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25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Palm Coast (FL)


Palm Coast is a beautiful coastland blessed with amazing inland nature, located within Flagler County of Florida.

Situated in this city are unending numbers of nature parks that are open to exploration, which play host to several historical sites in the state.

Just as expected of a coastland, the city of Palm Coast is a famous beach destination in Flagler County.  A place that features several water-related activities like swimming, kayaking, fishing, Sunbathing, and many others.

When it comes to wildlife and birds, the coastal city boasts several sites and preserves that tell the history of nature in this area. 


Follow with rapt attention as we explore Palm Coast City to bring you the best of things you can do, be it when you come for a vacation or a courtesy visit, or even a family trip.


Best Fun Things to do in Palm Coast, Florida.

1. Washington Oaks State Park

This is a quality place to spend time with family and it should not be missing from your to-do list.

On arrival, you will be educated on the various aspects of the park and the natural resources available to you.

This is a perfect place for a picnic outing as it boasts several picnic spots. 

To ensure a perfect outing, the park has numerous trails that allow you to see different birds as well as wildlife that could be found there. You can either walk or go on a bike.

2. Edible Arrangements

You might want to get gifts in Palm Coast when you visit, Edible Arrangements is here to spoil you with choices of varieties of giftings.


Edible Arrangements is a gift shop that has a specialty in lovely gift baskets and delightful arrangements which usually comprise chocolate-dipped fruits and gourmet chocolates.

This is a perfect spot for romantic dates, you can bring your partner here and spice up your night with mouthwatering chocolate covered with strawberries. This will surely make your night.

This place is also open for special arrangements too, like birthdays and other special occasions.

They are open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.

3. River to Sea Preserve

As expected of a  coastal city that is filled with long coastlines along oceans, the River to Sea Preserve is situated at the point of transition between the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanza River.

This is a prominent tourist attraction that serves as a beach as well as a habitat for wildlife. You can make do with the boardwalk to get a better view of this beautiful place.

There are several outdoor activities you can engage in like camping, kayaking, picnicking, and many more interesting activities.

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4. PCAF Turtle Trail

When you visit Palm Coast you will see several turtle statues scattered throughout the city.

These statues form the trails you will see and it was designed by the Palm Coast Arts Foundation’s Turtle Trail. They were all designed to look like the turtles which live in the area.

You will marvel as you explore these statues, it is such a beautiful sight to behold 

5. Ripley’s Believe it or Not

If you have time for some weird stuff, you can spend your morning or some hours of your after at Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

When you visit you get to see weird hybrids, shrunken heads, dwarfs, and vampires, this is the weirdest thing you can ever do on Palm Coast.

Also, the museum offers visitors guided train and ghost tours, it also has a mini-golf. You might not like the crowded area on weekdays, you can make out the time on weekends.

6. Florida Agricultural Museum

This museum provides visitors with information on the rich history of agriculture in the state. 

When you visit, there is a guided tour that will take you through several aspects of their lives on a wagon. You will also get to discover tools used by people in the early times.

Also during this tour, you get to see some animals which are present in the exhibit. During this tour, you will also see the five renovated buildings that are managed by the museum.

You can come with the whole family, it is a none restrictive museum.

7. Hammock Community Center

If you are looking for a place with one of the best sporting facilities, Hammock Community Center is your ideal destination.

They offer activities like basketball, volleyball as well as swimming, you will have the best of fun doing all these.

This center also has picnic areas, if you are interested in a picnic. You can take a walk, as it is part of what you can do to exercise yourself.

8. Washington Oaks Garden State Park

This is an excellent place for a picnic, here you will be provided information about the cultural resources of the park.

The Matanza River and the beach are the perfect places to go fishing, and for nature, several trails are available that allow you to go hiking or biking. It also boasts a great view of birdwatch and wildlife.

The kids also have something that will keep them busy, here there is a children’s playground. Make do with everything at your disposal and enjoy yourself.

9. Mala Compra Trails

If you are a fan of biking you should add a visit to Mala Compra Trails to your to-do list.

There is a trail here that will take you through the amazing views of the ocean, as you will meet some of the scrubs of the ocean as you explore.

If you are looking for more adventure try exploring the 5.5-mile trail, which is quite a challenge.

Riding along the coast will give you the best view you can ever have.

10. Art LaMay Studios

This is an interesting Art Gallery for lovers of arts who may want to spend some time admiring beautiful works of art.

Although this gallery is small it still showcases the works of Art LaMay. The purpose of this work is to bring the thought of people in this area and the beauty of the natural world into a picture 

11. Flagler Beach

This beach offers plenty of fishing options and you can also find shops and waterfront restaurants.

