25 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bremerton (WA)

1. USS Turner Joy Museum Ship

USS Turner Joy Museum Ship is a super vessel and one of the most famous traveler sights in Bremerton.

Before being decommissioned, the USS Turner Joy Ship changed into dispatched in 1958 and spent a few years at sea.

After the store was decommissioned, it was renovated and was a one-of-a-type naval museum.

Guided excursions of the delivery are available, and visitors can see the distinctive decks and cabins in this ancient delivery; the excursion manual additionally solves any questions you have.

2. Illahee State Park

Illahee State Park is an 82-acre park placed withinside the Eastern a part of Bremerton; this park is a pleasing vicinity to go to with your own circle of relatives and friends.

The Illahee State Park is a famous vacation spot for outside sports; the park gives adventure.

This Park has masses of facilities, and outdoor sports like hiking, water sport, paragliding, boating, geocaching, metallic detecting, and extra may be done inside the park.

Illahee State Park additionally has stunning perspectives and lovely, precise nature plants. This kingdom park is another ideal vacation spot to have fun in Bremerton.

3. Bremerton Ice Center

Bremerton Ice center is a famous vacation spot for hockey and discerns skating enthusiasts in Bremerton.

This Center gives amusement for the experts and intrigue for beginners; they provide classes withinside the town for starters and others who need to learn.

Apart from Private skating, Public skating periods also are to be had on the skating center’s calendar.

Bremerton Ice Center additionally has an on-website online snack bar, in which you could have numerous food and drinks like pizza or Coffee in case you get hungry.

This Center gives exclusive applications like Public periods, Freestyle Figure Skating classes, Birthday Parties, Learn to Skate and Hockey Development Programs, Private Rentals, Youth and Adult Ice Hockey League, and Broomball.

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4. Kitsap Forest Theater

Kitsap Forest Theater is a completely unique theater, and traffic must get prepared to have their minds blown; this theater is placed around Downtown Bremerton, Washington.

The Kitsap Forest Theater became installed in 1928, making it one of the oldest wooded area theaters withinside the United States.

Kitsap Forest Theater is surrounded by means of the cute Rhododendron Preserve, overlaying over 100 acres of land.

Kitsap Forest Theater is a paranormal area wherein traffic enjoy splendid performances for the duration of each summertime season and spring.

The Kitsap Forest Theater additionally has close-by possibilities for glamping and camping, and additionally, they host summertime season camps.

5. Family Pancake House

Family Pancake House is a famous eating place in Bremerton; the diner has been running withinside the metropolis since 1963 and has more than one branch around Washington.

The Restaurant is a family-owned and operated business, recognized for its excellent carrier and tasty, best food.

As the eating place call implies, their Pancakes are their most famous dish, and in addition, they provide first-rate types like Pies, Sandwiches, steaks, pasta, salads, seafood, and unique meat dishes.

They even have a kid’s menu, and the eating place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Family Pancake House is a high-quality area to dine in Bremerton, Washington.

6. Brother Don’s

Brother Don’s is any other family-owned and operated eating place on this list; this eating place and bar had been operational for the past decade.

The eating place gives a lovely view of Oyster Bay, and it has a colorful atmosphere.

Brother Don’s Restaurant and Bar hosts neighborhood singers and bands performances at some point of the week.

The song and amusement withinside the eating place cuts throughout unique genres from the traditional USA to rock, and blues, and the menu additionally has diverse tasty dishes like

7. Purple Scent Lavender Farm

The Purple Scent Lavender Farm is a famous vacation spot for travelers or site visitors in Bremerton; it is a totally lavender-centered farm promoting all matters of lavender.

Examples of merchandise offered in Purple Scent Lavender Farm consist of lavender bud, lavender fragranced frame merchandise, dried lavender, and lots of others.

The lavender plant life begins to bloom withinside the summer, and this farm is opened in the course of that period; the Purple Scent Lavender Farm additionally gives Farm excursions and U-Pick.

The Farm is open to visitors of all ages, and visitors also can walk across the lavender fields and choose plant life.

8. Admiral Theater

Admiral Theater is every other pleasant region in Bremerton; this theater gives excellent musical entertainment.

The Theater was hooked up in 1942; it turned into a film residence at the time; in 2017, after an important renovation, the theater became completely settled into the twentieth century.

The theater offers over a hundred unique enjoyable performances yearly, which includes approximately 60 expert suggestions, 50 Community Performances, and a two-week summertime season camp for children.

