25 Best & Fun Things To Do In Cottonwood (AZ)


Traveling Is fun and when you’re touring an amazing place such as cottonwood, you will need to know those fun things to try to make your stay worthwhile. If you’re here for the Groove, then this article is for you. I’ve compiled a list of 23 amazon fun stuff you can do in Cottonwood (AZ) check them out!.

1. Clemenceau Heritage Museum

One of the fine activities in Cottonwood, AZ, is traveling to the Clemenceau Heritage Museum.

Clemenceau Heritage Museum is controlled and supported by the Verde Historical Society. It preserves and presents the Verde Valley’s background and artifacts.

The museum is positioned withinside the former Clemenceau Public School’s south end, an ancient building that became constructed withinside the 1920s.


Clemenceau Heritage Museum capabilities presentations of early 20th-century kitchens, bedrooms, classrooms.


2. Tuzigoot National Monument

The pueblo at Tuzigoot National Monument in Clarkdale may be dated as a way returned because the sixteen to the seventeenth century, which means it’s far lots in advance than maximum different adventures in Verde Valley, that’s steeped withinside the mining and frontier records that date again to the overdue 1800s and early 1900s.

However, specialists calculate that the 110-room hilltop pueblo dates as some distance returned as 900 years or above while the local Sinagua human beings traded and farmed the fertile land near the Verde River.

The pueblo ruins had been destroyed and renovated for the duration of the Nineteen Thirties and nowadays function as a glimpse of the lives of these early farmers and artists.

3. Pillsbury Wine Company North

Pillsbury Wine Company North turned into an undertaking of Sam Pillsbury, who became a local New Zealander, award-triumphing filmmaker, and winemaker.

Pillsbury based his enterprise in 2005 with the aim of creating 100% Arizona-made boutique wines.


He started to develop red, white, and purple types in Cochise County. His specific wines are to be had in lots of shops and eating places throughout Arizona, inclusive of Tucson, Phoenix, Sedona, and Sedona.

4. Classic Haunted Tour Of Jerome From Sedona

The traditional excursion of Jerome gives you the maximum famous journey you could ever desire. It gives you the possibility of mastering approximately the particular records of Cottonwood, Clarkdale, and Jerome. Immediately you get to Jerome, you may discover their workplace museum and get the substances you want for the Haunted Exploration part of the excursion on foot.

However, you’ll be getting the places based on the season, weather, and availability, to understand the type of getting a dress that could go along with it. Meanwhile, Jerome is at elevation and cools off at some point in the nighttime periods, even as you may stumble upon snow at some point of the winter.

5. Winery 101

Open given that 2008; Winery 101 is a family-owned-and-operated tasting room with places in Peoria and Cottonwood.

The storefront is positioned in Historic Old Town Cottonwood and houses the latter.

Beautiful hardwood floors uncovered ceilings, and rugged brick partitions integrate with pleasant art, darkish timber furniture, and plush sofas, developing a city elegance.

Gavin and Irlyn, winemakers and proprietors of Winery 101, have created wine traces and extra than 20 varieties.

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6. Old Town Center For The Arts

Sedona is only 20 miles away from the Old Town Center for the Arts, which is located in Historic Old Town Cottonwood.

The center is the primary entertainment and lives music facility in the Verde Valley. Studio B and the main theater are the two venues in the space.

They can comfortably accommodate 130 people. The ancient theater is wonderfully restored with state-of-the-art professional lighting systems and has a gorgeous Marquee outside.

7. Verde River Adventure Center

Add a visit to the Verde River Excitement Center to your list of things to do in Cottonwood if you’re looking for some adventure.

For more than a decade, the Verde River Adventure Center has been presenting incredible Verde River excursions.

With ten access locations and year-round boating, tubing, and fishing, this once-unknown River has transformed into a bustling outdoor haven.

Kayaking expeditions and tubing excursions are among the tours offered by the Adventure Center.

8. Nic’s Italian Steak & Crab House

Nic’s Italian Steak & Crab House is located in Historic Old Town Cottonwood on Main Street.

Rich dark woods, polished brass, and plush green upholstered furniture add to the restaurant’s Hollywood-style appearance.

Michelle’s delectable menu of luscious steaks, juicy shrimp, fresh seafood, and steamed crabs is a highlight of the regal and energetic ambiance of the restaurant.

9. Riverfront Park

Cottonwood’s Riverfront Park is the city’s largest park. Cottonwood is a worthwhile addition to your list of things to see and do in the city.