When you visit, you will find many recreational facilities and it also provides surfing opportunities as well as a beautiful fishing pier.

Found here also is the Flagler Beach Historical Museum, which is dedicated to Flagler Beach and the history of Flagler County.

You will enjoy the views of this beautiful beach as you walk through.

12. Princess Place Preserve

This place provides visitors with stunning views of the Matanzas River.

This historic landmark dates back to the 19th century and it covers 1500 acres of land.

If you want to see more of the historical sites of Palm Coast city, you can visit the Princes place reserve.

13. Fountain of Youth Archeological Park

This place holds a part in history, this was the place where valorous explorers searched for the world with a mythical spring that would make them live forever.

Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed because they all died. This place is now open for everyone, you can purchase tickets online.

14. Tropical Kayaks of Palm Coast

This is an interesting thing to do in Palm Coast,  there are water bikes, kayaks, electric boats, paddleboards, and water bikes that will give you the best experience you can ever have.

In case you are a novice to kayaking, you can join their beginner kayak classes where you will teach all you need to start your exploration.

15. Palm Coast Fishing

This is the best place for you to show your fishing skills, as the Palm Coast brings together people who are skilled in fishing.

Capt. Chris Herrera of Palm Coast Fishing will take you on a fishing trip through shallow water files of the Palm Coast as well as fishing channels to give you the best fishing trip you can ever have.

16. Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreational Area

The name of this place takes after Florida’s folk singer Gamble Rogers.

This Area has many picnic pavilions which make it perfect for hosting a picnic.

Around the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a campground located at the intercoastal Waterway.

There are bicycles for rent, canoes, and Kayaks as well. This is an exciting place to have a camping experience.

17. Bing’s Landing

This place is an exciting place with its fair share of historic places. 

This place covers over 8 acres of land space which runs through the intercoastal waterway.

You can explore the archeological excavation and dine on this plantation many years ago. 

18. Jungle Hut Road Park

This is a 2acres of land space that serves as a bird sanctuary, it is a place to visit to know more about local wildlife.

When you visit you can watch wildlife in the area, such as birds and other animals.

Aside from watching beautiful birds, you can take a walk or a cruise on an inflatable boat. You will enjoy your stay during your visit.

19. Cherokee Groove

This place is also known as Princess Place Preserve, it is one of the most historic places in the state of Florida.

Cherokee Grove has been added to the United States National Register of Historic Places as it preserves the oldest homestead in the city, making it one of the top things to do on Palm Coast.

20. European Village

Shopping is one of the best things to do when you travel. If you are within Palm Coast, you can stop by a European village to discover the best spots in the region.

This mall is a European-styled architecture filled with so many attractions to give you the best shopping experience.

Visitors from all over come to this place for relaxation and to enjoy the foods that are associated with the region.

21. Baliker Gallery

This place is owned and operated by renowned artist and sculptors Paul A. Balik, he is famous for creating bronze and wooden sculptures.

He customizes artworks depending on the budget, material, motif, and size presented to him. Most of his sculptures in the gallery are nature and underwater scenes and bear a touch of mysticism.

The gallery is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am to 5 pm.

22. City Repertory Theatre

This theatre gives visitors an atmosphere as they watch outstanding performances from outstanding performers.

This performance stirred emotions in the audience. This place is worth your time, so plan a visit today.

23. Waterfront Park

This place covers 20 acres of land space, it is a trip that will give you a thrilling effect.

You can take your whole family out on a trip and have a good time, there is also a children’s playground for kids. You will have a nice time when you visit.

24. Herschel King Park

This is an extensive park that has a lot to offer and it is an excellent place for both fishing and boating

This place features a shaded walking trail available for hiking and there is a picnic pavilion and playground, also available are canoes and kayaks which offer lots of canoeing and kayaking experiences.

25. Graham Swamp Preserve

This place covers 3000 acres of protected land space, it is popular for its bicycle trail.

Going through this preserve, you will get to meet different wildlife as you explore. This is the perfect location for wildlife photography, exploring the nature of this environment promises to be so much fun.

The City Palm Coast is a perfect place to have a perfect vacation or outing, it boasts various fun-filled activities.

Due to the nature of this environment, you can expect more water-related activities even though there are several other activities you can engage in.

Palm Coasts boasts several historical sites, galleries, and beautiful parks. It offers the best vacation experience one can ever dream of.

Plan a visit to Palm Coast today, and explore the many fun activities that await your arrival. It is worth your time and money, an experience you will never wish to forget.


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