On their website, you could see which are going to be provided and additionally ee-ebook your tickets online.

9. Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum

The Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum is one of the most exceptional points of interest in Bremerton. This Museum gives an amusing outside enjoyment to site visitors, particularly people with families.

The Puppet Museum is open at some point of the year, and it’s very affordable; visitors are particularly famous and beyond puppet collections, every puppet has a unique fashion than the other.

The Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum additionally offers complete excursions, particularly for traffic above a positive age( preschool-age); they have a large, separate kids’ playground in which kids can play with puppets.

10. Gold Mountain Golf Club

One of the pinnacle activities in Bremerton, WHAT is a go-to Gold Mountain Golf Club. It is a must-go-to location for all golfers journeying to Bremerton.

The Golf Course has foremost publications to check your ability; the Original 18-hollow cascade path is a slight stage walkable path with extremely good perspectives and was opened in 1971.

The different one is an Olympic Course that opened in 1996 and has hosted many golfing championships seeing that then; that is a truly tougher and extra hard route.

11. Bug and Reptile Museum And Nature Gift

Bug and Reptile Museum and Nature Gift save is a circle of relatives’ appeal that is unfastened for anybody each day in Bremerton.

The Museum has extra than 15 kids, is pleasant to discover, and has a massive series of insects of various sizes and shapes.

Many well-known shows are preserved below the glass, however, a few insects and reptiles are bred within the museum; you could have a look at them and study them withinside the museum.

Some small insects also can be visible beneath neath microscopes with inside the computer virus and reptile museum and nature present store.

12. Harborside Fountain Park

Harborside Fountain Park is a lovely park close to the Naval shipyard in Bremerton, Washington.

The Park is visited by locals and vacationers wishing to respire sparkling air or have a fun, nonviolent circle of relatives day.

This Park turned into opened in 2007 and has a landmass of about 2.5 acres, Harborside Fountain Park includes 5 huge fountains,

Harborside Fountain Park is placed close to the famous Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, so it’s additionally a superb area to chill and loosen up after a journey to the shipyard.

This park additionally capabilities a doors seating vicinity wherein you could have a snack or revel in the lovely view around you.

13. Bremerton Boardwalk

Bremerton Boardwalk is a pleasant area to be withinside the hustle and bustle of the city, and it additionally gives adorable perspectives of ships and Puget Sound.

The Boardwalk is stunning as you’ll see tall fantastic steel systems alongside the Broadwalk.

Historical Sculptures are located in a few components of the wide walk, making it a pleasant and fun manner to study Bremerton’s history.

Shops and Restaurants also are to be had close to the Bremerton Boardwalk to meet all of your cravings, whether or not meals or souvenirs.

The Bremerton Boardwalk gives a pleasing possibility to experience the best out of doors sports withinside the city.

14. Green Mountain

For doors lovers, an exploration 0f Green Mountain needs to be brought on your listing of pinnacle activities in Bremerton, WA, it’s far one of the laugh locations to go to in Bremerton.

Green Mountain is located inside Green Mountain State Forest, around Downtown Bremerton. This is any other famous visitor appeal withinside the city.

Many locals additionally go to this vicinity due to the non-violent and quiet environment and the lovely views.

15. Albers Marcovina Vista Gardens

Albers Marcovina Vista Gardens commenced as a residential place for John Albers and his spouse later have become a luxuriant lawn. John Albers’ spouse’s call turned into Santica Marcovina.

This lawn capabilities loads of precise flora, categorized into 15 divided regions, every one of the lovely and unique in its way.

These regions have a selected title, and the flora is usually related; for example, Primo Giardino, which showcases awesome horticultural plant life, or Mittsu No Shima, which certainly makes use of Japanese maples and conifers.

16. Bremerton Community Theater

Bremerton Community Theater is one of the oldest artwork agencies in Washington. The theater began out as a bit of drama software-based withinside the finishing years of World War II as a supply of happiness and wish to the network.

Bremerton Community Theatre is an ideal area to revel in a display in Bremerton; suggests you could capture withinside the theater consists of The Wizard of Oz, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and traditional Shakespearean plays.

This is an ancient theater with masses of appealing functions and performances; one of the first-class locations to have amusement in Bremerton is its network theater.  This is one of the precise activities in Bremerton, WA, the revel is priceless.

17. Elanda Garden

Elanda Garden is a bit of artwork particularly designed to convey the quality of each plant.

The Horizon on the Waterfront of Elandan Garden is made of small, special branches of diverse bonsai timber waving themselves.

