23 Top Fun Things To Do In Schaumburg (IL)

Located approximately 30miles northwest of Chicago, Schaumburg is known to be the hub of fun activities among which are baseball, Woodfield mall, scenic park, and a host of others.

Though not regarded as a tourist site, it is not short of fun and adventure, ranging from shopping to galleries, festivals to nature trails, sports to farmers markets, and many other exciting centers.

Whether you are on a vacation or business trip or you choose to come to spend some time here, do not be left out in the various fun-filled activities around you.

Perhaps you are still looking for fun activities in Schaumburg, worry less because there is quite some fun Schaumburg attractions and activities which will give you the fun that you deserve.

Fun Things To Do In Schauberg, IL

Here is a list of top things you can do for fun in Schauberg;

1. Explore Busse Woods

This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Schauberg and one of the top places you can visit during your stay.

This reserve features interesting hiking trails, an environment filled with vegetation, a big reservoir, and a lot more.

There are other outdoor recreational activities like biking, and fishing, however, swimming is not allowed in the reservoir. You can take your time admiring the reserves’ natural environment and also its astonishing views.

2. Chicago Athenaeum International Sculpture

This museum was established in 1988 and it is the only independent museum of architecture and design in America with a mission of getting the public to appreciate the ways design and architecture have benefited man and his environment.

Schauberg International Sculpture park occupies a 20-acre land space, it contains greens and forest, with sculptures giving the park a blend of art and natural habitat.

This should be included in your to-do list because they boast of amazing sculptures from recognized American and European artists.

3. Meineke Recreation Center

Are you looking for a place where you can exercise and have fun at the same time, Meineke Recreation Center should be your next destination.

This recreation center boasts well-equipped fitness facilities like a stair climber, an indoor running track, multiple treadmills, dumbbells, a gymnasium, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

As a visitor, you can participate in personal fitness training sessions and group fitness classes organized by the Meineke recreation center. They are open from 5:30 am to 10 pm on weekdays while Saturdays and Sundays they open from 6 am to 10 pm. You can walk in there whenever you feel like exercising.

4. LOL at Chicago Improv

Will you love to relax in a comfortable and laughter-filled environment? Then you can attend the stand-up comedy Night.

The first show of the night provides a dinner option and every Friday and Saturday, it offers late shows.

For the first show, you must be there 90 minutes before the time. There is a comfortable waiting area and bar for you to relax before the show starts. 

5. Enjoy Nature at Volkening Lake

The lake is situated on  Schauberg Road close to the Schauberg police station, this is a great place to have fun and relax.

The lake features a lot of exciting activities like canoeing, fishing, paddle boating, and some other water-based activities.

Maybe you are not interested in all these activities, there is a park close to the lake which offers beautiful views. You can sit on any of the beaches close to the lake, read a good book, and admire nature. This often tends to be refreshing even if it is not the loudest of fun.

6. LEGO LAND Discovery Centre

This is a place for kids, the Center cares for children aged 3 to 10 making it an interesting place for kids to have fun.

Adults can gain entry only in the evening and they must come along with their children. They have numerous activities like Unique LEGO exhibits and a 4D  cinema that will keep your child busy and entertained at the same time.

As a visitor, you have the privilege of checking the LEGO shop, enjoying snacks in the LEGOLAND cafe as well as touring the LEGO factory. All this put together makes it fun, I bet you do not want to miss out on this, even your kids as well.

7. Archer Island

This is a tropical theme-based water park that features a lot of fun-filled equipment such as water slides, a children’s playground, a special circular drop slide, pools, and many more. It is an awesome place to be during the summer 

The entry fee is between $6 and $10 depending on if you are a visitor or local or your age.

8. Children Fun Place; Fireplace

This is another Center where kids can have fun, they also cater to adults as well.

The activities here are entertaining as well as Educational, Fire zone offers field trips for children aged 2 to 12. This trip can accommodate close to 90 children and on this field trip, they get to learn valuable fire safety tips.

9. Schaumburg Farmers Market:

This is the meeting place of Schaumberg farmers, they meet here to sell their different products.

During your visit, you can purchase available local products including fresh fish, lemonade pasta, bakery goods, coffee, and other available products. 

The market is operated from 7 am to 1 pm and it is open to everyone both locals and tourists alike.

10. Medieval Time

This Is one of the nine locations in North America and it is surely one of the best places to be in Schauberg.