Two sand volleyball courts and a five-court horseshoe pit are available at the park. For adults, there’s a four-field softball complex.

A grassy space for field sports, an 18-hole disc golf course, a skateboard park, and a four-field youth baseball complex are all available in the park.

10. Arizona Stronghold Tasting Room

The Arizona Stronghold Tasting Room sits in the center of Cottonwood’s Old Town. It has a unique design, handcrafted wood furniture, and huge, comfortable leather furniture.

The tasting area is designed to resemble a corner coffee shop, with a laid-back vibe that invites customers to unwind and play a game of Connect-Four while sipping one of their award-winning wines.

Five sample flights are available in the Tasting Room, which is ideal for beginners. They have a helpful team who can help you through the procedure.

11. THAT Beer

THAT Beer is a brewery in Cottonwood owned and operated by the couple Steve and Tamara Morken, which caters to beer lovers, foodies, and nature enthusiasts.

This appeal is a hidden treasure positioned in Cottonwood’sCottonwood’s commercial park, a ways from Old Town’s bustling energy.

THAT Beer is placed in a warehouse measuring 5,000 rectangular ft and homes each a manufacturing place and a taproom.

The taproom is industrially elegant and functions with cool layout factors along with an uncovered beam ceiling, blended timber furnishings, big leather-based sofas, and a chalkboard menu.

12. Larry’s Antiques & Things

Larry’s Antiques & Things, which opened in Glendale, Arizona with the aid of Larry Lehie, has been in business for more than twenty years.

In 2008, Larry Lehie moved to Cottonwood and took his one-constructing operation and made it a four-constructing belonging that blanketed a hay barn and a two-tale construction.

Larry Cohen bought the big vintage keep from Lehie in 2011. He stored the call and up to date the inventory.

13. Hour Horseback Ride In Camp Verde

This one gives a laugh and satisfying moments, in particular to horse lovers. If you don’t understand the way to journey a horse, and you’ll want to grasp the art, an hour of Horseback Ride in Camp Verde gives you the possibility to participate withinside the suited horse driving skills.

The horses in Camp Verde are for every age and each type of experience. Here, you best want to go into the strength to fulfill and greet all of the horses with a smile.

As quickly as you’re on the pinnacle of your horse, you may obtain a short description of ways to drag the reins to allow the pony to head in any route of your choice.

14. Pizzeria Bocce

Owned and operated by Michelle Jurisin and her husband Eric, Pizzeria Bocce is a modern-day eating place and living room in Old Town Cottonwood.

Pizzeria Bocce, an Italian Culinary Professional and her husband Eric, is a modern eating place and living room in Old Town Cottonwood.

Jurisin, who changed into licensed and educated by means of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana in pizza-making, discovered this ability in Naples, Italy.

This is the birthplace and home of her own circle of relatives. Each pizza is hand-kneaded using conventional methods.

15. Historic Tour Of Jerome

The Historic Tour is withinside the coronary heart of Arizona’s historic copper-mining town of Jerome, a small network withinside the Old West. Here, you’re loose to discover the hillside, in any other case referred to as a ghost town, which became first of all interested in saloons and brothels.

You’ll additionally get to analyze the records of Jerome’s sliding jailhouse and among others. You can enjoy the traditional ancient excursion of Jerome, which functions as Jerome, Cottonwood, and Clarkdale.

16. Old Town Red Rooster Cafe

In 2010, proper buddies Shane Smith and Jet Tennant opened Old Town Red Rooster Cafe.

They made the cafe a neighborhood favored over the subsequent 5 years earlier than parting methods to pursue their fulfillment independently.

The Red Rooster remains a famous neighborhood spot that serves conventional American and Southwest-fashion dishes for breakfast and lunch.

There are many breakfast alternatives available, consisting of eggs benedict and buttermilk pancakes.

17. Private Luxury Wine Tour

The Private Luxury Wine Tour is one of the excellent locations to be in Cottonwood, Arizona. It functions 4 of the first-class vineyards withinside the Verde Valley.

With the tour, you could maximize time at the same time as you’re in Northern Arizona, with a period of five hours.

You are free to revel in any alcoholic beverage of your desire at the same time as traveling across the wineries and Sedona in spacious luxurious air-conditioned vehicles. You are loose to the motel in any of the encircling resorts wherein you may loosen up upon visiting the city.

