to willing participants.

There are heated stalls on its outdoor driving range, which allows you to practice all year round.

18. Wyoming Monument

This monument was constructed in honor of the about four hundred troops who were dead at the end of the Wyoming Massacre.

This sad event occurred in Wyoming Valley on July 3rd, 1778. You can stop by and take a look at this monument.

19. Gallery of Sound

This is a locally owned indie record store, it is a family-owned and operated store that buys and sells new and old Cds and DVDs, and LPs.

You can stop by to check out the latest Classics and the latest release.

20. Ricketts Glen State Park

This is a 7.2-mile trail that features 20 beautiful waterfalls. It allows those hiking to have a great view of each of the waterfalls.

It is a wonderful place to be, with one of the best views you can ever have.

21. Rustic Kitchen Bistro and Bar

This business was opened by Jim and Kathy Careferelli in 2001. If you want to take yourself on a treat, this is the best place for you.

It is available for large events which can accommodate 250 people.

22. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This statue was dedicated in 1988, February 21st. 

This monument portrays a heavy gauge bronze sculpture with a natural sulfide brochantite patina set on top of a slate base. The figure of the valiant veteran, 8′ 5″ tall from toe to head, is 1.43 times life-size.

This figure has in its left hand a crown of stars that represent the branches of the Armed Services taken from the brow with his head turned in grief.

There is a whole lot to learn about this statue, pay a visit to this monument site, and have a view of this historical statue.

23. The Market Street Bridge

This bridge was constructed between 1926 and 1929, it is considered one of the most important bridges as it goes across the Susquehanna River.

It stands about 1,400 feet off the ground, and it is one of the longest and most decorated bridges in Pennsylvania.

This is a perfect thing to do in Wilkes Barres, as you get the best views from the bridge.

24. Toyota Pavilion At Montage

This is an 18,000-capacity stadium.

This is a huge venue for music and festivals, you can be a part of the excitement in this place.

Just in case you are hungry or tasty, there are food vendors close by where you can get food and drinks for normal prices.

25. Lake Mountain Marketplace

This is an antique shopping center that occupies 8000 square feet, with over 50 vendors at your disposal. 

Here you can shop for the best items you can find on display, you can take a walk down memory lane and find unique antiques and vintage items for yourself or you can get a gift for someone.

If you want to have a cup of coffee, you can walk into the gathering room.

The city of Wilkes Barre is a historic city that is filled with interesting things to do. You can go shopping, visit the park, learn something new in the museum as well as hike up the mountains.

Plan a visit to Wilkes Barre today and explore the various fun activities that await you in the city.


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