24 Best And Fun Things To Do In Gadsden (Al)

 It has many beautiful sights ranging from gardens, parks, and museums. Gadsden is one of the best places to take your family and friends on vacation.

The outdoor activities make it more enticing and fun that you will not want to miss out on the experience. Their museums are exceptional, providing you with many arts and exhibits on display. They are known for playing a significant part during the civil war.

They are just so much you will enjoy here with your family and friends. Your kids will also have the beautiful playground kept aside to enjoy themselves.

If ever you choose to spend your vacation somewhere, then it should be here in Gadsden, and we are willing to make it easy for you by listing out some fun things you can engage in and fun places you will visit with your family and friends.

1. Back Forty Beer Co.

If you want to have a refreshing taste of good beer, you should make this one of the top places you will visit to drink.

They also serve delicious meals, so you do not need to be bothered about what to feed your stomach. They have good spots for relaxation, and you can relax with your friends and family members.

You can also tour around and see how they make some beers. Of course, you will have a tour guide to make it easy.

2. Newly Henry Lake 

This lake is everything beautiful. Aqua life lovers will not want to miss the experience this place gives you. You also have the opportunity to fish because they have different fish species such as catfish, plus, and many others. Visiting this place with your family helps create and strengthen the bonds they share.

3. Chestnut Station 

This place has so much for you to enjoy. They have a stadium where you can go to showcase your skills. You can even go in competition with your friends and families it makes it more fun to do it with them, you can even make new friends in the process. They have spots where you can listen to sound and inspiring music. 

4. Tigers For Tomorrow 

This place is a place for animal lovers, and of course, you have to add this place to your checklist of places to visit here. There are different species of animals all in this place.

As visitors, you are given a guided tour and taught everything there is no about some of these animals. You can come with your camera to take pictures of some animals. They also have amiable animals, and you are free to feed them too.

5. Chief Ladies Trial

This place is filled with so much fun as it is a place for lots of recreational activity. People that love jogging and hiking will also want to visit this place.

There are lots of activities to engage in, and the fact that they have a very pleasing and conducive environment.

Of course, you are allowed to the forest to see the beauty of nature and see some wildlife around too. There are beautiful spots for a picnic, and you can plan yours with your friends.

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6. Mort Glossed Amphitheater 

This theater is very well facilitated. It is a good center for entertainment. They have an excellent clubroom for you to enjoy fun, and it is not for kids.

They are also known for hosting boxing, music shows, and dance performances. You can visit this place for a tour with your family and friends.

7. Black stone pub and eatery

This place offers very delicious food and good quality wine, so if you are looking for a place to get something that will suit your fancy, you sure have to come here.

They also have an area for performances to entertain their visitors, plus they have over 150 different types of wine.

So you can see that you cannot miss this place for anything in the world. So do well to come with your friends to talk about your experiences together.

8. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

This place is for those that love golfing. It has beautiful sights to behold too. You can go to a competition with your friend or still play with someone you don’t know and stand a better chance of winning. You can also go on a tour to see what beauty this place holds. You can not afford to miss out.

9. Downtown Gadsden

You will find the history of Gadsden exhibited through arts in this place. It is a place for you to go with your friends and your family.

They also have a museum showing artworks on display and a lot more. They also have good vendors that supply fresh produce to them.

10. Berman Museum 

This museum is for educational purposes both you can come just to feed your eyes with what the museum holds.

It provides something for both kids, teens, and adults. This museum has a lot to teach you, including the history of colonization. You can also tour the museum and see what other thing is available there.

11. Imagination Place Children’s Museum 

This museum is filled with so many things that can attract children to it because they are so exciting. Kids can easily communicate and interact with each other.

This place provides kids from ages 2-to 10 with loads of fun. This place should be among the best places you will visit during your youtube vacation.

12. Town Creek Fishing Center

This place is somewhere you should visit. They have lots of recreational activities. You also have the opportunity to fish and enjoy the fun it comes with.

The environment is very calm and suitable for you to have your alone time without any form of distraction. 

13. Noccalula Falls Park

This is actually one of the best places to visit when you wish to go on a vacation with your family and friends.

It also has beautiful parks for kids to enjoy themselves, communicate and interact with each other and also make new friends. They have beautiful flowers and shrubs that you may want to take pictures of standing at the spots.

14. Merry-Go-Round Skate Center.

Everything about this place is about fun and entertainment. This place is open for both adults and kids, so no one is left behind.

You are welcome to take a tour around this center, feeding your eyes with all the fun and entertainment things found here.

15. James D. Martin Wildlife Park

This park was built in memory of someone, and you do not have to miss the fun that comes with it. You can decide to take a walk around the provided trial feeding your eyes with the beauty of this place.

Those who love biking also have the opportunity to do so in the trial provided as well. You can come here with your friends and families.

16. Noccalula Waterfall 

This place has many activities that one can engage in. you can also create your own kind of fun in this place, you can take a tour watching the beauty of waterfalls. You can also visit with your family and friends to keep some great and exciting memory together.

17. Gadsden Museum Of Art

This museum has so much artwork and artifacts on display. They portray the history of Gadsden through a display of arts.

You can take a guided tour around the museum, and you will be educated on the significance of the artworks on display.

18. Mary G. Hardin Center For Cultural Art

This place was built specifically to display the cultural values of this town. Lovers of art will definitely love this place.

They have cool performances that they use to entertain their visitors to make their stay worthwhile. Make sure to take a tour around to see other things this place holds.

19. Etowah Memorial Bridge 

This place was built to keep memories of soldiers that have died in the past, and it was built so that they will not be forgotten.

You can come with your families to take a tour around this place and see what this bridge looks like because it is actually a beautiful sight.

20. Banks Park

This park is everything fun, so if you are a fun lover, you are at the right place. Just name it, and you are already on it. They have beautiful picnic spots where you can go relax with your friends and families.

They have beautiful and safe playgrounds for kids to enjoy themselves. Most of all, they have fields for all outdoor activities like football, baseball, hockey, and a lot more.

21. Dub Parker Park

Are you and your family looking for where to visit during the summer? Then indeed, this park is for you. This park offers a very beautiful garden for a party that helps your family to have a lovely outdoor experience.

They also have a good atmosphere and a wide playground for children to have fun. Well, adults too can enjoy boat lunch and don’t feel scared because your safety is important.

22. Anniston Museum Of Natural History

In 1930 Anniston museum was built to help children to understand what history is all about. This museum has helped millions of children to get more insight into animals. It teaches about single business hunting skills.

23. Premiere Cinema 1

These places have large grounds for many people to come together to view movies. Gadsden mall is equipped with great sound speakers and a wide television just to make the people enjoy and have a good time at the mall.

24. Center Carver Legacy Museum

In 197, center carver was a high school but was shut then, and it was turned into a museum to help enlighten students of African American history.

As you now know, this city is a major attraction center with so much to offer. Both kids, teens, and adults are welcome here, so you do not have to bother about a nanny to take care o your kids.

Your kids will also learn a lot from this place, including you, so all you need to do is make a quick decision and park your stuff for this vacation. You can also go with your cameras because you will definitely love what you will see.

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