Elandan Garden is beautified with colorful flowers, leaves, and rocks located withinside the exceptionally viable way.

The Elandan Garden is an ideal region for you in case you need tranquil surroundings in nature. It is a lovely area to spend time in Bremerton, Washington.

18. Puget Sound Naval Museum

Puget Sound Naval Museum is another place to research greater military records in Bremerton.

This Naval Museum is an area wherein site visitors can find out about the naval foundation of the entire Pacific Northwest region.

Many superb and historic famous naval records are to be had in this self-guided Museum.

Puget Sound Naval Museum makes gaining knowledge of approximately the records of the army easy, with the massive type of photos, displays, and artifacts on display.

19. Kiwanis park

Kiwanis Park is an ideal area for households and vacationers who desire to have sporty sports or revel in astonishing doors sceneries in Bremerton, Washington.

The Park functions as a popular football/football area wherein you could display your sports activities abilities and feature a laugh.

Kiwanis Park additionally has a playground location for children, and they get to revel in laughing video games at this playground.

Hiking or strolling alongside the paths withinside the park may even assist you to unwind in chilled surroundings and revel in the sparkling air.

Kiwanis Park has seating regions additionally wherein you could relax or convey your meals and make it a picnic spot.

20. The Horse and Cow Pub and Grill 

The Horse and cow pub and Grill is any other famous region withinside the city; it’s positioned on the very coronary heart of Bremerton.

This is an ancient pub and grill that dates lower back to the 1950s; this pub draws both locals and visitors and is liked by the Naval Community.

Horse and Cow Pub and Grill is adorned with a marine theme; this area has one-of-a-kind maritime artifacts and decorations.

This area gives the entirety of an ordinary pub and grill, along with tacos, Chicken wings, Burgers, and lots of others.

21. Nanette Bridge

The Manette Bridge is one of the fantastic landmarks in Bremerton, the bridge passes over the Port Washington Narrows, and it connects Bremerton to Manette.

The bridge has thrilling records courting as some distance again as 1930; the bridge is located approximately eighty-two ft above the river’s surface.

Before the construction of the bridge, the handiest approach of transportation between Bremerton and Manette turned into a ferry, so each person who ignored the ferry needed to take a protracted and disturbing detour.

Over the years, the Bridge has been improved; it turned into specially constructed as a wooden bridge however superior to metallic and concrete.

22. Silver City Brewery

The Silver City Brewery is one of the greatest breweries withinside the Pacific Northwest; this brewery manufactures small-batch, handmade beers.

Silver City Brewery is a regionally owned and controlled organization hooked up in 1966; their beers are famous in eating places and bars throughout Washington State.

The Bremerton department of the brewery gives complete guided excursions of the power and tastes of uncommon and particular brews.

23. Lions Park

Lions Park is some other sports activities park in Bremerton, Washington, offering special sports activities equipment and varieties of equipment.

The park additionally acts as a nature preserve, and different sports may be achieved inside the park.

Sports that may be finished at this park are Basketball, Softball, tennis, boating, and more. They have a pleasant tennis courtroom docket and a ship ramp on a web website online for those who need to get in the direction of the water.

Lions Park is open for the duration of the day, this means that you get to have non-prevent amusing daily. Lions Park is a lovable park full of sports in Bremerton, Washington.

24. Bremerton Community Farmers Market

The Bremerton Community Farmers Market is a prime contributor to the well-being of the Bremerton community.

This Market makes getting the right of entry to clean and wholesome meals simpler and facilitates nearby farmers to promote their goods.

The Bremerton Community Farmers Market is organized beneath the timber alongside the Evergreen Rotary Park seaside each Thursday night during May and October.

A lot of humans gather in the marketplace to socialize, purchase clean meals and meet new humans; quite a few amusing occasions also are held in the farmer’s marketplace just like the Kids Market Bucks Club and the Chef on the Market Cookery demonstrations.

25. Kitsap Conference Center

Kitsap Conference Center is one of the great venues to host activities in Bremerton, Washington. This occasion Center measures approximately 17,000 rectangular ft and may include about seven hundred guests.

Kitsap Conference Center additionally gives a stunning view of the Sinclair Inlet, placed properly from its location.

This Center hosts all styles of occasions, from weddings to conferences and lots more; the occasion Center additionally gives you the capacity to devise the occasion thoroughly.

The center gives culinary, era, and occasion making plans offerings for occasions.

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