The medieval time takes one back to the 11th century and they achieve this by serving the 11th century styled four-course feast. 

This show also features nights, horses, falcons, and swords, the purpose of all these is to maintain historical relevance. The Hall of Arms is where you can find coats of arms, weapons, and lush medieval decor on display.

11. Loud Comedy Theatre

This is a  famous theatre in Schauberg that plays host to live comedy performances and also offers classes on improv comedy.

You can enjoy the delicious food and drinks served here as you enjoy moments of laughter and humor.

12. Prairie Center For The Arts

If you are looking for a place to experience real fun, Prairie Center for the Arts should be on your top list. The venue boasts 442 sitting capacity and offers excellent views and when it comes to concert settings they are very good.

Annually, there are highlights of a free outdoor schedule featuring dance, theatre presentations, and music. Attending this concert is usually fun, especially when you are attending for the first time.

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13. The Hideout

The best place to enjoy the nightlife in Schauberg is the Hideout. This is a  place you can come to relax after the day’s stress and it is best with family and friends.

When you visit the Hideout you will enjoy watching a live  Karaoke performance on the stage. You can also be involved. All you need to do is pick up their interactive songbook, search for your song and send it to the Jockey without leaving your seat. 

Aside from this, the hideout is a perfect venue for romantic dates as well as casual hangouts. You will also find their pocket-friendly menu interesting.

14. Wintrust Field

This place is a must-visit for sports lovers, it is a 7,365 seater stadium that is the home game center for the professional Frontier League baseball team.

This stadium is a place you should be for the real excitement to free yourself from stress and anxiety.

15. Schauberg September Feast

The Schauberg September feast is the biggest festival in Illinois,  every year people from all over the country gather in Schauberg for this festival. This festival dates back to 1971 and it is celebrated in September during the weekend of Labour Day, just in case you want to visit, plan for September.

This big festival features a lot of things which are arts and crafts shows, a parade, craft beer and wine, beauty pageants, delicious food stalls, musical concerts, fireworks, and many others. 

I believe you would not want to miss out on this great event, make it a must-do on your schedule.

16. Spring Valley

The Spring Valley park is a place to visit, it occupies 135 acres of green space which has lots of exciting things in it.

The park features things like a log cabin, a nature center, three miles of hiking trails, and a replica of an 1880s farm. There are also other interesting features which are found in the visitor’s center and they are seasonal exhibits on natural history, an observation tower, and a library.

17. Lynfred Winery

Though it is located 6.9 kilometers away from Schauberg, it is still a fun thing to do if you are in or around Schauberg.

The Lynfred Winery was established in 1979,  they produce 30,000 cases of fine annually which makes them the largest producer of the winery in Illinois. You can check out original wines at their tasting room.

18. Salt Creek Park Forest Reserve

This place offers lots of exciting experiences that you cannot forget in a hurry. 

This is the perfect place to have fun, the forest reserve offers many fun-filled activities like canoeing, snow hiking, bird watching, skiing, and snowshoeing during winter. 

19. Trickster Art Gallery

This is a place where contemporary Native Arts, also showcases multicultural programming, touring exhibitions, workshops, and speakers at this Gallery.

This is one of the best things to do in Schauberg, you will gain knowledge when you visit the Gallery.

20. Library Museum Of Anesthesiology

In this museum, you will find complete resources on Anesthesiology.

The books in the museum can be accessible to visitors when you ask for them before the time needed and this arrangement is done by the manager of the museum. These materials are historical and as such gives historical knowledge.

21. The Water Works

This is an indoor water park located in Schaumburg Park District Community Recreation Center.

The park features numerous fun and recreational facilities like a pool playground, a lap pool, a family changing room, a rapid water channel, a hot tub, multiple pools, and many more.

22. Woodfield Mall

This is one of the biggest shopping malls in the USA, with up to 300 stores. It attracts millions of visitors every year.

This is the perfect place to shop for all your wares, the mall is open every day of the week.

23. Mallard Lake

This is the biggest Lake in the area and it features varieties of wildlife including blur hirn, catfish, red-tailed hawks, and many others

There is a hiking trail along the round lake which is 4 miles long. The natural environment itself makes it an awesome place to visit.

Schauberg is a wonderful place to visit and also to spend some time. There are different activities you can engage in depending on your interest or preference.

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