18. Verde Valley Wine Trail

The Verde Valley Wine Trail may be discovered in Northern Arizona, about one hundred miles from Phoenix.

It is a famous vacation spot for wine lovers. Established in 2009, it’s far famous for its beauty, wealthy history, wine production, and delightful surroundings.

The authentic path consisted of 7 tasting rooms and 4 wineries. However, it has multiplied to encompass greater cellars, wineries, tasting rooms, vineyards, and bodegas.

19. Burning Tree Cellars Tasting Room

If you’re a wine connoisseur, upload a go to the Burning Tree Cellars Tasting Room on your listing of factors to do in Cottonwood.

Burning Tree Cellars produces small-batch boutique wines using patience, extremely good oak, and fine fruit.

Burning Tree Cellars is located in Cottonwood. Cottonwood is a fascinating storefront. The connected patio has an earthy, rustic look.

20. J-Rome Mine Escape Room

A capacity journey that you could in no way hurriedly forget, the J-Rome Mine Escape Room gives a fantastic adventure into the creativeness of a pressured madman. This journey permits you to help with turning in six trapped miners, even though time is walking low.

In other words, you may require all of your capabilities due to the fact you’ll get to enjoy hard puzzles that lie in wait on the mine.

Just pray for your mother’s fortune to discover you. These puzzles will strain your brain, however, the personnel are very type and help you with crucial information.

21. Crema Craft Kitchen Bar

The eatery is placed in ancient homes from the prohibition generation with a connected courtyard.

It boasts a cutting-edge layout and ornamental touches that mirror its wealthy history. Modern artwork and lantern-fashion lights create antique coolness.

The bar is characterized by an orange delivery field that has been converted right into an espresso bar.

The courtyard has an earthy, sustainable feel. The progressive menu consists of brunch and lunch options, in addition to a number of freshly baked pastries and gelato made in the in-residence creamery.

22. Bliss Wine Tours, Sedona

Bliss Wine Tours is honestly taken into consideration the maximum high-priced winery excursion in Cottonwood, Sedona. They provide the maximum expensive customer-targeted wine excursion business enterprise in Sedona.

Featuring extravagant limousines for large agencies and lush SUVs for smaller agencies, the bliss wine excursion guarantees you are making true use of some time in northern Arizona, with a period of 5hours or above.

You can spend nearly one hour exploring every one of its vineyards due to its uniqueness.

After reserving for a trip, you’ll be capable of having satisfying moments with the flavor of its unique alcoholic liquids at the same time as journeying to the wineries and Sedona.

An adventure to the bliss wine excursions functions first-rate wine, first-rate food, steeply-priced air-conditioned cars, courses so one can make you satisfied and feature fun.

23. Alcantara Vineyards And Winery

One of the first-class activities in Cottonwood for wine enthusiasts is traveling the Alcantara Vineyards and Winery.

Alcantara Vineyards, a family-owned vineyard withinside the Verde Valley’s foothills, is sustainably farmed.

Alcantara, a sprawling 87-acre property, opened via the means of Bob and Barbara Predmore in 2005. It is surrounded by the aid of Oak Creek and the Verde River on 3 sides.

24. Blazin’ M Ranch

Blazin’ M Ranch has been providing a completely unique Old West enjoy the property in Historic Old Town Cottonwood for over 20 years.

The Ranch is an excellent undertaking of a Western Frontier Town, and it functions as a boardwalk with Western stores and saloons.

It additionally functions as a museum, a capturing gallery, and the Old-Tyme Photo Studio withinside the Ranch.

Visitors can participate in interactive adventures which includes an antique tractor pull journey and shootin’ training at the same time as at this top notch attraction.

There is likewise a critter stroll wherein you could have interaction with miniature horses, donkeys, and peacocks.

25. Dead Horse Ranch State Park

One of the quality activities in Cottonwood is a go to to The Dead Horse Ranch State Park. This park may be observed alongside the Verde River, simply north of Cottonwood. The vicinity is home to lots of animal and plant life.

It consists of Willow, Arizona Ash and Cattail, Netleaf Hackberry, Mesquite trees, Javelina, gray Foxes, jackrabbits, and cottontail bunnies.

An extensive type of birds may be discovered inside the park, inclusive of endangered and touchy species. Four trailheads cause Coconino National Forest.

There also are 20 miles of single-music and dual-tune trails at the park.

The park additionally gives many doors undertaking opportunities, consisting of kayaking, canoeing, and fishing, in addition to hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking.


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